Funny Pottery Quotes and Cations for Instagram

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Funny Pottery Quotes: Pottery is a science, but so is being funny. Arty-farty puns and jokes are a favorite pastime of potters all over the world. People start pottery schools not so much to learn about clay and glazes, but instead to learn how to think in a funnier way. Here are some of our favorite pottery quotes for you to enjoy.

Funny Pottery Quotes

No matter how busy life gets, remind yourself to step back every so often and enjoy the scenic route. #potteryquote

If you love pottery, our Yellow Pottery Cooler Tote will be a daily delight in your life.

I’ve designed this pottery for you to love it. I’m not in that business – but I am in the business of helping you fill it with plants that will bring joy into your life.

Way out of the box pottery pieces was created by my dad, who was always challenging himself to be innovative with his artwork.

If you learn only three things in life, let these be the three: breath through your mouth, look before you leap and throw pots.

A memo board to the world ♥📌

My focus is on form and function over aesthetics, but I’m not afraid to put a little flair on something if it’s needed.

Have a beautiful day today. Take time for your passions. Life is short, love the people you love.

I love new beginnings, the excitement of a potential. With each new start comes the promise of new adventures, uncharted territories, and endless possibilities.

Let your creativity flow at pottery painting workshops with no prior experience required. No need to measure, just paint, have fun and create something beautiful.

simple things bring complex joy’ – Shakespeare #pottery

I didn’t know what I was looking at, but I knew I would never see anything like it. #pottery

I’m not really sorry that I threw pots today 🖐🏼 ~Namaste 😉

Life is an inspiration, work your clay.

Life is an art form, so follow your heart.

The best part of waking up is an afternoon coffee date with my daughter ❤️☕🍵

🎨A reminder to look beyond the surface and celebrate the beauty that lies within 🧚‍♀️ #️⃣

Slow down and savor the art of spending time with those you love.

What began as a small hankering has grown into a full-blown hankering? For pottery. Like the good old days.

Pottery is art… Evolved. We create the pleasing shapes of nature refreshed by function.

throw a pot of poetry into the kiln and you get poetry. throw some life into your cobalt and you get pure soul. #pots #quote #pottery

Throw your troubles away. #pottery

It’s not alone what you’re making—it’s how you make it. #pottery #quotes #inspiration

Our quote & our company are both centered around encouraging others to find their passion, be creative, and enjoy the process of doing things.

A pot that has stood the test of time.

Making everyday moments special, since 1976.

A post is like a jar. If you fill it with nonsense, it will be worthless. But if you fill it with meaning, even little meaning, it may become valuable, perhaps priceless.

One of the best things about fall is getting together with friends—and everyone loves pottery. 🛁#potteryquotes

Looking for high-quality handcrafted masterpieces? We have you covered with our pottery shop. We have over 100 different styles of handmade pottery

Promoting cool pottery for Halloween

For some, clay is a hobby. For us, the clay is life.

I’m with the fall. I do things differently with the fall. ❄️

Proud to support local potters across the country. From New Mexico to Ohio, our stores are brimming with colorful, handmade pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

Inspired by the women behind the art. #potteryquotes #dinnersetquotes

By making pottery an integrated part of our lives, we’re working to create nurturing homes and communities, where people love to work and live. Hello Pottery!

Life is like a piece of pottery—by the time you get it right, it’s already broken.

Use a pottery bowl for this!!!

Keeping’ it real in the Kingdom of Clay. 💪

Each piece in our collection is a little bit of sunshine waiting to happen in your home 🌞☀️

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s

Create, capture, consume. These are my three favorite words for the day 🎨🍷☕

Three wishes for today: to do without the impossible, to know without knowing how, and to be filled with wonder every day.

“I love throwing pots. I don’t know why. Nobody washes them, you can drop them, they never break or go out of fashion, I love their nationality—one village pot is very much like another—and they

Oh, the places me and my pottery will go. 🎪🍀

Every potter has a unique story. Tell theirs ❤️

What happens in the kiln, stays in the #potterywheel 😜

Life is short. Make art. Make mistakes. Make pots. After all, no one needs to eat off your mistakes, but they can eat off your art.

Fresh pots for a new season 🎄


Funny Pottery Quotes


Wonderful Things Happen When You Have A Plan and Work Hard.

Working with the sun, my hands, and the material is like meditation. I wish everyone could feel this peace.

There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away, nor any coursers like a page of prancing poetry.

The only thing better than handmade pottery is knowing that you made it yourself.

“I’m just now uncovering my own way of making pots that satisfies my soul. Which means I’m always getting started over. Thank God for that.”

Fall is a good time to make a new pottery piece. Don’t you think? 😀

We all have a little of the potter within us.

What a lovely way to spend a Sunday. Timeless artisanship, the calm of the studio and great company. 💚

In art, in love, in life—don’t wait to be chosen.

A home is made by love, not bricks and mortar.

The Pottery Place is fun and comfortable. It is a place to get involved with friends.

Make your home beautiful with handmade pottery made by artisans around the world, perfectly suited for living.

From the first moment it touches my hands, I know whether the pot will become useful, attractive, valuable to me. It comes alive under my hands.

We create what you crave. Glazed ceramic products with a charming handmade touch that extend beyond dinnerware into everyday serveware (#3, #12).

We’ve got the goods for you to make your own artistic statement. From pots and pans to cups and vases—we’ve got everything that makes a house, a home.

As beautiful as clay can be, it is at its most stunning when hidden beneath a layer of glaze.

Can we talk trade secrets? I’d like to see your hands-on approach to ceramics and learn from you. What do you think?

things you love should make your home happy, too. like the YETI mug that makes sure your coffee stays hot—and your hands froze.

In the age of self-promotion, authenticity is a priceless human quality.

Life is a piece of art. Enjoy it.

Every piece of my heart is a memorable moment with you. Today I choose to grin and bear it, embrace the good and the bad. And I’m thankful for these rocky roads because they’ve made my heart strong, they’

You can see the bare beginnings of a beautiful thing take shape, and when it’s right, you know.

Keep calm, and Pottery On.

Beauty in simplicity and functionality. #love #life #pottery

Life is a Canvas… Paint what you enjoy most.

There’s no place like home…especially when there’s a new @coldpoppottery in the house! We’re in love with this golden lamp. 😍 #coldpop #coldpoppottery

Pair your new favorite handcrafted mug with a fresh pot of coffee and a good book. #vacation #coffee

Hi, how are you today?

Every piece of pottery comes to life with an idea, a creation, an inspiration. Mesmerize yourself.

This fall, gather around the pottery wheel and create something to treasure.   #ArtisanMarket

Wonderfully crafted ceramic designs for your kitchen and table. Bowls, mugs, cutting boards. For the home, the table, the wall. Artful homeware made in Brooklyn with love.

This is a handmade quote that inspires pride in an art form and captures the atmosphere of your art studio

Like pottery, friendship is broken first by anger, then restored by laughter. Enjoy the warmth of friends today!

Our handmade crafts, gifts, and housewares. To see our latest work, follow us on Instagram at @potterybarn

…the magic of these moments is how they connect us to the visceral experience of… cooking, crafting, flower arranging.

Our studio aesthetic is simple and elegant, but we’re not afraid to play with bold colors or mix-up shapes. You tell us what inspires you!

The creative process is a combination of art and science that leads to creative solutions to design problems‖

Each piece is handcrafted in our studio with great attention to detail.

I’m so in love with gray. It’s the new neutral.  #potteryquotes #fabfabric

Life is like pottery. If you don’t fire it regularly, cracks begin to show.

Whether or not you’ve got a great big love, or a little one, heart-shaped pottery will always inspire fond feelings. Happy Valentine’s Day.

There’s something about ceramics that is timeless. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the fact that they’re often so useful while being simultaneously so beautiful. That definitely rings true with us.

When life hands you pottery pieces in an F shape, make sure you listen to it with your heart, because only when the dust settles will the meaning of it all be revealed.

Light and bright, in both color and in the form: These ceramic planters and pots add a touch of contemporary style to any space no matter the season.

There is no right or wrong in art. There is only the bold and the timid, and both ways can be used by artists.

Some days are just perfect for dreaming up new designs. Other days are perfect for making them. Days like that are even better when spending time with your favorite people.

The most satisfying feeling in the world.

“There is a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in.”

Making a great cup of coffee is pure joy.  I hope you’ll find the same happiness in your pottery, no matter how it turns out or what cup you choose. ☕️ Celebrate the little things!

Our pieces aren’t signed by a potter or stamped by a machine. They’re signed by you. That’s what makes them special.

These little bowls are hand thrown on the pottery wheel, kiln fired to perfection, stamped with your unique message, glazed in glossy or matte paint + then fired again for durability!

If you break it, you still have a pot.

These pots live in a little community in my neighborhood 😊 #everydayfriday

Painting is a fire in the darkness.

To create a feeling of color and whimsy for a pottery company

Get inspired for the new season with these fun fall pottery pieces.

There’s something about the shape of a pot.

A pottery class is a great way to get your hands dirty and your creativity flowing. Sign up today.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. -Lao Tzu. Take steps to create pottery from your own imagination!

The romance is in the making; the use of your own hands; the awareness of mind and spirit as you work with clay.

A potted plant can brighten up any space. Find one at Pottery Barn tonight. #PbGrowSomethingGood

Discover a world of clay alone, with a friend, or a group.

Let your soul shine through what you make’

Creativity takes courage. 🗣

Pottery takes a glimpse into the modern juxtaposition between simplicity and complex artistry.

It takes a thousand kilns to fire a single piece of pottery.

My parents recently inherited a collection of clay that they haven’t used in years, and it is amazing how the material ages. The molds have become so smooth from being on the shelf for so long.

The rhythm of his work is also the rhythm of his breathing, the beating of his heart. He feels the clay under his fingers. He knows every curve, every inflection of it is a language for him.

Turn your paintbrush to the sky and dream big dreams.  If we share them together, we’ll have the world at our fingertips.

Delightful. Elegant. Timeless. That’s what we strive to achieve at Homer Laughlin and that’s what you’ll find in our pieces.

Everything I am is because of my dad, particularly his strength and his creativity. Come by our shop to see some of his work! #fathersday

Make a handmade gift. May it be a simple thing to you, but a beautiful and cherished thing to the one who receives it. #mudworker #potteryquote

“Life is like pottery.”

Buy handmade pottery, ornaments, and fine art from thousands of talented artists around the world.

We start with a discovery. A blank slate. Then we work it and shape it and fire it and glaze it and create art.

Summer is in full swing and it’s one of my favorite times to fire up the kiln, go for a walk-in nature and collect heart shaped rocks 🌊

Our Lips are Sealed. This little girl is extra adorable

Make today count. We’re here to provide you with the best possible pottery experience.

Think before you throw. Pottery is not meant to be thrown.

Discover your inner artist with a free pottery class.

Perfect for your Veranda kitchen or anywhere you want to show off your love for the South ORANGE COUNTY

Baby, it’s cold outside, but our handcrafted stoneware looks beautiful on the table all year round.

I love the way pottery makes my heart sing.

One of the most beautiful things in life is to see someone doing something extremely simple, and extremely well.

Hey there! I’m so glad you found this collection of pottery quotes. There are so many amazing quotes about pottery to read, but these are the best ones.

I’m not sure if it’s the simplicity of clay making or the dimension of my creations that makes me love creating, but I do know one thing–it keeps me happy #potteryquotes #pottery

Every pot is a piece of art with its own story to tell.

Playing with clay” it’s just- it’s therapeutic. It’s peaceful. It’s a stress reliever. And, I’m not saying that you have to go and jump into a pottery class, but just opening that box or going

Get crafting with our Beginner’s Pottery Kits—exclusively available online. They’re the perfect DIY gift for any occasion.

Patterns are guided by nature, they are found in the natural landscape, they are inspired by the curves of shells and the ripples in the sand. #LoveShelleyPottery

seeing your art in front of you is my favorite part of this process

Create something every day. Love the way it feels to put a little mark on this world.

Like a fresh pot of coffee, great design takes time to brew.  Enjoy the beauty of not only the stoneware but the process of how it all began.”

Hello, future vase! 😊

Ever make something and think to yourself: “I could do this for a living.” ♠️🎨

Life is hands and clay and the thrill of the thumb upon the wet clay’s edge.

Feeling nostalgic for summer? Join us on our Instagram Story this week to share your #SummerSentiments.  We’ll share some of them on our Stories so you can reminisce all year long.

We believe that communicating a culture of making things by hand will help end the epidemic of loneliness.

Home is where the heart is ✔️💕

When it’s busy, choose a pottery quote to help you stay focused and centered on what’s important.

Well, it certainly is a fine day to be a pot! Happy National Pottery Day next week! #NationalPotteryDay

“If you want to become a potter, start as a child.” #potteryquote#pottery #japanesepottery

Are you a potter too? Now is the time to start making decorations for your house using any of these supplies from Kilnworks Pottery!

A timeless piece, a new table. Welcome a fresh start to your home with a new piece from the new line of pottery from Pier1 today.

How can you get fired up for this weekend’s pottery class from @claywerkstatt 🎨?

The touch of a potter and the taste of a cup of coffee. When two come together, beautiful things happen ⛪💕

Trying to get away from it all? We can help with a night or two of rest and relaxation at #potterybarncabins or a mid-week getaway surrounded by our new Home Decor. 🌞

If I ever leave this earth without my memories, they’ll be out here. With these trees, these leaves, this sunlight that filters through them. With the people who studied with me, the pots I’ve thrown, the talks I’ve given.

Where’s Waldo? Anywhere but with a set of our most special-edition mugs. Available for a limited time only in stores and online. #wheresthebeach

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