Instagram Caption for Baby Boy Sleeping

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If you are looking for a picture that shows an infant sound asleep, I have posted three different pictures for you to choose from. The picture should have the words “ Caption for Baby Boy Sleeping ” in the lower left hand side of it. I don’t think there is any reason to describe how cute this child is, because the picture itself should be enough to say it all. He is probably the sweetest baby you have ever laid your eyes on.

Instagram Caption for Baby Boy Sleeping

1. A baby boy sleeping on a fluffy pillow on a wood table, the lamp is on a bedside.

2. I’ll be dreaming of pastries and hot chocolate while I’m sleeping. #nap #babyboy #sleepytime#cake

3. Watching this angel sleep makes me want to squeeze every second with him.

4. Your girlfriend might escape for some ‘me time,’ but it’s impossible to get away from your little snuggler. Soak up every minute with this cute one-piece that has all the makings of a sleepy baby

5. Lucky to have a little man who puts his own needs aside so I can sleep in. I love you so much, little dude 💛

6. Sleeping like a baby – I remember precisely what that’s like! How many days until he can drive? 🤔

7. I stood and watched you sleep, and the thought came to me: here was ahead Rush of tenderness and love so deep my heart could burst.

8. When you’re tired, but you have to work it and be a big boy and stay up late with your dad and play video games, no matter how tired you are 👶🏼😴

9. Sweet dreams, guys

10. How to win at life: 1) Be born 2) Fall asleep in this outfit 🤳

11. 👶 #babyboy #sleeping #baby #cutesmile

12. This baby boy in a brand new blue waffle onesie ️🤩

13. My nephew’s sleep smile—modeled after my niece, who had that same smile when she slept. Technically his parents are sleeping right now, but that’ll change in a little while. 🙂

14. a sweet dream from this little angel 👼

15. Daddy’s little snuggle bug 💙

16. Little ones are always ready for bed when there are fun sheets set out. 🍼

17. 💤3 things in life that bring me joy:1. sleeping 2. sleeping 3 sleep #happyslumber

18. When you’re tired, but it’s too early to sleep 🙄

19. Are you cooking up something good for dinner? Our baby boy’s probably dreaming about it. 😴

20. Baby Isla is sleeping like the cutest angel ever😍

21. Wound up baby asleep on the monitor.

22. Baby slumber is the best slumber.

23. My days are full of work, and my nights are full of this sleepy kid.

24. Sweet dreams, little one ️😴

25. Sorry to wake you. The morning’s here.

26. So many changes are happening in his world with his little eyes just opening 💫 !!!!

27. Upon this rock, I built my church #slumberparty

28. When you cannot set aside much time for sleep, your crib mattress should be convenient to move around.

29. Hey gorgeous sleeping man, I love you so much 😍😘

30. Teddy bear snores, crinkled toes, and sweet dreams 🐻

31. Ever so carefully, the baby’s eyes begin to close.</ br> The singlehandedly cutest yawn you have ever seen.

32. He’s sleeping. He might be dreaming of you, but he can’t see your face because it’s dark in there.

33. #sleepingwhilehungry #toddlerproblems

34. When you’re too tired to fall asleep, it helps to have a tiny owl pal. 😵 #sleepyowlie

35. It’s always sleepy season somewhere with one of these cozy twin blankets. 🌙

36. Baby boy. Big naps. #parentingproblems

37. I was sleeping like a baby. We hope you’re as happy as this little man! 😴 #Cute #Baby #Penelope #3Months

38. These baby blues 👶 are getting some beauty sleep 💤😴).

39. Sleeping peacefully is an art. And, some of us are just born knowing how to do it right like this one.

40. I was born to sleep. – Homer Simpson #Goodnight

41. Little one, I’m so proud of you! High five for that smile, sweet dreams.

42. Sometimes the only thing better than getting big is getting sleepy.

43. Off to dreamland with the person, we love the most Cloud 9 is a state of mind. A baby boy sleeping in the arms of his father is a state of being. #CloudNineInk™

44. Baby boy at eight weeks + 3 days. I woke up to feed him and ride his wave back to sleep for another 10 minutes. Then he woke up again—for good, I think—and we started our weekend of fun and adventure!

45. Here’s a secret: your baby looks like an angel when he’s sleeping. #babysleep

46. When you can’t get enough of your tiny dreamer. Sweet dreams, baby boy. 💤💤💤

47. I can’t get over how cute he looks when he sleeps. He’s like a grumpy little bear. So sleepy and snuggly!

48. Sometimes, the most extraordinary adventures of all lie in your dreams. 💤 – Baby sleepwear – OshKosh bulwark

49. Zoning out in the middle of the day #naptime #sleepybaby

50. Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the crib?

51. Sleep soundly, little one. I’m here, watching over you

52. Warm, cozy sleep begins with gentle Nuggs—the softest socks you’ll ever touch.

53. Nothing beats a good night’s sleep.

54. Delight in the simple pleasure of my sweet boy’s long, deep sleep. 💤

55. And I’ll be dreaming of the day when she’s in my arms, and we’re not so far apart. #babysfirstphoto

56. A sleepy update on our new newborn. 😴

57. You are the calmest baby I’ve ever met.

58. Here’s to the sleep that gives us the best dreams.

59. It’s never too early to dream big 💭.

60. I was always dreaming, always exploring.

61. A boy named 👶🏼 is sleeping soundly after a long day of playing and exploring.

62. Our baby boy is so much like his daddy when it comes to napping 😴 I’m not sure if he will be a sleeper when he gets older, but I hope to God that he is! #bab

63. When you’re almost too tired to do it right, but somehow he still looks so cute #babyboy pic.

64. There are few things cuter than a baby dreaming. Especially this one…

65. That awkward place your kid sleeps where it’s not on their back, and they’re so close to the edge of the bed that you can’t tell if they are still breathing or have fallen off. And even worse, “

66. Soooo cozy! The Snugabunny from @xxxxx will be your baby’s new favorite thing to cuddle up with 😴

67. Fall asleep in the arms of the one you love. 👇

68. You should be sleeping at the moment, but you’re not.

69. Baby boy sleeping like an angel. I wish I could take a nap just like that 👶

70. Baby boy sleeping happily.

71. This is going to be a good nap‬ ‪#‎babyboy‬ ‪#‎sleepybaby‬

72. Tiny angel. #babysleep

73. Gosh, that baby is cute!! And sleeping! 😴

74. Sleeps more soundly with a Pampers Swaddler™.

75. Little ones need their beauty sleep—grow well, grow healthy. #babysleepytime

76. Loving this new yellow + navy nursery, we designed for one of our clients. Perfect bedding for a little man with superstar style!

77. When sleep is the essential thing in your little one’s day.

78. Busy days are best ended with naps under the sun. Good night, Daylight.

79. When what you want more than anything else is sleep 💤

80. When your sweet boy is asleep, but you still want to take a million photos of him. #heseesthismoment

81. This baby is so content with his milk bottle; he doesn’t want to be put down. 😴

82. Too cute. Too sweet. Way too real. You were made for snuggling 🙂

83. We see these days less and less, but he’ll be taking his first steps by this time next month!

84. This is my favorite way to sleep in 🙈 #naptime.

85. You can’t stop a guy from dreaming.

86. Look at my little boy 🙈😍

87. This is the calm before the storm. A new day has begun. And we’re here to see it with you.

88. Maybe the most excellent job in the world. Who wouldn’t get a kick out of watching this little guy sleep? 😴

89. Z is sleeping like a champion in my arms 😴

90. Your daddy and I just looked at each other and said, “It’s a boy!” And then we stole all the pies from Target.

91. Check how cute this world is when you’re asleep.

92. The baby may say goodnight to the world, but we’ll miss him all day long. 😴💤

93. It’s the little things that matter—napping, eating, drinking. Thanks for being you, little guy.

94. I’m not crying; I’m yawning. about to sleep

95. Baby sleeping.

96. Here’s to the nights full of sweet dreams for our favorite baby boy. #4thChildhoodPhoto 😴

97. Can’t I just sleep like this… #baby #sleeplikeabushbaby

98. 🛏 Baby was exhausted from a long day, so he took a beauty sleep. But when he wakes up, he’ll have the sweetest dreams ever because mommy loves him endlessly #heartbeatmoment

99. It’s the little things, like his cherub lips and the sound of his breath, that lull us to sleep. 💤

100. Sweet dreams, little one. 👶

101. I was beginning to think you’d never sleep. Now that you have let’s go sailing. #TBT

102. Who needs a night light when all this natural light surrounds your bed?

103. Moon River and me just a dreamer.

104. There doesn’t need to be a tomorrow when you haven’t slept in a week because your eyes are sealed shut.

105. For a baby boy, this is the only kind of slumber party to have.

106. Did someone say nap time? #baby #fatherhood #cute

107. Baby falling asleep with a Kojie baby pacifier.

108. Your little one naps like an angel.

109. Some days they want to cuddle. Others want to be left alone. Sleep well tonight, sweet boy 👶💤

110. Baby boys are lovely at this age. They are learning how to communicate with you, but they are still little dreamers discovering the world around them.

111. The greatest gift is a child that sleeps well 😴

112. Sleep like a tiny burrito 🌯 teddy bear 🐻

113. I sleep. I dream. I am R E A D Y for a new day.

114. Baby Boy is finally asleep. We did it!

115. Love you, sleep tight, baby boy. 😴 💤

116. This is not a drill! The world’s most famous baby has entered his zzz’s. #BabyLincolnCelebratesTheThirdMonth

117. The sweetest moments are when babies get swept up in their dreams.

118. All tucked in, ready for sweet dreams. Zzzzzzz. I’m the cutest baby ever 😘😈

119. My little sleeping prince 👼👑🥰

120. You can take the baby out of the crib, but you can’t take the crib out of the baby 😴💤

121. The days are long, but the years are short. Dive into bed with your little guy to promote restful sleep 💤 #DadBod

122. What little boy could stay awake after enjoying a day like this? Hold on to these moments

because before you know it, he’ll be an adventurous toddler.

123. Who’s so cute they could fall asleep in the supermarket?? 😴

124. Ever-so-slight snoring—you’re asleep, you’re peaceful, you’re home. @wendysleepyaks

125. Your mom and I went to see your cousins last night. As we were walking out the door ___, we noticed the light coming through the window seemed to ____ and we ____ you felt. We were laughing too loudly, and you woke up crying.

126. He slept for a whole hour.

127. Baby boy sleeping soundly in his daddy’s arms

128. “Here is a sleeping baby boy.” – W. Shakespeare

129. How cute is this little sleeper? Get the Polo Ralph Lauren™ bodysuit for your baby boy here.

130. Little cuties wake up so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

131. Dad’s like #instavision. They can make this face while they’re sleeping! 😂

132. Hold your little one close for this magical night. Happy baby, happy mama. © Pip & Pun

133. Sleep. He’s finally sleeping! Infant Sleep Pro offers real solutions to your little one’s sleep struggles (and you’re welcome).

134. We love to give hugs; we also like to take naps.

135. I’m not taking my eyes off you tonight. You can sleep; I can’t.

136. It’s too early to smile, but I love you already. 😍

137. We love long nights. so that we sleep well

138. Adorable baby boy sleeping against his big green dinosaur plush toy.

139. Shhh… .it’s a baby boy’s world. He’s dreaming about crawling, rolling over, and sleeping all night long 😴

140. My biggest regret is that I only have one child because he’s so dang cute. #dadlife #babyboysleeptime

141. Lauren says: Hunter is finally sleeping through the night! Hooray 👶

142. Sleep well, little one. Sleep peacefully and eat well. Your little life is so full of promise and potential; hold tight to each moment! #sleep #relax #childhood

143. Hopefully, he didn’t learn his sleeping habits from his parents 😴

144. 🐣💤 I slept like a burrito 🌯

145. 💤The best kind of bedtime: A custom sleepsuit and a cozy terry towel sleep nest. #lullabylinkup

146. Baby boy sleeping in his car seat, the perfect picture of serenity. 🚘

147. Sleep tight, baby boy.

148. Babies may sleep when they’re tired, not when they’re tired. #SleeplessInSeattle #SleepIsForTheWeak #BabyBoy

149. There’s nothing like seeing your baby sleeping to make you feel like the world is right again.

150. My little man who gave me such sweet dreams that I want to bottle and sell them #daddysboy

151. Your little sleepyhead is snoozing away right now. 🙂

152. Hush, the baby, don’t you cry. Momma’s here, to keep you safe and sound 🍼

153. When he finally falls asleep, I get to go back to enjoying some alone time on the couch without him crying. 💤👶🏻 #daddysgirl

154. Your tiny nails. Your tiny feet. Your little body curled up around your thumb. These are

some small things. Your small face, with tiny eyes and a tiny nose and a tiny mouth that’s just now beginning to smile. You

155. The world is now my oyster pillow. 🐚

156. When you get tired, it’s more complex than that pic.

157. Baby boy in a field of flowers.

158. Baby, please do not wake up until I get back from work. You are my sunshine.😟🌞

159. My heart melts every time I gaze upon your face‽ Beautiful little man.

160. You’ll be amazed at how far he had to travel just to sleep tonight. It was worth it, though. #worldsbestnapper

161. So peaceful. He’s dreaming of the things you love most…

162. I told you he’d fall asleep in my arms. 🥰😴️😍

163. Follow the light. Sleep tight, Lil one. 💤

164. My nights have been more remarkable since you came along. Baby, it’s cold outside.

165. Finally found the perfect place to catch that #nap of dreams

166. He is sleeping like an angel, with smooth and peaceful dreams to him. #babyboy #angel

167. Baby boy, all snug in his hammock playing Snapchat to Mom and Dad

168. My name is Mr. Snoozles, and I like to sleep. #snoozybaby

169. You sleep like a rock, but I know you’ll be anything but when you’re older. 😘️😴

170. Sleep, little one. Your dreams have been prepared for you.

171. This sleepy baby boy is the cutest. #SleepingBaby

172. A baby is sleeping under a blanket in a baby bed.

173. Sleep is so sweet. #sweetdreams #whatagem #cuties #babyboy

174. A #BabyBoy will keep you up at night and keep you laughing all day long.

175. Baby A has been sleeping like this for the last two hours; he must be dreaming about something.

176. Baby sleeping – kid sleeping – cot – crib – kid – girl – boy – baby – asleep – toddler – bedtime

177. I swear he looked like a little Buddha when he was asleep.

178. This summer, set your little one up for a lifetime of restful nights with this expert roundup of the best products to help him sleep. Choose the right ones for him—and you!

179. You face when you’ve had a long day at work and hardly slept. One more hour, yawning isn’t even helping anymore.

180. That sweet slumbering face. A little angel dreaming of the spotlight. #justborn

181. Everything you need for a good night’s sleep. 1. Bedwetting alarm | 2. Baby teeth guard | 3. Baby pajamas | 4. Sleeper swaddle

182. I was sleeping like a baby tonight.

183. This Little One is fast asleep after a long day of play.

184. As summer turns into fall, the days get shorter, and the nights become longer. Not that it matters to this little man right here because he sleeps like he’s hibernating.

185. This one is a perfectly relaxed baby. 😴

186. Home is wherever this baby boy is. A new mommy showed me a picture of him on Instagram, and I was inspired to write a baby boy sleeping caption for Instagram.

187. A #babydady that is sleeping for the 1st time in bed last night.

188. Baby boy in a superman costume, in the rocker

189. Helpless little toddler in sweet dreams.

190. It looks like he’s dreaming about a life full of adventure.

191. Your baby’s first year is a dream come true. One we can’t believe we get to see unfolding right in front of us, every single day. 🌻#weloveyoubaby

192. When you’re so tired, you just want to sleep 💤😴

193. Here’s an attempt at “sleeping” through the weekend. 🙂

194. Baby boy sleeping what a sight 😍😴

195. Hello There, baby boy. 9 days old and determined to keep Grandma up all day long. According to the baby’s clock, it’s about an hour past lunch. Whatever you do, don’t stop sleeping, sweet petite.

196. If only we could all be this cute when we sleep 😴😴

197. Are you sleeping well? There’s a lot of pressure to have babies that sleep through the night. But, I have found that being a calm and peaceful parent helps pass that on to my babies. I focus on what I need.

198. Sleep little one, sleep. All your new dreams are yet to be seen. Sleep little one, sleep. And find new ways to grow.

199. He’s dreaming of summer. Maybe. 😴🌞

200. I have the best bedtime planner. …What? You don’t have one either?

201. Night night. Good morning. Bright days. 💤😴

202. 🐝🌛 Sleepy Baby Boy !!!

203. Baby boy is asleep, I’m feeling kind of proud about it, so I’m uploading this photo to share how good I think.

204. I snuggled up close to my mommy on this rainy night. #babyboy

205. Baby sleep like an angel, 🎶

206. Sleeping like a baby 👶

207. He’s dreaming of all the beautiful things he can do when he grows up.

208. “Goodnight, sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.”

209. Goodnight, sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite 🐞🐥

210. A baby boy is sleeping. It’s the best thing in the world.

211. Our baby boy is a fantastic sleeper! He sleeps through the night and feels perfectly fine nap-timing now until 11 am. We’re so proud 😊💤

212. He’s so cute when he’s sleeping. 🥰

213. So in love with my new nephew in town!!! I can’t wait to cuddle with him! 😍 #soexcited #cantwait #babysleep

214. Fall asleep peacefully, my little one.

215. Sweet dreams, my little love muffin 💙

216. When life gives you a newborn, make sure you sleep when you can. 👶🏼

217. In the arms of the angels – sound asleep. On a perfect Sunday morning, heaven can hardly go wrong.