Best 100 Funny Belated Birthday Quotes for Friends

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The best way to show you care for your close friends is by being there for them. But sometimes, nice, funny belated birthday quotes can also do a lot of good. Just to show your appreciation and understand how the day felt like from their side. Here are some funny belated birthday quotes for friends that will surely help you find the right words to send it over.

Funny Belated Birthday Quotes for Friends

1. On the second day of my belated birthday, my true friends gave me two funny memes, one funny video, and a funny card.

2. My back hurts because I sat on my cape and overate cake. Happy belated Birthday!

3. How do you throw a belated birthday party 24 hours after the actual event? By making it about what you love, not who loves you.

4. Happy birthday, old friend. I just realized it’s your birthday. Happy belated birthday. #bdaybday

5. Happy belated birthday! Let’s do it again next year.

6. Some friends are forever; others are for birthdays. My friend, you’re the latter. 🎂🍰

7. Throwing it way back to celebrate your belated birthday! 😂

8. Happy Birthday to my best friend; that’s late because she hasn’t been online this week. 😢

9. I’m so glad you’re my friend, the way I laugh when we laugh together. Now, if only I could figure out how to laugh when we’re not together.

10. I hear they let you wear hats in heaven. I just hope I can remember all the birthdays I’ve missed. Happy Birthday!

11. I reached out to you on Facebook and Instagram, but your birthday just keeps getting 👺👺👺👺.

12. The kid from the block blows out the candles on his cake at Cake Boss, Hoboken. 🎂☀☀☀🍰🎉

13. Yes, she is celebrating her birthday on an airplane. How cool is that? Celebrate with her.

14. Now that the art is out of the bag, I’d like to take this chance to thank everyone for their birthday wishes; here’s to many more birthdays

15. happy birthday in advance, my friend

16. Forgive me for wishing you a belated happy birthday, but I wanted to ensure I got it in before the next 🎂 . It’s a good thing we’re friends because you would have been dead for a year.

17. May all your birthdays be belated.🎂

18. The best things in life aren’t things—the smiles that come from spreading joy and having fun with friends.

19. Your birthday was yesterday; it’s not too late to get a little late.

20. Today is a good hair day ️👩🏼#happyhumpday

21. If you’re not here, then I’ll just assume that _(name)_ is celebrating your birthday again.

22. This is awkward. I’ve been sitting with your birthday cake for an hour, and you still haven’t shown up.

23. Happy birthday! In the immortal words of Ina Garten, “It’s not too late! You can still eat cake for breakfast!”

24. If you save a friend from drowning, do not save them a seat. They will sit next to you in the ambulance when it arrives#WhenRescuedFromPlaneCrash.

25. Congrats on surviving another year! I hope this one is extra special. 🎂

26. A wise man once said, “Life is too short to last a whole day.”

27. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

28. “I’m not late. I’m just…laters.”

29. When your friend turns 23, and you can’t remember his birthday #funnybirthdayquotes #wishufriendalreadyhappybday

30. I’d make a list of the things I adore about you, but that would take another lifetime. Happy belated birthday, friend 🎂👯

31. Happy belated birthday to all of our followers celebrating birthdays this week. We hope you had a splendid time! #belatedbirthday

32. Today’s the day. Happy belated birthday, pal! The party’s tonight. 2●O●1●7 #hbd

33. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRIEND! It took me 18 days to realize that your birthday was last week.

34. Best friends since 1st grade, this is us today 😎🥳🍔

35. Happy 1st Birthday to me. Happy last 1st Birthday to you! 🎂🍾

36. It’s your birthday, but we threw the party.

37. I would say happy birthday, but I see you’ve already had a few 🍾 #LIT.

38. Someone, please get me a do-over on my 18th birthday! 😱😏 That’s right, I forgot to request this one. 🎂💓

39. It’s your birthday. Pardon me, “birth-weekend.” I forgot. 😢🎂

40. I’m the gift that keeps on giving.

41. You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. C.S. Lewis

42. My favorite time of year! A) it’s not summer, B) I’m not pregnant anymore, C) there are no uniform restrictions or deadlines to worry about.

43. We’d love to celebrate your belated birthday with you. You deserve it. *hint @xxxxxxxx

44. I wish your mate a belated happy birthday and hope she forgave you.

45. When it comes to you, time is always on my side. Happy belated birthday ️🎂

46. Didn’t get the message that it’s my birthday? Heard about it too late to remember? Great! Happy belated 🎂

47. While you might be celebrating your birthday, I should be celebrating the fact that you were born. Happy Birthday!😃

48. Happy birthday, blonde friend.

49. If you’re reading this, it’s too late Happy Birthday! *insert name*

50. HBD, my dear friend. I was going to make a big fuss about your birthday tomorrow, but since you’re the most organized person in the entire universe, I’m just going to tell you happy birthday today.

51. 🎂! Oh, man, you are never going to believe this. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, and I got hit by a truck on my way to work.”

52. My husband is responsible for making me skinnier. He makes all his meals into salads.

53. It’s always the quiet ones you gotta watch.

54. Sorry for posting this one day late. I was busy at brunch.

55. I’m sorry I ever doubted you. I love you and feel like we’re blessed to be lifelong pals! Happy belated birthday to; a fantastic friend we all know and love️🎉

56. Happy Belated Birthday! Embrace your weirdness. That’s what makes you beautiful.

57. I woke up like a disssssss! Happy belated birthday 🎂🍰

58. Happy birthday, friend! I can’t believe you’re a month older than me now. 😍

59. Turning 28 feels like turning back the clock to my teen years. Thanks for making this birthday special, friends! 🍂🎂

60. I hope this birthday is a good as sleeping in late and a long day of overeating. Happy Birthday, bro.

61. Sweetheart, I’ve never seen your dimples sparkle like this before.

62. If all your friends were to jump off a bridge, would you? I’m just saying…

63. Oh man, I forgot it was your birthday. You look great for being so old!

64. We’re celebrating you with a weeklong sale on all of your favorite things, plus 20% off your next purchase. #happybirthday

65. After all these years, you finally gave me what I wanted for my birthday—a reason to celebrate.

66. Be the person your dog thinks you are.

67. I am looking forward to celebrating my birthday twice this year!

68. I’m not late… I’m fashionably late 🌸💃

69. I am not late; I’m just “MEANT” to be here 😉

70. True friends are the ones that give you a second chance but will also remind you of your screwups.

Happy Belated Birthday to My Favorite Friend

71. Happy [your friend’s name] ‘s birthday! You’re late, but that’s okay because it’s better than never 😃🎉

72. I’d say I forgot your birthday again, but you didn’t even tell me when it was. Happy belated birthday! 🎈😎

73. When you’re late to your birthday party… 🎂😫

74. It’s the thought that counts, right? Regardless, here’s a belated birthday gift to you! I hope it doesn’t look too worn. Haha 😎

75. I like birthdays because it’s one day out of the year where people ask you how old you are instead of how much you weigh.

76. You only turn “25” once, so make sure you hit it out of the park! We think this is a home run. 🎉🎉

77. I’m sorry, I’m not sorry for this belated birthday wish. HBD!

78. Happy 2 months of being a year old!

79. “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

80. “Late” doesn’t say much about a person. It just means that you didn’t have the same priorities as those around you. So now, I’m late for work…but you know what, I’m not. Discouraged.

81. B-day boy: Thanks for always making me laugh and acting like my child 😐 I love you, bud 👍🏻

82. It’s your birthday, so drink up! Cheers to you! It’s the best time of year for two things: Pumpkin spice lattes and belated birthday wishes.

83. May your birthday be filled with laughs, love, joy, and lots of wine 🍷

84. Happy belated birthday! You made a big difference in my life this year. Here’s to making an even more significant difference in my life next year. 🎊🎉🍾

85. A belated Happy Birthday wish to my favorite little sis! I can’t believe you’re turning 22 already. Love you tons! 🎉🍰

86. It’s already 1 year since you were born. #HappyBirthday

87. Happy birthday to my best friend in the universe. I’m sorry this message is belated. It’s better late than never, right 😉

88. Maybe you were too busy roasting s’mores to remember that it was my birthday, but I’ll forgive you. Happy belated. 🎀

89. Celebrate the past with a laugh.

90. Happy International Friendship Day! We hope we made your birthday wishes come true.

91. It was my birthday last week, and no one cared 💁

92. On the plus side, your birthday got you 24 hours of people asking how old you are. Not that that matters.

93. Because of the increase in natural sugar levels, this is the best pancake day ever! Happy birthday to you…

94. For all you do for us, so much of it unspoken or taken for granted, there is one thing I want you to know: I never, ever take your friendship for granted. Not today. Not tomorrow. not ever.

95. Happy belated birthday, friend. Let’s get crazy. Here’s to another year. 🎉🎂##

96. Happy belated birthday, friend! I had the ultimate 31st b-day adventure this weekend…

97. When your best friend is late for your birthday dinner. 😖

98. This is me when I’m happy to have a belated birthday. 😜

99. To my 3 best friends, @xxxxxx and Julia. I would not have done it without you! Thank you for being there for me these past few years…cheers to many more years of laughs, drinks, screams at

100. Happy birthday, friend! Or should I say “SAVE THE DATE?”

101. Happy birthday one year late! 😲

102. Hey buddy, I’m so sorry it took me so long to get you these handmade socks; I hope they remind you not to be late for your next birthday!! 🐴

103. Mellow out, mama. Your birthday’s not for another 17 days. #Happy(ish)Birthday

104. Happy birthday three days lateeeee.

105. How about a toast to me? To health, happiness, and many more years of friendship.

106. Because everyone’s worth celebrating 365 days of the year. 😎

107. The weekend is a waste of time 😃

108. Your presence was missed, your hustle is noted, and now it’s time to celebrate. Cheers to Scary February!

109. Life is an unpredictable adventure. Happy belated birthday funny quotes

110. May the candles on your cake be all you wished for and more. Happy belated birthday 🎂😗

111. One year older, but the same amount of excellent. Happy belated birthday @xxxxxxxxx We support your decision to wear a crop top on your birthday. 😍🎉

112. There’s no time like the present to wish you a belated birthday 🏻

113. Remembering what you did for your first birthday and realizing how much you’ve learned since then. Happy belated 🍰!

114. Listen close, because I’m only going to say this once: Happy belated birthday! LOL

115. What’s the opposite of January Jones? It’s your birthday. Happy belated! ‼

116. I just had to say Happy Birthday 👸🏼 Sheesh, how could I forget?!?

117. Happy Birthday to my beautiful, sweet, loving, talented friend—who caused the delay of this party by being born 25 years ago!😂🎂🍰

118. When you’re waiting to use a bathroom and a bunch of people who look like they all have the same birthday comes out 🎂

119. To my best friend @xxxxxxx we were just kids when we met every day before lunch every day to trade tuna sandwiches and talk about what we dreamed we’d be when we grew up. You’d say you wanted to be a veterinarian.

120. Happy (belated) birthday, you old turkey.

121. Can you believe it’s your birthday AGAIN?

122. Before you came along, I was lost in a sea of sameness. Now there is a purpose to living. You’re a beacon that points me in the direction of change, growth, and adventure. And for that, I will always feel.

123. For anyone who has a hard time making a decision, we’ve officially settled the age-old debate: what’s better for your skin, 12 months’ worth of age, or a year’s worth of birthdays?

124. Happy belated birthday to my favorite space cadet. You probably forgot that your big day was coming up, but I still wanted to say happy birthday! Hope you’re having the best time celebrating out there in outer space. There can’t be any.

125. Throwback to when you didn’t have so many wrinkles. Happy belated birthday from your BFFs at Popsicle Cream.

126. You’re a year older and a dollar richer. Happy birthday! #funny

127. HBD to my best friend and letting her know that I still think she’s funny 🤣 #bdaygirl

128. Of course, I remembered your birthday, the exact time of day even. I just wasn’t paying attention when it happened. Sorry! Happy belated birthday.

129. Happy birthday, pals! I hope it’s belated and you can get back to sleep! 🍰

130. I hope every day is your birthday 😛

131. When I did a shot of tequila, it did a shot of me. And that’s how I turned into a birthday cake. 😃🎂🍰

132. It’s not too late to get your wisdom teeth taken out, become a plumber, and start a band called “Five Kids Who Don’t Have Friends.” Happy Birthday!

133. It’s your birthday. And if we were in love, that would be a great excuse to celebrate, but we’re not. So it’s just an ok excuse.

134. Happy birthday. I didn’t forget; I just didn’t care. Until now! 😂🎉

135. This wine’s for you; this wine’s for me; let’s get real drunk tonight. Cheers!

136. I can’t believe this little lady is already one YEAR OLD! 😱🎂🍰

137. ⏳ Turn on your notifications to see more of me!

138. 🎉 It’s your birthday, and you remind me of a song, so sing along to the tune. It goes: How old are YOU? 🎶 Happy late birthday friend, we hope it was sweet and wish we could have been there

139. In the coldest of months, may your heart stay warm as can be? Happy belated birthday! 🎉

140. What’s better than waking up to a belated birthday celebration 🎂💕 We hope you had a fantastic day!

141. If the birthday-cake candles all went out at once, would anyone notice? Happy belated birthday!

142. One year older, but the same number of years you’ve been my best friend. Happy birthday @xxxxx

143. I know it’s a little late, but Happy Birthday to the best man I know 🍰

144. Wow, it’s almost your next birthday. I’m shocked (and frankly, floored). Happy belated.

145. I wish you were here to celebrate my birthday with me. I’m eating the cake you didn’t get to taste. 🍰

146. At midnight last night, I turned 41… 🍂

147. Happy birthday to the only 30-year-old I know who still says “cool beans” to anyone under 30.

148. Do you know the muffin, man? Well, I knew him well.

149. Today is the first day of fall, which means it’s my birthday! Wooo! 🍂🎉

150. Coming soon to the most fantastic city in the world 📍

151. The hardest thing about having a birthday is waiting all year to celebrate it. Happy belated bday!

152. For those who just “don’t feel 25.” Happy belated birthday, you old fart! 🎂

153. Happy belated birthday, you crazy moon child! 🌕

154. Thanks for celebrating my birthday last night. Next year, I promise to plan it better.”

155. When you’re not celebrating your birthday with a party, spend the day enjoying yourself with some of these activities.

156. A great thing about birthdays is that you just have to forget the bad ones. 😃

157. You have plenty of birthdays ahead to get your life together.

158. It’s your birthday. It’s OK if you’re a little late.

159. So your birthday was a few days ago.

160. Trust me; you’re going to be a fun grandparent!

161. Celebrate the past year and toast to many more.

162. If every 8 years you didn’t try something new, you’d never grow and would never know if you could like it or not.

163. Happy belated birthday, friend! I hope your day was as extra as you are…️😎

164. I’m coming in a little late, but it looks like a party! Happy belated birthday to whoever this cake is for.

165. |📷| I had a dream that you didn’t celebrate your birthday with us.

166. I just received my birth certificate; it said I’m 18 today! “Happy birthday, cleaning lady” -Jean-Louis Van Damme.

167. I had 8 days’ notice of your birthday! I am not that great with planning. Louis 😉

168. The best gift is time. Enjoy the day, friend. 📅

169. HBD to the birthday boy—with a bit of fun 😜

170. When you’re an older sister, you’re born with glitter in your veins.

171. You’re only as old as you feel—and I think halfway to death.

172. Somebody wins the Internet every year – and thanks to you, Debbie Wasserman Schultz – it’s going to be me!

173. No matter how late, you can still wish someone a belated Happy Birthday in the funniest way possible. 😎

174. Happy belated birthday, bruh. I thought it was a year early, but your beach finally made it out for this year’s celebration. Happy again, belated birthday!

175. If you missed my birthday, here’s a belated happy birthday text that any of your friends will appreciate.

176. Okay, this is weird. I don’t usually wish people a belated birthday.” – Daryl Hall.

177. I’m celebrating your belated birthday when I shouldn’t be. 😂

178. It’s belated, but I hope you still think that we’re friends. Happy birthday.

179. Get your snooze on. It’s our birthday 🎂🤠

180. Today’s the day! Make today your cake day! Happy birthday, Penelope 🎂😘

181. Going to need an enormous cake 🎂

182. This picture is from my first pint. Can you believe this is my 50th? I feel old, but I’m very young at heart.

183. It’s never too late to be the person you always thought you would be.

184. Don’t go breaking ants with your sneaker. They were here first.

185. All I ever wanted was to grow up to be an older man who told great stories.