Good Night Wishes for Lovers to Text

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Good Night Wishes for Lovers from Him

Good Night Wishes for Lovers

Good Night Wishes for Lovers: Our nights have to be peaceful and full of hopes for a better tomorrow. Sometimes, we need to allow these mentioned above to happen to our loved ones. We can’t sit back and see you not happy, so we decided to compile these wonderful articles for you. You may want to read: Wishes birthday for me for the year 2020, 2020 best wishes birthday for brother.

Good Night Wishes for Lovers to Smile

1. Living a special life with you is one of the greatest signs I have ever witnessed. I just want to be sure that you are always happy.


2. The fragrance of a beautiful night makes me happy because for sure, you will always be there for me all the time.


3. I fell for you because you are the best for me. I will always be there when you need me the most. Close your eyes and enjoy your night.


4. I will be glad all my life because it is always the reason why I cannot forget you for the rest of my life. I wish you all the best.


5. Having you in my life makes me happy every day and night. You make me happy and there is no doubt.


6. I am close to you better than you can ever imagine. I am with you mixing with every single breath of yours.


7. You own a part of my life I never give to any other man but you. I will be glad to have you for the rest of my life.


8. Never will I forget that great impact you have in my life. The power of joy you made me realize in my life. I love you.


9. The best day of my life was the day I set my eyes on you. I will always be with you for the rest of my life.


10. The night is a blessed moment we cannot stop dreaming about because it cools off the stress of the day.


11. I hope my sweetheart will enjoy this wonderful moment in love and happiness, I will always be there even before you mention it.


12. I wish to find that peace of mind that is rare to find, that beauty that runs down the vain like blood or river gushing out of the rock.


13. You are the most beloved person in this world and I wish to make you understand that your thoughts are always on my mind.


14. Living a precious life is a choice, and I have chosen you above every other man in this world, I love you.


15. It is my joy that I found you. If you were not with me, I don’t think I will be happy the way I am right away. I love you so much.


16. It gives me endless joy that I found you. Just like a treasure, the kind of feelings I have for you are great.


17. I am happy to text you tonight because you always make me happy all the time. I wish you the kind of love you deserve.


18. None has ever made me happy the way you do. I can’t wait to see you wrapped in my arms again. Goodnight.


19. Between a day and a night, there is one interesting hour and it is the moment I shared with you. I love and wish you a sweet dream.


20. I am missing you, and I don’t mind walking a million miles to reach out to you. I will always be pleased with you.
Cute goodnight wishes for lovers.


21. I will not get tired of dreaming about you until we meet again. We may be apart now, but it doesn’t mean I am far away from you.


22. Right now, I am watching your fellow stars in heaven, I hope you will enjoy this wonderful night. I wish you all the best.


23. The dream of you keeps me busy in my sleep. I am happy to have found you in life. I wish you all the best.


24. The night may be dark outward, but it is the best moment for every lover. I hope to see you in my dreams.


25. How much I have always wanted to be with you to ensure you are more special than I met you. I love you.


26. The truth about you is that there is no way I can ever let you down. I love you beyond this day, and I am happy about that.


27. It makes me smile every single moment I set my eyes on you. I feel like loving you until there is no reason for love to stop existing and this is impossible.


28. Goodnight angel, this day I am sure will make you happier than you think. Wishing you the most beloved moments in life.


29. How I wish you are right here with me, I will let you understand the power of a special moment with a loved one.


30. Nothing will ever let me forget you in this world, I have found in you the kind of happiness I have been searching for.

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31. You may not understand the depth of the special love that dwells in my heart for you, but truly, it is there and I cannot deny it.


32. I will be with you any moment from now. I will dream of you because it really matters to my heart. I wish cool night’s sleep.


33. The way I feel anytime I see you are still baffling me up till this very moment in life. I will love you to the end.


34. Goodnight my heartfelt angel, you make me happy for every single moment I have spent with you all my life.


35. There is no reason why I have to be sad right away because you are that special angel that represents my joy.


36. I know I will not forget you for any reason; I will be yours no matter what the condition is. Every night is blessed with lots of fragrance coming from the love I have for you.


37. Love is one special feeling everyone has for someone special. The Lord has chosen you for me. I wish you all the best.


38. Life is full of love but the most important love is found in what we truly love. Goodnight to my sweetness.


39. This night is a grace, having you around me is a blessing and falling in love with you is everything I needed in a man.


40. I am sure this special moment will help you understand the depth of my love for you. Goodnight to the most blessed woman of my life.

Special Good Night Wishes for Lovers


41. You brought into my life the light I can never forget in my life. You touched my heart in a special way I cannot describe without shedding tears.


42. My heart is filled with your love, when I have not seen you, I face loneliness all alone. I just want to be with you all my life.


43. Goodnight to the one I cherish like the fragrance of a paradise I have never been to. I just believe I am in love with you.


44. Let the blessing of this night shower the blessed light angel of my life. I wish you all the coolest bliss of a sweet night.


45. Happy to have met you in my life. You have the most beautiful face in the world of mankind. I love you and the spirit of joy you give to me.


46. Ever since the very moment I met you, every single day of my life is overwhelmed with joy. I love you to the core.


47. I can no longer forget the very first day I set my eyes on you. I feel great happiness in my heart. You just make me happy all my life.


48. Since the very moment I set my eyes on you, I realized that love is something that changes a life. I love you.


49. You are the brightest star in my life, no wonder I love it when the night comes. Goodnight to my dearest angel.


50. You may not understand the power of my love for you. It reminds me of the pearl I saw in my dream.


51. Your golden heart makes me happy. It is the true reason why I want to spend the rest of my life with you.


52. You are special, you are cool and above all the most interesting love of my life, I wish you long-lasting joy.


53. The passion of your heart is sufficient for day-long happiness; thank God I finally met you in a special lifetime.


54. Never forget how beautiful we started our love story. I am always in love with you as an angel full of beauty.


55. Let the blessing of a special day find a reason to reach you. Let the blossoming night make you smile like never before.


56. It is very rare to find someone as beautiful as you are; you put a smile on my face. The night is meant for you and me alone.


57. The best moments of my life are those ones spent with you. You are a charming beautiful lady worthy of being loved forever.


58. The special feelings I have for you cannot be found anywhere else but in the innermost part of my heart. I preserved it for a treasure like you.


59. Your eyes are sparkling stars. They remind me of a beautiful night full of starlight. I must confess that you are the lily that my heart has chosen.


60. No one understands why I decided to remain with you for the rest of my life. It doesn’t even bother me since you are the joy of my life.


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61. I realized you are one special friend I cannot take for granted. Your happiness makes me happier than I have ever imagined.


62. A good friend is the one that’s always in need of you. He is the most beloved friend for you. I wish you a good sleep.


63. You are the best friend I have in life. I am always confident about you for you never fail me when I need you most.


64. I will never let you down in any way. You are the most beloved person in this world. I wish you all the best.


65. You make me happy. You are the blessed friend sent to me. Goodnight to my happiness and I love you all my life.


66. The very first day I met you, you have won my heart as a good friend. All I wish is to see you happy all the time.


67. What will make me happier than the joy of having a good friend like you? You are more than special to me.


68. Goodnight to my good friend. I really enjoy our stay together in the day and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.


69. You walked into my world when everyone else walks out. Thank you for remaining a true and good friend.


70. Friendship is born out of the mercy of God. I will always remain your friend no matter the condition.


71. I thought it is over not until you finally come to my world. You have always been a very interesting person.


72. Never mind what people say. Let us remain loyal with each other and raise the flag of good friendship. I wish you all the best.


73. You are so beloved to the extent that I want to live around you until death separates us. I wish you all the best.


74. I need you to understand that having you as a friend has taught me a lot in life. It makes me feel really happy with myself.


75. You make me happy all the time. You are all I need, you are I want and the perfect kind of friend I later realized is divinely sent to me.


76. For the rest of my life, I will never make the mistake of falling short of words of describing how much you mean to me.


77. Happiness comes when you have someone that really believes in you. I will always be your best friend forever.


78. We are created to love each other forever. This is the reason why I am always happy to be with you all the time.


79. The truth is that you are very valuable to me, I met you as a great guy and you have remained so all this while.


80. The truth about this world is that it is built of love but mankind has destroyed larger parts with wickedness but when I met you, the entire story changed.

Best and Romantic Good Night Wishes for Lovers


81. The night makes me happy every single moment I think of you. That is to say, having you in my life is a wonderful gift.


82. What can I do to duly appreciate you for whom you have become; you are always the number angel of my life.


83. I know you deserve a lot from me, and it is the very reason why I will always be yours all the time.


84. I want you to know that for every moment you shared with me, love and passion became a reason for my happiness.


85. I have never come across a person more beloved like you. I will always be yours for the rest of my life.


86. Whatever it takes to be yours is what I will always do. I will not let you down at any moment because you are my joy.


87. This night smiles at me walk to me and pet me. It is possible because a portion of my heart has your passion wrapped in it.


88. You are my life. I will always be yours forever; I will make you smile always and forever. I wish you and more joy in life.


89. The day may be stressful but I am sure the night will always remain a reason to smile. I wish you all the best.


90. You can always be the change you want to be only if you are willing to do so. I love you dearly my happiness.


91. I feel like loving you to the end of time. I wish to put an everlasting smile on your cheeks, you are always my happiness.


92. I am sending you this fresh goodnight wish to blend with your aspiring sweet dreams. I love you, darling angel.


93. Never forget the fact that you are always the only guy I have, you are the chosen one for me. Goodnight my treasure.


94. I feel like loving you forever. I know what I am saying because you are the pearl every man needs to enjoy his life.


95. Treasures are hard to find. This is the reason why it took me so many years to meet you. I love you dearest woman.


96. Nothing makes me happy like whenever I set my eyes on you. You are the most beloved rose I see in the garden of my heart.


97. Well, I have seen a lot of people. They are powerful, they are beautiful and astonishing but the day I set my eyes on you, I realized how special you are.


98. Living a life that does not make you happy is not my feature, I am always ready to make you happy. Goodnight.


99. A smile from you is enough for me to have the most beautiful dreams tonight. This is the part of the love I have for you.


100. It is my joy that a beautiful person like you makes me smile. This is the power of the blessing of love and joy.

Sweet and Lovely Good Night Wishes for Lovers


101. I realized that loving you is more interesting than the taste of chocolate. I will forever love you.


102. To the one that makes me smile, with you I want to stay with forever, I am hoping to spend the rest of my life with you.


103. Whether I am alive or not, whether this world is full of sadness or not, all I need is your love. Goodnight.


104. I am sending you the best of love this night and hope you will enjoy every moment of your night.


105. I can’t wait to see your beautiful face tomorrow. I love you more than you can ever imagine.


106. I will always make you happy no matter what. I will cherish you to the end and give you all the attention you need.


107. Who can stop me from loving you? The one that gave you to me? Yes, He alone can do that, no one else.


108. What a blessing you have become in my life. Your presence gives me joy and confidence to want to do my best in life.


109. Loving you is a gift. The reason why I said so is that you are caring and truthful. I wish you all the best.


110. Your presence in my life makes me smile, and I can no longer control how much I feel for you.


111. You are the most beloved to me and with you, I will always remain forever. I wish you all the love that is contained in this night.


112. The sounds of your voice have really gone, for too long. I am lonely hoping to find someone more beloved.


113. I hope you will not forget me for a day because I just want to be yours for the rest of my life. I love you.


114. Don’t forget the fact that you are my life angel, the one I cannot forget no matter the situation.


115. Your joy is my wish and it is the very reason why I don’t want to forget you all my life, I wish you more and more breakthroughs in life.


116. Living in a life that features you makes me happy, and for this reason, I will always be grateful to the Lord.


117. I will always remain yours forever. It is clear that I will always be with you all the time. I wish you all the best.


118. I want to be like you, I want to enjoy a world that features your beautiful virtues. I wish you all the best.


119. You are my life and I want us to live together forever. You make me happy every single day. This is the sign that you are my wonder.


120. You are all I have, all I need, and all I will always remain with. I wish you the most precious things in life.

Interesting Good Night Wishes for Lovers


121. The day I set my eyes on you, I realized there is no reason to let you go. I wish I am wrapped in your arms right now.


122. You make me happy as though there is no other man that can show me love the way you do.


123. Thinking of you right now, I hope you will enjoy this wonderful moment while I aspire to dream about you.


124. You are my happiness, you are all I have and the joy of having you makes me want to shed tears of joy.


125. Don’t you see how I have fallen in love with you? It baffles me how the thoughts of you make me happy.


126. When loving you makes me happy, what else do I need if not your presence always? Goodnight to my blessed love.


127. You are all I have. If you looked into my eyes, you will see the pity of the suffering of the passion that gushes out of my heart for you.


128. There is sadness in me. This sadness is not as a result of pain or ill-treatment but for the intense love I have for you.


129. All I need this night is to hear your voice. Your voice makes me happy and then I can say thank you.


130. Having realized that you are my divinely chosen one, I shed tears of passion and stretched my hand up to thank the one that gave you to me.


131. I don’t think there is a reason to be sad when I have you. I love you so much and you are the most beautiful woman on earth.


132. When people say they don’t have happiness, I will smile knowing that I have my joy and passion right in my room.


133. It is perfect that we found each other; this is the kind of joy I have been aiming at. I love you.


134. Who will make me happy if not you that was assigned for me from the heaven above? Goodnight my blessed angel.


135. The reality is that I am missing you. Don’t mind my ego it is normal with women. I love you, darling.


136. You should understand being in love with you makes me better than I used to be before I met you.


137. You are my last man standing. The only man that makes me happy every single day. I love you.


138. Who else can put a longer smile on my face when you are not here? I have completely fallen in love with your lifestyle.


139. I have found the part of me that makes me happy the most. I have found that love that never lasts long.


140. Sometimes, it baffles me that you are always there to make me happy. You take good care of me when I need you most.

Awesome Good Night Wishes for Lovers


141. When I began to cherish you, I realized that more love and more passion dwell in my heart. This is how precious you have become.


142. This night is for you and me alone. Believe me, I don’t want to be tired of you all my life. I love you.


143. You don’t know how much I have always wanted to be with you for all the minutes of my life. You are just the gate of love I have.


144. You will be my angel, my pearl and treasure. I don’t have a doubt about this because I trust in God.


145. Whatever it takes to make you understand how much I always hope to be wrapped in your arms, I will do because your body is a jewel of passion.


146. Never mind the way people talk about you, what really matters is the kind of love that exists between us.


147. You don’t know how you have touched my heart. You have made me more special than I used to be.


148. These radiant eyes are a result of the kind of love you show to me. It is very uncommon to find a unique man like you.


149. To the one I wish to spend every second of my life with, I will not forget you even after death separates us.


150. You are all I have, you are the one gifted to me from behind and above, you are my security and it is the reason why I love you.


151. You don’t understand the power of your love in my life. That interesting feeling I have, whenever I set my eyes on you, will never go in vain.


152. Loving you baffles me because I cannot even describe how much I feel about you anytime I look at you.


153. Thank God it isn’t a sin to gaze at your wife. I am never tired of looking at your beauty from morning until night.


154. People die, but the love they share lives forever. I hope we find each other after we are long gone and forgotten. This is reality darling.


155. It is sad to realize that the one you love is in love with someone else, as for you, I am proud of you all the time.


156. Believe me; I can’t let you down for any reason. I will always be yours for the rest of my life. I love you.


157. Your presence lifts me up. It makes me happy because there is no way it is possible for you and me to live without each other.


158. It is my lifestyle to remain with the one I love. When I met you, I realized that there are people whose life is all about being loved.


159. No one has ever touched my heart among men as you do today. You have just won my heart, thank you.


160. I am happy that I found you. This is a great privilege to live in the same room with a prince of passion.


161. My love, I wish to reach out to you this night for a wonderful reason that connects us together. Goodnight dear.


162. Loving you is the reason I am happy this night, take my since love for you so you can always be there when I need you most.


163. Love is a bright star with endless reason to smile. I have found the very reason why I will always be happy. I love you.


164. The moment I set my eyes on you, it occurred that you have been the one I see in my dreams. You have been sent to me.


165. Thank dear, you have been a good man to me, and my love for you will always grow to the brim of light. I love you.


166. The very moment of my life that defines peace in my life is the reason why I am awake right now. I love you so much.


167. Loving you in this world is my pleasure because whenever I think of you, passion flows in my heart. Thanks for loving me.


168. The very moment you came into my life, blessing has been descending in me. I wish to be where you are all my life.


169. For the love I have for you, nothing will stop me from texting you sweet words coming from my heart. I wish you all the best.

170. Sweet moments are those ones two lovers share their time together. I will be there to make you smile all the time.


171. I am yours because you belong to me, I will always let you have everything you need to be happy as long as I have it.


172. Many don’t understand why I am so much in love with you, it is so unfortunate that this is happening. Good to have you.


173. For the love that makes us smile, let’s put more effort to make it work better now and forever. Good to have you.


174. She is the angel of my life, the one that understands me better than any other woman. I wish you all the best.
The very day you came into. my world, sorrow of the past began to wash away. I love you so much.

175. There is no one that can separate us and the reason is that our heats are united for an everlasting love. I love you so much.

176. Much love for those that make me happy, it is through the kind of love I have for you that I was able to smile forever.


178. My heart is filled with your passion, so I wish I can unleash them right away because you deserve a lot of love from me.


179. Many ask why I fell in love with you and I replied to them—because you are an irresistible angel. I love you.


180. The kind of love that emanates from my heart when I see you can make this world a peaceful place to be. I wish you the best of moments.


181. Thanks for staying tune in love with me, I am so happy because you gave me all the reasons I needed to be there for you.