Funny Beach Captions for Guys With Hashtags

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Here are funny Funny Beach Captions for Guys to accompany your beach photos.


Funny Beach Captions for Guys

There’s never a wrong time to go to the beach when you’re with this dog. 👌


Lotta lot of beefcake going on at the beach this year 😎 #beefcakebeach


We’re talking about the beach today. We mean the BIG beach – the one we’re going to this weekend because it’s our big summer vacay!


I’m the type of guy who only swim in a freshwater lake. In Guam, I’ll only swim at the beach. On Sunday. When the waves are three feet, if I’m lucky, and the water is 72


At the beach with this pup✔️☀ #neverstopexploring


When you’re tired of hearing yourself talk, just let the surf do the talking.


Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Imagine you’re sitting on the beach in Bora Bora, the breeze ruffling through your hair, crystal blue water lapping at your feet, and the scent of fresh coconut in the air.


What would you rather wear, a chastity belt or loose-fitting swim trunks? ”


⛱🏖Beach bod ✔️Summer tan ✔️Fun in the sun ✔️Family time ✔️Lazy days with friends ✔️Strawberry ice cream


There’s no place like the beach… unless you’re laughing there. 🌊


Just when you thought it was safe to return to the beach… #COMETOTHECOAST


It’s not a beach day until you find a weird shell, steal someone else’s towel, and discover the meaning of life while reading a book.


Escape to the beach with these icy Starbucks Frappuccinos. ☕ 🏖


Snapped the saltiest selfie 🌞 last night, and I’m still here today #eccehom ##


Hope you’re having a great summer and cooling down today at the pool 🏊🏼


The real king of the beach is the only guy whose towel is bigger than his girlfriend’s 👑 #BeachFlex #BeachCarpeDiem


It’s that time of year when the sun is warm, the waves are crashing, and vacation is around the corner. What’re you waiting for? Grab your best buddies and head to the beach!


Bare feet on the shore. I’ve got new stories to tell and circles under my eyes #beach.


I’m ready for some ocean-side OT this summer. #blessed #swolllife #ootd


Why #summer2018 is better in a beach hat. #SummerHatSeason 🤙


If I’m going to spend a day at the beach, there’s one thing I must do first…


We may not have oceans, but let’s drink as we do. Happy #InternationalBeachDay!


Beach, please! 🏖️


Sandcastles and dad jokes.


He’s just a beach bum with a sense of humour.


Sun’s out, puns out!


Life’s a beach ball, and I’m playing.


Tides and seek: I’m the hide-and-seek champ.


Sunkissed and taking the mick.


Seashells and dad jokes.


Don’t worry, beach happy!


Seafood diet: I see food, and I eat it.


Beach vibes and high fives.


Saltwater runs through my veins, and jokes flow from my mouth.


I’m here for the fish, chips, and the beach.


The tide waits for no man, but I’ll wait for the perfect wave.


Let’s get ship-faced!


Sandy beard, don’t care.


Catchin’ rays and cracking jokes.


Shell yeah, I’m loving the beach life!


Surf’s up, puns up!


I’m a beachcomber, and I’m combing for laughs.


Beaches be cray!


Just a beachy kinda guy.


Seagulls stop it now!


Suns out, puns out!


Beach better have my sunny!


Sea-ze the day!


I’ve got 99 problems, but the beach ain’t one!


Don’t be a tide wad; let’s have some fun!


Waves don’t die, and neither does my sense of humor.


Sandy toes, sun-kissed nose, and laughter that flows.



Sandy hair, don’t care.


I’m the king of sandcastles, bow down, peasants!


I’m just a beach enthusiast with a knack for humor.


Shell-shocked and loving it!


Beach therapy: it’s cheaper than a shrink!


Surf’s up, and so are the laughs.


Beach vibes and high tides.


I’m not tan; I’m just well-done.


Salt in the air, laughter everywhere.


Sea you on the funny side!


Paradise found, and it’s full of laughs!


I’m a sand-dollar millionaire in the making.


Let’s taco ’bout how awesome the beach is.


Waves of laughter crashing on the shore.


Just a guy and his board, riding waves and cracking jokes.


I’m in a committed relationship with the beach.


Bikinis, board shorts, and belly laughs.


Life’s too short not to be at the beach.


Salt, sea, and silliness.


I’m not lost; I’m on beach time.


Board shorts, not board meetings.


Beach hair, don’t care – it’s a lifestyle.


Life’s better in flip-flops.


Sand between my toes, laughter in my soul.


Cheers to making waves and making people laugh!


I’m board, but I’m not bored at the beach.


When in doubt, paddle out!


Sand, sun, and spontaneous comedy.


I’m not a morning person, but I’ll rise for the sunrise at the beach.


Sandy shores and funny roars.


Beach days are my kind of therapy.


Beachcombing for laughs and seashells.


Salt, sea, and side-splitting laughter.


Beach vibes: 100% funny.


Lost at sea, but found my sense of humor.


Just another day in beach paradise.


Vitamin Sea and a dash of humor.


Sea-soned with laughter.


Board shorts and bawdy jokes.


I’m not a lifeguard, but I’m here to save the day with laughter.


Saltwater cures all, especially a bad sense of humour.


Beach therapy: the best kind of therapy.


Wave after wave of good times.


Shell-ter from the daily grind.


Keep calm and stay beachy.


Life’s a beach, and I’m just building sandcastles.


I’m a wave-catching, joke-cracking beach lover.


Beach hair, don’t care – it’s a lifestyle choice.


Sandy feet, salty wit.


I’m shore you’ll love my beachy jokes.


No worries, just waves and laughter.


Ride the tide, and laugh along the way.


Mermaid kisses starfish wishes, and a whole lot of laughs.


Beach vibes and salty jibes.


Sandy hugs and dad joke shrugs.


Surf’s up, and so are the laughs.


Beachside and laughing wide.


Tan lines and punchlines.


Saltwater heals the soul, and laughter mends the heart.


Sandy cheeks and punny streaks.


Life’s better with sandy toes and a sense of humour.


Beaches and belly laughs – that’s my paradise.


Surf’s up, and so is my funny bone.


Catch a wave, catch a laugh.

Beach therapy: the only therapy that comes with waves.


I’m not a lifeguard, but I’m here to save your day with laughter.


Sandy smiles and sunny styles.


Sandy toes, happy woes.


Beach vibes and belly laughs.


Sunshine and laughter – the best beach companions.


Funny Captions for Beach Pictures

• ⛱ There’s only one thing that can happen when you’re at the beach…


• I tell everyone I have sand in my cracks, but really I have an accent. – Fernando #beachboys #jacksonville #shorelines ##


• Let’s get down to business: sunscreen, salt spray, and tanning season… Let the fun begin! 🌞☀


• Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep the beach alive in our hearts and minds. 💕


• Added new stickers to my collection…time for a #sandbae 📹: @hankcampbell 😂


• Lifeguard on duty. I’m literally #babebae for a reason.


• Think I found the perfect girl. Wait, this is me… good thing too! 🚀


• Like piña coladas, g’day mate. # summer is coming


• How hot is that? That’s what she said. 🔥 #fire #beach #textsfromlastnight .


• We’ve got a few weeks left of beach weather, so don’t waste another day sitting around when you could be playing volleyball in the sand. 🏐💪 #lifeisbetteratbeach


• We live in paradise—so take a break this summer and experience the ultimate beach day. #lifesaver #nontoxic


• My sunscreen is so thick, you’ll have to swim through it. #noshame


• No matter how hard I try, I can’t put the ocean in my pocket. But for real, now that’s a cool trick you’ve got there.


• Some friends, a volleyball, and the sand. What a way to spend an afternoon 🏖️🌊 .


• Sending all the calm vibes your way this summer ‼️🌊☀️


• When summer fades away.


• Wish you were here 😏.


• Going out on the town? The only thing that should be showing is your confidence. 😎 #funnybeachcaptionsforteenagers


• What’s better than a free beach? A free beach with drink refills. 😎


• It’s summer. You’ll never see me.


• This weekend: BBQs, pool parties, and catching (and throwing) some shade. 😎


• We can’t think of a better way to say it: we’re all excited about summer 2018 😎🌊


• Before you ride like the wave-king, check out our surf guide. 🌊🏄


• Comedian W. Kamau Bell on how sea life will be fine if we leave them alone.


• Good beaches paired with amazing people mean anything can happen on a day at the beach! #lifewellcaptured


• Hey, hey, hey. Nice bikini


• Suns out 🌞☀️☀️☀️who’s ready to get their summer body back on?


• Sunscreen, long sleeves, high SPF. The real reason for fall fashion is to cover up the skin that was burned on summer vacation.


• In the age of technology, some things just can’t be replaced. […] For today’s men, choosing to enjoy the simpler things in life is a choice worth making.


• This summer has been 🔥🔥🔥 . I think I need a vacation.


• This perfectly chilled Pacifico ain’t half bad.


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