Good Night Happy Quotes Short Note for Lovers

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Good Night happy Quotes for her


Good Night Happy Quotes


Good Night Happy Quotes: Are you ready to send goodnight messages to your loved ones? Here we are with some love messages to text to those you love.

Short Good Night Quotes for Lovers.

Special Good Night Messages for her to Wake up to.


1. Hello lady, what’s up there? I hope you are going to enjoy this night as cute as possible? I just wanted to say goodnight.



2. I wish you a wonderful night, I pray you to enjoy this night in love, peace, and harmony. Goodnight angel. Good Night Wishes to Lover Copy and Paste. 



3. Hello girl, I hope you are enjoying this night in love, joy, and happiness. I am happy with you. Goodnight to you.



4. One thing I know I can say about you that will make me happy is that I love you. Goodnight sweet dreams my angel.



5. Don’t forget I need you like never before, I am happy to have you in all I’m doing. Thanks for being there for me.



6. Goodnight to my choice in life. Do you actually know how much you have changed my life at all? I will always be grateful to you.



7. I close my eyes and imagine a life that will make me happy forever. When I open my eyes I see you standing before me.



8. The love that sparks in my heart today is one special one I cannot share with anyone but you. Goodnight sweet love.



9. I am sending these sweet wishes to you to make you happy all your life, I pray you to find peace in all you are doing. Goodnight.



10. What a nice day with a queen, I don’t think I can ever forget you all my life. I am in love with you at the core.



11. What really matters to me the most is that you are the number one choice of my life. I will always love you forever.



12. If there is any reason why I don’t want to run away from any distress I may be going through in life, it is because you are still with me. Every night, every moment and every love we shared is important to me.



13. Put a smile on your face, it makes the night a better time to live. Goodnight and sweet dreams to my love.



14. When I saw you yesterday, the smile you cast at me really touched my heart. I love you like never before. Goodnight.



15. Loving you is something precious, it is something that makes me happy day by day, you are the most beloved in my life.



16. You have a beautiful face that is always irresistible, it is something that when seen, a person will surely laugh to the end. Goodnight.



17. Whenever I see you, my heart jumps and runs in the speed of light. I love you so much that nothing will make me forget you.



18. Do you know how much your presence in my life has stabilized my blood pressure? That’s exactly what you will not forget forever.



19. Goodnight to my beautiful and amiable girlfriend. The woman gave it to me by the Almighty to spend the rest of her time with me.



20. No one understands how much you mean to me. If you know the kind of love I have for you, the mountains will have been trembling to give you a sign.


Good Night Happy Quotes For Him from her



21. The night is a blanket of love, it is something I cannot do away with, I love this night time because it makes sense to me.



22. Since you are my husband, I think it is high time to make you happy by preparing your favorite in life. I love you.


23. This man is the best for me and that’s why she is close to my heart, I love her day by day and need you all the time. I love you.



24. I am your friend, your wife and the most beautiful man in my life. This night is one of the most precious moments because I want to be yours. I love you.



25. I am your dream, your joy and the most amazing man in my life. Goodnight to the one I cherish the most. I love you.



26. What a lovely lady you are, a nice lover with two beautiful dimples on your cheeks. Goodnight my sweet lovely angel.



27. What a fresh lady, full of love, joy, cuteness, and happiness. I love you beyond what you think as you are the most handsome man in the world.



28. What can I do without you in my life? Don’t you know without you, I can’t even sleep at night? I wish you a night of sleep with chocolate and strawberry taste.



29. Goodnight my pure angel, I know you are not asleep because my heart gives me the signal that you are there thinking of me.



30. Don’t forget that being in love with a romantic lady like you can make the world blast into a beautiful passion world. Goodnight and I love.



31. I have been thinking of a possibility to make you happy, I have been thinking of you in a special way no one can understand, this is because you are more than just a husband You are the joy I have.



32. So you know why I am happy with you? You have all it takes to be with you. You always make me happy anytime I see my eyes on you.



33. I don’t want to cry because you are not here, I want to be thinking of you too much, all I want is to see you right by my side.



34. Never you think I will not stay with you today because you are sick, if I did so, it means I have betrayed the trust between you and me. Goodnight baby.



35. The night is the reason why the body is at rest, it is the wrapper of love that brings a man and a woman closer. I love you.



36. I was in the village thinking of you, trying to see you and hoping to be by your side all the time. I wish you know this, and I will have been relieved since these years.



37. The love of many years ago can’t be compared with the one nurtured yesterday. I am still in love with you all the time. Goodnight.



38. Just know that there is no day I don’t miss you. I do miss you every second, I do miss you every minute. Goodnight to my joy.



39. The kind of joy you give to me is that I cannot forget because it has become a remedy for my heart. I love you and there is no doubt about this.



40. I just want to say goodnight to my able lover, a kind heart angel, and the most beloved person in my life. Good to have you in this world.



Good Night Happy Quotes for Boyfriend or Girlfriend



41. All I need in this world is your love so that we can help each other to the path of true love and trust. Goodnight sweet lady.



42. If oh can’t think of you in a day, it means I am on earth. You are my dream and the reality God has achieved for me. Goodnight.



43. Loving you is a blessing to me, I have been attached to you and showing love to you is all the best I can. I love you.


44. I want to share my love with you tonight so that the seconds, minutes and hours we spent apart will be recovered. I love you.



45. You have turned my heart into a special home, it is now easy to love everyone, it is now a good dwelling place to be. Goodnight.



46. What can I say to the love of my heart, what can I do to make you understand that this life is worth spending with you forever?



47. Look at the air that blows, look at the beautiful gardens in the world, and see the entire world as wide as it is and my heart will never give up on you. Goodnight.



48. Living without you will never make me happy, this is the truth I cannot stop enjoying all my life. I love you.



49. I just want to say goodnight to the air I breathe so that she will come cooler than ever. I will call you later.



50. I have searched the world to see if there is any woman more beautiful than you are but I can’t even see one that can compete with you.



51. You are like a diamond to me, everything about you is more interesting to me than anything else in life. Goodnight.



52. There is no single person on earth that can match your beauty, I envy your beauty and want to be yours forever. I love you.



53. The day I set my eyes on you, I realized that good things have come to my life, I will never forget you forever. Goodnight my angel.



54. How I wish you are here to put a smile on my face, I wish you understand how much I have been thinking of you. I love you. Goodnight.



55. Since the beginning of our love, I have been thinking of a way to make you happy in all we do together in life, this night, I am actually thinking of you. I miss you so much.



56. Looking at you makes me happy, it makes me want to live with you for the rest of my life. Goodnight.



57. I have found the star that never dull, I have found the moonlight that will always be with me forever. Goodnight angel.



58. Wishing you a night with great love and a night of sleep with endless joy. Goodnight but I will really miss you.



59. As I close my eyes I see you holding my hands, I am happy for you because you belong to me. Goodnight angel.



60. Thinking of you is a bright reason to smile all the time, I am so much in love with you because you are the true love of my life. Goodnight.



Good Night happy Quotes short notes for wife



61. I am writing this note to show you how much I wanted you the first day I set my eyes on you. This has been a good reason to spend the rest of my life with you.



62. I just want to say I miss you. I want to be your man all the time so that you will enjoy the part of love that makes life better. I wish you all the best.



63. I will show humbleness and humility towards you because I want to be the one after you. I love you so much.



64. I have come across many people in life but none has ever been this lovely as you are. If you can come close to my chest, I will show you how much you have become this wonderful.



65. I just wish you know that thinking of you is the sweetest thing I have ever seen in life, I am so much in love with the passion that beats in my heart.



66. Leading a life without you will be too hard for me. If this night can be a bit lovely, it is because I could hear your voice. Goodnight.



67. I have found you, I have seen you and I have accepted you because you worth a lot to me. I will never stop thinking about you.



68. Love has really reached my eyes to the extent that I see no one again. Anywhere I face, I see your face alone. Goodnight angel.



69. I miss you so much that I can’t even remember when last I think of any other girl better than you. I love you.



70. Do you know I cannot possibly forget you in this world? I am now so interested in you than anyone else. I wish you all the best on this earth. Thanks so much.



71. Love has reached a point in my life that I can’t even remember my own name just because your thoughts have dominated my heart.



72. I want to see you happy all the time because you are more than special. Goodnight to my baby mother.



73. If I can keep you awake today, it will be one of the sweetest achievements this year for me.  Goodnight, I love you.



74. It is nice I found you, interesting you belong to me, great you are my future wife, happy you are in my life and truly that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Goodnight.



Good Night Happy Quotes for Husband


75. When I heard your voice, I realized this is the night of joy, the night of the day I found my better half. I realized this is the day of my passion, the passion of the day I met my heartbeat.



76. The only day I don’t Think of you is the day that never exists. Goodnight to the man that stands for me at the time of pain.



77. You are beautifully created and that’s why I carefully love you better than countless men. Goodnight Handsome.


78. Before you close your eyes to go to school, make sure every moment we shared together in the day is remembered. Goodnight.



79. There is no love that doesn’t touch the heart except the one coming from an ingrate. Goodnight sweetheart.



80. The day is already changing her garment, another moment of sweet romance is approaching for me to show you how much you mean to me.


81. Before you retire to have a good night’s rest, remember someone is always awake thinking about you. Someone cannot sleep without your thoughts.



82. I am the woman who wants to spend the rest of her life with you. I am the princess you have been searching for. Goodnight.



83. I have decided not to cry again because I have you by my side I have accepted my faith because I can’t do without you. Goodnight.



84 The reason why I can’t stop loving you is that you are more understanding than any man I ace ever met in my life.



85. You are warm when touched, sweet when tasted. I love the way you cuddle me whenever I sit on your lap.



86 What a beautiful life I am living. I have you by my side. You are always interesting because the kids and hug you give to me make me feel like I am in eternal pleasure.



87. You are such an amazing treasure, little did I know about you as one of the most precious men in this world I don’t have any other person I can possibly love the way I love you. I am happy to have met you in life.



88. Thinking of you is like a season film, it never ends, just like Merlin, full of suspense. You are my game of thrones, I love to see you almost all the time.



89 What a special love I have for you as the best ever met the other day it was raining. Remember how much I wanted to stay with you by all means but you manage to control yourself by walking me down my home. I live you.



90. My love, good morning, how was your night? I know it was fantastic because I gave you one of your favorites. Good to see you this morning once again.



91. I love it whenever I wake up to see your face shining with a glowing smile. I will always be yours now and forever. I love you.



92. Good night my better half, you caught me unaware and now I am completely in love with you. I cherish you so much.


93. To the best person in my life, I love you second person second, I adore you a minute by a minute and it will remain so always. Goodnight.


94. Even at the last seconds of my breath, I will not forget your thoughts. I will always be yours for the rest of my life.



Good Night Happy Quotes To Send to Him



95. I wish you the sweetest of dreams. As you lay your head on your pillow, never forget that your love will soon join you.



96. I am in the bed right now, don’t you care for a deer night kiss. I also feel like we should have some fun tonight.



97. My heart beats faster at a glance at your face. You have this handsome face every woman will love to possess for herself alone.



98. I need you to understand that you are the passion of my life, I need you to know that you are the dream of my life. I will always love you until eternity.



99. I miss you, I love your way of life as it is one of the greatest things I have ever come across in this world. I will always love you no matter what.



100. Never you forget how much I adore you. Anytime you come, I will be there for you. I am going to prepare myself for you.



101. I feel like loving you day by day, thinking about you night by night, and then will love to kiss you forever because you belong to me.



102. I was alone in a lonely life, shortly, you came into my life to shower me with endless love. I am always surprised because you are one outstanding love I have in this mortal life.



103. When you meet the one meant for you, it is true that you can’t even deny it. I love you, there is no doubt. So believe me, when I said you are mine forever.



104. Sometimes, I don’t know how to tell you that your thoughts don’t allow me to sleep until I hear your voice. Goodnight.



Good Night Happy Quotes to Send to Her


105. Truly, I have never met anyone as special as you as are, when I was searching for a woman to marry, it was hard for me to get one, until I met you, I realized you are the one for me.



106. No wonder I can now feel my ribs completely. I found you. I will do everything in my capacity to make sure I take good care of you. I love you.



107. I used to be the slowest writer in my crew, but somehow since the day I got married to you, I am now the fastest writer. You are a blessing in disguise.



108. Every woman has what is unique to her, your unique identity is the amazing love shown to me. Goodnight.


109. I used to hear about angels but I have never seen any before until I met you. I love your beautiful dimples.



110. As far as there’s an angel like you, I will always be happy in life. I wish you the best LG lucks. Thanks to my darling.



111. I am the kind of brand you said you love. Why not maintain this brand so it will last with you. Love me every day, care for me all the time.



112. I just can’t imagine a day without thinking about the memories we shared together, I am yours for the rest of my life.



113. I closed my eyes and saw a beautiful woman around the ocean when I walked closer, I realized it was you.



114. If you agree to be my Eve forever, I will be your Adam until the end of time. I will not forget you no matter what.


Good Night Happy Quotes for Best Female Friend



115. Is there still a rare gem like you on earth? I have searched time without number to see if there is anyone that can take your place. I love you.



116. Whatever it is, don’t forget that I will never love another friend as I do to you. Goodnight, have a nice rest.



117. I can’t forget all we have done together of good that benefits humanity, you are a role model, a pearl that deserves the honor.



118. You are an icon amongst millions of people in the world. I know NJ is how much you love me and then, destiny does not count us together as spouses.



119. Wherever you may be, may the Lord grant you the heart to withstand pressure, the ear to hear good words and the patience to tolerate everyone. Goodnight.



120. I don’t have any other friend in life save you, and the reason being that through you, I learned righteousness.



121. Forget the fact that you are a female, the lesson I learn from you every day, no man has ever been able to teach me.



122. Goodnight, I know NJ is I will definitely miss you, but with no time, I aspire to see your beautiful face tomorrow.



123. If I said I am comfortable without you, please check a scale of lies, mine will read the highest number. I love you.



124. I didn’t believe that you will be this special, now that I met you, I can now confirm the great things I heard about you.



Good Night Happy Quotes for my Crush

125. Although I met you as a stranger, now you are to as a woman I have known for fifty years ago. Goodnight and have a sweet dream.



126. I began to realize that I am falling in love with you. I don’t actually know the reason, but truly, I am getting crazier about the love I have for you.



127. I will always be your angel, your joy, and the happiness that will last forever on your mind. I will not forget you even for once.


128. For certainly, I have a lot of things to tell you. Firstly, you are my dream comes true, secondly, you are the one I cannot stop thinking about. I love you like candy.



129. Whatever it is, let me know how you feel about our first kiss, I hope you enjoy it. I am always there for you.



130. In the world where loneliness prevails liveliness, if I have the opportunity to hold your hands, I will be the gladdest Goodnight.



131. You may not understand how much I want you. I am thinking of taking us to the next level. I love you to the core.



132. What will I gain if I left a crush like you? You have to move from being a crush to a crusher, but the crushing will be after marriage. Goodnight, lol.



133. The most joyous moment of my life was the day I saw you walking up to me like an angel. I wish you all your heart desires.



134. Come to me, hold my hands, make me happy, and never give up on me because I love you to the core.



Good Night Happy Quotes the Funniest ever



135. Is there any way to your heart, I want to find my way into it. I wish I can dwell in your heart forever. Goodnight sweetie love.



136 If I have perfect chocolate, I will give you to eat, if I have a sweet lollipop, I will not hesitate to give you to crush.



137. I want to be yours day by day, I want to see your face every minute because it is the joy I have in me. Goodnight.



138. Don’t you see that this night is brown, how I wish you are a chocolate, I will have corn to eat you up?



139. When it is cold in the night, I used to remember my wife. I just want to see me wrapped on you.



140. You are my garment, so if I wear you as though I will not let you go, you don’t need to blame me at all. Goodnight.



141. Unless I have not seen you, then my feet will not tremble on the floor. Your excess beauty baffles me a lot.


142. Don’t get tired of me, it is rare to this day to find someone that will be in true love with you. Goodnight sweet dreams tonight.



143. I know how bad you will feel if you can’t see me soon, but it not intentional please forgive me.



144 Thinking of you is my pleasure because it gives me more energy to do great things in life. I wish you all the best tonight.



145. I realized life will always be incomplete until I am able to stay with someone as gorgeous as you are. I wish you all the best contained in this blissful night.


Best Good Night Happy Quote Short Notes for Lovers


146. I am writing this note to you as the sign of the true love I have for you from the bottom of my heart. I am telling you that you mean everything to me in this world which makes you the most beloved person in my life. I wish to be with you all the days of my life because you are the best for me. I love you so much.

147. Thank God for the things you have done in my life, thanks for the endless smile I do have any time I set my eyes on you. The day I met you little did it occur to me that the comfort of my life has come. I will always be there as your angel and the one you cherish the most.

148. With the smile that comes out of your face like a river coming out of the sand, I became the happiest man on earth. I will never tell a lie to you because you are all I need in my life. I wish to be there for you in all aspects of your life. I love you.

149. Thanks to the man that fathers my kids, the only man that can make me happy for the rest of my life. I want to wish you the best this wonderful moment. I am sending you lots of hugs to keep you warm. I will be there for you all the time.

150. Whatever it takes to put a smile on the face of the woman I cherish the most, that’s exactly what I will do, I will follow you down to any hole just to be there for you whenever you need my help, I love everything about you and there is no doubt about it.

151. The fragrance of your body is so nice to me and that’s why I fell in love with you, but what keeps me in love with you is your character that’s as gentle as water. I miss your love songs, and the beautiful voice that sounds like piano.

152. I have been waiting for a day like this to be with you for as long as I love you. The truth is that I love you forever and wish you understand the power of the kind of love I have for you from this moment on. You are my soul and much of the reason I smile.

153. I don’t think I can live without you by my side. I don’t think this life will be liable for me without you. I am so much in deep passion for you and my heart will always beat for you for the rest of my life. I am in love with your noble smile too.

154. Being in love with an angel like you is one of the most precious things that has ever occurred to me, it gives me this passion that makes me feel so great inside of me and I will always love you for the rest of my life. Thanks so much.

155. Dear sweet angel, you are the voice I hear from the innermost part of me, you are the picture I see vividly fifteen minutes before I go to bed every day. I love you and there is no doubt about what I’m saying. You belong to me.