The Most Enticing Happy Trip Wishes for Lovers

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Happy Trip Wishes for Loved Ones

Happy Trip Wishes

Happy Trip Wishes: If you are looking for what to write on cards, or text messages for your loved ones on a trip or after they must have arrived from a trip, we have them in bulk for you. Read our messages and quotes to get the latest quotes of the year. New Year Sorry to Your Girlfriend Quotes, Most Beautiful Love Miss You Quotes.

Happy trip wishes for my wife


1. I wish you well and to return in good condition, hearty, and strong. We will surely miss you there is no doubt.


2. I am wishing you an awesome trip, take good care of yourself and enjoy the grace of the journey, it will be the most pleasing one this year being 31st of December.


3. Deep sincere greetings for you and our kids, I will definitely miss you. until you arrive again in good health.


4. Hearty wishes for your journey, a happy trip to the most beautiful one I have as a woman. I love you.


5. New trip, new environment, new friends and new discoveries, may you find your mission fulfilling. Happy trip.


6. Sending you my heartfelt greetings to accomplish you to the end of your journey. May the Lord protect you until the end of the trip.


7. I wish we are together on this trip, we will have great times together, and share a lot of wonderful memories.


8. Leave behind your pains and worries, enjoy every minute of a wonderful trip. Happy trip to my heartbeat.


9. I am assuring you that your trip will be a lot of sweet memories that will benefit us both. Safe journey.


10. I just want to wish you the most amazing moment of your life, may the Lord in His infinite protect you.


11. This journey is holy and a once in a lifetime trip. I wish you a great memory, love, and success on your way.


12. You are a wonderful person and you deserve the best in life, as you are going for this trip, may the Lord bless you abundantly.


13. Enjoy your journey, your trip shall bring lots of love and happiness, come back home safe, we will miss you.


14. I wish you beautiful memories in this trip, may your heart be filled with lots of joy and success stories.


15. I will love us to go for the next trip together so that we can enjoy our time together. Wishing you sweet memories.


16. You are now a trip master, many cannot take this great trip but you are doing it already, you are my hero.


17. I am so proud of you, not everyone can take on this journey, it is one of the most amazing trips ever, come back safe.


18. I am excited that you are embarking on a special trip, have great times and come back hearty and wealthy.


19. I am so happy for you to have a great trip, may you find peace of heart in this wonderful journey. Have a great trip.


20. You finally made it to this journey, a hearty congratulation to you, have a great moment with your colleagues.


Happy Trip Wishes for Friends


21. Bon voyage to you, no other person deserves this beautiful journey, enjoy yourselves, and have a lot of sweet memories.


22. Take care of yourself, have great fun over there, and enjoy the most beautiful moment in the world.


23. Congratulations on this heartwarming trip, may you meet the family you left behind in good condition.


24. I wish you safety and success on your trip, may the Lord protect you against every evil thing that may occur on the way.


25. Have a great day ahead of your trip, may the Lord guard your way down to your destination. Wishing you the most amazing journey.


26. I wonder how you will enjoy this beautiful trip without us, well we still love you and you have your reasons too.


27. Happy journey to my beloved friend, I will surely miss your giggles and laughter. Have a lovely time with your spouse over there.


28. How I wish I will be part of this wonderful journey well can’t stop imagining those beautiful selfie moments.


29. Have fun on your trip, don’t trespass your boundaries and be kind to those around you, they are your help in case of anything.


30. I am happy that you are taking this opportunity to enjoy the most amazing moment of your life. Bon voyage.


31. I pray you to have great memories together, may the Lord continue to protect you against all odds of life.


32. It will be hard to be here without you, being around you is the most beautiful moment I know. Happy Sweet trip though.


33. Have a wonderful trip, no matter how far your journey is, we will always be with you in the heart. Have great fun, ensure you take good photographs of mountains.


34. Wow, how I wish I am going with you, this is an opportunity to see the statue of  Queen Victoria.


35. It worth missing you for this journey because I trust you will come back with a lot of sweet stories and pictures.


36. I hope you miss me as much as I am going to be lonely without you. May the journey favor you in many ways.


37. Dear friend, it is never easy to say goodbye, I can’t bear the feeling of being in a world without you. Have a safe journey.


38. My best friend, you are the bone in my back, now that you are traveling out of the country, I hope to see you soon.


39. When you are gone, I will miss you so much, I hope to be with you as soon as possible so we can resume our normal life.


40. I will miss your beautiful eyes; I will miss your heartfelt words that are soothing to the heart. Have a lovely trip.

Happy Trip Wishes for Loved Ones to Be Happy


41. I hope you return safely, I hope you will enjoy the most amazing times with your colleagues. I miss you.


42. You are the sun in my life, you make me happy every single moment of my life. Have a wonderful trip to this world.


43. Don’t worry, keep moving on this wonderful trip, I will track you on all the social media to smile along with you.


44. You are my paradise, I will so much miss you on this wonderful journey, make sure you are safe, and come back hearty.


45. Distance makes the heart grows fonder, and I am already fond of you, wishing to see you soon. Happy trip dear.


46. Warmest greetings to you on this wonderful trip, you have all the time to enjoy yourself to the fullest.


47. I am happy to wish you the most amazing trip of the year, may your face shine with endless love. Have great fun.


48. While you are gone, it is sure that the office will not be the same. You will be missed, your skills and kindness will be missed.


49. I will like to wish you a blessed trip, may you find endless peace in this wonderful month.


50. Wishing you good luck on this trip, may your hands touch what you intend for the trip. Congratulations.


51. Congratulations on this opportunity which not all people can go, you are lucky and the chosen one.


52. A lifetime journey for a wonderful wife, may the Lord protect you throughout the journey, may you find the peace you deserve.


53. I just want to say congratulations on this heartiest trip of the year, may you find peace and harmony in your heart.


54. I hope your trip is great, nice and funfair, may your mission for this trip be fulfilling. Wishing you all the best.


55. May you see the end of your journey in good health, may your mission for the uncommon trip be fulfilled.


56. Good luck on your trip, you are so nice, you are sweet, you are wonderful so I hope this journey will be filled with wonderful memories.


57. I hope you will have a wonderful trip this day being your birthday, may the Lord guide your way back home safely.


58. Wishing you a happy trip, don’t worry; I can’t have enough fun while you are not around. Hoping to see you soon.


59. My prayer is that you have a fantastic trip; I am so excited to learn that you are going on this amazing trip.


60. The heartiest moment with the most handsome friend in the world, I hope to be with you soon. Happy sweet dream.

Happy Trip Wishes for Him or Her


61. I am still in shock why you haven’t invited me for this trip, I hope you will enjoy it all alone? Wishing you the most beautiful of the year.


62. The house is safe with me, I will try everything to make you understand that your kids are safe with me.


63. You are only traveling to a far distance but our heart travels along with you. I am wishing you a great time on your trip.


64. My heart grows fonder for you because you make me smile all the time. I am wishing you all the best on earth.


65. The truth is that the office can’t be the same without you. Your presence is highly recommended. Good to have you in this world.


66. I would like to wish you the best in this world. Have a wonderful moment; thanks for the sweet moments we have shared so far.


67. We will miss you, that’s the truest thing, for now, I hope you will experience the best journey of the year.


68. Good luck on this wonderful trip, you may want to ask me about anything you need. Wishing you a safe journey.


69. I wish you an awesome trip, may the Lord protect you throughout the trip, wishing you the best of lucks.


70. Wow, I am very excited that you finally made it to the conference. Congratulations on your nomination.


71. The team will surely miss your presence; we can’t wait to receive you back at any moment. Good luck on your trips.


72. I believe you are bringing back lots of goodies on this trip, may you find that peace that you actually deserve.


73. Enjoy your vacation, you have been preparing for this day, may you find the peace and honorary contentment throughout the journey.


74. I can’t wait to jump over you for the celebration of a new day; may your success speak for you after the trip.


75. Don’t worry, tons of fun is awaiting you, may your eyes see the most amazing moments in the world. Have a safe dream.


76. Go with assurance, enthusiasm, love, and pleasure, we will miss you but our heart will travel along with you.


77. I pray the Lord in His infinite mercy shall send blessed angels along with you in your journey. Congrats.


78. May the journey you are about to take benefit your soul positively, may the journey fulfill your wishes.


79. I wish you good luck on your pleasurable journey, may your heart find peace and harmony. Happy trip to my friend.


80. As you travel, may the angels of God stay with you, protect and guide your way to your destination.


Cute Happy Trip Wishes for Loved Ones

81. Have a safe flight, may the Lord give you the ability to enjoy every moment of your life. I am happy to have you around you.

82. May the Lord open a new way for you, as you embark on this journey, may the angels of God be with you.

83. May you find happiness in this wonderful moment of your life, wishing you a good time on your journey.

84. You are already in the hand of God, we hope that He grant you a great success on this wonderful moment.

85. I am happy to be around you, may you find the peace your heart deserves, congratulations on your trip.

86. Thank God you are in the hand of the one that created us; I will miss you all the time, you are special.

87. May the Lord return you safely and grant you the success you deserve on this magnificent journey of yours.

88. I wish you lots of sweet memories on your journey, may your trip bring lots of goodies to your doorstep.

89. I hope you live in those moments of beauty that spreads around the world. Happy trip to my wonderful angel.

90. Take the path before you, enjoy its pleasured time, may the Lord protect you against all evils and protect your dignity against any odd.