Best 100+ First Birthday Quotes for Baby Girl

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A first birthday is something for your baby girl to remember forever. Getting prepared for the party includes picking out the perfect cake, making sure there is enough food for all of your guests, picking out the right invites, decorating with balloons and banners, shopping for presents, etc. Naturally, you’ll need some quotes for your first birthday. which we have compiled here for you.

 First Birthday Quotes for Baby Girl

1. 1st Birthday Quotes – Sweet little angels that …

2. One trips and falls, and then we pick them up. We all fall but, we get back up again. Raise a toast to 1! Happy Birthday, little one. 🎂 #firstbirthday #celebrating #babygirl

3. Hello World! This particular baby girl is turning one! Congrats, little one!! #BabyGirl1stYear

4. They say life begins at 40, but our sweet dumpling was born with the spirit of someone much older. Happy 1st Birthday, baby girl. We all love you too (the moon and back).

5. So much more room for love in the world. Happy Birthday, baby girl.

6. Freedom was having someone to share it with #firstbirthday

7. We’ve been so lucky to have your little pea in our lives for a year. We love you more than you will ever know and hope you have many more happy birthdays! Baby girl, it’s been a year since we brought our sweet

8. Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! You are our beautiful miracle. The best is yet to come. We love you to the moon and back. 🎂

9. Hello, Gorgeous to celebrate your 1st Birthday!

10. Delightfully sweet, beautifully bashful, and wonderfully authentic baby girl. We love you with all our hearts.

11. The first year is so much fun—I can’t wait to see what you do next. I love you so much!

12. Life began with the birth of a baby girl. It’s been a long journey since then, full of joyous milestones and lots of laughs, but mostly it’s been about love. Thank you for giving us this precious gift!

13. Turning one is a significant milestone, and we’re celebrating with this adorable new collection. All month long, we’ll be spotlighting our favorite items from Shein’s one-year-old girl’s birthday dresses as well.

14. Smiling at our precious daughter 🥰… already so unique, so perfect.

15. Baby girl, we count our blessings every single day that we get to spend your first Birthday with you. We’re beyond blessed and so excited to watch you grow into a beautiful and loving child. We love you more than words can describe.

16. That time has come again to celebrate a particular year. We have been so blessed to have you in our lives. You bring laughter and joy wherever you go, and we love you. Happy first Birthday, sweet baby girl!

17. You are coming into the world as confident as you look. Congrats on your first year, baby girl!

18. Happy Birthday to my incredibly talented, kind, gentle, soft-hearted darling baby girl. You have grown up into a beautiful young lady in just 12 short months. I gush over you constantly, but in these past 12 months, you have grown so

19. Our little lady is turning one already! 🎂Happy Birthday to the most fun-loving baby girl.

20. When you were born, the whole world lit up. All our hopes and dreams for you came actual—happy 1st Birthday.

21. Happy Birthday to our little angel, our beautiful baby girl! We love you forever and ever. ️🎉

22. Happy Birthday to our sweet baby girl! We’ll love you every day of forever 💗

23. Happy Birthday to the world’s most perfect little bundle of joy. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for blessing our lives with endless love and nothing but smiles. There was a stormy night when she arrived, but she changed it.

24. Hello world, my name is Little Miss Elise, and I am one! It’s been the best year of my life so far, full of joy, hugs, kisses, giggles, and sweet licks. I have the most fantastic family in

25. Thanks for making our lives complete. We love you so much ️💛💙💜😘

26. Cheers to the birthday boo who leaves us awestruck daily and deserves our love and admiration 💗🍼

27. Life with you is a sweet little dream come true… Happy Birthday, my sweetheart!

28. To think it was just a year ago you were nursed to sleep in my arms. Now you take over our house with your charm and how you fill this place with people who love you. And I know if I could freeze this slice of

29. I love you to the moon and back.

30. Hip hip hooray, your baby girl, turned one today! Celebrate with these 20 super cute birthday quotes for baby girls.

31. It’s my daughter Tasha’s first Birthday today. I feel so blessed to be celebrating this moment with her.

32. Today’s the day! The little lady is 1. #babygirl #birthdaygirl

33. Happy 1st Birthday to our little girl.

34. Today you are one year old. 365 days ago, miracles happened. Happy Birthday 🎂 #OneYearOld

35. Happy Birthday to the sweetest little girl in the world! 🎂

36. Cherish those first moments as the most beautiful memory that will be carved in your heart forever. Happy Birthday to my favorite “Dorothy.”

37. Happy Birthday to my favorite girl in the world.

38. Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter. You’ve grown so much in the past year, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

39. And so our love story begins… it’s been a year filled with so much adventure, joy, and love. 🎉

40. Happy One B-Day 💕

41. Wow, how did that happen? One year down, at least ten more to go. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

42. What a little beauty you are! 🤰🎀💋

43. Blooming darling,

44. Today is your day, and any day that shares your company is a good one 🐣 (National Crayon Day)

45. Happy 1st Birthday to my favorite girl 💛 I love you so much and can’t wait for all our adventures as she grows up! #babygirl

46. Here’s to you on your first Birthday, the little girl. We love you so much and are so proud that you are growing into your little person!

47. It’s been a year since you made us complete—happy first Birthday.

48. We’re celebrating the first anniversary of my daughter’s birth! We looked back on some of our favorite moments so far – they’ve included sleepless nights, long days, and lots of love #firstbirthday

49. Baby girl, you are the sweetest adventure I have ever taken on. I can’t wait to go on so many more with you. 🎂💕

50. 💗Hi, my name is, I’m turning 1, and I have no idea what’s going on 😂

51. Happy Birthday to my favorite little girl in the whole world. We are so lucky to have you in our lives, sweet Isla Grace.

52. We are celebrating the little spoon in our lives–our precious daughter. What a year it’s been!

53. Tiny toes and tiny fingers. Sweet laughter and charming grins. She’s one today, so here’s to the next 365 days of little moments that have made us so happy.

54. Today, we mark a new beginning as you learn, grow, and bring joy to those around you. Happy Birthday from the bottom of our hearts to yours. 💗🎂

55. A year ago, I made you smile; today, I’ll make you laugh.

56. One year ago, you were born! We love you– The Acevedo’s.

57. Smiles are contagious, but tiny giggles are pure magic… Especially when they’re this cute 😂👶🏽

58. Love is all you need. Love is like a sun that comes up in your heart and makes the whole sky turn golden every time two people share it. happy Birthday

59. When the world around you makes you feel small, remember that you were once a speck that grew into a beautiful flower. Happy Birthday.

60. Happy 1st Birthday to my baby girl 💕 I can’t believe you are one already; you’ve changed so much since your first day here in this world.

61. Cheers to this year of 1s—first steps, first words, first birthdays. Love you! #babygirl

62. She celebrated your baby girl with our best baby shower ideas from her first step to her first word.

63. 🍼 It’s your first Birthday! You grow up before you grow old. 🎂

64. I was trying to capture the feeling of excitement and awe associated with a baby’s first Birthday (through words and photos).

65. Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet little Miss Thing! We can’t believe it’s already been a year since you walked into our lives. Wishing you every day of your life to be filled with happiness, health, friends, and lots of

66. So much sweetness in one tiny package. Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! 🍰🎂

67. We’re in awe of everything your first year has brought us, from your strong-willed personality to that soft spot in our hearts. Thank you for a year full of love.

68. In the words of one of our fans, “It’s been a year that my baby is in this world, and she has changed my everything.” We’re with you on this journey, my sweet ️✨

69. 🍼HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LITTLE ONE! So many more years of diaper parties, cheers-ing 🍻with you, and being your biggest fan.

70. July 1st, 2018, 12:01 AM marks the beginning of the best chapter of our life. We are so excited to embark on this journey with you. From the first steps to reading your first book, to flying on your very first airplane

71. Make the most of your time, for all life, is fleeting. Happy day baby girl.

72. Forever is how you’ll find my love for you. Happy 1st Birthday. You are beautiful inside and out #babygirl #neverforgetlove

73. Hello beautiful soul, happy first Birthday! You brighten the days of everyone you meet, and we’re delighted to be celebrating your first year with you. Many more to come 🎉

74. Happy 1st Birthday, Nicole! We are so lucky to have you in our lives. You bring us endless joy and happiness.

75. First-year. Last year. This year. Next year. Only the best for my sweet baby girl. 🎂

76. Oh man, I can’t believe my #babygirl is FIVE years old. Happy Birthday to my sidekick; I love you so much! #fiveyearswonder

77. I was thinking back to how small you were on your first Birthday. Now, look at you—a big 1-year-old! Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

78. I am excited to share the first year of my little lady’s life—from her tiny squeals to her first steps. #family

79. Happy Birthday my precious little one; you are so unique in every way; always ready to smile and laugh, an angel on earth 🎈✨🦋

80. We made it to one 🎊! It’s been a year of diaper changes, bonding over baby food, and setting you up for a bright future. You may not walk yet, but I can see your first steps in your eyes.

81. One year ago, we brought you into this world, and it’s been the craziest roller coaster of joy. We LOVE our baby girl. 💖

82. Daddy’s little girl. One-year-old today! 🎂🐣🎉

83. A year of celebrations! 🎉🎊 ___

84. Babies are like breaths of fresh air. They fill you with Happiness and Joy.

85. Birthdays are like diamonds. Every year you get richer—happy Birthday, worth celebrating.

86. Wishing _ baby girl the best first year of life ️😍

87. It’s so much fun to watch my baby girl grow. I wish you many more special milestone moments in the coming year. Happy Birthday 🎂 #BabyGirlFirstBirthday

88. What a beautiful year it has been since you’ve come into this world. Things have changed so much with you being here, but most importantly, I have seen that my heart feels full of love—happy first Birthday.

89. Happy first Birthday, Daphne! We can’t believe you’ve been part of our family for a year 🎂👶🏻

90. Happy Birthday to our baby girl, the only thing we ever wanted and needed in this world. She has taught us that we can live life through her eyes and just enjoy all the tiny little things that we easily forget about when we get caught.

91. We’re celebrating 🎂our first year of this thing called “life.” Mommy is bursting with all the love for you. So much to look forward to. You are everything.

92. Hello, world. Baby Clara is turning 1! 🌝

93. Hey little one, you’ve officially survived your first year on earth! Here’s to many more! 🎉🎊👶

94. Celebrating another year of our little sweetheart’s life 💗

95. Celebrating the laughs and shared memories that make this Birthday so unique.

96. Happy Birthday to you, darling. We love every part of you, the chubby cheeks and all. 🐣😍

97. Happy Birthday to the most incredible daughter in the whole world. I’m so lucky to get to call you mine. 💗

98. Announcing the arrival of our royalty. to is your day happy day

99. Hooray! Baby girl, you are the sun that brightens our world. We love you so much. Happy first Birthday! 🎉

100. Thinking of you on your sweet girl’s first Birthday. 😘

101. Happy first Birthday to my darling, sweet girl who is always my little angel. 💙🐣

102. Today, on this day of her first Birthday, I stop to reflect on how blessed I am for all the joy she’s brought to my life. Happy Birthday, sweet girl! 🎂💕

103. A sweet little princess turns one! We had a blast celebrating with you and your family. Thanks for the cake smash photo, Gia! 😍

104. We dreamed of her. You carried her. Every smile, every giggle, every squeal was worth the wait. Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

105. Happy Birthday, little one. May you have a year just as sweet as you are

106. Today she is one year old! Happy Birthday!

107. They were celebrating the big 1-0! Congrats to everyone who made this year so special. Here’s to many more. 💕

108. Headed to our first #babyshower ­­👶🏻 tomorrow. We’re spending the weekend celebrating little 💘 👶. Here’s to you, kid!

109. Welcome to the world our little Ray Ray! ️🐣🦌

110. I can’t believe you are already one Here’s to many, many more… 😘

111. May you bless and inspire many more through your zest for life and the power of your dreams; happy birthday.

112. Celebrating the timeless beauty of black and white with this edit 💁🏻

113. The little girl around whom all things revolve…happy first birthday, baby girl!

114. Happy 1st Birthday to our little girl. You are one year old today, and you still sleep with your blankie. We love you, baby girl! We value your sweet smile and your sweet talk.

115. Today, our beloved baby girl is celebrating her very first Birthday! 🎉 We wish you a lovely day and a year filled with joyful moments.

116. First birthday wishes are so special to me. I spent so much time dreaming of the moment when I could finally hold my baby in my arms, and now that dream has come true!

117. Happiest 1st Birthday to my precious miracle baby girl 👸🏻. I can’t believe this time has gone so fast, but we sure do love every minute of it! 💖

118. 🍣🍰 here’s to your 1st Birthday, the sweet girl! 🎉

119. 🍰Happy Birthday to our sweet girl! You are so loved. 😘✨

120. Blessed to grow up with you. Hooray to the first 1! 🎂🎉

121. Way to go, sweet girl! We wish you many happy moments to come. You are our sunshine .

122. One year ago today, this tiny thing came into our world and changed everything. We are so thankful for you, Sophia Jane. 💙

123. Birthdays are happy, but they’re also a chance to reflect on what makes them happy… like spending time as a family and enjoying life.

124. 🎉🎈 We’re so delighted to celebrate this special day with you!

125. Smile even when you don’t want to because life is beautiful. Happy Birthday.

126. Happy first Birthday, little one! Thanks for making our life a party and sprinkling it with joy and smiles 🎉🎈🍰

127. Happy 1st Birthday, my little love bug. Mommy loves you more than you can imagine. I look forward to seeing what you accomplish, accomplishing all your tasks before you even ask for them, and the adventures we will have together.

128. Happy 1st Birthday to our little lady, who gives us so many reasons to love. 🐣.

129. The baby girl is now one; our icing baby is almost a birthday cake! Thank you for making this year so unique.

130. I am enjoying this inner peace because my baby is one year old today—happy 1st Birthday to our special angel.

131. As a mother, it’s hard not to look back and think about how much has changed. Baby girl, only you have the power to surprise us with your next accomplishment or milestone.

132. Earlier this year, we said his first word… This summer, he had his first bite of solid food… But the milestone we’re most proud of is when he first said, “I love you.” Wishing all them

133. Turning one is a big deal 🍰 Your parents must be so proud. Happy Birthday little princess!

134. You are wondering how I ended up with the best tiny human on this planet. Happy Birthday, baby girl. I love you so much.

135. World, I see you’ve met my baby girl. One year later, she’s blossomed into a sunshine-y, smiley little person full of life, who is so curious about the world around her .

136. It’s not that your baby gets even cuter than she already was—it’s that you get more used to how pretty she is.

137. I may not have been there the day you were born ✨🎉

138. Amelia is one now! Let’s celebrate together.

139. “Girls are like snowflakes. No two are the same.”… The snowflake settings of our popular Solitaire Birthstone Bracelet.

140. My favorite quotes about baby girls turning one thanks to the super cute @xxxxx and @xxxxxx featured on #theupbeat.

141. Baby girl, we’ve loved every minute of your first year and pray for your entire life to be blessed.

142. Your first year’s flown by in the blink of an eye—here’s to your second, sweet girl. Happy 1st Birthday!

143. Today, our little girl turns one. We can’t believe how quickly the time has passed, but at the same time, it seems like only yesterday that she was in our arms for the first time. Happy Birthday, baby girl!

144. Warm regards, celebrating your first year of life. We are so happy you are here, little one. Stay wild, stay curious.

145. Ahh, the big one! The birthday milestone we’ve all been waiting for: turning one. 😍

146. A year ago today, we were gifted with a small, pink bundle of joy. We know the world will be a better place thanks to your smile and positivity 🌟 May you always be this happy babe 🎂

147. We’re celebrating one year of laughter, hugs, spills, and tickles. Congrats to the cutest little birthday girl ever! 🎂🍼

148. Hello beautiful babies. 🎂

149. Finally, after nine long months, it’s your turn to share your smile with the world. Congratulations on your first year!

150. When you were born, the angels got their voices back! Happy Birthday my love! 🎉

151. Happy Birthday to my little nugget 💕🎉

152. Celebrating the Birthday of our one and only daughter on the 21st is like celebrating the birth of the most special jewel in our lives.