Have a good sleep quotes for him or her

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Have a Good Sleep Quotes for Him or Her



Have a good sleep quotes

Have a good sleep quotes: Our loved ones definitely we love this kind of appreciation, to remind them of how important they are to us by sending them a goodnight message after the daily activities. This signifies how much we care for them. Despite the entire daily activities, we still have that time to reach out to those that are close to us.
This is the reason why we took our time to write this article as a means to make available, those fantastic messages to send to those that are important to you. I LoveUMessages and www.goodreads.com/quotes have written an article similar to this too.

Have a Good Sleep Quotes for Son



1. After several hours of working in the morning, I feel like you must be tired now, so I decided to send a warm goodnight message.



2. I hope you will find peace in this night as you prepare to lay your head on the bed. Goodnight dear.



3. Wishing you a splendid night, may you wake up on the best side of the bed. Goodnight sweet dreams.



4. Goodnight to my wonderful son, you are special no wonder I could remember you now. Wishing you all the best dreams.



5. Tonight, I am sure you are tired, I hope you will refresh your memory with a wonderful night message.



6. It is good to make some prayers before you sleep. Don’t panic, the Lord is always by your side. Goodnight.



7. Wishing you the most beautiful night dreams, your cute face and heart deserve a lot of them. Take good care of yourself.



8. I just want to be sure that you are fine, sweet and nice. Have a precious night dream dear.



9. Wishing my beloved boy a good sleep tonight. May your body wake up in sound health. Goodnight.



10. I just want to say goodnight to my son, I can’t just sleep without telling my baby goodnight. I hope you had a good day.



11. The stars are up there smiling at you, I hope you will enjoy your dream today. My sunshine, have a nice day.



12. I am happy for you, I wish you good sleep, I pray that you enjoy everything in your life. May your life serve as a good example for others.



13. I dedicate this night to the Lord to protect you against all evils and make you happy now and forever. Goodnight.



14. May you find a solution to all your problems in life, may your days and nights be the blessed type. Goodnight.



15. Wishing you the most beautiful moments on earth, we ask God to protect you and your family this night.



16. Lovely son how was your day? I just want to reach out to you at this moment in time. Have a sweet dream darling.



17. I wish you the sweetest night ever, may you find it easy to wake up sound and healthy tomorrow.



18. Put some smile on your face, you really deserve this night as one of the most special ones ever. Have a nice night.



19. A good night message to my son, I shower you with a mother’s blessing this night. I hope you will enjoy the moonlight and the cute smiling stars.



20. Goodnight sweet little son, you know father loves you, my regards to your siblings. Have a good night.



Have a Good Sleep Quotes for Daughter



21. You are special, the most beautiful daughter. As you are tired now, I urge you to have some rest for a sweet dream ahead.



22. No matter how strong you are, never to it joke with your night’s sleep so you can have some beautiful dreams.



23. May the Lord guide and guard your night, may you find it easy to enjoy your days in life. Goodnight



24. I am happy that you finally made it to the top in the competition, you can now have your rest and enjoy a night of sweet sleep.



25. Goodnight to my beloved daughter, I have been worried about you and so I decided to say goodnight and have a well-protected night.



26. Don’t forget to say your night prayers before you sleep, this will attract angel to guard you throughout the night.



27. It is not easy to make daily activities and then work at night for some reason. I am happy for you but will want you to have a good sleep tonight.



28. I am sending you this night message, hoping to see you wake up sound and healthy tomorrow. Goodnight sweet angel.



29. I just want to say goodnight to my precious baby girl, you are mother’s choice, I want you to wake up in good health.



30. Do have a brighter day ahead as you prepare to lay your head this night You are special, may you find endless peace in all you do.



31. Wishing you a happy night dream with your husband, I am so much happy for you. Have a good night’s rest.



32. You are cute and beautiful, have a nice moment with your spouse tonight. I wish you the best of luck.



33. What a nice lady you are, I am wishing you all the best you desire this night, may you find a peaceful night.



34. It is nice to have you around, you are sweet and as such, I am wishing you a precious moment in life. I love you, sweet daughter.



35. You are the best daughter in the world this is the reason why I am saying goodnight to you. You are more than just a special person.



36. Lovely daughter, cute daughter, I am wishing you the best this day, happy night, sweet morning ahead.



37. Count as many stars as possible this night, that’s the number of wishes from me to you. Have a superb goodnight.



38. May you find peace and harmony in your heart. Dear daughter, I hope you find the best resting time ever. Goodnight sweet dreams.



39. Wishing you all the best, may the Lord continue to be your protector all day and night. Goodnight my daughter.



40. Goodnight night sweet daughter, you have been a very good daughter to me, may the Lord reward you with a good child too.



Have a Good Sleep Quotes for Friend



41. You are the best friend of life, the most beautiful one indeed, I am wishing beautiful night as you are. Goodnight.



42. Smile is a remedy for sorrow, always put a smile on your face, and ensure you have the best night sleep tonight.



43. I just want to say goodnight to my amiable friend, you are a special guest of honor in my life. Wishing you the sweetest night.



44. Look at the sky, whatever you can count is my wish for you tonight. Dream of stars and sunshine. Good dream.



45. I hope you find relief on this wonderful day of your life, thanks for being there all these days. You deserve a good sleep.



46. Good sleep makes you happy in the day, you are fantastic, so I wish you an awesome sleep packed with good health.



47. I am happy to have you all my life, have a sweet dream, and be rest assured that this night will be the best for you.



48. Never forget to say goodnight to your loved ones, they might need those magic words to go to sleep.



49. Hi friend, I am wishing you a perfect night full of sweet dreams. Have a blessed night sweet friend.



50. You are one of the best people on this earth, may you find peace and harmony in your life. I hope for a great dream for you.



51. What a nice friend you have become may your face shine in lovely night moonlight, wishing you a Godly night sleep.



52. May your sleep be guarded by an angel of mercy. Any evil that befalls a man in the night will not reach you.



53. What a good friend you are, I am happy to have you as a good friend have one of the most beloved moments this night.



54. I am just happy to say goodnight to a special friend, she is always my favorite, my bestie, and the most gorgeous friend ever met. You are tested and trusted, may you live long to enjoy this wonderful day with me.



55. I am happy for you, unanswered the reason being that you are cute and nice. Have a great night. I wish you the best of luck.



56. Indeed you are a great friend, I have always wanted to reach out to you in peace and harmony. Goodnight sweet friend.



57. May you find it easy to enjoy this night in love peace and happiness with your loved ones. Goodnight.



58. Before you sleep, always ensure that you are happy and forgive everyone. This habit makes you a good husband and the best father in the world.



59. You are a special kind of friend and I can never take you for granted for any reason. Goodnight and have an awesome sleep.



60. What a great friend, thanks for always been a source of happiness. I wish you the best that night. May you wake up strong and healthy.



Have a Good Sleep Quotes for Lover



61. You don’t have the idea of how much I love you, if you do will have to be the first to wish me a sweet goodnight. I love you beyond ordinary sense, your feelings in my heart are the most beloved one.



62. It is my pleasure to have a great man like you in my life, goodnight to the one I love, you are my superstar.



63. As the sky smile at you with its beautiful lamps, I also wish you a sweet night. Have a blessed night ahead.



64. I just want to be with you every day and night, but it is somehow difficult for now, I am hoping for a beautiful night you will sleep close to me.



65. I hope you are enjoying this night in a good mood, I am pleased to say goodnight have the best moment in time.



66. I love you, cherish you, and want to be yours for the rest of my life. Goodnight sweetie angel. I wish you good sleep



67. It is my pleasure to have you in my life, your presence is one of the most interesting feelings I used to have for my loved ones.



68. Look into the sky and you will see me smile at you. I am the biggest ball you see right away. Happy night rest.



69. Never forget how much you mean to be. You are the most gorgeous woman that makes me happy the most.



70. Whatever it is, never allow a sweet night to pass you by. I am happy to have your presence in my life it gives me a strong reason to remain happy.



71. I just want to appreciate you for this wonderful compliment, wishing you the most enthusiastic moment ever.



72. I will not be able to make it home today, please, do have a sweet night dream. You are seriously the best love I have ever dated.



73. Truly, I am in deep love with you and will be your angel this night to keep you warm. You are the best friend I have, the more I see you the better I become. This means you are such a blessed lover.



74. All I need this night is to know that you are having the most peaceful sleep. It is what I really need from you. I love you.



75. Your joy is always my priority, I can’t stay in a place where people cause you pain. It is highly impossible.



76. Whatever you are doing right away, almost remember that someone somewhere is smiling at you in love and passion.



77. May your dream come to pass as you plan it. The night is a romantic time meant for the most beautiful people in the world. I love you.



78. If you can dream well, I will come to be the gladdest because whatever makes you happy is my priority. I love you like never before.



79. The reason why I am happy with you is that you are far more interesting, you are simply the most wonderful love I have.



80. When the night sleep favors you, your face will be brighter than the sun and your voice will be sweeter than the honey. Goodnight sweet lover.


Have a Good Night Sleep Quotes for Mother



81. Mom, I hope you are fine; I just want to know that you are already doing fine where you are. I pray you to have a peaceful night. Goodnight mom.



82. You know I love you so much mom, I need you to have the best sleep ever. Goodnight sweet mommy.



83. Goodnight, nice dreams, greet dad personally for me, I have called him before now. Have a great sleep momma.



84. You are the sweetest mother in the world, I pray you to find rest of mind in all you are doing. Thanks for being a supportive mother.



85. The love you show to me has been so beautiful because it builds my confidence among my colleagues today. Goodnight sweet mommy.



86. I can’t imagine a day without reaching out to the best mother in the world, she is the most precious one ever. I love you, mom.



87. Nice meeting the best mother that taught me how to love and be loved. When others were blaming me for my mistakes, you were busy repairing me.



88. I cannot forget the whole love you showed to which has now manifested into great joy for me today. Goodnight sweet mom.



89. I love your face; it is one of the most interesting things that is existing on earth because it is full of love and sympathy for mankind.



90. Good to say have a sweet dream mom, you are more than just a mother, you are the real role model I have in my life.



91. I have no other person I learn from save you, you have always been my teacher and will always be forever. Goodnight.



92. Dad is lucky because he found you. No wonder he thanks God for having you as a good wife. I love you so much. Goodnight.



93. I hope you will be fine that night. Mom, I don’t want you to be scared. Goodnight my dear mother. I love you.



94. Just want to reach out to my fresh mother, you don’t even want to give up, you are always beautiful to the core.



95. As you find peace in your heart this night, I am begging God to continue to bless you in all ramifications of life. Goodnight sweet mother.



96. I will never forget the entire suffering you went through to make me a person. I cannot pay you back, but you will always be the best mother.



97. Mother, you are all I have in this world, and then God who has always been there for me before you. Have a good sleep.



98. I know what it takes to give birth to a child because I have gone through it. Mom, I will appreciate you better than ever. Goodnight mama.



99. Your love for your kids is super amazing; you have gone through a lot just to put a smile on our faces. I love you so much.



100. Thanks to the best mother in the world, he is simply the sweetest mother ever met on earth. I love you, sweet mom.



Have a Good Night Sleep Quotes for Twin Sisters


101. I have two little kids as my twin sisters, they are the cutest sisters in the world and I cannot deny this.



102. You are my lovely sister; I pray that the Lord protects both of you from all problems in life. Goodnight to my kid sisters.



103. I enjoy carrying both of you while you were tender; you are sweet, lovely and above all the most precious lover in the world. I love you.



104. Good to hear from you this morning, now that you are planning to sleep, may you find the best sleep ever.



105. Goodnight sweet sisters, your resemblance is one motivation I cannot deny at all. Make sure you don’t fight tonight.



106. I love it whenever I see your beautiful faces; they are the sweetest faces in the world. Goodnight to my wonderful little twins.



107. Your beauty is sparkling, your choice is night and you are the most blessed person in this world. I love you to the core. I miss you so much.



108. What a peaceful angel, you have all the qualities of the best and smartest twins in the world. Have a sweet dream, please.



109. Maybe you know how I feel about you both I can’t say but you are the most romantic twin sisters ever met.



110. I am glad to have both of you in my life, you are special, my heart beats for you girls and that’s big sister will never let you suffer.



111. Don’t worry, mommy will always be there for you, but I will be more available for you when you need me most. I love you girls.



112. You are both my pride anywhere I am. People have always respected me because you care for me. I wish you the best of luck. Goodnight.



113. I just feel like to say have an awesome dream to my fine, sweet little chubby twin sisters. The smartest girls ever have seen.



114. Don’t worry; you will always be my number one friend in this world. You are such amazing friends; your presence is a great advantage for me. I love you both.



115. Whenever I look at you, I am overwhelmed with joy. I am happier whenever I set my eyes on the most beautiful twins in the world.



116. You don’t actually know why I am here for you. You are the most precious person in my life and as such wish you the in your exams.



117. Don’t be scared of this world, it is only big but your heart is bigger. Switch off your lamps and have a blessed sleep.



118. I know will miss you both, but it doesn’t mean I will not see the most gorgeous faces again. I hope to see you tomorrow.



119. I really enjoyed your holiday with me. You were both strong girls, mommy really worked on your character. Goodnight sweet sisters.



120. I love you for bearing resemblance, and also love for being humble sisters. You are the best ever. Goodnight.



Have a Good Night Sleep Quotes and Wishes Lovers


121. Hello guys, I think it is time to sleep, I am wishing you both a sweet dream this night. I wish you a better understanding of each other. Goodnight.



122. When you love each other, communication will be enhanced, and your chances of becoming great spouses will be higher.



123. The best of couples are those ones with the most beautiful voices all because of each other. They love to wake up next to each other. Goodnight.



124. I just want to love you. When it is time to say a big goodnight, I will never hesitate to do so because you are a very good lover.



125. As fresh as your face is, I am happy to say goodnight but sad a bit because I will be missing you a lot. I love you.



126. I am looking forward to the day you will wake up next to me. Good luck I found you and great joy you belong to me.



127. What really makes me happy the most is that I found you as a good friend and lover; you are my rose of joy, the most beloved girl in my life.



128. I can do everything to make sure you are always happy. That’s exactly what I will always do for you. I miss you.



129. No matter what, I will always cherish you to the end of time. I will tell you well about you for the rest of my life goodnight.



130. I wish you know how much you have been a great lady to me; you are such success that should be maintained forever. I love you.



131. Whenever I need someone to keep me warm, I remember you, whenever I am sitting your thoughts never leave my head, even though in sleep, I still think of you.



132. I will find a way to make you happy all your life. You are to me as the most interesting woman of passion. If I walk around the riverbank, I will ensure I hold your hands.



133. Goodnight to the rose of my life, I know will miss you very well because you are my greatest angel in this world. Thank you.



134. It is my joy to have met a great love like you; I need you to know that not even in this world will I forget you. I love you.



135. You are the best man for me I prayed for a man like you and shortly, the Lord brought you into my world. I love you.



136. I wish you are around; I will have been the happiest person. I must confess that loneliness has really done badly to me. I love you.



137. How I wish I can make you know the content of my heart in words, you will really appreciate it forever. I love you.



138. I have always wanted to let you know that, this world is a place for lovers but such expression needs great action.



139. Don’t Worry, I will never forget you, I will always love you no matter what and the special love I have for you will never wash away.



140. Goodnight my love, you are my blessing, the sweetest person in my world. I will never forget you throughout my life. Goodnight.



Have a Good Night Sleep Quotes for Colleagues


141. My Co-workers are the best people to spend time with, they will surely make you happy as you really wanted. Goodnight sweet dreams.



142. When you have good people around you, I am sure you have found all the best you need in life. I am happy for you all. Goodnight.



143. I just want to use this opportunity to say I wish you guys the best in this world. You are more important than what I thought you guys are. Goodnight to my wonderful colleagues.



144. There is nothing more important than having the best colleagues in the world. You are cool, and I will always be wherever you are for the rest of my life. You are the most beloved person in this world. I wish you the best of lucks in life. Goodnight.



145. Life is all about good people when you find peace in your heart, check people around you, and you will realize they are the best people in this world.



146. Your smile is worth it, your joy is heartwarming, and everything you have in this world will be a great impact on you and me. I love you guys and will like to say goodnight.



147. It doesn’t matter what we have done in this world for each other, all that matters is that we cannot find peace in this world until we show love to one and another.



148. I will not forget you, the reason being that since the day I started working with you guys I have learned a lot about what really matters in life.



149. When God has given you good colleagues, it is a matter of time that everything you need will be easy for you. I am happy for you, and the reason is that you are great people.



150. Thank God for good people in my life I am happy today because you all accepted me as a great friend and colleague. Goodnight.



151. May your night sleep be the type for kings and queens? Your efforts in making our company great are highly appreciated.



152. Thinking of you is not enough; I am wishing more success in life. Goodnight and have a night full of bliss.



153. You have all it takes to be my lovely angel. I am happy because you are the king of colleagues everyone needs to make it in life.



154. Never forget how precious you guys are, you are the best people to work with. I pray you to find your way to great success in life.



155. I miss you all; even this night will mark a greater day because I have dedicated it to my amiable colleagues. Goodnight.



156. I love your ways, and it is one of the reasons why I am happy to be with you all day long. Goodnight



157. To be honest, I have never worked with smart colleagues like you. I must confess that this platform is the best one to be.



158. When there is life, there is hope and choice to go beyond this world to succeed in life. I want to say goodnight to my good colleagues.



159. The most beloved colleague may be sleeping right now, but I don’t think I will be fine until I send this beautiful message to them.



160. Goodnight to people that matter. People with great intentions and opinions to push us forward in life. I love you all.