12 Months Old Baby Quotes And Captions for Instagram

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Your baby is twelve months old. It’s a time for him to get used to be the head of the family, and an occasion for you to get used to not being the center of his universe. Below are 12 interesting facts for your little boy during his first 12months.

12 Months Old Baby Quotes And Captions for Instagram

1. OH, do you see that precious little face? I just can’t. She’s just too perfect! What are your favorite 12-month-old baby quotes and captions?

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3. It is a pleasure to grow up and become 12 months old; your laughter is contagious, and your smile lights up the whole house. We wish you all the best for all the little things you do for us; happy Birthday, Baby Boy.

4. Harper, I love you so much. You are the most fun baby to play with. I love how well you can roll over already. You have your daddy’s lips 😃 and every time I look at you, I see your mommy.

5. The happiest baby was alive.

6. So much to learn and so little time. #babymonthbymonth

7. Time can’t erase how loved you are. A year just makes it official. #Happy1stBirthday #babygirl #babyboy

8. 💙Our baby blog is receiving thousands of visits every month.

9. 👶🏼👶🏼 How cute is this little one? Welcome to the world, baby girl! 💖

10. Cuties to the core. Thank you for being the perfect addition to our family

11. How about an adorable way to say it’s the baby’s birthday? This post will help you with 12 months old baby quotes and captions.

12. Congratulations to you and your new bundle of joy. 12 months is a huge milestone! #12monthsold

13. I wish you all the Best on your 12 monthly Birthday.

14. 12 months, 12 adventures ✊🎈

15. Twelve months of joy are yours to share with baby, along with the first year’s worth of this warm collection by designer Angela Palmer. Blank inside; it’s sure to become a treasured keepsake.

16. This is baby Leo! Aren’t they just the cutest? 12 months old already, baby Leo has decided to grace us with their presence at our weekly department meeting. Leo’s mommy ordered the ice cream today and isn’t it just delightful.

17. “I’m so happy to know you for this moment; I’m glad to have you in my life. Here’s to many more years of being your mom! 🎂🥂

18. 🌈Wrapping my fingers around your little hand as you lay sleeping as I watched you as a baby.

19. Being a parent is the most demanding job there is, but it’s also the best one.

20. Hey you! It’s your birthday. Happy birthday to you ️💕

21. I hope your birthday is filled with happiness, joy, fun, and best wishes from everyone you love.

22. It’s not the stork; it’s your birthday.

23. Happy first birthday to our youngest baby girl Willow. We can’t thank you enough for making our lives a little sweeter 🍭🦄

24. Cutest 12 months old baby girls and boys quotes, Baby girl captions, Baby are first Christmas! A royal baby is born! Here’s hoping they inherit the mom’s go-getter attitude.

25. Cutest baby photos, most beautiful smiles.

26. We are celebrating the one-year milestone of little Abhinav. Keep this incredible baby boy in your prayers today #BABYQUOTESANDCAPTIONS #BABYSQUOTESANDCAPTIONS

27. 12 months old

28. Boy had a very active 12 months. #baby #babyboy #babygirl #momlife #product_rc

29. Capitals and their newborn babies need a good night’s sleep at least 12 months after birth. It is the period of immunity development for them. This time not only gives benefit to them but their parents will also get relief from caregiving works. The first year

30. My baby is 12 months old today. 😍💓

31. 12 months is like an eternity the first time around the sun… and I’m so thankful and blessed and love you with all my heart and soul. Happy 1st birthday, Marshall!

32. How quickly the months have gone by. I’ve loved watching you grow into a confident lady who is taking control of her little world. There are so many things you are doing on your own now; I am glad for you.

33. It’s celebration time: my little man turned one on Sunday. I can’t believe you’re a year old! What a whirlwind the past 12 months have been! You’ve changed our lives in more ways than

34. “Before I was a Mom, I never knew how much happiness, love, and to hope a tiny finger holding mine could bring to my life. Becoming a mother has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.”

35. My baby is turning one! Get ready for happy tears. Parenting advice

36. “The best part of my day is when I hold you.”

37. 12 months old baby quotes and captions A baby’s first year is so crucial. It’s essential to take care of it in every way, shape, and form you know how to. The smartest thing you can do is to provide adequate safety.


39. Is the baby already 12 months old? Where does the time go?

40. 🍼🎉🎉Happy 12 months to my baby boy! 🍼🎉🎉

41. Twelve months are gone since you came into this world, dear baby 🎂 Hope you enjoy the feeling of being one! Happy 1st birthday.

42. 🎂🎉🌟BLESSINGS ON BLESSINGS! It’s been a year since you graced our lives with your winsome smile. Twelve gorgeous months later, you’re as beautiful as ever. Wishing you a

43. Smile for the camera! Whether you’ve got a bubbly one-year-old or an adorable tot who’s slightly less vocal, make sure there’s something in their hands to grab your audience’s attention. This layered cake birthday portrait is perfect.

44. May, your smile brings a smile to everyone around you today and every day. Happy 1st Birthday, Baby.

45. Sweet baby posed, obsessed with her sound machine.

46. Just be happy you’re caring for a healthy, growing baby. Remember breathing and soaking it all in no matter how tough it gets or how tired you feel.

47. I believe that every child has an inborn sense of justice—the foundation for ethical decision-making. For this reason, I take the very best care of my children, so they will be able to lead meaningful lives.

48. Happy birthday to the most amazin‘ little girl! She’s already got a ton of personality and knows how to charm her way into my heart every day. We love you, princess, 🏻.

49. Happy second birthday to the sweetest boy I know! You are my true blessing, sweet boy. 💙

50. 12 months old baby boy quotes and captions, happy 12 months old baby boy, happy 12 months old baby girl

51. Happy 12-month-old birthday. Keep shining brightly, my brightest star! 😍👶🎂

52. “I love you to the moon and back” is an excellent quote for your baby’s photo album. This can be very heartwarming!

53. Send some love to that special baby.

54. Every parent’s favorite time

55. The most brilliant and cutest little thing I’ve ever seen. Happy first birthday to my beloved 👶👧😍👑

56. Happy 12th month birthday, little one. 💙

57. Looking back, it’s been quite the adventure since you were born. We’re not even close to being done! Happy Birthday.

58. “It is amazing how one person can make such a difference in your life.” –

59. “Her laughter is a wonder that can cure any sadness.” ― my baby girl, happy birthday.

60. A twinkle in my eye, a smile upon my face. Happy Birthday! Thanks for another year of laughter to savor and memories to treasure.

61. 12 months old captions [New Baby Boy, New Baby Girl] [Gift Ideas for a 1-year-old baby].

62. Bumpo is now 12 months old 👶🏻 How time flies. We love you, Bumpo! You are the best baby ever! 😍 #octoberbaby #12monthsold #babylove #celebrating

63. You’ve walked one month, crawled two months, and now you’re 12 months old! Enjoying the sweet time of early toddlerhood with mommy.

64. A year has passed, and we met all of its milestones together. Twelve months old, happy birthday! I hope you have many more happy years ahead.

65. Your first 12 months so fast went past. Enjoy every minute because it’s less than 365 days before year one is done!

66. It’s your first birthday! Here are some of the best first-year captions.

67. It’s hard to believe that over half a year has gone by since you first came into our lives. Little do you know, but your most significant growth spurt is yet to come. Soon enough, your toes will be touching the top of your crib,

68. A baby’s first year is truly a journey. They are growing into something new, becoming the funniest, most brilliant little beings.

69. “All babies are born with wings; they just need us to help them fly.”

70. First birthdays are the milestone of every child. It is the day when you celebrate them for their first year on Earth. First birthdays come with different pictures, events, themes, and traditions. The first birthday is the reason why many parents share these.

71. Baby, you’re my ride-or-die. – Unknown

72. Sometimes what you need the most is someone who just lets you cry. – Unknown

73. We are feeling so blessed to have this little one here with us celebrating his first year today! Happy birthday, @xxxxxx !! 🎂🎉

74. “The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved.” ― our babies.

75. Every day brings new opportunities to explore and learn. Happy first birthday, sweet boy!

76. 🍼12 months old baby quotes | Congratulations, you’ve reached the 12-month milestone! !! 😁😁

77. Omg, the first year of your baby’s life goes by so fast. I can’t believe he is already one! Here’s to another fantastic year growing with our little guy!

78. “Our babies are miracles that need all the attention, love, care, and protection.

79. I will be a year old this month, but I swear I feel like a small child. I smile whenever I take a self-portrait…

80. For the first time, I looked at the world through my own eyes. You will never know how incredible you are or how amazing this journey is until you see it through the eyes of your child.

81. Happy 1st birthday wishes to my lovely daughter! 💕 It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year. So many beautiful memories…

82. So excited for this bean; the baby is growing like a weed! 12 months down! Many more to go. I hope you’re having the best day ever – even if it’s rainy ☔️ #toddler.

83. We wish you a fantastic day. Take some time to give yourself what you have been waiting for all year. How sweet it is! happy birthday

84. Another year down, lots of love to go around. Happy birthday, baby!

85. All you need is a seed of faith and a bucket full of hope to grow a tree of life. happy birthday

86. Ipne achi aseh aketse na baby. 12 months baby quotes and captions.

87. Hi, I’m a 12-month baby and happy about turning one. My mom has been so kind to put my baby quotes and captions on the platform Gresumes.com where I could share them with you all.

88. “Just turned 12 months old!” 😍 Glad to see you are growing up so fast. A year is not long at all! Lots of hugs and kisses to you, baby! #happy12monthsold

89. 12 months of laughter, playfulness, and adventures. Happy 1st birthday, little one.

90. Little milestones in a baby’s life are extraordinary moments for loved ones. Little footprints on the hearts of parents are unforgettable; all you want to do is hold them close to your heart and never let them go. Cherish these moments forever.

91. Hello, world! Baby news: Things are moving fast for baby 👶—they are almost ready to meet us (and you), and the real fun will begin after that. We’re looking forward to it. For now, here.

92. This is the happiest day of my life. I am so blessed to have you in my arms right meow. We will do everything together. I love you, Mommy 💜

93. These melt my heart! Going to get these done for my little guy!

94. Even though we’re feeling a little sad that the baby is no longer a newborn, some moments are just too precious not to capture.

95. Your soft baby skin against my lips feels so good, but this is nothing compared to the feeling of having you in my heart.

96. Whenever anyone asks me how to be a great dad, this is my answer: Try to get better every day and be patient. Love them hard and protect them fiercely. And if you do that, I promise they won’t remember the messes you made.

97. “They’ll see the world full of wonder, joy, and laughter.” – 12 Months Old Baby Quotes

98. “The best thing about me is twelve. The rest is longitude longitude longitude, isn’t it.” ~ A 12-Month Old Baby Girl

99. There is no age in the world like the age of 12 months. Happy 12 months, my baby girl. #godblessgrams

100. We’re celebrating the birth of one adorable baby with twelve months’ worth of photos—happy birthday, sweetheart—and many happy returns.

101. Celebrating the first years of our babies growth. (Check out my book on Amazon.)

102. Delightful smiles are made of these. Happy first birthday! 🍰🎂

103. Being a parent is the most challenging and rewarding thing I have ever done.

104. May God bless your child and keep him safe. This birthday is a milestone in his life, and you should take pleasure in it, for he is overgrowing.

105. True happiness being loved by my family, with or without me.

106. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for giving me the best 12 months of my life #birthdaygirl #12MONTHSBabyQuotes

107. 12 months old. You’ve reached so many milestones in the past few weeks, but what I find most impressive is not your perfect rollover or your perfected pincer grasp, but your ability to balance everything in life—beginning with

108. Hello 👋 it’s me, baby! I am 12 months old today; how time flies around here! It is incredible. I am beginning to get very busy on my exploring who I am becoming. I am starting to become more.

109. Oh my goodness! What 12 months it’s been! With her first year behind us, I can’t wait to see what more the future has in store for this little half-pint. #12monthsold #12month

110. Hi! I am 1 year today. Mommy is so proud of me! And so is my daddy, who will be picking me up from my kindergarten in half an hour. So, thank you for all your wishes. Time for travel. Time to see

111. Happy 1st birthday, Reece! The world is a much better place with you in it! We love you more than we ever thought possible, and we can’t wait to see the woman you become!.

112. Oh, how fast you’re growing! It seems like just yesterday you were born. happy one year birthday

113. The innocence of a child may not make you forget all your worries, but at least it makes you realize that there is more to life than the constant struggles of every day.

114. Can you believe it’s already her first birthday? Happy 1st Birthday, Summer! 🎂

115. It’s been 12 months of great fun, laughter, and adventures. I am sure the best is yet to come. Happy birthday my baby boy or girl 🎂🎉

116. Happy one-year old’s birthday, dearie! A beautiful baby girl has become a sweet toddler. She is now officially 1.

117. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your baby grow and develop in its first year of life. It’s a beautiful thing.

118. This is what we’ve been waiting for—a gorgeous baby who knows who we are and watches us with curiosity and amazement. #HappyBirthday to our baby boy who turned one and our baby girl turning one in a few weeks! It’s

119. 12 months ago today, you came into our lives and changed everything for the better. You’ve brought us so much joy and laughter. We love you to the moon and back! #Happy1stBirthday

120. She’s not a baby anymore; she’s MY little girl ⭐️ ⭐️

121. Twinkle twinkle little star, you are the only thing I see tonight. Happy 12th Month Baby 💜

122. One year is so bittersweet. Happy birthday to the baby! It’s our baby. It’s all about you. It’s so fun when it’s about them and not about us anymore. This chapter

123. May all of your birthdays be a special occasion for a very long time.

124. This is how I want to spend the rest of my life chasing after the little boy I love.

125. We’re turning one! It’s been a journey and the beginning of a new adventure for both of us, but we’re so excited about the years ahead of us! Thank you, @etienne.e, for being there through it all.

126. One year down, 12 years to go! Birthdays were made for celebrating—here’s to 365 days of fun with you! 🎈🍰

127. 12 MONTHS OLD BABY QUOTES AND CAPTIONS is that time of the year when you realize your baby, who was just born last year, is now one. No matter how hard it seems earlier, the passing time.

128. 12 months old quotes for your baby girl or boy. On the other side, you have pictures of 12 MONTHS, OLD BABY BOYS or GIRLS! 😊

129. “Some people wait their whole lives to meet their soulmate. I’m so lucky to have ended up with my best friend. Happy birthday, baby!” – Unknown #Happy1stBirthday #12monthsold

130. 1 year 👶🏻 Another 365 days of cuddling, tickles, and tiny baby feet. 😍

131. They say that the first year of a baby’s life is made up of 20,000 days. Think about how many diapers, sleepless nights, milestones, and firsts you’ll be part of in class= “blacktext11”>

132. 💜🦄🐱Happy First Birthday to the sweetest girl in the world🎂😍 – Mommy

133. Your mom had morning sickness, but you were more of an all-day sickness kind of baby.

134. “For all the ways I love you, life can never show me…” ― Poems to My First Born.

135. After 12 months of being a sibling, it’s just practice for being an only child.

136. Happy 1st birthday to our sweet daughter!

137. People often say that happiness is the key to success. I disagree; I think it’s determination—unwavering commitment to achieving your heart’s desire.

138. Growing up is not easy for anyone. We should all be kind to each other along the way. #HappyBirthday #AlerAldeen