Happy Birthday Prayer For a Friend

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Birthday is a very special day which is celebrated all over the world. Birthday is a big and important day for everyone especially for those who love someone. It’s time to greet you with best wishes and prayers. It’s the occasion to show how much you care about your loved ones who matters a lot in your life. The only thing which can make this day better is wishing them “Happy Birthday Prayer messages For a Friend” because it makes it so special and even more meaningful.


Happy Birthday Prayer For a Friend

  • you’re my best friend and I hope that this prayer enlightens your day. blessings to you on this birthday of yours, may it be as warm and bright as you are dear one. the friendship I hold dear to me is quite a treasure indeed, for when I am lonely I can talk to you who never runs away. so let me wish you joy today with this birthday prayer for a friend of mine.


  • Dear God, please bless my friend for her birthday. I pray that everything she wishes for comes to pass and is so abundant in her life that she can’t imagine it as anything but 100% true. I ask you to spread the love and support she needs around her and keep her safe in your loving embrace. Let others know how much she means to them. Thank You, God, for blessing me with such an amazing friend. I love you, my friend!”


  • Here is a prayer for you, my friend. I pray that angels surround you and love envelopes you today and every day.


  • Dear heavenly father, please shower my friend, with love and joy, please guide her to the right path. Give her all the strength she needs through each day, and may you always be by her side. Thank you for all that you do, and all that you have done for us. In your name, we pray. Amen.


  • God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. Today is a great day! I’m going to spend it with you. Once a year, let us give thanks for our wonderful friendship. Once a year, we remind each other how much we mean to one another. Once a year, we say “I care about you” in our special way of saying happy birthday to friends


  • I pray that you are richly blessed with friends and family that surround you with love. I pray that you are filled with joy today on your birthday and every day. And I pray that your life is full of laughter and great memories today and every day.


  • May all your birthday wishes and dreams come true. May your life be full of happiness, laughter, and love. I pray you to feel protected from above, always surrounded by angels.


  • I love you today, tomorrow, and forever. May your birthday be full of love, peace, and hope. I pray that you feel my special love around you 24 hours a day. Happy Birthday my dear friend!


  • Happy birthday to you! May the joy of this day and all the days come to fill your heart with wonder, hope, and love. Please know that you are loved and thought of every day by us. Have a wonderful birthday!


  • May your birthday be filled with the joy of all those around you; with music, laughter, and wonderful celebration…


  • Thank you, God, for helping me to see what a blessing it is to call her my friend. Thank you, God, that You are always so faithful and that You love her enough for me.


  • I pray that you will never lose faith in the power of love; When at times it seems to fail you, Keep in mind that God can do all things. I pray that you will never stop believing in a happy ending and that you will always try to find the rainbow after every storm. I pray that you will always seek to understand, even when it would be easier to pass judgment. I know life isn’t as simple as we would all like to believe.


  • I pray that God continues to bless you as you continue on your journey. I pray that He surrounds you in a shield of faith, hope, and love. I pray you find success in your life.


  • Dear God, please surround my friend with happiness today as it is his/her birthday. Please bring resolutions to troubles in their lives and help them to overcome the obstacles that are preventing them from being happy. Please make their day special and fill it with love, laughter, and good health. Thank you for everything you have done already and continue to do. 


  • Lord, help my friend to realize that this birthday is a gift from You. Help her to recognize how important she is to me. Let her see that I only want the very best for her in life. This birthday is a reminder to me to treat my friend like the rare treasure she is. 


  • Lord, please watch over my friend, and keep him safe. Lord, please bless him as he makes his way through life. I pray that you will bring amazing things to him and that you will always guide him. Please shower blessings on him, as he is a dear friend who has been a blessing to me. Jesus, please send your love to him and keep him safe and happy lord. You’re always watching over him, so I don’t have to worry so much. 


  • My friend, I hope you can feel how much you mean to me. It’s hard to put into words, but I hope this birthday is the perfect celebration of your life and years. Everyone has their worries, but you always bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. I will never forget all that you’ve done for me and the amazing person I am because of you. Lots of love and positive energy on you today!


  • When you smile, everything’s alright, when you are sad, the whole world shines away your blues! I pray that the best of everything comes to you that there will always be a smile on your face and all sorrows are gone from each day. Hope you have always blessings, happiness, and joy beyond measure. I wish you all the very best for today and every other day of your life!


  • Oh Lord, please let me be there for my friend (friend’s name) in her time of need. Please let all dark entities stay far away from us today and forevermore. Let the angel of love protect us; let the angel of friends keep us company for many years to come, amen.


  • God is good all the time. Every day of my life, I am thankful to have you as my friend. In the celebration of your birthday may you be surrounded by loved ones that lift their glasses in a toast to your spirit and your soul and may they lift prayers to our Lord, that you will always be blessed with health and longevity.


Happy Birthday Prayer For a Friend
Happy Birthday Prayer For a Friend


Happy Birthday Prayer For a Best Friend


  • Grace, I pray to God to be with you on your special day. I thank Him for blessing me with a friend who I love dearly. To be honest, my happiest moments are when we are together. You have unimaginably changed my life and I’m so grateful that you are a part of it. May you have a wonderful birthday and may God bless you even more because of it!


  • oh prayer, thank you for bringing my best friend into my life. She means so much to me and I want her to know how much she is loved. I pray that she knows how much I love her and that she remembers it every day. Please guide our steps so we never lose track of one another. Also please help me to be the best person I can be for her, always there when she needs me, and always willing and able to give her a helping hand whenever she needs.


  • I pray for you to be surrounded by love and strength on your birthday. May you feel joy and happiness throughout the day, may you be protected from harm, may you find a birthday gift you truly love.


  • God, thank you for the gift of my friend. Thank you for the memories and all that we share. Thank you for always being there for me, a listening ear, a guiding hand, and a gentle word when I needed it most. God, guide her in your love and help her feel your presence in her heart whenever she needs it. Lead her down the right paths at the proper times and help her to be at peace with who she is as a person. 


  • Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear friend. Happy birthday to you!


  • We have been friends for a long time and I am so glad you are in my life. In tough times, you always listen and never judge. And in good times, you are always the first person I call. You’re not just my friend, you are a really good friend to me and I hope you know how much I appreciate that. Today is your birthday and I hope it is full of many cheers, smiles, and love from all your friends!


  • Oh Lord, thank you for bringing this wonderful person into my life. Thank you for allowing us to hold each other’s hearts in the palms of our hands. Thank you for answering my prayers and sending me someone so remarkable to share my life with! Through Christ, I pray that he will turn his eyes to me and keep them there forever. Let us love one another with a pure heart fervently. Help us to remain steadfast in times of sorrow and joy.


  • You are such a blessing to me. You mean the world to me you’re like a sister to me I love you so much! Happy birthday my dear friend!


  • Lord, I pray for my best friend. Please send her love and peace today. Let her open doors to new friendships and find great joy in doing good for others. Guide her in her studies and help her pass every test with ease. Bless us with another year of friendship as we take the time to grow yet closer. Lord, please send all these things and more through your son Jesus Christ who lives and reigns forever and ever! Amen!


  • I pray that you are blessed with many wonderful celebrations throughout life. I pray that you are guided from within each day, and at night I pray that your heart is always close to mine. I pray for all the wonderful things in my life knowing that once you are in my life, all the other things you will also bring!


  • Thank you my best friend for loving me, being there for me, forgiving me, and helping me through the many ups and downs in life. You are the greatest friend I could ever ask for. I love you!


  • May the Lord bless you with a love that never ends. May the Lord be with you through life’s many changes. May you never forget just how much God loves you. May he direct your path as you journey through this life of change.


  • The love that you have shown me is indescribable. Not only do you play the role of my best friend, but you are also the loving brother I never had. You have a heart of gold and deserve everything good in life.


  • May the angels surround you, may the blessings fall upon you, may all your dreams and wishes come true. Happy Birthday Dear Friend.


  • Oh Lord, thank you for blessing me with first my best friend. Thank you for helping her to be the most wonderful friend I’ve ever had. I appreciate her smile, her laugh, and her sweet personality. Please continue to bless us with your guidance and protection. May this year be very special for both of us.


  • There is no birthday without you here. All I see are happy memories and dreams come true. There are no words to express what you mean to me. You are my best friend, my soulmate, my lover, my life! Happy Birthday!


  • I love you and I hope today is filled with wonderful blessings from God. I want to thank you for being a best friend that I am always able to depend on. Let’s always be as close as we are now so that nothing can come between us!


  • God, grant me the wisdom to open my eyes and see beyond the superficial world that surrounds me. Help me to recognize all of the friends that surround me, God I pray for the joy of recognition of those who are working hard to impress others that only makes them appear successful and separate from me.


  • I pray that God will keep you in his arms all day. I pray that he protect you, and bless all you do. That he doesn’t place too much stress on your shoulders and help you with tough decisions. I’m not sure what it is about you, but I can feel my pain subside just by being around you. Your smile takes away all of the hate in my heart and helps me see the good in people again.


Happy Birthday Prayer For a Close Friend


  • Lord, I pray that you continue to watch over my close friend. You are a very special person and I want to thank you for the beautiful and truly kind heart you have. I pray that you will continue to bless her life with happiness every day. May she be filled with joy and find love every day of her life. Now I prayerfully ask this in your name…Amen


  • You are the best of friends. You always have my back and I have yours. On this birthday I pray to God for happiness, health & prosperity in your life. May you do great things, be a blessing to many, and may your dreams all come true!


  • Dear God, Please watch over my friend today as s/he turns another year older. Be with s/he and grant peaceful sleep tonight, free from worry and pain, and wake him or her in the morning with your presence still surrounding them. Help my dear friend to remember that you have a plan for their life filled with love and purpose. Let them look back on their life and see there was no time wasted, as they had been working hard to fulfill their purpose. 


  • My dear friend, I hope you have the most wonderful day. I thank God for choosing me to be in your life. You are always so there for me and every day I feel more blessed to have someone so close to me. I pray that you have a lovely birthday surrounded by people who love you. I pray that God blesses you with more joy and happiness every year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  • Thank you, Lord, for another year and for blessing me with a great, funny, intelligent friend. Put some fun in my friend’s life by bringing her lots of happiness, laughter, and joy this year. Bind us in friendship as we grow old together and bring us closer to You. I love you, dear friend!


  • We have seen many years pass, but we are still the best of friends. We have been through different times, but we never left each other’s side. No matter what challenges may come our way, I will always love you and be with you… Happy Birthday!


  • Lord, thank you for this special person and the joy she brings into my life. She is one of the greatest gifts to me. Thank you for her friendship and thank you for her love. Help her see your grace and help her to be a very special person in this world. May she know your complete grace and may she recognize that she can be loved by only you.


  • This is an online birthday prayer for a close friend, a birthday prayer for a friend. I pray that you are blessed abundantly, this day, every day, and into eternity with all good things.


  • To the best friend that I have ever had! I pray that you continue to be blessed in all that you do. May you rest on your birthday and never second guess your self-worth. Today is a day to look forward and celebrate another year of life. May God always holds for your special place in His Heart for you are indeed a blessing in mine.”


  • Dear God, Give my friend love, peace, and happiness on this special day of his life. May he be truly awakened under the golden light of morning sun rays. May his smile brighten up the whole world around him.


  • God our creator, God my heavenly Father, I pray that you would create a special memory for me to share with [friend]. Inspire me Lord to create something beautiful and heartfelt to share with them on their day. God, also inspire me to thank you for this day. Thank you for this day and every joyous second of it.


  • Hello God, please bless my friend. May her words and actions bring happiness and joy to those around her. May she be accepted by all and have the opportunity to shower everyone with laughter and smiles.


  • When you were a little boy, I prayed for you… That the Lord would guide you every day… When you entered my home as a teen, I prayed for you… That God would direct your steps each day… When you went off to college, I prayed for you… That the Lord would watch over you every hour… When you fell in love with your best friend, I prayed for you… That she would not break your heart and that happiness would fill your days….. 


  • I pray that you will always trust in God with your whole heart. I pray that you will learn to read his word and follow what he says. I pray that you let him help and guide you through this maze of life. I love you so much dear friend, and nothing can come between us!