Baby Clothes Caption For Instagram

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Babies are pretty cute, but to prevent major FOMO amongst friends and family, don’t forget to send out that perfect baby photo along with the announcement. This baby clothing photo props idea guide will make sure your friend’s baby is the cutest little human ever!

Baby Clothes Caption For Instagram

1. Hey there, little one! Your baby clothes are so cute—you barely knew you had room to move. 😊

2. Little feet, tiny toes, tiny hands. Little joys that you’ll never know. Our cute baby clothes will make you fall in

3. Our tiny humans are adorable. Protect them from the elements with our cozy clothes that are made with clean, pure cotton.

4. Sweet dreams are made of little ones dressed in our softest, most luxe materials.

5. Giving the gift of cute. Shop this look & more at our website,

6. Keep baby cozy, comfy, and dry with these soft fabrics that are easy to care for 👶👦

7. Nothing makes me happier than seeing babies in their b’s 🙌🎀👶?

8. Baby clothes do not need to be boring. Life with our Mini-Me is never dull.

9. Baby clothes make everything better.

10. No matter how many pieces of clothing the baby has, she always makes her wardrobe work.

11. Welcome to the world, baby! We’re so happy to have you. You look marvelous in our Baby Blanket in Pink Ivory. #Bellybutton

12. This is that face you make when the wind hits you while strolling through the city. Comfortable, easygoing style for your baby at all activities.

13. Think you have all the best stuff for your baby? Well, welcome to our store 😊

14. Don’t you just love this? So cute, right?! And baby, it’s made from 100% GOTS certified organic baby spun cotton.

15. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my niece in her brand new (blank) outfit 😍

16. Baby clothes are too cute. #mykidscoolerthanyours

17. Just like your infant’s face, baby clothes seem to scream, “I’m new here!” (We’ll put up with the crying because everything is so dang cute.)

18. This fall, dress your little one in clothes that are just as cute as they are.

19. A little of your love is all it takes to make them feel like the luckiest baby in the world.

20. Some say babies are a handful. We think they’re a handful of hidden secrets, laughter, and smiles that grow from quiet moments when it’s just a parent and a child in the world.

21. The essential accessory for a new arrival.

22. Work Hard, Play Harder. These tees and overalls will keep lil‘ man comfortable and fresh-smelling all day.

23. I just planted my first garden— in the backyard. Coloring in the sprinklers in the front yard. 🌱👶🏻

24. Baby clothes sold separately.

25. Nothing says ‘I love you to the moon and back’ like a sweet and cozy baby doll. We put our love into making our hooded towels and matching beanies extra soft so the baby will be comfy, too. ❤❤

26. Welcome to the world, baby!

27. Wrapping our little angel in the softest of softest, we’re grateful to call her ours.

28. There’s Nothing cuter than when you’re just wearing your Dad’s hoodie. #LendMeYourHoodie

29. What can be more precious than a tiny human who still fits in their baby clothes?

30. Bundle up your bundle of joy with our most adorable collection of baby girl clothes & shoes!

31. Fall into these hip outfits for little ones. Shop now on 🎍

32. 💕 Get ready for the long, lazy days of summer with our range of soft, breezy baby clothes. Crafted in gentle cotton and super-soft fabrics for comfort. #effortlesscute

33. Making you baby and mom-shaped.

34. Nothing brightens up a day like a baby’s smile! Use #BABYISAID to show us your baby and for a chance to be featured and obtain a code to buy one vest

35. Babies are refreshingly honest. That’s why Baby Gap clothes are designed for comfort, to let babies be themselves.

36. These little ones need clothes that keep up with them: workout-ready and easy for wiggly crawlers. Our new kids’ activewear collection is made to move and built to last.

37. If I knew how cute babies would look in these, I would have a thousand kids.

38. Welcome to the world, little one. Now, let’s fall in love with your tiny toes and teeny-tiny newborn clothes.

39. Brilliant baby fashion that’s sure to delight your sense of style 😎🤑

40. These onesies are so soft I usually can’t bear to take them off 😴 #babystyle

41. 🏆First Choice for Baby Clothes

42. Baby clothes for baby skin.

43. Come snuggle up and feel the love. 🤗 Look like a cute little angel in these plush baby clothes from our latest collection.

44. Become a style expert for this new bundle before they’re out of the gate. Shop our full range of stylish baby clothes. *source:

45. Hello, all-natural and organic baby clothing and eco-friendly lifestyle products! We love you.

46. Soft, newborn skin deserves Nothing but the most peaceful things.

47. What do you get when you mix a professional photoshoot, a photographer with kids of her own, and the baby’s favorite cousin? A day full of smiles!

48. If you’re tired of adults claiming that the reason they still like to wear footie pajamas is that “they make them feel like a kid again,” it’s time to introduce them to the even more extraordinary world

49. What’s cuter than a baby in clothes? Nothing. 😻🤱

50. Soft as a baby’s bottom! Find the perfect baby clothes at OshKosh B’gosh.

51. You’ll always be the hottest baby in town when you dress in our limited edition summer line 😍😘

52. Babies grow up so fast; we may as well make it easy by layering 👶🏻 combos and coordinating outerwear and accessories. This is happy hour for baby 🍹

53. The baby is growing up so fast!


55. 🐣 Nothing beats the cuteness of babies in our tiny baby clothes.

56. Babies are warm little bundles of joy—because they have so many clothes on. 😂😂#isbc #tinytogs #bundleofjoy

57. When your baby puts her clothes back on 😍

58. Today’s babies are tomorrow’s trendsetters. Shop the cutest new arrivals at #dillardsbabies

59. Oh, baby. Find the season’s hottest looks for the new little one in your life at

60. I love thinking back on all my adventures as a baby. Thank you, @xxxxxx, for keeping me comfy on my many travels through the airport and new cities! You can check out @xxxxxx

61. You’ll never forget the first time you held your baby. The feeling is so precious

62. Come chill with us in the new @xxxxx drop. The best thing to wear on a chilly fall day is a baby in your arms. 🐻 #Giveaway

63. The best feeling in the world is the feeling of holding your new baby.

64. 🎶 You’re never too young to be a trendsetter 🎶 #becausebaby

65. So sweet the sound🍫

66. With so many options, we thought it’d be helpful to craft a list of the different types and how they work to help you figure out which kind is best for your little one.

67. Not your typical baby clothes #butterflies&flowers

68. Little ones at heart: cozy, comfy, and cute! Shop for baby clothes now on the JCPenney App.

69. Soft and peaceful moments -your baby will be so cozy and comfortable wearing this #sunuva_baby_clothes

70. 👶🏻 Newborn baby clothes for your little bundle of joy 👶🏼👶🏽👶🏾👶🏿

71. All good things. All good things. New baby clothes from Lorelai & Lou x ALIVE… 👶👶

72. Babies’ skin is SO soft, and clothing is crazy cute. If you haven’t already, it’s time to stock up.

73. I remember that sweet baby smell. I don’t know what it was—wet clothes, a whiff of talcum powder? Maybe it was just my imagination, but if there was such a thing as a unique odor, it came from

74. There are days when I catch myself quietly singing “you are my sunshine” to our baby boy. Thinking about Asher while taking care of him is priceless. #fatherhood

75. From smashing grapes to whispering sweet nothings, here’s to the softest season of all.

76. 💕 #babyclothing #babygifts #babylove

77. “Happiness is a warm baby” –and our sweetest baby clothes are made to warm your heart.

78. You’ve been a little 👶 for a while now, and if you’re anything like me, you’re still making do with the baby clothes from your first kid… #feellikeagifftoy

79. If you think babies are cute…just wait until you meet our youngest member of the family.

80. We are introducing swimwear to your little ones. Get your easy summer look; start this season right.

81. Isn’t she so cute? I almost feel guilty posting this picture. Her eyes are all sleep­dropped and crusty.

82. How are you doing? I think. 😜 @xxxxx

83. We’re always happy to see new babies. But it’s their little siblings who are having the best time of their lives.

84. Our little one is finally here @xxxxxxx 💕👶🏼😍👶🏽#babygapjapan

85. Baby clothes do not need to be boring. Let them express your adorable little one’s personality!

86. There’s not much that feels as good as a new baby in your arms. That’s why we work with our suppliers to create one-of-a-kind baby clothes that feel as good as they look.

87. Adorable babies are only cute if they are dressed in the cutest outfits. Design them now at!

88. Yes, this is gender-neutral. And no, you don’t have to wait for a baby shower to buy it! ¯\_()_/¯

89. If the shoe fits, then it’s cute on you. (Baby shoes) ️👶🏼

90. hold on tight 😱👶🏼 baby’s first fall

91. Dreaming up fresh ideas for your little one is truly the best part of being a mom. #BabyClothes

92. Every baby deserves the best, softest clothes for their precious skin.

93. Newborn and baby clothes that fit and flatter for this season and all the seasons to come.

94. Your child is off to a great start with our baby clothes, perfect for getting them ready to play outside. #👶🏻

95. With soft fabrics, playful prints and patterns, 100% chakra safe colors, and soothing textures, SwaddleMe products transform the act of putting on your baby’s clothing challenges into joy.

96. This is the avocado of her baby’s life. Never toast your child’s neck with a scratchy, synthetic strip of fabric again.

97. Babies just love our most popular grey dot-print fabric. Here’s a little one with her four sisters. 😍💕✨

98. Picking out the perfect pieces for this little guy is proving more challenging than I anticipated 😳

99. Baby clothes that are not only cute but 100% naturally made 💕 #TOMSkids

100. When we feel like we need to bundle up our babies, we’re the ones who need extra clothes. 😍

101. Just launched this lovely new collection of baby clothes and gear. Add a few pieces and create a little bundle of a joy-worthy closet. 😍🥰

102. This babe is one-of-a-kind. Make sure to visit our gender neutral baby clothing selection, perfect for all genders and all ages 😊 👶👣

103. Mommy, look, mommy! I’m dressed like Daddy.

104. The best kind of wardrobe is one that grows with you. #ForeverBabyGap

105. Life is an adventure, and we need all our bases covered. So go ahead and pack this bicycle-themed baby shower gift basket before your next trip down the cyclist’s path of life.

106. Little ones are always getting in touch with their adventurous side, so make sure they’re coming home to sweet sheets that look good enough to eat.

107. At first, they won’t be so chill. But soon enough, they’ll feel right at home in these sweet threads.

108. You make the best of every moment, but motivation can be hard to find with one like this. You’re happiest when you’re with your little one 👶😍

109. Baby clothes captions to fit your product photos and stories!

110. How do you talk to your baby? Does she understand? Guess what? Your baby is an excellent listener, just like you. She loves to hear about the little miracle that she is. Baby clothes, cute clothing for newborns delivered directly to your home

111. We’re “over the moon” for baby girl clothes! 👶🏻 @carters

112. Be prepared for diaper duty in this new collection of baby essentials. Shop now. (Available at #our-kids )

113. You’ll be the hit of the town with your little bundle in their new outfits, shoes, and accessories.

114. This is not just an outfit. This is the beginning of every adventure she’ll ever take.

115. With babies, Nothing’s ever routine. That’s what makes it so meaningful. Baby clothes that are perfect for every day. ─Baby Cache

116. No one promises you a rose garden. But we can promise you this: these soft and sweet baby clothes will be adorable on your new babe.😚

117. Bundle up your baby with a toasty new coat. 100% organic cotton and super comforting.

118. We’ll happily play dress-up if it means we get to snuggle our baby even more. Baby, you’re the best.

119. There’s Nothing like the feeling when you’re in your baby’s arms.

120. What’s better than a snuggly, super soft baby? 🍼😎

121. This little snuggle bunny is happy to be dressing for fall—or any season. #autumn

122. The little things that make life bigger.

123. Time for some baby clothes shopping 😍😍😍

124. Our baby clothes are just as bold and beautiful as the little one wearing them 💗👶

125. Get ready for the baby’s arrival with the softest, most comfortable baby clothes and layettes.

126. Please give us all the squealing and cooing you’re dying to do #squeezeusoutofyourtinyclothes

127. There’s Nothing as precious as a baby at bath time.

128. Our number one job is to make sure that they look adorable.

129. It’s been a good week for baby clothes. 🙂

130. All we need is love 💘 and baby clothes.

131. Say hello to our new fall arrivals—super cute baby clothes that are so cozy and comfortable your baby will beg you to put

132. Sometimes you wonder if they might grow out of their clothes soon, but then you remember that they’re growing into their clothes.

133. She’s the reason we breathe, the love of our lives. We cherish every moment, especially these first few months. Thank you for choosing us to be part of this incredible journey with you and your newborn baby ❤❤

134. It’s getting chilly outside! Bundle up little bubs with these versatile outfits for a cozy fall. Stay warm, healthy, and happy.

135. Do you have a little one who has an upcoming special event? We’re here to help bring their style to life with the perfect dress or suit.

136. Stylish, not stuffy. That’s little you. Shop our baby collection 👶

137. Time to switch out your bibs for some new ones. And, you know what that means—it’s time for a party. 🎉👶🏻

138. Here comes the sun 🌞. Welcome to the world, sweet baby!

139. This is, like, the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

140. The flower crown is officially dead now that Levi’s Baby has decided to market their denim this way. OMG 😱

141. I’m captivated by this sweet outfit 🧼

142. How adorable is this! I hope you have a great day #babyclothes

143. Delightful babies deserve delightful clothes.

144. Inspired by the people I want to be. #babyccc

145. A newborn may not remember the softness or the scent. But they’ll never forget how effortlessly they fit into our clothes that look as good as they feel.

146. It’s not what you buy for your baby but how you treat them that matters most.

147. We are all about the soft baby sweater…made for snuggling. 👶🏼

148. {Baby} doesn’t care much about what you think matters. She thinks we’re cool and we’ll be delicate no matter the outfit we wear. 🤳🏻

149. The most beautiful thing you’ll ever wear. 👶😍

150. One of the most precious moments is when a baby’s first laughs echo through the house. So, we’re celebrating those sweet giggles with 25% off our entire collection 👶🏽 🤩

151. Your #1 place for your baby’s first set of clothes.

152. Babies are so cute when they are all bundled up in new clothes, except the ones who haven’t learned to bundle up their sweet cheeks.

153. Oh, how we love a new baby. Our designers put a lot of thought into ways to bring joy to your little one through fabric choices and thoughtful details. 全ての新生児へ

154. It’s never too early to start building a solid core to support your growing baby. Browse the latest styles, including our latest infant bodysuits, at

155. Bundle up your little one (when the weather gets more relaxed).

156. Little miss in a set from our new Baby & Toddler collection. 😍😍

157. Put a little sunshine in all your snaps with our happiest yellow collection yet 🐣—100% cotton, made in China.

158. Every day is the best day in this little one’s life. 💙

159. The beauty of newborn baby skin lies in simplicity. Our brilliant baby basics are colorfast, extra-soft, and pre-shrunk…so baby can wear it for years to come.

160. If I ever meet the fashion designer who thought of puffy sleeves for babies, I love them. Thank you. 💙💛😍

161. A new baby never goes out of style. #latestfrombestie

162. What the hell, man? It’s not even cold yet, and you’re already dressing your kid like it’s December. 😱 @trubabies

163. When you see your kid for the first time, you’re overwhelmed with how beautiful they are. The crying sometimes makes it hard to see, but the beautiful part is that every aspect of them that you see is something that was inside of you. #

164. I’m all dressed up. You can dress me any way you’d like.

165. You make sure everyone has a 👶 of their own; leave the rest to us! #babyclothes

166. Hands down the most comfortable baby clothes ever

167. Create a world of wonder for your little one with playful clothes that help them learn.

168. Put your little ones in the most incredible, softest outfits.

169. They grow up so fast (and their wardrobe does, too!).

170. Are you looking forward to dressing your baby this Easter? We’ve got you covered. 😊

171. When you arrive in this world, life is pure. You are blissfully unaware of what’s around you until it calls your attention. It’s our responsibility to dress you in the primmest and proper ways, so your innocence never fades.

172. Fall is in the air, and we see little ones bundled up and ready to go. We love this fall style of our

2017 collection. 🏯 #babybjorn

173. Putting together a #babyclothes capsule for my little one ☀☀☀

174. Just because you’re a baby doesn’t mean you have to wear baby clothes. Dress smart with BabyGap.

175. Bundle up in our baby clothes & get ready for your new adventure 😍

176. UPDATED our Baby & Toddler clothing range with even more irresistible designs 💙

177. As soft as our new shorts.

178. There is Nothing like running your tiny fingers through a baby’s hair 👶 -I hope you enjoyed this little delight.

179. The stages of parenthood are equal parts hilarious, exhausting, joyful, ridiculous, and profound—and the only way to capture it all is through silly photos. 👶