Best 150 Instagram Captions For 1 Year Relationship

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When we talk about captions for 1 year relationship, it may appear to be the same as one day marriage. But there exists a difference. It is possible to bring back love and rekindle romance within your married life that has faded away once. You can easily do this by organizing a party and other entertainment stuff for yourself and your partner, thus creating the required chemistry for you.

Instagram Captions For 1 Year Relationship

1. I can’t believe we’ve been together for 1 year already. I love you.

2. I’m so excited to announce that I have been with my special lady for one whole year!

3. Another year together. I still love you #anniversary #love

4. The first year is the hardest, but you made it! Cheers to all the adventures still to come. 🍾

5. A year ago, we met, and it changed my life forever. I love you more every single day.

6. 😘 It’s always nice to have someone in your life who will hold your heart in the palm of their hands, squeeze it with love when you need it, and then let it go when you have to move on.

7. Is it been a year already? We’re so lucky to have found a partner that makes us laugh every day and with who we can always share our hopes and dreams. And if you ask us, being able to communicate daily laughs.

8. This year has been such a whirlwind, and I am so grateful to have you by my side 💕 Happy Birthday! 😊

9. It is not my fault that I am so in love with you.

10. It’s been an excellent ride so far, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for being part of the journey with us—we do love you! 🥰🐵

11. Living with your boyfriend or girlfriend can be one of the most intense (and rewarding!) experiences you’ve ever had. Trips to Ikea, fights about whose turn it is to take out the trash, the millions of little moments that make up any

12. Now that you’ve reached the anniversary of your first year together, I just wanted to say that it’s been awesome seeing not just how far you guys have come but how far you’ll go. I’m so proud of you both. 

13. Hey, my smokin’ hot friend! We’re celebrating our 1 year today! Here’s to the most remarkable friendship in the whole’ galaxy 👽 💛

14. It’s our anniversary! I couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate than with you #relationshipgoals

15. It’s official. Thanks for sticking around! We’re celebrating one year together—and can’t wait to see what’s next.

16. Oh yeah! We’ve been together for one year now—here’s to an impressive 365 days to come.

17. 💛 Tonight, I’m celebrating my first year with you. It’s been the best year of my life. Thank you for making me happier, day after day. Here’s to the rest of our

18. 1 year is a hard time to wait for.

19. It’s been a year since the day we met. Happy Anniversary! 😀

20. Friends, I think you should know…this little lady put a ring on it. And I’ve never loved anything so 💗👰🏼

21. One year down, many to go💍.

22. When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

23. We’re celebrating 1 YEAR of being in a relationship! Thank you for being a great partner, and I hope you have a good year ahead!

24. I could not ask for a better first year as #MrAndMrs. I love you and can’t wait to spend the next 100+ years by your side.💍

25. 1 year of memories together, here’s to the next 1,000.

26. 💙🌱One year of us makes me feel like the luckiest person on this earth. I love you endlessly, @xxxxx

27. There’s no better love than a love that makes you laugh—happy anniversary to my funny girl.

28. Today marks 1 year! Who knew that one Instagram day could lead to this. Here’s to many more.

29. Happy anniversary, babe! Thank you for making me truly happy these past 365 days 💕😄

30. What a year! We can’t wait for all of the firsts that are bound to happen in the next 365 days—cheers to another year of memories with you, Mr. Wonderful.

31. I’ll tell you all the reasons why I love you in another year. 💏

32. You spend more time with your partner than anyone else. This is the person you bring home to, and this is who you come home to after a long day at work. Why not share all of your thoughts and

33. 🎈💍 Finally, we made it to 365 days, and we can make it to a thousand more. Thanks for being my partner in crime all year long. Here’s to another year of adventures and mischief.

34. Sometimes you’ve got to stop and smell the roses. #anniversarydate

35. I love you today as much as I did a year ago, a decade ago, and all the days to come.

36. When we first met, you were my best friend, and I was your second half. Now, we’ve been through a lot, but soon we’ll be on our 1st anniversary, and I promise to stay by your side for

37. It’s been a fantastic year full of so many beautiful memories #toourfirstyear

38. 1 Year, 2 Weeks, and 5 Days Ago. 🍾🎵🎈

39. Through thick and thin, you’ve been with me through it all. Thank you for this past year and the one to come.

40. Your presence has made a real difference in my life. Thank you for being part of my life. Wishing you a good year ahead

41. 364 days in. You, me, and our pups. Thank you for this year and the next and the one after that… 🎉

42. This year has been a journey🌚 thank you, @genekalem, for a life full of memories. I love you madly.

43. We’ve grown so much together, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for us 💗

44. Yes, the weekend is here! And with its arrival is this excitement that lingers all week long. 👈🏻

45. A year ago, I never would have thought that.

46. I was watching the tide roll in thinking about you.

47. It’s been a year already! 🎉 We have so much to thank for this journey with you.💗 Help us celebrate our 1 year together by helping us reach a charitable cause. 100% of the proceeds from this fundraiser

48. This thing is working out. Happy 1st anniversary to us 💘

49. I don’t know how we made it this long without each other. Thank you for making my life more exciting, brighter, and filled with love and adventure. I love you, and I can’t wait to see what more we have in.

50. Today I will be thinking of you—1 year ago, you said “yes.” 💍

51. Happy anniversary to the best @xxxxxx we know. 💗 📷: @xxxxxxx

52. 💛🎂 When he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, I knew it was true because I knew that no one else could make me want to spend my life with them

53. One year ago today, I took a chance on you. ️💑💓

54. – I’ve never met someone like you. You make me feel like myself, but even better.

55. Happy 1st anniversary, my love 💐. It’s impressive to see how far we’ve come, and I am so grateful to continue this journey with you. You bring out the best in me. I LOVE YOU BEY

56. 1 year and counting… 12 months of laughter, friendship, and most importantly, lots of memories together. Here’s to the next 12! #1yearanniversary #relationshipgoals #WeMatched

57. Happy 1st anniversary to someone who makes me laugh every day and I want to spend forever with. I love you.

58. One year is forever, in the right way. 🎂🙏

59. February 24 was the best day of my life. Happy 1st anniversary, @whittywhitty. I love you to the stars and back 💛

60. Happy anniversary to the love of my life💕

61. It’s been a whole year of fun, fireworks, and getting cozy with you. We’re excited to make a thousand more memories with you. Here’s to us! 👯👯👯

62. You’re a rare, exquisite gem. Happy anniversary, cutie. 💎🍾

63. Is it a date night? Or a ‘let’s take the trash out’ night? Or, maybe, both.| It’s been a year since you picked me up from the airport looking cute as a button| We’ve

64. In the year that’s been, thank you for making all of my dreams come true🌙

65. Happy anniversary to me and my other half. Here’s to making it another year! 😘

66. “We laughed, we loved, we never looked back.

67. When you’re with someone who is their best self when they’re with you, you have a shot at being your best self with them.

68. Happy 1st anniversary to my only @xxxxxxxx! I love you with all of my heart. We wouldn’t be the same without you 😍😘 – @xxxxx

69. Your day is my favorite day. There is no one I’d rather spend my days with. Happy 1st anniversary, babe! 😘 💕

70. You are the sun that brightens my day, the music that fills my heart with joy. I love you today, tomorrow, and for the rest of our lives. * Love * *, Happy one-year anniversary.

71. Happy First Anniversary to my love. Today has been an incredible 365 days, filled with so many memories and adventures that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Thank you for being the sweetest man I know.

72. Thank you for your love and support girl, never forget the day I’m with you. I wish you a happy birthday!

73. Your kind words and your sweet smile that’s all I needed to stand by you through it all. Happy Anniversary.

74. Happy anniversary no matter how we met, we’re glad we found each other, and we just love you:)

75. Back in January, we didn’t know what the future was going to bring. We just knew that we wanted to spend it together. Happy anniversary, babe 🌱😘😍👩🏼💼

76. I can’t believe it’s been a year…to the day… today! #Best1YearSoFar

77. Hello, Hello, it’s been almost a year since I found you again. You were in this place so far away, but I still see your face when the wind blows and the rain falls.

78. It’s been a long 1 year…to the best 1 year ever. Here’s to celebrating you 😘 #happy1year

79. We made it, babe–it’s been a year. I’m so happy to have you by my side and so grateful for all the moments we’ve shared this past year. Here’s to many more! 🤗

80. Here is to our first year. May it only be the beginning of the rest of our lives together. 💚

81. Here’s to many more years together. This is the best year yet.

82. On this day one year ago, we had 2 things: a tiny apartment and a very tiny bank account. Thanks to hard work and your support, we’ve doubled our earnings and tripled our fun, and we still can’t believe we get paid to do what. To celebrate 1 year of being in your relationship, share this with your girlfriend 💗 #­­­_grateful_­­­_

83. An anniversary is the time of year when you magically get to love someone for 364 more days. Happy 1 year! 💑

84. It has been a remarkable year, and we love you like whoa ¯\_()_/¯ #1yeartogether

85. So it’s officially been a year since I found my person 😍💕 It’s incredible to think that I’ve known the love of my life for 1 full year now and that I wouldn’t want to spend any other 365 days than

86. This cute baby 😍😍😍 made us feel so complete. Happy anniversary to my soul mate 💘💘💘

87. When you look into your phone for the time, but it’s also the person you didn’t know you needed 1 year ago today, 2/10/17.

88. 🍷💑 It’s been a year since we met, and you still make my heart skip a beat 🎉 Happy Anniversary!

89. This officially makes us old! Happy anniversary my love 💍

90. 🍾 Here’s to 365 days of you and us. Let’s share life’s greatest moments here and now. Cheers, love 🍾 #Brutus

91. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started dating this iced white chocolate mocha latte with whipped cream. 🤤

92. Hello, my darling. I hope you have had the best year of your life. Here’s to many more.

93. I want to scream it from the rooftops and share it with all my friends and family: we’ve been together for a year! I think we should celebrate with people.

94. One year of memories together shared with you. Happy anniversary, baby!

95. I am feeling blessed to have you in my life 1 year today Happy anniversary, babe!

96. Congratulations on your one-year anniversary with Pizza Hut! We’ve loved being with you for this whole year, and every party, every pie. 🍕

97. Today we have been together for a year. I still think the best day of my life was when I saw you and told you that I love you.

98. Happy one year, baby 😘

99. Today I celebrate my sweetest best friend💗 Our relationship is the strongest I’ve ever had! It makes me so happy to know that you are part of my life today and every day. I love you

100. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I drank my first cup of coffee on your couch. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

101. With every day, I love you a little bit more.

102. Some people come into our lives for a season, some for a reason, and some stay forever. I’m glad you’re here! Happy Anniversary!

103. Happy anniversary to my best friend; you make every day better.💕

104. Three weeks ago, my life changed forever. We fell in love with Bali. I didn’t think it was possible—until it happened to me.

105. Happy anniversary to my partner in crime. One year down, a lifetime ahead. Let’s do this.

106. I’m so excited to share this year of growing and learning with you. Here’s to many more years 💕💞

107. Today is our 1st anniversary, and we’re so excited to create more memories. I love you @xxxxx .

108. One year together, and you’ve made me a better person. You’re always there for me, and I love that about you. 💏💖

109. Happy first anniversary, my love! Thank you for walking with me through 2017 and getting the next 

365 days even better. Here’s to coming home to you every day, watching all of our favorite shows together, making our future dreams come true.

110. Happy 1 year anniversary to us 💕🌸

111. Hey there, 1 year. We made it. I’m proud of us.

112. The happiest times of my life have been with you. Happy anniversary, love.

113. Today is the day that I have to say “I Love You” to my boyfriend. 😍😘

114. It takes a year to remember how much you love something. It takes a year to learn how to live with someone. It takes a year to change into someone that fits your boyfriend or girlfriend.

115. We where we are, but looking forward to the many more years of happiness to come.

116. Sometimes the key to life is learning to love yourself. It’s so important.

117. Happy anniversary and getting older and older.

118. Love isn’t a feeling. It’s a promise.

119. Hey, it’s our first anniversary. Happy 1-year girlfriend! I can’t believe how much I love you

120. Happy 1 year anniversary to us 🤗

121. 🎂 Happy 🎂 1st 🎂 anniversary! I can’t believe it has already been 🎂 1 year 🎂 together.

122. Hanging out with my favorite person in the whole wide world. 😌 _ _ #anniversary #relationshipgoals #Relationship #couple #date #datenight #lovelycouple #couplegoals

123. 😍💛 It’s been a fantastic year together so far. Happy anniversary to us! 🥂

124. One year of thinking about the future and our next steps. Thanks for always being here and encouraging me to fly. I love you, my best friend & partner in crime. 💜🔅

125. Happy anniversary, baby ️🎉

126. This past year has been memorable, fun, adventurous, and I LOVE it all.

127. It’s our 💑iversary. I like to call this day…our birthday! 😘 Loving you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.

128. This year has been amazing 👏🏼 Thanks for being such a great partner 💝

129. Happy anniversary to me 😘😘😘 I’m so lucky to have found you#wedonttakeitforgranted

130. It’s been a fantastic year, and we wouldn’t want to share it with anyone else. Here’s to another beautiful year together.

131. We’ve been together 1 year, and we love you more than we could ever put into words. Happy 1st Anniversary to Us ️💕

132. I’m proud to have been with you for 1 year. This is our first photo together 😊 #timelapse.

133. We’re celebrating a significant milestone: Our first anniversary! A year of parties, travel, and unconditional love. Cheers to the happiest of anniversaries and many more to come!! #wearehappilymarried

134. It’s been one year already…thank you for being an incredible partner.

135. 🎉 We’re celebrating our 1st Anniversary with Double Bubble Guava 🎈🍒

136. Happy anniversary! Thanks for growing with us. Lots more to look forward to.

137. I’m so glad you chose to celebrate another year with me. 🎂🎉 I couldn’t be happier to be still traveling this journey with you. And I hope we’re in it for a whole lot more together.

138. Best friends since the first day we met and started dating. A year already?!

139. One year today, we said it for the first time. You changed my life, and I can’t wait to see what the years ahead bring us.

140. It’s been a while since we said “I do,” but every day with you is still better than the last. Happy anniversary, baby! #oneyearanniversary

141. Wow! This is amazing. It has been a year since we met. Thank you for spending this time with me! I love you 💕💕

142. Happy anniversary to my best friend in the whole world; here’s to another year of adventures together. 🌟 🍻

143. Engagement is the starting point. Marriage is for keeps. But the fun…the kids…the parties…the vacations? They’re what comes after.

144. What a year it’s been. Here’s to many more! 🥂Happy anniversary anniversary 🎁

145. One year of happy memories together feels like only a moment

146. Happy Fisting Anniversary! It’s been 1 year since we made an essential addition to our family. Thanks, @xxxxxxxx for the addition to our family. Have a happy anniversary, and God bless you always.

147. Together, we’ve been through the best and worst of times, but it’s our love for each other that makes us more vital every day. I love you with all my heart, and I really can’t wait to continue being your husband for

148. Happy anniversary my love, with you every day is a celebration 🥰

149. 🍃Happy anniversary to the 🐝🌟 of my life. Thanks for all the snuggles and kisses EVERY day

150. I finally found you. And I’m never letting go—my one and only. Happy anniversary! 🎉

151. We’ve been together for the past year now. Each day is a celebration of our love. This year has been a blast! Here’s to 52 more!

152. It’s been a whole year this month since we met, and that’s the best feeling. Here’s to many more adventures ahead of us! 🥰

153. Anniversary date nights are always better with a bit of planning! 💁 Thank you, @xxxxxxxx for the adorable #canvas! 😃

154. His: Can’t wait to see where this goes! Her: I think you mean can’t wait to see where _this_ goes.

155. “A year ago, I met you; today feels so long ago. Life was so new, And now it’s old. We fought our battles And lived our dreams. A year ago, I loved you; Today, I love you even more. Through

156. 🎈🎈 It’s that magical time when you realize you’re seeing someone 📅 and not just some person. And no, you do not imagine things because the

157. Thanks for making it easy to love each “this” and every “that” you.