300 Instagram Caption for Newborn Girl

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Have you ever wondered what caption to use for newborn girl images? I’m guessing your answer is no, as hundreds of newborn images with no captions are being ignored, so don’t worry I have a full package for you to get through, just make sure you never miss out on our collection.

Caption for Newborn Girl

1. Welcome to our World, little one. We love you so much and can’t wait to see what the future brings. #blessed #newborn #girl #firsttimeparents

2. “If there’s one word to describe the newborn, it’s LOVE.” –

3. Life is made of moments—we capture those memories for you. Wherever life takes us, we are with you every step of the way. If life happens in Cleveland 😃 #baby #newborns

4. This baby was beautiful both inside and outside. Thanks to her parents for giving me this gift.

5. Baby girl, you are the sweetest gift I’ve ever received. You are so beautiful 💜 “From my heart to your arms.”

6. Celebrate the arrival of your little girl. The World is now a brighter and more beautiful place.

7. A newborn girl, a miniature human being to be raised in love and nurturing by her parents, who would love her very much and whose life would be filled with many small joys like this

8. Baby girl, you are a miracle. You bring new light and a purpose to our lives. We can’t wait to see what you grow up to be. Please keep us posted on your adventures as you explore the world around you.

9. This is my beautiful granddaughter. These have been the best day of my life. I can’t stop smiling or singing her praises. I am captivated by her every move.

10. Being #Blessed is having the chance to cuddle my little lady into toddlerhood.

11. Hello, Sunrise ~ Welcome to the World, our little light. We’ll keep you safe and warm always. We love you.

12. The first days are filled with firsts, but at this point, there’s only one thing left to do: sleep.

13. I know it may seem like everything is exploding, but I’m making my presence known. I’m here. I’m here 💕 #cap #captionsforpics #cap_for

14. Hello little lady, long-awaited and well-deserved #babygirl

15. With soft pink toes, curly locks, and eyes that seem to see the world in color for the very first time, your baby girl is here. What do you say? I love it when she cries–it’s music to my ears.

16. Hello, World! Meet our sweet baby girl Abigail. Her momma is a photographer, and she was the lucky winner of a photo session with me in my studio. We’re so glad you were able to be a part of this.

17. She’s got a winning smile and a winning way. She’s a real live wire. She’s a joy from the word go! Oh, she’s a doll – that baby doll of mine.”

18. Life at its best is a head full of wonder, a pair of cozy feet, and a snuggly baby in your arms. Welcome to the World, sweet girl! 💗

19. Baby girl, we’re meeting at the park so we can meet your new friends. ##

20. Those chunky thighs 💕 are made for snuggling! – read more about baby photo sessions, baby girl photo ideas.

21. When your baby girl constantly surprises you with how much she already knows. 😍

22. The sweetest girl has been welcomed into our family.

23. See all the lovely things in the World when our little one arrives 💗

24. The best things in life are so simple, so much easier than we think. Love, happiness, and our baby girl.

25. Thank you for choosing Baby Girl Newborn Photography; I am soo happy to have captured these moments for you.

26. Little tiny feet. Tiny toes. Itty bitty fingers and hands and ears and nose (dwarfism). Our sweet baby – all 9 lbs 1 oz of her – is finally here! #WelcomeToTheWorld #Newborn

27. Even in the darkest of times, there is always love. #newborn

28. Welcome to the World, my beautiful baby girl. You are loved more than you’ll ever know. Nothing will ever be the same.

29. Aren’t we all just little girls at heart

30. Tomorrow is #AsianBabyGirlDay! A moment in time for our little princess to shine. What are some of the qualities you love most about your daughter? (CAPTION WITH PICTURE!)

31. Having a newborn girl is such a unique and joyous occasion. Proud of our mama, but don’t mind me popping into coo over that newborn baby girl.

32. Have you met baby Frankie? She’s our (almost) brand new girl! #WelcomeFrankie

33. A million cuddles and kisses for sweet baby girl Marina. #HappyBirthday

34. Welcome to the World, baby girl! #MomLife

35. Meet my new baby sister Riley! I’m so excited to watch her grow up. #babygirl #sister

36. Hello there, little one. You’re going to be a star—just like your daddy was.

37. 👶🏼 she’s here! Congrats on your new bundle of joy. #bbg #babygirl

38. We put the “love” in loving lavender. 😍 #cutebabygirl.

39. Today on the blog: a review of the #1 diaper bag on Amazon, as well as a giveaway for a Sassy Baby Set from Nuna! This set would be fantastic to win if you’re expecting or have a newborn baby.

40. Hello, World 👶🏻! This little princess has stolen our hearts. We’re so excited to be sharing her with the World, but that also means we have a few changes up ahead! First of all, we have a

41. I feel pretty, oh so cute. I feel pretty and witty and bright!

42. Giving thanks today for these two precious little jewels. #blessed #sisters #cousinsignature.

43. Hello [baby’s name]! Welcome to the World. You are so precious, so soft, and so tiny. This caption might appeal to mothers of newborn babies or even pregnant mothers who have a few weeks left to wait for their baby’s arrival.

44. Welcome into the world our little lamb 🐑 #babygirl #newbaby #babygirlnames #lamb #whitegirl #namebuzz

45. Welcome to the World, sweet girl. You are one of the most loved little souls on earth.

46. You are the sweetest little pumpkin in the patch! 😍

47. Welcome to the World, baby girl. My heart is whole. Now let’s get you home. 💗

48. This little lady is as sweet as her first smile. Her mom captured it on camera, and we can’t wait to meet her in person! 💕 This photo was taken on her due date so that she may come out soon!

49. Home, sweet home… Welcome to the World, baby girl.

50. She’s a real charmer; she’s funny and cute and full of life — this little girl is the light of our lives #lilangel #captionsforInstagram

51. We can not put into words how much we love this precious little girl! She is so good and so easy and so beautiful! We are so grateful to be able to share her with you. We can’t wait for you all to meet her!!!!

52. Words fail you when you hold your newborn baby girl in your arms. You know what’s in your heart without saying a word.

53. Welcome to the World 👶🏽 We can’t wait to kiss your sweet cheeks. #baby #family #love #happybirthday

54. What a beautiful baby girl you are! 👶🍼

55. Welcome to the World, little one. So much to see… so many things to find out. We love you.

56. She is so beautiful I can’t even take it. Her eyes are so blue and sweet. And her little arms are so strong! I love her to pieces

57. Hello, little one. We were made for this life.

58. That moment when you realize she looked like this the entire time. 👶 #baby #newborn #👧

59. We’re here to celebrate the birth of our newest baby girl. We hope she learns early on that what makes you different makes you unique! 🙂

60. The smell of you… your tiny fingers… your little toes… and the sweet baby sounds you make while you dream. I could do this all day and never get tired. You’re perfect.

61. She gently reminds us that life’s greatest gifts are minor, and we’re big enough to love them @xxxxxx #babygirl #cute.

62. Little kisses and cuddles keep the baby happy and healthy.

63. They are wearing newborn girls with the softest fabrics and precious colors. They want to be held, babied, and nuzzled… wearing luxurious baby things will only complete the experience!

64. There’s a new member of the family, *insert name here* – a baby girl. She’s our dream come true and one more angelic blessing in our household. We’ve been looking forward to her arrival for so long now and it.

65. As soft as a baby’s breath and as bright as a new day, we’re big fans of your tiny human. #showusyourbaby

66. A wise one said, “don’t cry because it’s over, but smile because it happened,” now I know why they say ‘baby’s first word is usually “Mama.”‘

67. Who needs a pumpkin when you have a perfect head of hair. 😉

68. When did my baby get so big? I can’t believe how much you’ve grown. First, she was an itty bitty thing, now look at your chunky little thighs! Wasn’t life simpler when she

69. Being born into this World is a truly wondrous thing. There’s nothing else like it. Our babies are the miracle of life.

70. The sweetest thing just happened _ #babygirl #newborn #cutiepie #blessed

71. A few weeks ago, Jackson was crawling around the kitchen looking for crumbs. Now he’s sitting up with our help, smiling & reaching for toys … Jackson, you are so advanced! You are growing so fast! I’m so

72. Yayyy…She has arrived! Introducing our tiny little new sister.

73. Hello, my precious baby girl,

74. I’m so in love with my new daughter and hold onto this feeling for as long as I can…

75. Ain’t she the cutest thing to ever exist?! 😍

76. Ahh…I love this time of year when I can snuggle my new baby girl in with this cozy sweatshirt. #newborn #babygirl

77. This little lady was so chill during her newborn session; you’d never know she was brand new. After traveling for nearly 4 days through her mama’s body, she came to the World super fast. Her name? Jezebel Elise. We

78. Your little one will love snuggling up in the softness of knit blankets that are made with organic cotton, where every stage of her life is welcomed. She’ll get whispered memories of you by the coziness of all things soft.

79. She was born into the World with the most angelic face. Thank you for choosing us to capture this magical moment! #999 #babygirl #nirahandan #firstfamilyphotoshoot

80. Were you like me and feel exhausted all the time? I think I’m getting better! #nicenewhair #naturalbump #mybabyibelonginginabagnow?

81. 👶 Her eyes are wide open. She’s breathing well. She has excellent reflexes. And she loves to sleep on her daddy’s chest.

82. The cuteness our new baby girl has us wrapped around her little finger.

83. What a joy it is to introduce you to this new little person. We are stunned by how much she has already taught us about love, life, and what matters. Now it is our turn to show her the World. Welcome to it

84. Little moments of pure joy – you’re continually growing, just like your baby.

85. Gaze at the baby girl you’ve been waiting for all this time.

86. Two things are better together. Like peanut butter + jelly, hot dogs + mustard, and us + our baby girl. ️️👶🏼##

87. Being a massive fan of zebra print and giraffes, we had to create the cutest up-cycled baby shower decor using these two things. We love how you can use such incredible materials and make them look brand new again.

88. -The little miss is 10 days old today—she has started to sprout some tiny hairs around her eyes that look like eyelashes.

89. Hello, baby girl! Welcome to the World. We’re all here to admire you and your perfect self.

90. Baby girl. Congratulations and welcome to the World! You’re the greatest gift that we could ever ask for.

91. I’ve never met a baby so cute I just want to eat her up. Thankfully she won’t let me… Yet.

92. Their soft skin soaks up the sun–a little one may be ready to learn how to swim.

93. Life is full of surprises. Exhibit A: Her name is Simone, she’s almost six weeks old, and she was born in a snowstorm. It didn’t just happen to us—our friends at the hospital said they’d never seen anything like

94. Happy Thursday. Today it’s just you, me, and a fresh stack of paper for a weekend of catching up @xxxx #newborn #girl #california #newbornphotography #📷

95. 8th day of newborn = 8-hour shut-eye.

96. Happy first birthday to the most beautiful baby girl in the World. We love you a ton 💛🎂

97. Daddy’s girl? I love this little one so much already. Let’s grow some roots together 😇 #daddysgirl #cutebaby

98. Behold – the miracle of life! After nine months in the womb, she has arrived. Her fresh little eyes are already looking around.

99. We’re all about celebrating milestones. One of the biggest is when a little girl arrives in this World. It’s a time filled with love, wonder, and…uh oh. Just hearing her cry sends you running to pick up your phone and text yours.

100. Born a few weeks early, but still strong and happy. #premies #newborn

101. Welcome to the World, precious baby girl. We are so grateful to you.

102. Hello World! Our princess was born on August 9. She is healthy, loud, and already has a large social media following. Thanks for the love and well wishes!

103. And darling, you were worth waiting for. #babygirl

104. Hello, World. Introducing our precious daughter, Ellison. She arrived on November 25

105. Born with so much love, so many dreams ‼ 💘

106. Little angels, big dreams. What does your baby dream about at night? All the best things in life—because she deserves it. #whatdoyourdreambabe

107. As a newborn photographer, I always try to capture the particular way a child looks at you. They take a moment and look deeply into your soul, as if they are looking deep into your heart, and say to you, “Hey, I

108. Hello, tiny human. You have a perfect heart. And a robust set of lungs 💗 . Post a picture of a newborn holding a handwritten note on a clipboard with your caption written down on it.

109. Newborns feed every 2-3 hours, 24/7. To help them settle in faster and sleep longer, try a swaddle. #newborn #swaddle #parenting

110. Things are about to get wild. Because little miss is the freshest product launched this season at #Cartersbaby, the newest addition to our iconic collection, baby Carter, will be your everything for the pre-first year.‬‬

111. I wish you all the special moments and firsts that every first-time parent hopes for. Congratulations, and wishing you many firsts together: the first smile, first spit up, and first time meeting your new little one. Today is a special day.

112. Baby girl, you are my summer 🌻

113. We were blessed with a little girl on December 8, and we couldn’t be more in love with this little angel we’ve named Harlow. She is perfect, and we hope she continues to follow her path and find her voice.

114. I may be tiny, but I’m here, and we’ll soon get to know each other. It won’t be long ’til we’re laughing and learning.

115. Every baby deserves an amazing start to their life. Providing the Right Start® for every child, from prenatal to toddler products, gives families a helping hand when they need it most. The brand is committed to donating.

116. My little one is a doll baby. When she sleeps, I’m all smiles #baby #newborn #daughter #family #smile

117. Baby girl, I feel you growing. Let me help. #newbornbaby

118. World’s best baby girl. Born 7/15 weighing 8 lbs 2 oz and 20.5 inches long. We couldn’t be more in love with our sweet, perfect little miracle!

119. Adorable little bunny face wearing onesies are made for babies 0-3 months. Our Bebe Bébé collection is available in petite, premium, and great value sizes.

120. A new baby girl is the brightest light in our home.

121. Lots of love from the very first that warms your World from the inside out. We can’t wait to meet you! #BabyRivers

122. Our sweet little miracle has arrived! The Chase family couldn’t be happier to welcome this angel into our lives 💕

123. Just when I thought that cuteness couldn’t get any more adorable, she upped her game 💗😍

124. Delightful moments… my newborn is so lovely and cute, my little treasure… I’m so happy to have been born here.

125. Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday, newborn baby girl.🎈

126. Hello, World 🌎 We’ve officially made it through our first six months in this World! Now that we are over the craziness of being new parents, life is so sweet. I’m in love with you, little girl! Daddy and Mommy

127. Say hello to the World, baby girl! What are you waiting for? Come on out and get acquainted. You’ve got so much to see. 🌍

128. If your baby’s a girl, you’re going to want to just dive into those big beautiful eyes. If she’s a boy, he’s going to make all of your heart melt – and either way –

129. Being a new mom is incredible.

130. Your little girl might be tiny now, but she has a huge personality ✨ #babylove #littleones

131. You’re the sunshine of my life ️🌞 #babygirl #newlywed #couple #family #friends #celebrate

132. You all, I’m shaking, excited to meet you, Baby Kinsley! #kristen #kristenstewart #babykinsley

133. Life is good for little ones, who surprisingly aren’t as fragile as they seem. Wrapped in love and big smiles, they’re ready to take on the World.

134. The happiest day of my life. THANK YOU for your blessings! #babygirl #newborn #cutebaby #family

135. Newborn photography at its best

136. To our brand new little sweetie: we can’t wait to meet you! We promise to shower you with love and crispy clean diapers, and we’ll never give you a reason to be afraid.

137. I am sniffing flowers as a newborn…who knew? Awe grows as you do. Happy Birthday to my little flower 🌸️💐

138. Blooming from the inside out… she’s my little flower! 😊 #babygirl

139. It’s a girl! 💕 – The Smith Family

140. Hello, I’m Baby girl #3, and I‘ve spent the last 9 months zooming around my mommy’s tummy! Mom says she can’t wait to take me home and

141. You’re my most favorite little lady 👧🏻👸🏼

142. Life will change in the blink of an eye. The time you get with your little one is irreplaceable; celebrate each moment in a way that’s fitting for them.