Best Anniversary Wishes Msg Year 2020

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Anniversary Wishes Msg to a Friend


Anniversary Wishes Msg is the latest post on the anniversary of our website. You can text as many as you want to your loved ones.

1. My heart is always attached to you because a friend like you is extraordinary. I miss you to the core.

2. My sweet friend succeeded in her second year of marriage. Happy anniversary to my best friend.

3. You have always been a very precious friend, you have the entire qualities I need in a friend. I love you.

4. A good friend is expensive when I found you I was very happy because it is the most enticing achievement this year.

5. I will always be yours for the rest of my life. Thanks for being a good friend, you always make me smile.

6. Thanks for everything you taught me of good morals and of skills that earn me a living today. I miss you.

7. The Lord shall bless you with everything you need, He shall protect you more than you ever expected.

8. Congrats on your wedding anniversary, may the Lord continue to bless your hustle forever. Wishing you the best.

9. May your day find the kind of peace it deserves, may your face shine with the light of success. Happy anniversary.

10. The Lord will bless you all the time. Happy anniversary to my darling friend. I appreciate your efforts in my life.

11. Let the love of a new day continue to shower blessings upon you. I will always miss you for the rest of your life.

12. Never forget this day, it has always been a day with lots of love for you and your wife, maintain it for the rest of your life.

13. I just want to be sure that both of you are happy with each other. May your eyes see that light that it demands.

14. Your new home shall profit you, it shall be well with you until the end of time. Happy anniversary to my dearest love.

15. I want to say thanks for being a nice person, it is indeed great happiness having found you in my life.

16. I need you to know that a person without a friend is too lonely in this world. I am proud of having as a friend.

17. I am sure you are happy to be with me here. I can’t forget you no matter what. Happy anniversary to my gorgeous friend.

18. May the Lord remain merciful to you, may He continue to uplift you in all aspects of your life. Thanks so much for the value-added friendship.

19. It is not easy to remain married up till this moment, this shows how strong you have been as a wife. Happy anniversary.

20. Patience is possible only if we are willing to live it. I love everything about you. It is my pleasure to have met you.

Anniversary Wishes Msg to a Sister

21. Sister is a precious gift in the life of a brother, I am so much happy for you because the Lord has given you a good husband.

22. You are my pleasure, my happiness and the one I love the most, I really appreciate your efforts in making sure I am happy.

23. There are lots of wishes in my heart for you, I will forever be grateful to you because you stood by me when I needed you. Happy anniversary.

24. I can’t forget you in this world because you are so special, you make me happy all the time and this is one of the most amazing concepts in life.

25. Happy married life, as you celebrate this day in great happiness, I wish you the best of luck and pray for your endless success in life.

26. May the Lord bless your hustle and grant you great happiness in life. You shall be blessed above all your expectations.

27. Happy anniversary dear sister, I am so lucky because a brilliant sister like you is not easy to find on this earth. I love you.

28. Notwithstanding, you are my happiness, you make me smile endlessly and now I realize how much you brought peace to my world.

29. I may be older, but being your brother, I am so happy for you and hope you will always remember you are a role model. Happy anniversary.

30. It baffles me how talented you are. The Lord really blessed you with talents. May your new home find a reason to make you happy all the time.

31. Happy anniversary to my one in a million sisters, I really want to see you succeed in everything you do.

32. You have been in this relationship for over 3 years, may the Lord seal your heart and your spouse’s with passion for each other.

33. I am in deep love with you, may the love of your husband be deeper and stronger. Your sister, the most cherished one for you.

34. I love you in everything you do, you add positive thoughts in my life and changed me from grass to grace. I love you.

35. I have been so lucky because I was always with you when we were growing up, you really impacted a lot in me. Thanks a lot.

36. The world shall celebrate us forever, the Lord shall bless every one of us with our hearts desires that is best for us.

37. You make me happy all the time and this is my pleasure for that, I cannot forget you all my life. Happy anniversary.

38. Happiness is when you find the one that is meant for you and he or she loves you back. Happy anniversary.

39. May your home continue to reign in peace but not in pieces. Every kind of agony that breaks a woman will not come your way.

40. I just want to say thank you for everything. Thanks for the role of a good sister I will always appreciate you all my life.

Anniversary Wishes Msg to a Brother

41. No matter the condition, always remember that life is full of passion and appreciation, appreciate your wife and protect her. Happy anniversary.

42. The Lord is your power, call unto Him and He shall open ways for you. Happy anniversary dear brother.

43. I really envy you because it is not easy to be this happy for a complete two years. Happy anniversary.

44. You are the best brother in town, your success is also amazing. In fact, I am tagging you as the father of the good leadership of our era.

45. You have been a great friend to me, a precious brother and the best I will always love as a brother. Happy anniversary.

46. You may not understand how much you have been able to change my life within short periods you spent with me. I miss you.

47. I have no car, house or business that brings in millions, but I have the heart to wish you the best. Happy anniversary dear brother.

48. May you live to enjoy this world, may your success continue to revolve around your generations to come.

49. Good luck to you dear brother, may your home always experience success and good fortune. Thanks for the other day.

50. You may not understand how much I wish you are happy every minute of your day. You mean a lot to me.

51. Dear brother, being a friend of yours is the most beautiful chocolate in the world. Congrats on your anniversary.

52. As we celebrate you today, we hope to celebrate your second child sooner. I wish you a glorious life ahead.

53. May you find content in your heart, the Lord whose precious heart will give you everything you need shall always be merciful to you.

54. You are lucky for this beautiful woman. I really want to be with you all my life as twin brother but she has snatched you up from me.

55. Your wife must be a lucky woman. She just robbed me of a handsome brother. Wow as your twin sister, I am jealous.

56. Don’t worry, enjoy your marriage. It is very important for someone to enjoy what he or she deserves. Happy anniversary.

57. A life without you is a life without a good friend. You are more beloved to me than diamonds and silvers.

58. What a nice brother. You really deserve this day because it is a remarkable day of your life. Happy anniversary dear.

59. You are always the best in this world, you are so special and I will be glad to hear your success from now on.

60. Let this day be your precious day. I will always be happy for you. May the Lord bless your hustles forever.

Anniversary Wishes Msg to My Father

61. When I looked at the man that has been with me since the day I was born, I realized he is really fit to be my father. Happy anniversary sir.

62. You have been a great hero since the day you gave birth to us. We really love you.

63. You should be called the father of a good relationship. Mom is very lucky to have you. Happy anniversary dear.

64. The Lord shall continue to protect you all your life, we love you and therefore pray that the Lord blesses your heart with strength.

65. As you celebrate your 50th birthday, we hope the one mighty in power shall bless you forever. I miss you, dad.

66. How I wish I am around to put endless smiles on your face the special day of your life. I miss you very well.

67. The best dad in the world is celebrating 50 years of a successful marriage. I love you so much, sir. Happy anniversary.

68. Happy 80th birthday to the best father of all time since the day I was born. Happy anniversary to you.

69. I wish my good dad a healthy life, happiness, success and above all the best in this world. You belong to me.

70. The most amazing thing in this world is when you have the best father, you have the best life to live.


Anniversary Wishes Msg My Mother

71. Happy anniversary to my darling mom, the angel of my dad, the founded ribs of the most amazing man in the world.

72. Your anniversary is here, may you live long to enjoy this day in peace and harmony. Sad is so lucky to have you.

73. We have been dragging you with dad, I think this day made me realize that dad deserves you the most. I have my wife coming soon. I love you.

74. I am so sorry that and ashamed that it took me two decades to tell you I love you. Happy 20th-anniversary ma.

75. I swear, there is no mom like you heaven and earth. I pray the Lord should bless you for me, now and forever.

76. You shall remain great all your life, you will never regret coming to this world no matter what. Happy anniversary.

77. You are special, may your face shine with light, your heart will be illuminated forever. I wish you long life and prosperity.

78. The best way to be happy is to appreciate your mom, she has been a very beautiful gift in your life. No woman can replace him.

79. You are my joy, the one I cannot forget all my life. May the Lord reward you accordingly. Happy anniversary to mom.

80. There is nothing I can do that can replace everything you have done in my life. I really appreciate your support in my life.

81. There is nowhere I can find anyone like you in this world. Your role in my life is divinely programmed none can replace you.

82. As you celebrate your 50th birthday, I pray for a long life, a bigger success. I wish you the best of luck.

83. Thanks for being a good friend and best mother. You are my blessing, my helper and the divine support God gave me.

84. I wish my mom the most wonderful life from this day on. The Lord shall bless you with all you deserve.

85. You gave me joy where there is no joy, you gave me happiness when I needed it most. You stood by my side scared thinking I will die. Happy anniversary.

86. You are my dream comes true. The kind of mother I later thank God she gave birth to me. I really appreciate you ma.

87. May your new age benefit you forever, as you celebrate this marriage, you shall be blessed with whatever you desire.

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