Best 100+ First Birthday Quotes for Niece

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How to choose the best quotes for your niece’s first birthday? That’s not easy to answer. Why she is growing up so fast, you don’t want to miss your chance! You’ll say what you feel at the moment, of course. It’s not appropriate to start preparing for this event months ahead. A birthday is something that can happen unexpectedly – how many times have you wished someone a happy birthday on the same day or even an hour? So, you really must prepare your words of greeting instantly, depending on your mood at that moment.

First Birthday Quotes for Niece

1. This little girl doesn’t have to cry ‘Uncle’ because she gets to play ‘Auntie’ 😁 #HappyFirstBirthdayNiece

2. It’s my angel’s first birthday today. I’m so grateful for my sweet niece and nephew ️👶🏼🙌🏼

3. sing Happy Birthday to you, dear niece🎂

4. We’re just as sweet on our first Birthday. 😍😘

5. Happy Birthday, 🎂🎈 One year back when you were born, it felt like you were here forever. We love watching your personality take shape & can’t wait to see how much #fun you add to our lives for years.

6. Happy Birthday, sweet niece! 🎂 Enjoy today and every other day. You deserve it.

7. Happy one-month Birthday, little miss Ava! We love you so much 🥰 PS But we’d instead take a trip down memory lane and share our favorite moments from her first month of being the world’s cutest human.

8. Happy Birthday to my sweetest niece! Celebrating another year with you always makes me smile.

9. To our beautiful princess, We can’t believe you’re already turning one…

10. Six months old already!? Let’s celebrate! Uncle loves you tons 😊💕 @xxxxxxxx #SweetAmeliaJanie.

11. Even when he was a baby, you always knew he was something special. Happy Birthday to the world’s most extraordinary nephew!

12. Happy Birthday to my favorite little niece. And to say, yes, it’s true.

13. “May all your birthday dreams come true!” – The Disney Princesses

14. It’s your Birthday, and we’re celebrating by offering you a complimentary signature drink with the purchase of any flatbread. Come in this weekend and enjoy!

15. Happy 1st Birthday, Niece! I hope your special day is filled with fun and memorable moments. Best wishes for a pleased birthday!!!

16. That moment when you hear the unmistakable sound of your niece or nephew’s first birthday party preparations when you are miles away. #🎂🍰

17. Happy First Birthday to my favorite niece in the world, Dahlia!! 💙🍰

18. I will never forget the day you were born; I remember it like yesterday! Happy 1st Birthday Niece Boo 💕

19. Bubble birthday wishes for the sweetest niece in the world—a celebration of your love for her!

20. I am beaming with my uncle’s pride. Happy 1st Birthday to this little lady, the niece of my dreams 🥰

21. Today is your 🎂🍰 Happy Birthday, the niece! We hope that each year of life is better than the last.

22. I’m one year old today! I can now say “meow,” and I don’t say “no” much anymore. Here’s to the next 12 months! 🎂🌈

23. Feeling pretty thankful about the past year of blooming 🌸 love you, baby girl! #littlemiss

24. Tear it up this year, birthday girl! 🎈🎉👸🏼

25. Happy Birthday to our little charmer and big sister, Audrey. We hope you continue to be the sunshine in this family and so many lives around you. 🌻🎉##

26. Oh, how our babies grow. Let’s celebrate that big cake smash in a way only you two could pull off!

27. Sweet little niece, we love you so much and wish you your first Birthday filled with lots of love, joy, and happiness. May your first year bring all the smiles and laughter you can handle, and even more than that.

28. Roll out the tiny, colorful, candy-filled red carpet for your niece’s first Birthday. 😎

29. Happy 1st Birthday to my #1 favorite niece! You make a big fuss over a bit of cutie 💕🎉

30. Happy Birthday to the funniest, most talented, most thoughtful niece ever! From first steps to first words—you’ve already taught us so much. You make our hearts grow ten sizes daily. We love you to the moon.

31. Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet niece 💕Love you to the moon and back 😘😘

32. Celebrate your 1st Birthday with a sweet party filled with unforgettable memories. Your sweet homecoming brought so much good to this world. Think about it – how many thousands of people have become a little better because you’re here? Now that’s

33. The best part of growing up is celebrating your Birthday with the people who love you most. Happy Birthday, Niecey! 🎂🎉

34. Happy Birthday to my niece! It’s hard to believe that you are already one year old. I can’t wait to see all the fantastic things you will do over the years. I hope that I’ve made you proud.

35. “#Happy1st birthday!!! What a year it’s been for such a tiny tot. We couldn’t be more 💗 to celebrate this incredible milestone with you.

36. official one-year-old = so much cuteness, so much personality lmao I love it 🥰

37. One year—you taught us that a loud blast of giggles or a hearty clap of a chubby hand could transform a dull day into an exciting one. We love to celebrate you and shower you with love on your special day! Happy Birthday

38. Bold in the day. Dashing in the night. 🌟 Keep shining and don’t do what others say (happy Birthday, little one!)

39. It’s your Birthday 🎂, so let’s have some fun! 💃🏽

40. 🚂🚂🎂🎂, you’re one now. Except you’re not, but is.

41. Happy 1st Birthday to our niece, Mila. We love you big😍!

42. I was celebrating my sweet niece on the day she was born! Happy 1st Birthday!

43. 🎂🎉 It’s our little girl’s first Birthday 💗🎊 We are so in love with you I could burst at the seams! One-year-old already—so many fan favorites to share in

44. The best part of having a niece is making memories that will last a lifetime. Happy Birthday, Niece.

45. Celebrating the first anniversary of nephew’s cutest smile

46. Throwing a birthday party for my 1-year-old niece, Helen, seemed daunting. But with golden balloons, yellow streamers, an array of presents, and gold foil cake, she was ready to blow out the candles.

47. Happy Birthday to my favorite 1-year-old! You are the best present I ever received.

48. Thinking about how an entire year has passed since you were born makes us even more excited for the next one. Oh my gosh, you’re going to be one. 😍

49. Now that you’re 1, everything you touch turns to 💯. Happy Birthday, [my niece]!

50. Happiness is homemade️💕 @xxxx we missed you and all the kiddos. THANK YOU for the baby doll 💜

51. Helping you get ready for the best Birthday possible.

52. Happy first Birthday, niece, to the most utterly delicious 1-year old I know 👶🏼 #niece #firstbirthday

53. Happy first Birthday, sweet niece! I hope your year is filled with nothing but laughter. #family

54. Wishing you the best first birthday party possible—full of laughter, family, and plenty of cake 🎂 #yourniece_firstbirthday

55. The best part about turning 1 is that another year of growth and discovery lies ahead. Happy

Birthday, nephew; we love you! You are such an inspiration to us! You have completely changed our lives for the better! We love you so much, and we

56. I was born to laugh and smile, not to cry. I’m glad I could make you laugh on my very first day of life. Happy Birthday, Niece

57. First Birthdays can be overwhelming, but they’re also the best days.

58. On her 1st Birthday, this sweetheart reminds us that it’s always better when you share with someone special.

59. Happy Birthday to my adorably cheeky niece 🥳 Here’s to many more years of snuggling and teasing you about your puppy dog eyes 😍

60. 🎂 Happy Birthday to our favorite mini-movie critic—our niece! We love you to the moon and back 🌕 #niece #friendsarefamily

61. Today we celebrate our one-year* birthday, and we’re grateful for all you’ve brought into our lives. Thank you for being the sweetest thing that has ever happened to us. 🥂

62. Happy Birthday to one of the most trustworthy and most beautiful people on this planet 🍰

63. Turn 1, and keep on turning…

64. We are celebrating this little sweetheart’s first Birthday. Happy Birthday, Princess!.

65. Celebrate the little one’s first year with heartfelt wishes!

66. We are celebrating little missy’s first Birthday. We love you! 🎈🎉

67. You’ve grown so much in the past year—we hope your 1st Birthday is filled with sweet 🎂s, surprises, and joy.

68. Here’s to the Birthday of my first niece, who reminds me of everything I hold dear.

69. Now that my little niece is one, I’ve decided to celebrate by taking on the responsibility of acting as her aunt. I am an aunt rocks! I’m ready more than ever to be the best auntie ever, and we still have so much.

70. This beautiful baby girl was just the icing on the cake to my best year yet. We had so much to look forward to in 2018!

71. Here’s to all the firsts! The first year of life, the first time I met your parents, the first time you made me look at a poop emoji and giggle. 😃👶🎀

72. You are the most beautiful girl in the world! I’m so glad we get to celebrate you today. 🍰

73. This little lady is one year old already?!

74. My little niece Elizabeth is one today, so this seemed fitting. 😍

75. We asked you to send us pictures of your most epic adventures from the summer. Here are some of our favorites !!!

76. Do you want to throw your favorite niece or nephew’s first birthday party? Be sure to use these flattering captions.

77. We are blessed to have you in our life. Happy 1st Birthday to my niece!

78. Today your time in diapers comes to an end! Congrats on your first Birthday 👶🎂

79. Up from this chilly ground 🌎 comes a tiny sprout to bring joy for a day… Happy First Birthday!

80. Happy Birthday to the one and only baby niece. Love you so much! We’re so proud of you for reaching this important milestone, and we can’t wait to watch you grow up.

81. One year of baby fun has flown by. We’re celebrating Ainsley’s First Birthday today! Here’s to one more year of love, laughs, and more smiles! 💗

82. Today’s the day, little one! Where has the last year gone? You’re now officially one. I hope it’s filled with all the fun and adventure you deserve! 🎉

83. We love you and the adventure that you bring and change to our lives. Happy Birthday, Princess. I can’t wait to watch how God changes your life for His glory in the years ahead!

84. They are just one year old today, but they’ve already discovered so many things!

85. Today we celebrate the admirable people we’ve known all our lives and welcome new ones to the fold. We wish you many happy returns with your loved ones and your loved ones-to-be. 🎈🎉

86. We are turning ONE today! 🎂🎉 We love you, Lucciana Brooke, 💗

87. We are celebrating big moments with family and remembering the little moments.

88. 🎂 today is your day! Our family can’t wait to celebrate this milestone with you.

89. Wait for your present. We will send it to you soon! Proud cousins & aunties!

90. Do I have to share my cake? Nah, she can have it. It’s her Birthday after all 🎂

91. #‎happyfirstbirthday‬ ‪#‎niece🎁

92. First birthdays are extra special—a day full of love, family, and fun. Happy Birthday to your sweet niece!

93. Happy first Birthday to my baby niece, Diya.

94. One year ago today, you were born into our arms. Into our hearts. You’ve brought so much joy to us, and we can’t wait for the journey ahead. Happy Birthday, Niece!

95. Happy 1st Birthday to the love of our life.

96. Here’s to you, here’s to me…Happy Birthday wishes to a super special niece like you!

97. Birthday girl, what a year it has been. here’s to the ones to come #cousinstagram #birthdaygirl #happybirthday

98. Turning one can be overwhelming! It’s officially the first year of kindergarten, the first tooth popping through the gum line, and so many first words to learn. Happy Birthday, Lilly-Pie. 😊

99. We hope you’ve been as proud as we have been to look back at all these moments. Happy 1st Birthday, little one!

100. It’s been a whole year. We’ve loved every minute of watching you grow. Wishing you another happy ✨ year! 🎂💕

101. Celebrate the special bond between fraternal twins with this sweet little birthday tee #twins #twinpicture

102. I remember the day you were born as if it were yesterday. You’ve been a blessing ever since that day, and you continue to amaze me with each passing year.

103. It’s been a year, and we can’t thank you enough for all the laughs.

104. You’re 1?!? You seem so much older.

105. The happiest day of my life was the one upon which I completed my first half marathon. 1st Birthday Quotes for Niece 1st Birthday Quotes for Niece

106. It’s your first Birthday, and I still think of you like my little buttercup. 💚 #HappyBirthdayNiece

107. No words… Only the perfect amount of love and pride. Happy 1st Birthday, my little niece. 🍼💛🎈

108. Hey! 👧🏽👶🏻Happy Birthday to the sweetest 🍰 my niece, you’re turning one year old today, and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for bringing so much joy into

109. Let’s give it up for this sweet little lady. We’re celebrating her first Birthday big time! #1stbirthday #sweet16

110. I wish you so happy birthday niece, may all your dreams come true!

111. Happy half-birthday to niece! You’ve added so much joy to our lives, and we can’t wait to see all the magic you bring into this world. 💗

112. Happy 1st Bday! It’s your Birthday, but we won’t show any favorites. You’re our only and all favorite.

113. Hooray, today is your Birthday! Celebrate your first year with family and friends. 🍰

114. Happy Birthday to my dear niece. Growing up is a significant highlight of life, but you’re going to be great there. Lots of love from your auntie! ^o^

115. 🎉🎈 Happy Birthday, sweetheart. You light up our lives, and we’re so thankful to be on this new adventure with you. Wishing you a fantastic year as we grow together! Love, Grandma, and Grandpa

116. ⭐️⭐️🍰 Happy Birthday to our one and only chunky monkey 🍼

117. My baby niece only knows the sound of my voice.

118. How has my little girl grown so much over the past year? Life with you is the best adventure. I will always be your biggest fan. Happy 1st Birthday, my princess niece #Niece1StBirthday

119. Happy 1st Birthday to the most glittering and gorgeous niece in this galaxy and beyond. 🌟 We love you more than you can know and we wish we could give you twice the birthday cake because we love you twice as much as one!

120. Bubbly personality, smarts to spare & a significant unforgettable character—our niece’s first Birthday is not one we forget anytime soon. Here’s to many more sweet years!

121. 1st birthday parties are just the beginning! Good things are always just around the corner. Happy Birthday, niece 🎂💕

122. 🎂 🎉And now the world revolves around her. Happy first Birthday, niece!

123. Happy 1st Birthday to our beautiful niece! We had so much fun celebrating your last night. Wishing you a lifetime of happy memories and lots of love from all your family. #1yearold #babygirl #niece

124. When your best friend is turning one — you send her glitter (and all the 🍑🎂!!!)! Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet little niece! #1year #niece #sister#familypic

125. Happy 1st Birthday to our precious niece. We love you so much. 💗💗 #niece

126. Happy first Birthday. I’m excited to see you morph into the beautiful human that you are, and I’m ever so proud of the person that you are right now

127. #HappyFirstBirthday #CutiePie #beautifulgirl

128. You’re one year old today, so we’re giving you the present you want: your own Instagram. 🚽🎉 We Can’t Believe It’s Been A Whole Year! Enjoy!

129. Celebrating you and your 12 months of fun. Happy Birthday, Auntie!

130. Feeling the love of a million sparkles, and let me tell you—it feels pretty sweet. 🥰 #happybirthdaychanel

131. What big eyes do you have, cake? cake? 😃

132. “I remember our first year; I was about a year old.”

133. Today is my niece’s first Birthday! I can’t believe how fast she is already growing up, but it is an absolute delight watching her learn new things every day. Particular babe, you have the best personality. May you always

134. Happy first Birthday to the sweetest niece in the world! I can’t wait to see what you do next year.

135. Throwing the best first birthday party ever to celebrate our heart 💗. #NieceDay

136. Happy first Birthday, Sara! Your aunt and I are so proud to have you as part of our family. Enjoy 🎉

137. Happy Birthday, precious niece! You are the sweetest 12 months old (almost 13!) We love you bunches.

138. Happy 1st Birthday, my beautiful Maddie 🐶 😍

139. It seems a year ago we were baking a cake for you to celebrate your first Birthday! Happy 3rd Birthday 🎂🎈👱🏼

140. Happy Birthday & many more to come!! #Bdaygirl #1stbirthday #cutie

141. It was love at first sight when your aunt met your mommy. Since then, she has loved you with all her heart, and you have become the most precious thing in the world to her. Happy Birthday and may this day give you a taste of

142. Happy Birthday to the most irresistible niece in the galaxy. 🌌💫😍

143. Happy Birthday to our little sunshine and first and favorite niece! 🙂 Love you.

144. Miss you guys so much! 💕🍰 @xxxxxx #1yearold

145. One year old

146. One year ago today, you made your grand entrance… And right then, you owned our hearts. Wishing you the happiest of Birthday’s 🎂🎁🎈

147. And the adventure continues,” wrote Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland. A year ago today, we welcomed our little Alice to the world—a moment we will cherish forever. We love you to infinity and beyond!

148. 🎉🎂 It was a pleasure to celebrate the first Birthday of our dear niece 💕 We love you so much, and we look forward to many more years of celebrating all your milestones with great joy and happiness. Lots of love.

149. I wish you the happiest of first birthdays, niece!

150. My #niece turned one yesterday! 🏻😊🎈She is already so thoughtful and sweet. She can say “Hi,” “Bye,” & blowing kisses! And loves animals

151. Life is just beginning; it has so much more to give. Happy Birthday to the world’s best niece 🎂

152. Celebrate this 1st Birthday with great cousins and a great cake!

153. Happy Birthday to the most adorable and fun niece in the world.

154. Today, we’re celebrating a milestone year—the first full year of our favorite niece. We can’t imagine a day without you! 😊

155. Happy Birthday to my sweet niece 👶🏼! I love you with every little bit of my heart.

156. Becoming a year older means becoming a year wiser. Happy Birthday, sweet pea! 😊 – Auntie

157. Just like our baby girl, we need you to be an active force in our lives. We wish you all the happiness and success in the world. 🍼💛

158. Happy Birthday to the immense little terror in town. You won’t be this small for long, but you’ll always be my tiny princess. Love, granny. 💕

159. A year ago, God brought you into our lives. You have been here for a year now, and I can’t believe how fast time has flown by. It seemed like only yesterday when we were counting down to your arrival from Heaven. Today

160. Pullover. We’re going to ride that Ferris wheel one more time. Let’s ride it again and again and again!