Anniversary posts for Facebook 2021

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Facebook anniversary post is one of the most popular posts flying around these days. The reason could be attached to the trends of the day which make people want to celebrate their progress on social media these days.

Anniversary posts for Facebook

Check These Anniversary Posts on Facebook

• This is the first year of me and my husband on this beautiful journey. Congratulations to us.

• Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. More joy, more prosperity will reach your home.

• My love for you grows every day and night. I will not be reluctant to celebrate you this day.

• I wish my beloved husband the best on this day. You have always been a great impact in my life.

• Wishing you a lot of success on this day we clock 2 years in our love journey. May we succeed in all we are doing.

• You are the pearl that swims in my heart. This wonderful day reminds me of the beautiful smiles you made my experience.

• We met 1 year ago and then got married the same year. Since the day I have been living with you, happiness has been my friend.

• You are the most amazing friend in my life. I pray you continue to enjoy this wonderful day in great happiness.

• I will always be there to put an endless smile on your face. You gave me happiness that makes me smile.

• I love you beyond what people can even detect about us. Loving you has been a kind of tradition in my heart.

• Celebrating the most important man in my life. May your life be covered with blessing and prosperity.

• Wishing my dear love all the best on this anniversary day. Thanks for making it a day I requested.

• My love for you will not die because you mean so much to me. I appreciate you beyond how you think.

• Thank God for the sweet love you gave me. I am happy because you are the most blessed gift I found last year.

• Congratulations on your first year anniversary. May you find the peace of mind that will push you to a great place in life.

Anniversary Posts for Facebook Business

• Your business has been around for over 10 years and all we can say is great improvement and wealth has reached it.

• Congratulations on the 10th year anniversary of your prestigious company, may the Lord bless you always.

• We are happy to celebrate our company today, it has been a great change in this society.

• A pioneer is the only one that can manage a good business. you have proven to us that you are a great pioneer.

• We celebrate this business today because it refused to fail. You are the key man of this company, may the Lord reward you.

• Happy anniversary to the best company in the world. May we succeed in all we do. I wish everyone in this company great success.

• 10 years of great impact, powerful services, and interesting changes to the world. We are the best.

• We are grateful for the most amazing approaches we were able to take to make our company the best in the world.

• When you need a perfect solution, don’t hesitate to try our company. This is the 10th year of success and experience.

• One day is not easy but this company has reached a point close to a peak. Great success shall follow us.

• Everyone has been working together to achieve the height this company is today, may we be successful in all we do.

Anniversary Posts for Facebook for Friend—2 Years

• You have become a wonderful person over the years and this has been so since the day we met. Good morning dear.

• May the Lord bless you beyond your expectations. I pray you continue to succeed in the journey yours.

• May the Lord protect you against the spirit of divorce. You are too special to lose your marriage. Happy anniversary.

• Happy anniversary to the best friend in this world. You are always special in anything you do.

• Thank you for inviting me to celebrate your love. I am happy that you are happy this day.

• Having a friend like you is not easy. You are the best in my friends because you are always sincere and available. Happy anniversary.

• It is my pleasure to send this wonderful text to you as a means to celebrate your day. Good to have you as a friend.

• You are my first and last best friend. It will be bad if I don’t celebrate your love journey.

• Friends are wonderful. They walk together, laugh together, cry for each other, and enjoy every good moment together.

• A journey of 2 years is not easy. It must have come with lots of challenges. Thank God you were able to face the challenges.

• 2 years of peaceful marriage to my best friend. I am glad that I could witness a lot of peace in your marriage as a friend and neighbor.

• This day is special in your life. I remember how you struggled to get married but today you are celebrating your 2 years of marriage.

• May the Lord continue to bless you in every way. You will be the gladdest friend in the world. Happy anniversary dear.

Anniversary Posts for Facebook for Wife—Romantic

• Your blossom eyes whisper love in my heart. These eyes are cute to look at and are the most beautiful treasure in the


• The smell of your body is bliss. Anytime I spend a minute with you all I feel in complete comfort. I love you.

• We are meant for each other. This day I will be celebrating the best woman in the world. I wish you all the best.

• Your smile is honey. Whenever you cast this beautiful smile on me, my heart roars in passion. I wish you all the best.

• She is the queen of my heart. I don’t joke with the matter of this heavenly lady as she has always been a great support in my life.

• A wife of great honor, I celebrate you. I have to celebrate with you because you deserve this special celebration, may the Lord bless you with great reward.

• I have never seen a wife as respectful as you are before. I am grateful for the kind of love you show to me. I love you so much.

• You are always the most amazing person in my world. You gave me a smile no woman has succeeded in doing.

• What can I give you to let you understand that you mean the universe to me? I will give myself to you.

• More love, more joy, and happiness together. I am pleased with her and she is pleased with me.

• This love is the most amazing one I have ever experienced. It baffles me that you can show this kind of love for me.

• All I want is to see that you are always happy. This is why I organized this anniversary party as a surprise gift for you.

• I am grateful for the true love you have been showing to me—may the Lord bless us for the best.

• Dear wife, you are the best. I have searched everywhere to see your match but there is none.

Anniversary Posts for Facebook for Husband

• To my beloved husband, you will always remain the most amazing father and husband. I wish you a greater height in life.

• The kind of love that flows in my heart for you cannot be comprehended by an ordinary eye. I love you more.

• I celebrate you for the special love you show to me. You always make me feel special among others.

• In love I am with you. In peace, I wish to spend the rest of my life with you. You are the best for me.

• No matter how some people try hard to snatch me away from you, it will not happen. My heart is very attached to you.

• God will always be there for you. This wonderful love you display to me has changed everything about me for the best.

• I cannot forget you in this world because you are special. Your love has been a special impact in my life. I love you so much.

• You are cute and your way of life makes me happy. I love the way you smile and the way you carry yourself.

• God will continue to bless you beyond your wish. I can see a lot of potentials in you and will never forget your impact on my life.

• You are my dream. I can prove it through this real love I am having with you. I love you more than you think.

• My husband is the best. You are so special and my love for you is always as fresh as new fruit. I love you.

• We have been on this journey for a very long time and this has been a way that makes me happy. I wish to be yours all my life.

Anniversary Posts for Facebook for Couples

• Lots of things on my mind for you guys but the good wishes I have for you are more important to me. May your home be

full of peace.
• May the Lord protect you on this wonderful day—a day full of joy and happiness that touches the heart.

• You are more precious than I used to think of you. I have seen a lot of greatness in you and pray you find peace and harmony in all you do.

• May your days be filled with more success than you used to have. We celebrate you for this day. Wishing you all the best.

• I want to say thank you for everything you have done in my life as my precious brother. I salute you for always being a great husband.

• We are celebrating you as an important couple because you are really precious to us. Happy anniversary.

• I wish you all the best on this wonderful day. We appreciate that you invited us to enjoy this wonderful day with you.

• May the most merciful God be there with you as you cross into another precious day of your life. Happy anniversary.

• May the Almighty God bless your hustle, grant your needs, and make this day another perfect moment in your life.

• I want to thank you for all the great things you have done in my life. You are a special sister. May the Lord continue to spare your life.

• You are so special and my love for you will continue to rise above the sky because you are the best couple in the world.

• May you always smile for being a special person on my mind—may the Lord bless and promote your dreams for the best.

Wedding Anniversary Posts for Facebook for Parent

• Lord will be there for the both of you all the time. He will always stand by your side all the time. I wish you more success in life.

• Lord will never forget you from now on. You have been a great mother and the Lord will never forget forever and ever.

• The mother like never before. I want to celebrate your success today as you celebrated me when I was born.

• I wish to be there with my beloved parents but it is so that the thousands of miles that separate us spoiled the show.

• You are a good role model in terms of marriage discipline. We are proud of you as great parents.

• The Lord will never forget you now and forever and you will find peace in this marriage forever.

• 25 years of marriage is not easy. You have proven to the world that nothing is impossible.

• Happy anniversary to the most amiable parents in the world. The Lord will always stand by your side all the time.

• Thank God for the true love you have been showing to me. You are the precious gift the Lord gave me. I wish you more and more success in life.

• You will always be the most important people in my life. The Lord will not forsake you.

• I wish you more breakthroughs in this world. Your success will continue to shine forever and ever.

• God will always bless you for always been great people in my life. I appreciate the way you treat me in this world.

• Happy anniversary to my blessed parents may the Lord make your relationship end with happiness.

• The Lord will always protect you for us. We need you in our life to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

• We are excited to celebrate our parents for the good examples of true love they possess. Happy anniversary sir and ma.

• The Lord that brought you both so far will never make you sad forever and ever. I wish you good luck.