1001 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married

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1001 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married

1001 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married: Are you in a relationship that is already leading to marriage but you decided to take a pause to know if it actually worth having some certain knowledge before getting married? If that’s your situation right now, you are at the right point.

You must ask a lot of questions before you get married because marriage is not an easy institution and for that reason must be well-defined beforehand.

Fine, I understand that you are a young couple that is eager to get married soon, but as a relationship counselor, will like to help you ask some mandatory questions so that you can be on the safe side when it comes to marriage.

I have gathered some questions uniquely selected from my years of experience when it comes to pre-marriage counseling. Let us explore what I have got for you in a minute’s time.

What Question Should You Ask Before Getting Married

You don’t go into a marriage relationship unprepared. There are lots of expectations on your mind while planning to get married but what if suddenly you didn’t meet what you expected in your marriage?

There is a need for you to answer these questions in order to help your marriage work—otherwise, forget about it.

What Are the Rights of My Husband or Wife to Be

A lot of people make the mistake of going into a marriage relationship without knowing the right of their partners at home. You and your spouse are two opposite people and as such, you both have rights in the house over each other.

For instance, a wife should understand that it is the right of her husband that she should find a way to prepare his meal as at when due.

On the other way round, a husband should know that it is the right of his wife that he should protect and provide for her when she needs his help.

Failure to meet the right of each other may result in some conflict that may deter the well-being of the marriage.

Although in these modern days, most women have the work they do which fetches them money on a daily basis, if you are such a woman, then your right for your husband to provide for you may not necessarily affect your marriage negatively.

Are You Responsible as an Adult

Marriage should be carried out between two mature and responsible partners—precisely a male and a female if we are to focus on the normal gender marriage settings (A male and a female). If you are not responsible, it is already a setback to your future marriage.

As an aspirant for marriage, you should answer this question before getting into a marriage relationship. You can know if you are responsible by checking out yourself on how you respond to important issues in your current family.

 Are you the nonchalant type or the serious type that handles serious matters with the right approach?

Are You Financially Ready for Marriage

Marriage involves a lot of money starting from the planning stage down after the wedding. You must ensure that there is a constant source of income to sustain your marriage.

Remember as a man, you are about to bring another man’s daughter as part of your family, it automatically means that you are responsible for her feeding, clothing, and what have you until you both agree that she should start a job to earn on her own.

If you find yourself in this situation, how do you handle it? What if the lack of finance to cater for the family becomes the bone of contention in your marriage?

This is the reason why you have to be financially stable before getting married. You mustn’t be a millionaire before getting married but ensure that you have a constant and reliable source of income.

Are You Physically Fit for Marriage

Physical fitness really matters in the marriage too. It is obvious how much marriage failed due to bad physical fitness.

I know some of us will take it for granted but I bet it is a very big risk to leave you under fit in a marriage. My perspective here includes physical strength to handle some tasks in the home. The tasks may be house cores meant for both husband and wife.

Another perspective of being physically fit is your age. What is your age? Is your body developed enough to carry a fetus in your womb?

This question may sound funny but it actually worth answering. Countries vary in marriage age. Some country accepts that you get married starting from 16 years while other countries set their marriage-age at 18 years.

At these ages, it is believed that you are biologically and psychologically mature to take on marriage responsibilities.

Are You Medically Fit for Marriage

Marriage is a complex institution. You may think you have known everything about it before getting married but shockingly discovered that there are more to it than you think.

It is quite normal that sickness can come after a wedding even though couples were medically okay before the wedding.

This is why what I meant by being medically fit for marriage is far different from what you may be thinking right now.

Being medically fit in my opinion is that, you must be able to produce enough sperm that can fertilize a woman’s egg after s*sexual intercourse. I understand you may be asking “what kind of crazy guy is this”. How am I supposed to know this?

This is why before you get married, do some medical check-up to know if you are fit for marriage. Some checkups can help you redefine your marriage expectations.

For instance, if you realized that you can’t produce fertile sperm, you can discuss with your partner to know if you should still continue into the marriage.

Are You Sexually Fit for Marriage

I have read and listened to the stories of people who had to separate due to inconsistent sexual life in marriage. What do I mean? There are some marriages that cannot work because the sex life of the partners is so poor and not well-managed.

You must work on your s*x life in a marriage. The couples should discuss the best way to approach sexual activities in their marriage relationship.  For instance, if the husband is the type that loves sex the most, the wife should discuss how she can cope.

Another thing you can do about sex to help save your marriage is to learn how to manage sexual urges. Some people don’t like constant sex, if you eventually find out that your spouse is the type with low interest in sex, don’t get quickly upset, find a way to iron out the issue and then give a lasting solution together.

Can You Tolerate Imperfections

A lot of people failed to remember that there used to arise imperfections in all marriages. As far as the person you are dealing with is human, believe me, or not, there will be an imperfection in your marriage. For instance, there can be some weaknesses possessed by your spouse. You have to learn how to patiently manage it.

I have heard of some marriages trying to manage a partner that bed wets. What if you find yourself in such a marriage, what will be your reaction? Can you be patient with such a person? There are lots of shortcomings that you will surely encounter in a marriage relationship what if you are not prepared to manage them? This is another question you must ask before getting married.

Can You Control Your Anger

Anger is another difficult thing most humans have failed to manage properly. Anger is bad and it destroys a lot. When you are angry with your spouse; this is natural, you should master how to control it; precisely keeping quiet at the time you are angry is a golden rule.

Your patience is a good weapon to manage marriage. As a man, you need to understand that women can be silly sometimes; likewise, men too can be silly. Once you understand each other, then you can pick it up from there by managing anger whenever it arises.

Are You Getting Married With Your Consent

Ensure that no one is forcing you to get married. You must be ready to get married otherwise; an unprepared mind cannot manage a marriage relationship well. You have to resolve in your heart that you are getting married willingly.

There are lots of marriages that ended up badly due to forcefulness. I mean, a girl that is forced into marriage may end up hurting her husband. It happens every day.

You shouldn’t allow the influence of friends becomes a reason why you are getting married—this may result in quick tiredness in marriage. Quick tiredness in marriage means you may quickly lose interest in the marriage if you later realize that you are not ready for it.


With this brief advice concerning the questions you must ask before you get married, I am sure you must have learned a new thing today or relearned an old idea that should be considered before getting married.

Marriage is no joke. This is the reason why it is important that the partners involved should be responsible, mature, and patient with each other.

Imagine a situation where you constantly quarrel with your spouse. Does it actually make sense to do so? It doesn’t.

This is the reason why you must pre-define and define your marriage expectations.

What is your take on this marriage matter? Do you think there should be other points that are supposed to be here? Please, leave your opinions on our comment box.