Best Good Morning Prayer Sms to My Love

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Cute Good Morning Prayer for My Husband

Good Morning Prayer Sms to My Love

Good Morning Prayer Sms to My Love: Having a husband is the best kind of gift you can ever have. Your husband will be your supporter, closest companion, and love when there is no one around you. If you have a good husband, it means you are lucky so, it is good that you should show him how much you care about him.

Text your husband these powerful prayer text messages as compensation for the true love he has been showering on you believe it or not you will actually enjoy the whole love he has in him.

• May the good Lord grant all your wishes today as you wake up. My husband, you are the best friend I have in life.

• The Lord will stand before and after you not as a barrier but as the strongest rock to lead you to your success.

• You will never regret it in life and as you prepare to go out, may the Lord protect you from all evils. Good morning dear.

• My heart finds peace in having you around me, that’s why I am praying that the Lord protect you throughout today.

• Good morning to my dear husband, the father of my kids may the Lord brighten up your day with a smile.

• I pray you continue to find endless peace in your endeavors, may you continue to smile in all you do. Good morning.

• The love that rises in my heart for you does not fall back. May the Lord use this true love I have for you as a reason to make you succeed this morning.

• You deserve success may it reach you soonest. Good morning dear I appreciate you for the love you show to me.

• As you step out to do your daily job, I pray you succeed in your endeavors. I love you so much. Good morning hubby.

• You are so special that I cannot forget you all the days of my life. I ask the Lord to continue to bless you all the time.

• My honey, as you have added more sweetness in my life, may the Lord add more success to your life too. Good morning.

• May the blessing of God manifest in your life to promote you to a higher place in life. I wish you a sweet day ahead.

• Lord, you are the one that created us please protect us from the unseen forces and bless us every day and night.

• May the Lord push your mission this morning away from the point the devil and his incarnates are gathered.

Prayer for my husband at work

• May you receive great promotion in your workplace of work today—Good morning, I celebrate you all the time and always.

• Your love has made me into a special person and that’s one of the best gifts I received this year. I wish you all the success in life.

• Far or near you are the love of my life. May the Lord bless your handwork and open a lot of ways for you.

• As you wake up this morning, I ask God to bless you abundantly. You are the best husband in this world.

• May you shine like sunlight this morning. I pray for success without limits in your life. Good morning.

• I pray the Lord turn your desires into reality for you. As you continue to search for a greener pasture, may you find peace and harmony in all your endeavor.

• My Love, you are the most amazing companion, may the Lord cover your home with His light. Good to have you dear.

• I appreciate your love in my life and pray you find the kind of peace that will make you happy all the time.

• There is love, joy and happiness in my heart all because I found you. I just want to thank you for everything you have achieved in my life. May the Lord bless your hustle.

• The Lord of the heavens and the earth shall see into your matter soon. I beseech the Lord to protect you for all you are doing.

• I pray you continue to succeed in everything you have been doing. Lord almighty shall bless you from where you least expected.

• I entrust the life of my husband in the Hand of the most merciful. Protect him from all angles and bless his effort at work.

• May the protection of God continue to follow my husband all the days of his life—Lord, deliver him from poverty and enrich him from your bounties.

• Our Lord, you are the greatest, grant my husband great promotions this year and always. You are the mightiest; make him the best in his working place.

• The Lord in His infinite mercy shall promote you in all you have been doing. I pray you find the peace you deserve always.

• As you are thinking of great things in your life, may the dreams come to pass as soon as possible. I love you so much.

• Every moment reminds me of how nice you have been to me. may the Lord reward you for everything you want to achieve in life.

Good Morning Prayer for Husband for Promotion

• Promotion is a step ahead, may the Lord continue to promote you in your work. You are such an amazing husband.

• You will reach where anyone least expected. Your success will continue to grow without limit and this morning will begin your new success in life.

• As you rise from your bed today—good fortune will follow you. You will never fall from grace to grass and your light will outshine your colleagues.

• May the Lord have mercy upon you for your heart desires. You will find yourself in great height as you step out of your house.

• The Lord shall open great doors of success for you and you will never regret coming to this world for any reason.

• As you started this day with smile some few minute ago, so shall you continue to smile for great fortunes in your life.

• May the Lord always keep you where success will reach you and keep you away from a bad thing on your way to your work.

• The power of God shall follow you to the part of success. I pray you to find that peace that doesn’t end for any reason.

• I am so happy to have you as my husband and the Lord will never forget you forever and ever. Good morning.

• Your success will be crowned by the grace of God. Your Lord will be with you all the time. You will live a peaceful life all the time.

• I beseech the Lord to purify your heart, draw you close to his light and bless you in all ramification of life.

• My dear husband, may you prosper in all you are doing and the perfect Lord shall continue to protect you forever and ever.

• May the Lord in His infinite mercy bless your hustle and open your eyes to see the opportunities others cannot see.

• As you wake up to this precious day may you find your own portion of the bounties surrounding it. Good morning.

• Anytime I wake up to see your beautiful smile, my heart becomes filled with happiness, may the Lord bless you every day and night.

• I call upon the most merciful to direct you to the path that leads to your success. Good morning dear.

• May you not suffer in this world. May you find success in your mission this beautiful morning.

• There is no permanent thing on this earth, may your sufferings come to an end from now on. Good morning.

Good Morning Prayer for My Husband

• May the Lord continue to protect you in all you want in this world. As you wake up this morning, may you wake up to success.

• Lord, promote my husband in his job and bless his work for people to love him so much. Good morning.

• You are so sweet so will your life be sweet forever and ever. I wish you the best in this world. Good morning my darling.

• Every single day makes me happy because I have the best husband in the world. I pray you find the love you want always.

• I am happy this morning and wish to reach out to you with this prayer—may your life continue to be stable.

• Lord, I call upon you, I don’t have the power to make my husband succeed in life but I have you. Lord, bless my husband.

• Dear husband, you will never suffer any calamity throughout this year and years to come. The Lord will always be with you.

• You are so nice to me and the people around us. May the Lord take this as a reason to bless you all the time.

• The Lord will not forsake you in this world and hereafter. You shall taste from the bounty of paradise.

• You are the sweetest person on this earth and that’s why I am praying for God to bless you abundantly.

• As you are preparing to go for the morning job, may the Lord send along with you angels of success. Good morning dear.

• May you not miss your opportunity for any reason. Your success will be as precious as the treasure of success.

• The Light of God will light your home all the time and nothing will stop you from becoming what you intend to be.

• May you find the kind of peace that you deserve now and forever. Good to have you in this world.

• May the Lord wipe away your tears, bless your hustles and bless your day and night with fortune.

Good Morning Prayer for My Husband for Fortune

• May the good fortune of the Lord meet you this morning to open all doors of success in your life. Good morning.

• May the fortune of the Lord appear in your life today and forever. Good morning my love and passion.

• I pray for your good fortune as I wake up this morning, may the favor of God be with you all through the day.

• I pray you that find the kind of fortune that floods your home with joy and happiness. Good to have you in this world.

• Lord, you are the most amazing God, may you find the success that never ends. Good to have you as a good husband, may your fortune reach you soon.

• The fountain of success shall spray its water on your body this morning and your fortune will be exposed to you.

• The prayer you said upon yourself and on everyone shall come to pass by the special grace of God. Good morning and the Lord shall bring you good fortune.

• Lord, you are the best, bring out the best in my husband and bless him with great fortune. Good morning dear.

• Your success will have no bound and the fortune the Lord prepare for you will never end. Good morning.

• I wish you God’s protection and mercy this morning, may you succeed in everything you are doing. Good morning.

• Today is a dream come true may the Lord make the beginning and end of this day profit you. I love you so much.

• May God’s infinite mercy be there for you all the time. I pray that you find peace and harmony in all you are doing.

• I salute you for always been a caring husband. I wish you all the best this day and pray that you find happiness today.

• Forever and ever you will live to enjoy the world. You will continue to rise above your counterparts.

• Wake up to the success prepared for you by God this morning. May your days be filled with love, peace, and harmony.

• I am grateful for everything you have done in my life. I pray for you to find the joy that never ends now and always.

• God will answer your prayers said and unsaid. He will bless you with abundant joy in this world. Good morning.

• I ask the most merciful God to continue to put a smile on your face all the days of your life. I love you my happiness.

• As you woke up this morning with a beautiful smile, so shall your day be filled with lots of laughter. Good morning darling.

• I am the luckiest woman on earth because I have a special husband like you. I pray you to continue to live up to your expectations all the time.

• May the most merciful God bless you in a way you least expected, protect and promote you in all your life endeavors. Good morning.

• As you wake up this morning, may your Lord bless you with lots of good things. I pray the Lord grants you lots of success in life.