Funny 20th Birthday Captions And Quote

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When it is your birthday, you want to have a great time with your friends and family. As the day approaches, you will start thinking of what’s going to happen, who will come to your party, and so on. So it is time to write on your Facebook wall something that can make everyone laugh and enjoy themselves. Don’t spend hours finding the quote on the Internet. Below I am going to share some funny and inspirational 20th birthday quotes, which you can copy and paste into your post on Facebook.

Funny 20th Birthday Captions And Quote

1. This is me twenty years ago. Do you have two kids now? How do you have the time to post status updates asking for “funny 20th birthday captions”? Just eat your cake and shut up.

2. Buy the ticket, take the ride ❗️ You’ve just turned 20.

3. Maybe she’s born with it; perhaps it’s Maybelline. Ladies were celebrating 20 years of good looks.

4. Happy Birthday, Mom! It’s weird to think you were once so small. I can still remember carrying you around in my arms. 🐶

5. Happy Birthday to my favorite little person; if you were a candle, you could light the world.

6. Life is better when you’re laughing. Happy Birthday, dear friend! #BestBestFriendYouCouldHave

7. Here’s to growing up and growing old. Happy Birthday!

8. Quick, I just turned 20, and I don’t feel a day over 1.

9. Before you turn 21, you believe that drinking hard liquor will kill you 100% of the time. On your 21st Birthday, you realize it only kills 99.9 percent of people. Then on your 22nd Birthday, you realize 3vodka.

10. The good old days are only half as good if you have to share them with someone. #1stBirthday

11. Happy 20th Birthday to the best half-brother a girl could ever ask for.

12. Your 20s are the best years of your life… That doesn’t mean they’ve all been fun, but they’ve sure set you up for what will be. Happy birthday #Alaris

13. 60,000 candles in the wind… Happy 20th Birthday to one of our favorite customers.

14. Today we celebrate the twenty years we’ve been home, and our wish for all our coming years is that we will always grow together just as we have these past twenty. Happy Birthday to my favorite homegirl 👭👫

15. May you be your happiest, healthiest, and oldest self. Here’s to twenty wonderful years 🙂

16. You’re never too old or too young to enjoy the sweet stuff. Throwback to that frosty #smoothie you swiped right on 😙

17. Wondering how quickly I’m aging. #BirthdayFears #20 #Nearly30

18. I want to thank my mother and father for letting me borrow their 20-year-old.

19. Thanks for being the most fun at parties, the cutest Tinder mate, and the most polite wing-girl. #Buffalove

20. Throw it back to the year you were born and go onto Instagram and comment #HowYouDoin.

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22. To my favorite person in the world who is turning 20: Of all the birthdays you’ve had, is today your favorite? Do you know what makes today my favorite? You.

23. We are calling all the pretty, pretty princesses! Throw your sparkly tiara in the air for this sweet occasion 😍👑 #Happy20thBirthday

24. Are you ready for this jelly? The last 20 years have been such a roller coaster ride. Happy Birthday!

25. Just remember, they aren’t as young as they used to be. Happy Birthday!

26. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful thing that’s ever happened to me. #happybirthday

27. Congrats, 20! Today we reflect on the many things you taught us in your youth, and we know this: We’re not the same people we were at 16. The silver lining? Now you’re old enough to get

28. Happy Birthday to me and this ice-cold #namaste 🎂️🍻

29. Let’s be friends. I promise to listen to all of your problems. And whenever you’re too drunk to give me directions back to my apartment, I’ll sleep in the spare room that I have just for that purpose. – _ _ _

30. I love you until the cows come home … and then I’ll love you after they come home, too. @xxxxx

31. Today celebs, how old you’d be if time had taken its toll. Celebs how 20th would be if you were Had to start over… Happy Birthday. Had your BE BE t t

32. 🎂 You are no longer a teen, but you are always my teen. #HappyBirthday

33. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one and only person who always makes me laugh #myfriend #yrsuchagreatperson #happybirthdaycarnie (WEARING @xxxxx)

34. Throwback to that sweet time of life when you’re finally all grown up. Happy Birthday, you wonderful weirdo!

35. Women don’t get funny with age; people stop taking them seriously. #Boom #womenarehilarious

36. Happy Birthday to you. Keep calm and celebrate 🎂

37. Get those candles ready! It’s been 20 big years. 🎂

38. To those of you who stayed up late to see your favorite celebrity drop their latest single. We salute you. #happybirthday

39. “Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream

40. May the birthday candles always blow.

41. Get your memes ready; you’re 20 today.

42. The past is gone, the future hasn’t arrived, so enjoy today. #20th #birthday #quotes #life #style #cute

43. Our 20th Birthday is a perfect reminder that though we may get a little older, we stay just as awesome. #tbt #goodtimes #birthdaygirl

44. It’s your Birthday! It’s a celebration! Don’t be shy! We’re gonna party like you’re a 20-year-old!

45. Please take a look at your life and how it’s changed. Not only does time fly…it carves beautiful little paths everywhere you go. Happy Birthday to my friend…through ups and downs, we’ve rocked.

46. I can’t believe I turned 20 and got to see my mom and dad survive the pre-internet world.

47. Behold, I’m 20! It’s been fantastic, but it hasn’t. My life is great, but it’s not. This Birthday feels strange. It’s almost like I’m on the other side.

48. The master of your fate, the captain of your soul. Happy Birthday!

49. Sometimes to do great things, you need to go through the uncomfortable, like turning 20.

50. P.S. This is our first year, so Happy Birthday to us! #birthdaygirl

51. It’ll be a night to remember…at least for you. I hope it’s nonetheless for your wallet. Happy 20th!

52. He’s still got it! Happy 20th, Dad! 🎈🍾

53. Your 20 years of life has undoubtedly taught you so much. Here’s to the next 20 years of memories! Happy Birthday.

54. Happy Birthday to my favorite 20-year-old. I cannot believe we’ve been friends for 20 years. That’s…wow…just wow. 😔

55. Hearing “you look good” is like getting a 20th birthday present #HappyBday ##

56. To the party of one, yeah! It’s your Birthday. You’re officially legal now. 🎂

57. Go nuts for this lovely day, and wish your favorite BFF a happy bday! 😎

58. Happy Birthday to the funniest 20-year old I know.

59. Turning 20 is a milestone party 😎

60. Happy Birthday, you’re 20 now! 🎂

61. Happy #🎂 day to my favorite skater!!! I hope you have the best 20th Birthday yet!

62. I was sleeping over with a bunch of my friends for my 20th Birthday, and we all went out afterward. One of my friends came up to me and said, “You’re very spoiled.” I said, “

63. This is the best birthday gift a 20-year-old could ask for. #nothinbutchubbies

64. I hope you have a birthday as big and loud and wonderful as you! #happybirthday

65. Your acceptance to Hampton University is in the mail, #HU20 #HamptonUniversity36th @xxxxxx

66. Happy Birthday to Me. I hope you know when you are in your sixties; you are allowed to feel good about being old because this way, no one can tell you to be old. So have a lovely day for it is the only one there.

67. How many miles till I’m 20? Imma counts them all.

68. Here’s to you turning 20. We wish you all the best in your next 20 years and hope this little token of appreciation reminds you always to be yourself, make your own rules, take risks, enjoy life, give back to others.

69. Express yourself on your special day, just like your favorite musician/rocker who’s celebrating their 20th.

70. Today you are 20 years old. You are officially authorized to drive, vote, stop at red lights, buy your booze, get your hair cut, complain to management without an adult present, and order pancakes.

71. Let’s make the most of this moment… before it becomes a distant memory! Happy Birthday, #Squad #20 #YOLO #turnup

72. When you forget someone’s Birthday and realize it was your own.

73. Happy Birthday! Here’s to 20 more years of questions for that thing that chirps every morning. Happy Birthday!

74. “When that day comes, I’ll give you my finest knight.” – Arthur to Guinevere. Happy 20th Birthday to my favorite knight in shining armor @xxxxx 😎 #bestboyfrendever

75. It’s your Birthday. Proclaim it with gusto!

76. Happy Birthday to my favorite post-it note, highlighter, high school senior, travel partner, muse, planner girl, best friend. I love you.


78. The only thing better than a memory….is looking back on those memories and laughing. Congrats and happy 20th! #20thbirthday #anniversary #annie #anniversay #anniversarywishes #ironman #ironmandollar

79. Dunno how to party? Lookie here! Here are 20 ways you DO know how to have a great birthday. 😂🎂

80. Ahhh! 20! The age of wisdom and reason. Of course, I’m still trying to work some of that into my own life. Happy Birthday!

81. Happy Birthday to the sweetest, funniest human I know — may we share many more laughs and long lunches at Jerry’s Deli.

82. Here’s to you on your Birthday, have a blast of a good time being another year older.

83. Cheers to us. To life. To never going down as a side note in history. #bestfriendsbirthday #bffgoals

84. Happiest of birthdays to the friendliest person I’ve ever met. Thanks for everything, ✨ @xxxxxx! I wish you all the best 🥂🍰

85. Happy Birthday, Kourt❗️

86. I hope you have a night as sweet as you were at 18 and life as great as you are going to be at 20!

87. 😎 Excited to join the club. Today is my Birthday 🍾

88. 🎂 A caption for a 20th birthday

89. I’m so glad you made it. There’s still time for tequila, right? #HappyBirthday #funnymeme

90. Happy 20th Birthday to me! *clink*

91. If there were an emoji for turning 21, it would be me.

92. I can’t believe you’re turning 20. That means we were 5 years old when Friends first aired. How do you feel about that?

93. Today is my 20th Birthday. I can’t believe I’ve been alive for 20 years. It feels like I just got my license yesterday, and now it’s time to renew. 🚗

94. This is my happy place. #RememberToBeHappy #DontForget2CelebrateBday

95. Your 20th Birthday is the bridge between your teen years and your adult life—happy 20th Birthday. My little girl is all grown up!!! My blessing for you has come to pass, so I celebrate you on this glorious day until it rises again.

96. Happy Birthday from your favorite 20-year-old uncle, who still knows and loves you better than anyone else.

97. Today I feel the need to celebrate all the good things in my life. It’s my 20th Birthday, and I can look back at these 9,600 days and smile. If you’re reading this and it’s your

98. -gram your b’day wishes on our wall this year, and maybe you’ll see them in the fabled Birthday Book! 🎂

99. Today I realize how fast 20 years have gone by. Happy Birthday to me, and thank you for the sparkling eyes, the flat feet, and the chance to live a thousand stories 

100. Let’s get this cracking! We’re celebrating my sweet @xxxxx 20th Birthday with a bash next week. #throwbackbirthday

101. Are you feeling old yet? It doesn’t matter, because today is all about celebrating the best of both worlds. Happy Birthday ! !!

102. What a bunch of salads. It’s my Birthday, and nobody said “happy birthday.” I can’t believe it. At least I have… [Read more]

103. #worldrecordlive – 20 years ago, he tied his shoes for the very last time. Sean is officially 20 today. Live your best life, buddy! ️🎂

104. Here’s to one more year of just selfies and Netflix binges… let’s get it.

105. Happy 20th Birthday to the best friend I could’ve ever asked for—the one who makes me laugh harder than anyone in the world. Big love, big laughs, and many more birthdays to come! #20thBirthday 

106. I wish you plenty of laughs, lots of smiles, and all the best years of your life. Happy Birthday!

107. Happy 20th Birthday to my best friend, the one who taught me about real love, the one who still to this day gives me butterflies when I see her smile, @xxxxx. We’ve been through it all!

108. You’re a year older and a year cooler… Happy Birthday.

109. Throwback to my 20th Birthday #tbt

110. Happy Birthday to you…happy birthday to you…happy birthday, dear *insert name*… happy Birthday to you! 🎂🍰

111. Today feels like a good day to crack open a crisp, cold beer and just turn 20.

112. This photo is the only proof we have that she was ever young. Happy Birthday, Grandma.

113. Oh hey, it’s my Birthday…can I get a glass of champagne and a cute boy with sparklers?

114. What a year you grew up so incredibly fast. We have no doubt the next 20 will be twice the fun… 🎂🎉

115. What’s better than turning 21? Turning 20, and all the excuses you needed to make a hashtag out of your age.

116. You’re 20 years old today. You’ve lived longer than most people, and you’ve got a whole life to live. Make it a good one!

117. My 20s were awesome. The dancing, the friends, the endless cups of coffee.. #ThrowbackThursday to my 20th Birthday.

118. I’ve heard that you’re turning 20. How does it feel?

119. 20 years ago today, the most beautiful thing happened to me. I met you when I was 5 and fell in love when I was 7 and got married !!!! My best friend is my wife !!! Happy Birthday!!!

120. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear. Happy Birthday to you!

121. In honor of turning [insert year] old today, the [insert name] family has hidden all your socks in the house. When you find them all, pop open a bottle of [wine] and sing “Happy Birthday” to me

122. Ok Beck, where are all my friends? I’m twenty now; these parties are SO much better when they’re in my bedroom! *insert sighs* #HappiestBirthday

123. Today I’m celebrating the 20 best years of my life! Here’s to another 20 and beyond!.

124. When I was your age, I couldn’t wait to be 21. Now that I am, I can’t wait to be 22. ——Kirstie Alley

125. We don’t always believe in magic, but when we do, it happens like this. We hope it does for you too. Happy 20th Birthday to my favorite girl on the planet. Welcome to the big party of 5-0, babe

126. Hey friend, happy Birthday. #selfie #twenty #turnup

127. Look at your old self; now look at the new you. Longer, stronger, more handsome—no wonder everyone has their eye on you! Happy Birthday, buddy.

128. Happy Birthday to you and Me and all the friends we meet along the way. We wish you a year filled with joy and laughter – and plenty of fondues.

129. The last 20 years was all about you. The next 20 are all about me. Happy Birthday!

130. I’m so glad you could be here with us on my Birthday, celebrating 20 years of experiences, memories, and milestones. May we get even more together.

131. May we live to be 100, and may the last voice we hear be yours. #HappyBirthday To my dear Mom, Love you

132. Today I’m celebrating my 20th birthday. But to be honest, I kind of feel like 90. ¯\_()_/¯

133. Happy Birthday to my best friend. I have learned so much from you and hope that one day, I can be as fantastic as you are. Have a wonderful birthday 👑 🎂

134. Happy Birthday to my best friend 🎈🎉

135. You’re a masterpiece, and so was this birthday cake! Happy belated, pal 😍 #20thbirthday ##

136. Happy 20th Birthday to my fellow Gemini! #mytwocents #twenties

137. Happy 20th Birthday to the best little sister in the whole wide world!

138. Our friend just turned 20, and we couldn’t be more excited for him. We wish you a happy birthday, where ever you may find yourself.

139. Do you know those memes where the puppy turns 20 and is so shocked and sad? That’s me today 🤣 Happy #birthday to ME! @xxxxxx

140. How are you doin‘? It turns out it’s my Birthday. Shots on me. And another round.

141. Happy Birthday to my favorite little sister in the world! I love you and can’t wait to see where life takes you next. 💓 #FWB

142. May all your milestone moments be ‘EAT APPLE PIE, AND I’M 20 AND DAD LOOKS AWESOMELY URBAN.’

143. 🎉 Happy Birthday, dear sister! 🎉

144. The life of a twentysomething. We wonder where the time went as we count down to AARP but cherish every moment as though it’s our last.

145. Funny 20th birthday captions that are so important for your friend’s Birthday.

146. Happy 20th Birthday and Happy Birthday to you and Happy Birthday to you🎈 and happy birthday, a dear friend of mine.

147. Let’s get together… on your 20th birthday.

148. Turning 20 is kind of like that moment in your life when you realize just how much growing up you still have left to do. Happy Birthday, buddy.

149. If you were a crayon, you would be in all the colors in the box. Happy Birthday, sweetie. 🎁 #crayonbirthday #funnylovequotes

150. You’re two feet taller than the other kids your age, but you’re still short to us. Happy Birthday.

151. There’s nothing quite like working at a job with unlimited cake breaks. What’s even better is everyone keeps the cake they eat—only the frosting goes in the trash. 🎂 Happy 20th!