Great Love Quotes for Him or Her

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Great Love Quotes for Lovers to Bond Better

Great Love Quotes for Him

Great Love Quotes for Him: This article is meant for a special person like you. I am very sure you will enjoy it to the end. If you don’t send it to your lover, it could be classified as a breach of trust.

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1. Great love comes with great patience; it comes with endless love you don’t want to lose for the rest of your life. I Love You Quotes for Her from the Heart.


2. I don’t know how to make you forget the fact that you are always the first lady I think about every single day of my life.


3. Your love is the perfect type and I am very sure it is the reason why we met. I love you to the coolest point of my life.


4. I am so humbled, I am nice, I am happy and that’s just the only reason why I will always be with you for the rest of my life.


5. You don’t understand the power of the kind of love that never changes, it is always fresh in my heart to be yours forever.


6. I used to think of spending every single day with you, I am happy to have seen you in this world, as you are always the best for me.


7. I don’t think I can love any other woman better than I do for you; my heart will always beat for all I care.


8. You take good care of me; you show me the kind of love I have been craving for, this is what I cannot deny.


9. 10. A life without you will be very hard to love; it will not be a possibility in fact. I realized I can’t do without you.


10. I love you so much, I miss you like never before and pray you to understand how much your thoughts swim in my heart.


11. I feel like loving you until the end of time, I am your dream comes true just as you confirmed by yourself the other.


12. Don’t ever forget the fact that the love that exists between us is divine; it is love that shouldn’t be forgotten.


13. In this world of ours, we need someone that will always put a smile on faces, someone whose love we cannot deny.


14. I need you day by day and want to kiss you every single minute. I am your precious love, the one I cherished the most.


15. I feel like loving you broader than ever, I feel like making you smile every day and night for you are my happiness.


16. There is no day my heart does not beat for you, it is always there for you. I assure you will never regret falling in love with me.


17. I am all yours, the one I can’t do without, the blessed wife of all, the most wonderful blue eye I ever have in my entire life.


18. Surely, I will always wish you the best of lucks, I will cherish your attitude because it is the best ever experience for a woman.


19. I never believed I will meet someone like you, and when God will do it, He gave me mercy as a wife. I love you.


20. You belong to me, you are cute, and being you is the best thing I have ever encountered in my entire life.


Beautiful Great Love Quotes for Him or Her


21. The most interesting moments of my life have to do with every moment shared with you. I am so much in love with you.


22. Whenever I see you smiling, I am satisfied that you are already happy because of me, such a day is always celebrated.


23. I realized that I can’t spend a day without you, I miss you a lot and pray that you understand the power of the kind of love you share with me.


24. Truly, if I want to be with you for the rest of my life, I will try my best to make it possible, but the truth is there is no way it can be possible because I can’t be around you all the time.


25. The most intelligent girl I have ever met in my life is right here in my life. I will always love you until the end of time.


26. I cannot forget you all my life, you are simply the most beautiful girl that can capture my heart. I wish you the best in this world.


27. Don’t forget the fact that I will never do anything intentionally to hurt you, please, if I am hurting you already, forgive me.


28. I need you every day and night, I will forever be yours for all the moments you wish to spend with me. I love you.


29. I need you in this world. I want you so much that even a day cannot pass by except that I will always love you to the core.


30. You are the biggest darling of my life, my joy, and the one I feel like love to the core. I will always miss you all the time.


31. The clue about the kind of love I have for you can only be detected when you can get a diamond dug from its hole.


32. I don’t want to be tired of a single moment with you, I just wish to be wrapped in your arms every moment.


33. Loving you is one perfect reason why I want to be with you all my life. I love you so much so that I can’t deny anything about you.


34. I will be yours all the time; I will cherish you like never before because you take good care of me. I miss you.


35. I feel like having you around me all the time so that the impact of true love will be felt. You are just the only one for me.


36. I wish to shower the true love I have for you, I want to be happy with you all the time. This is one more reason I can’t sleep without you.


37. I need you all my life, I want you to be mine no matter the condition. I wish you great things in life and hope you understand how much I want good things for you.


38. I feel like loving you to the end of time so that when we get to the edge of time, we will be there forever in love.


39. If you agree to marry me, I will be the gladdest person in this world. I will always cherish you all my life.


40. The treasure of my life, how have you been since the day we saw last? Could you believe I keep to loving you than ever?


Cute and Great Love Quotes for Him or Her


41. The way you make me feel is a kind of special, nice and lovely, I don’t think it is possible for me to love any other woman.


42. I am in deep love with you, I feel your love like never before because a day without you is more dangerous to my health than a deadly disease.


43. I shall be with you when you need me most; I shall always cherish you all the days of your life because you are my happiness.


44. I wish you understand the impact of the kind of love I have for you, that special love that keeps pushing up like never before.


45. To the most beloved person in my life, your presence in my life has really changed everything I never believed will change about me.


46. I chose you as my number one man because you have all I need in a man. You are a super-intelligent man.


47. I can’t forget you all my life, you are the true moment I have in this world because anytime I see you, I feel the impact of what a moment means.


48. In my entire life, I will not forget you, I will not fail to stay by your side when you need me most. You belong to me.


49. The rule of the kind of love I have for you is very interesting; it is the type you will never want to miss.


50. I have a fantastic love package for you, the one that will never be felt anywhere else because it is specially meant for you.


51. I will be your angel all my life, I will be glad every single day because I am in deep love with myself right away, you belong to me.


52. I am feeling great love for you, I wish you are here on my mind, and you will enjoy the greatest love in life.


53. I need you to understand that great impact I cannot stop from flowing, that joy that will never end for the rest of my life.


54. I feel like having you around me all the time, I am happy to be with you guys all my life. I will not forget every single day I spent with you.


55. I need you for many reasons, but the best reason is to have you as my wife who will give birth to my kids. I love you.


56. I need your love right away, I need it to enjoy the beauty of a wonderful day in this world, you are the one I will always pray to see the first thing in the morning.


57. I wish to have you around me, every second, every minute, I wish you understand my point of view about the kind of love I have for you.


58. Anytime I see you, the kind of feeling only a princess feels comes to my heart. You are always on my mind like never before.


59. Indeed, you are the best of the best man; I will not even for any reason stop thinking about you all my life. I love you.


60. I feel a deep love for you; I feel some great joy in my heart and will always do for the rest of my life because you are more than special.

Great Love Quotes for Him or Her to Smile

61. I need to let you understand that being in love with someone as precious as you are will be very difficult to find this day, it is not always easy to find a woman of good virtue as you are.


62. I have always wanted to make you happy every single day; I will cherish you to the core because you are my happiness.


63. Indeed, loving you is my greatest achievement; I can’t just deny it for the rest of my life. You are my cutest angel.


64. I feel like telling you many things but I want them all to be in action because you are my superhero. I love you.


65. When I first met you, something strokes my heart about you, something I will never forget for the rest of my life.


66. In my previous life, I prayed to have the most beautiful woman by my side and the Lord gave you to me.


67. You feel the hole of my heart with your perfect love granted from the most perfect God. I wish you all the best.


68. Living in a world that does not involve you is the most difficult thing I have ever encountered in my life. I love you.


69. Sharing great times with you is a good change of life, it is the most beloved experiences a human can ever have.


70. No one understands the kind of love I have for you, the joy I feel any moment I set my eyes on you makes me shed tears of love.

Romantic Great Love Quotes for Him or Her

71. I thought I will be able to lead a moment without the angel of my life, now, I realized I will always be glad for having you in my life.


72. You make me smile, any time I set my eyes on you, you make me believe in myself better than any other girl I have met before.


73. Wishing you the power of a wonderful love that makes things happen, wishing you the peak of true love.


74. I will not take it easy on anyone who tries to hurt you because you are the balls in my eye socket. I love you like never before.


75. What makes me fall in love with you most is no more than the fact that you are highly meant for me alone.


76. The truth about this matter is that the kind of eyes I use to look at you is called sincerity, and when I come close to you, I realized you are more than just a man.


77. I will always love you to the core and wish you the most blessed moment in this world. You are my dream comes true.


78. You are such a cool man, a nice treasure, and the most shining star I use to see every night. I love you more and more.


79. What a nice person you have become, a special love for someone with deep love. I really appreciate everything you achieved for me.


80. To the most beloved man of my life, I will continue to love you for the rest of my life, I will never be scared of defending you for the rest of my life.


Interesting Great Love Quotes for Him or Her


81. I don’t know why my heart refused to unfix itself from your beautiful thoughts, it is like I am completely captured by your eyes.


82. The waves of passion in your face are very amazing, nice, and sweet. I will always love you to the extent you will be shocked at the kind of love I have for you.


83. You are a super interesting woman, a nice mother, and the oat respected wife I can always be proud about.


84. Whenever I brag around, I do because I have the most handsome man around me. You are my pride and the best ever met.


85. You are my happiness, the pure love of my life, and the last man standing in a million queue, you made the best out of me.


86. My sunshine, how have you been? I hope you understand how much you have changed my life since the very day you came into my world?


87. Do you know you are the sweetest love of my life? You are so much loving that it baffles me if there is still anyone like you on this earth.


88. No one understands the level of my love for you except God. In fact, I don’t understand too because it keeps increasing every day and night.


89. I need you to know that love is trembling in my heart for you, it is telling me to make you happy all the time. I love you, darling.


90. How do I do to make you get the fact that I will always be there when things get harder. No matter what, you will always reign in my heart.

92. She accepted me, loved me, and also cared for me. Tell me how do I forget a rare gem like my wife. I am celebrating her today.


93. You make me happy all the time, you give me happiness, joy, and love, you are simply the most wonderful woman to share a lifetime with.


94. You need to know how my heart jumps anytime I set my eyes on you. Your well-built shoulders make me run mad in love with you.


95. Your attitude amazes me because it is very uncommon, your nice character melts my heart anytime I see you.


96. You belong to my heaven and earth, I will pray to God to join us together after death. I want to be your partner in the hereafter.


97. May the Lord raise us together so we can hold hands going into the Light of God You are a well-behaved woman and I love you so.


98. Who can tell me more about love better than you? Are you not the one sent to put a smile on my face and then wipe away my pains?


99. You are my mercy, my love, and the most attractive angel of my life. I will always miss you for the rest of my life.
You are better than a million girls.


100. Believe me, I will never get to the extreme of love because I am always hungry for your love. It is like the universe, it keeps expanding every day.


Passionate Great Love Quotes for Him or Her


101. I honor your love for me, it is the most interesting thing that occurred to me to hi is a year. You alphabet all I need in a woman.


102. I will always be around you all the time to make you understand that being in love with a special person like you makes the world a wonderful place.


103. I am grateful because you are a great inspiration and you inspire me a lot with great love and idea.


104. How I wish you have been in my life ten years ago I will have become the gladdest woman on but still Ivan the happiest wife.


105. Anytime I am not fit emotionally, I recall the moments we shared in the past. I love you because you are my olive oil.


106. As my wife, anytime I taste your lips I feel more comfortable. I am lucky to have you like a beauty queen.


107. You are my favorite in everything. I see you in all I do because loving you is like an essay, it keeps getting more interesting.


108. I aspire to make you my wife, the mother of my unborn kids. You are always on my mind all the time. I wish you all the best.


109. Nothing will ever stop me from taking good care of the family you all my life, you are too good to be treated badly.


110. No one understands why I love you this much. I miss you to the end and wish you can read this truth about me from my eyes.


111. Your innocent self makes me fall more in love with you, I realized that to be yours forever will be a great idea.


112. I hope you will understand the power of my love for you. It is something I cannot comprehend because it makes me happy endlessly.


113. You are my joy, my life, and the most heart-moving angel among all the women I have ever met in my life.


114. Truly, I will never forget you, I will be yours as long as you want. I will fight for you, I will cherish for you and win for you.


115. When I look around, I see beautiful trees surrounding me, but still, I am not satisfied because I need to see you being the most beautiful tree in my life.


116. If there is a place called love kingdom, I will be the king and you will be my queen, together we will raise the
kingdom of princes and princesses.


117. I know I am not perfect, I know I am bound to make mistakes but I will always try all my best to secure your right for you.


118. It is your right upon me that I should love you sincerely. It is your right upon me to be happy all the time. I love


119. You are my special advisor in love affairs, that’s why I still chose you as my heart and soul so you can dwell with
me forever.


120. Sometimes I ramble alone trying to figure out what I have done that the Lord blessed me with a kind heart person like you.

I Love you Great Quotes for Him or Her

121. Heaven knows I don’t joke with your matter, I just want to be wherever you are. I want to cheer you up with the kind of love I have for you.


122. You don’t have any idea how much you have become so important in my life. I am always the angel you need the most.


123. To the best love of my life, I wish you all the best on the earth, I pray you to find peace in all you do. Thanks for being there always.


124. What a lovely man you are that you make me smile since the day I became your wife. I was scared because you never laughed with me when we were in courtship.


123. I adore you with the movement of time, the older we grow, the better my love for you. I wish you all the best.


124. There is no time I don’t cherish you, I feel like embracing you all the time. I will never forget you for the rest of
my life.


125. Don’t forget how u want to make you mine all the time, every single moment of this world speaks well of you in my heart.


126. You are my dream lady, the special angel whose thoughts and matter stick to my heart like glue. I love you.


127. You are my everything, my love, my true love, and the innocent lady of my soul. I miss you so much. You are my princess.


128. You belong to me, you chose my heart for a dwelling place, this is a great privilege in a lifetime. I love you.


129. You are my fearless love my courage and the most wonderful mother in the world. I will always love you until the end of time.


130. You are lucky; you are my friend and husband. I wish you all the best you ever think about. You are my soulmate, the best for me.


131. I have always wanted to be yours all my life, I miss you so much and pray you to understand all the best things in life.


132. You are the best love I have ever experience on earth, I miss you like never before, you are my joy and the sweetest love on earth.


133. If you understand how much you have changed my life these few months you came to my world, all I need to say is thank you for everything.


134. You are my dream, my reality, and the man I cannot do without, I am always there for you on my mind. I love you to the end of time.


135. What a blessing you have become in my life, you are more than special in my life. I wish you all the best on this earth.


136. If you know how much you have made my life stable with your heartwarming words, you will never stop feeding my soul with those beautiful words.


137. You don’t know how I always want to be yours all the time, I feel like giving you all the best in life. I miss you my darling.


138. The speed of our love for each other has made everything easy for you and me, I will always love you to the end.


139. Loving you is my happiness; it is my choice and the only blessing I appreciated the most this year. I love you my happiness.


140. You are my heart robber; I wish you can go away with my heart forever. I want to miss my heart with you all my life.

Cute Great Love Quotes for Him or Her

141. When you find the woman that loves you so much, don’t take her for granted, she is always the best for you.


142. If I can write a book in my lifetime, the entire chapters will be filled with the world; I love you to the end. You are my perfect match.


143. Don’t get carried away because I love you, I am doing so because the love I have for you finds its root from the innermost part of my heart.


144. Could this be a dream or a reality? I always wonder how beautiful the work of God is; He gave me the best choice of my life.


145. Let us love as supposed when a person gives you a reason to love him, always do without any hesitation.


146. In case you don’t know how much I care about you, kindly count the number of raining that drops on a lovely day.


147. Any moment I close my eyes, I see you coming close to me from the valley of love. I love you to the end; you are simply the best for me.


148. You are my happiness, dream, love and endless joy, you are cute, lovely, and above all the most precious angel of my life.


149. I always think of you with one mind, the reason is that you deserve everything that makes a woman happy.


150. You are my life, my joy, and the most beloved angel I wish to love to the end. You make me happy all the time.


151. Never give up on what makes you happy because it will be hard to find such a thing if you miss it. Always respect the heart that shows you love.


152. Having found you in my life, I became so happy because your smiling face is more remarkable than the most precious diamond in the world.