Beautiful I Love You More Quotes for Him

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I Love You More Quotes for Him to Smile


I Love You More Quotes for Him


I Love You More Quotes for Him: I love you more quotes for him will try and cover the entire topics you need to let your lover understand you love them better. You can now explore as much as you want.


Sweet I Love You More Than Anything Quotes for Him


1. You don’t have an idea how many times I think about you within a microsecond. You are my fabulous love, and I love you a hundred percent.


2. A treasure that smiles a lot is the one I cherish the most, he is always the most interesting friend and husband.


3. Your lips taste like tea, so sweet and precious to me, I love your smile, it reminds me of the most delicious chocolate ever.


4. Anytime I am with you, I feel confident about myself because you are always ready to protect me, this is also a good reason enough to say I love you.


5. The truth about you is that you are always my joy, there is no day you don’t make me smile whenever we talk on the phone.


6. I thought I could sleep without you until you left me alone in the room. I am in serious love with you, I wish you the best.


7. I will always cherish you beyond how you think; I will always try my best to let you know I love you better than you think.


8. My patience is now paying me, I know I really suffered a lot of pains before I met you, thanks for being there for me.


9. Whenever I close my eyes, I see you right before me, when I open my eyes, I see you smiling at me. Tell me why I shouldn’t fall in love with you.


10. I will always love you for the rest of my life, you are more precious to me than I used to think. You are my cheerfulness I swear.


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11. The love I have for you also baffles me. I don’t know why it is so strong that I can’t even stay on a day without thinking about every time we spent together.


12. You are my tree, my flower, you are the tears that drop from my eyes, as long as the river flows, as long as your hands are reachable, I will always love you more.


13. If this world is a field of love without any other thing, count me as the field itself because I am going to shower you with endless love.


14. Love is irresistible when it is true, love is nice, love is wonderful, love is the reason why I am always in love with you.


15. Believe me, because you are the most cherish angel of my life, you are my loveliest queen, and I will never forget you all my life.


16. I want to love you all my life, I want to cherish you beyond the scope of this wonderful moment in my life.


17. To love you is my strength that is the reason why I am willing to spoil you with lots of love. I am in deep love with you.


18. The special love I accumulated in my heart for you cannot be overemphasized, you are just the best for me, I can’t deny this fact at all.


19. I will never forget you even for a minute, I will always be your happy day and night and none will stop me from loving you forever.


20. I appreciate that powerful smile you cast at me every day, this is the reason why I wish to be with you from sunrise to sunset.


I Love You More Than You Know Quotes for Him to Smile


21. If you can measure our love for each other, I am sure mine will be greater in scale than yours. The reason is that I am always forced to stay awake at night thinking about you.


22. I know there is no power with me to let you happy until the Last Day, but I will try my best to make you smile as long as I live.


23. I know I will seriously miss you because you love dwells in my heart so any breath you take affects you in me. I love you more than you can ever believe.


24. All I need in my life is to make you realize that love you are more than special to me. Your though is number among humans on my mind.


25. There is no day I don’t think of you, there is no moment I don’t pray that the Lord should keep us together forever. I love you.


26. Anytime I smile, it is because I can perceive the fragrance of a wonderful angel walking close to me, and once I open my eyes, it becomes you.


27. My aspiration in this life is to become a good wife for you; I want to ensure you enjoy the taste of being a husband.


28. What gives me concern the most is how to ensure you are happy. I realized I can’t watch you suffer while I am alive.


29. I need you to know that when I fell in love with you, it took me several days to regain my real self, I was overwhelmed with the power of love.


30. The eye of light, the blessing I cannot do without, the most majestic husband in the world, I cherish you with all sincerity.


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31. Have you ever experience true love shower before? Here I am, ready to shower you with the most precious love ever. I love you so much because you are my perfect man.


32. You are a superman, the flower that flows around my heart, there is no time I look at you, I feel like jumping on you to feel the warmness of your chest.


33. I know I can’t do without your presence, but I still have to let you be for a time frame until you join me later in the evening.


34. I don’t have any other better time to show you how much I love you, all my thoughts right now are to show you the content of my heart for you.


35. I need you all my life, you are the best friend of my life, the most adorable man ever accepted into my life. I love you so much.


36. I want to be your complete angel, your joy and the most beloved woman that will be able to take good care of you the most.


37. I need you more and more to cherish you better and better, you are the kind of man every woman should accept the most.


38. When a person talks of a great man with good attitude, I smile because there is a hidden one right in my life. I love you perfectly.


39. We are meant for each other, there is no doubt about this destiny, we are destined to be one for each other. I love you more.


40. I guess you are my lifetime partner, or better said, there is no guessing job here, you are simply my life partner.


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41. Who will make me smile as you do? No man can do so. Loving you makes my heart grows like a little shining star.


42. I feel like loving you day and night, in fact, 365 million years is not enough for me to tell you how much your value counts in my heart.


43. Holding your affection in my heart has been the loveliest thing in my heart; I can’t forget you for the rest of my life.


44. Nothing makes me smile like when I set my eyes on you. I just keep loving you every minute, every second like a waving flag.


45. I have been thinking of being in a true relationship since I was tender due to exposure in my environment, now I have found you as my perfect second half.


46. Can it be possible to forget your matter on this heart of mine? What exactly can I do to make you smile every at all moments of your life?


47. There is no one like you when it comes to the issue of a husband being kind to his wife. You are such an amazing companion to spend all of my night with.


48. To the one I love, to the most precious gift, I found loving and adoring. You are my angel, the one I cannot give out to anyone else.


49. I feel your love in my heart, it is one of the reasons why I cannot let you down all my life; you are such an amazing pearl of my life.


50. Do you know why my love keeps increasing for you? It is because your attitude communicates love and dignity and it is my responsibility to show my appreciation.


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51. Sometimes I shed tears because I am still finding it difficult to understand why you are this good and caring. I love you.


52. There is love everywhere but there is no true love everywhere, I am lucky because I found a true friend who is always ready to make me happy.


53. Do you know how much I love you? Don’t you know how I am happy to have as you as a friend that my heart beats faster than the movement of light?


54. I feel like having you around me all the time, I know it is not easy to find someone as nice as you are, please, care for me more and more.


55. I think since the day you became a part of my heart, I have been finding this life peaceful. I can’t deny this fact at all.


56. Your precious love for me makes me happy day by day, except I don’t set my eyes on you, I will be restless all day.


57. Although I am yours all my life, I promise to always be there for you all the time. You have always been a perfect companion for me.


58. Anytime I look into your precious eyes, I see the kind of love that makes me happy. I love the power of your smile and the truthfulness of your friendship.


59. Well, you are my perfect friend, my joy, and the most wonderful man I am always proud of. Thanks for your endless overhaul.


60. In this part of the world, I discovered that the most interesting man is right in my sister’s matrimonial home. Thank God for having your type as a friend.


I Love You More Than Funny Messages for Sister


61. Your presence in my life is a gift I cannot deny. What can I do to make you understand that the care you give to me is the best I ever experience?


62. Your precious love is this wonderful type I cannot stop dreaming about; you are just the most beloved sister in this world.


63. How lucky I am to have found you as my wonderful sister, you take good care of me all the time. Your heart is so special to me.


64. I have come to realize that your precious mission to build me into a successful man is a selfless charity. I must tell you something, you are a very good fellow.


65. I know you are my elder sister, but I still see you as the best friend I have in this world. I know I can’t just deny the fact that you belong to me.


66. The value of kinship is very strong and that is why I am lucky that you know and understand this rule of life. You have always been there for me all the time.


67. Is it possible to have a sister that really cares for her younger sister at all? It is rarely possible because life has changed.


68. If you have a sister that cares so much for you, please hold her tight, show her respect and true love of kinship. She deserves your love so much.


69. I know I will miss you badly. Since the day you left, it has been a problem for me to concentrate, I can’t stop thinking about the entire moments we shared together.


70. I adore your love like never before; I am happy for you, need you all the time as my number one pure lovely sister. I will always make you proud wherever I am.


Cute I Love You More Than Anything Poem

71. My heart thinks of you every blessed moment. This is a reason why I cannot stop loving you all my life. You are precious than my flower vase.

72. When I saw the vessel of love smiling at me, I knew you were the one, so walking down to you is no longer a problem because I was already excited.

73. Could you remember the other day when we were in the valley of love, holding hands and smiling together? That was the day I finally fell in love with you.

74. You are my blessing, my endless joy, and the most precious love of my life. I don’t know why I keep missing you all the time. I will never purchase anything for your love.

75. I saw you laying your back on a tree; I walked up to you and gave you a kiss you will never forget in your life but suddenly, I realized it was all dream.

76. Your love whispers passion in me, it makes me happy no matter what and this is one of the most precious things appreciated the most.

77. I will be your spirit when you need the energy to enjoy a passionate moment. I will be your happiness when you are sad. Your well-being is always my priority.

78. The reason why the light comes to me every night is that you are the light itself. No wonder, there is no how I look at your lips while you sleep but I see a bright future with you.

79. I see my kids in you, they all are playing around us, asking great questions, and making us happy together as a couple.

80. The kind of love in you is the one every man will love to have, this is the reason why your thoughts are always important to me.

Precious, I Love More Than You Know Poems

81. If you know how much your thoughts flood in my heart, you will be amazed that something of such could happen in a human heart.

82. You may think that what I am showing you is the end of the special love I have for you. I will always love you until you finally realize that another man cannot replace me.

83. Thank you so much for you have always been the type I cannot do without, your precious face is the reason why I summon more confidence to be with you all my life.

84. Even if you go to the sky, you will not see any man that loves you the way I do. You are specially made for me.

85. The kind of love I have for you is far better than the one possessed by Romeo to Juliet. My love for you is a deep feeling from the innermost part of my heart.

86. I love you more than dollars and Naira; I love you more than Nigerian Independence Day. You are the reason why my heart beats with love rhythm.

87. If you want to know why my love for you will never be comparable to any man’s, try and build a machine that can read a human mind, and you will find my love for you uncountable.

88. Have you ever experienced a heavy rain while you are far away from shade or home? That is how your love in my heart rains heavily.

89. Diamond, I think is the most expensive treasure on earth. Do you know you are more precious to me than a diamond?

90. The difference between you and the diamond is 1 million years ago. You are more precious than the most precious stone ever known in human history.

I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know Poems for Him

91. I saw a rolling valuable stone, so cute, beautiful, and smiling at me with deep passion. I walked close to it, I realized it was transforming into an angel, and then I decided to hug it, and discovered it was you.

92. Happiness connotes love, success predicts good life, but loving you more than anything else means the world to me.

93. I realized that being in love with you will always make me happy all my life; that’s why no matter how tired I am, there will always be one last energy to say I love you.

94. My love for you is 101 percent, the one percent that is there is the extra love that cannot be shared with any woman in my life.

95. To fall in love with you means there will be joy all the time. Trust me, I love you beyond your scope, for there is no other woman that has succeeded in breaking through my heart as you do.

96. The sea of flowers is too small compared to the sea of your love dwelling in my heart. You are my perfect match whose eyes are filled with endless love.

97. What a lily you are; I love you more than the entire seas in the world, more than the sun and the entire galaxy all combined together.

98. Imagine a garden build of the entire treasure in this world; believe me, your love in my heart is more than that.

99. You are my love, my space, and the most beloved angel that swims along the edge of love in the city of passion whose colorful ambiance mesmerizes my heart.

100. How do I cope in a life that lacks your presence? How do I enjoy this world without you? I need you so much and it is the truth.

Best I Love You More Than Yesterday Poem

101. My love for you today is far better than the one I have for you yesterday. Your smile yesterday has faded away because the one you cast today is more powerful.

102. Tell me why I shouldn’t fall in love with an angel when her smile is so powerful to the extent I can’t look up to see her twice?

103. You see, one of the things humans love the most is their stomach, but I love you more than my stomach and always ready to sacrifice everything to make you happy.

104. You may doubt me I don’t care, all I know is that I preciously love you more than you think. Your love increases like an SEO graph in my heart.

105. I have searched everywhere to know why I keep falling in love with you all the time, but to no avail, I didn’t forget to search on Google, but there was no answer.

106. Every day is an opportunity for me to improve on the way I loved you yesterday. This is an opportunity that’s beloved to me.

107. You don’t know the meaning of the true love I have for you. Imagine if a man cannot sleep all because he is yet to hear from you.

108. When a man loves you, he never hesitates to let you understand the fact. He is always the first to think about you and the last to forget you among humans.

109. Your fresh face, your beautiful voice, and everything combined together make me smile any moment I set my eyes on your blossom self. These encounters increase my love for you.

110. Don’t forget you are the nicest lady whose face I love to see every single day. It actually baffles me that I am beginning to love you more than ever.

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111. Don’t you see the flood of your love running in my blood? It has come to that point where I am helpless to save my heart from falling in love with you forever.


112. I still don’t know why my heart always trembles in passion whenever I hear your voice. To my surprise, it was discovered that the pressure of my love for you is one million times greater than normal.

113. Believe me or not, my heart will not get tired of keeping your love, despite the current rises every second, my heart has become an expanding universe for it.

114. The special love of my life, the ideal angel whose heart makes me happy every single moment, do you know I will always love you forevermore?

115. I think ants are very large in number? If you can count the number of ants in this world, then you know how my love for you increases every day.

116. I don’t want to let you down for any reason, this is because whenever you put a smile on my face, I find much love for me.

117. Well, as you can see the sun remains the same all the time but my love for you shines in a better luminosity every day.

118. Every day gives me another opportunity to love you more than I did yesterday. You are my best friend and the most beloved woman.

119. Anytime I realize the level of my excitement increases, it is a sign that the love in me for you has increased by 100 percent.

120. For sure, you belong to me, you are my wonder and behold, and nothing will make me forget about you all my life.

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121. You heard me screaming in love for you; for sure, I will always do since the level of your love in me has no other reason but to care for you.

122. Well, how do I make you smile when there is no one to cherish me as you do? This is the reason my love for you will always increase at the speed of light.

123. If you have ever fallen in love before now, just know that the one I have for you is more than any other one you ever experienced.

124. You know it sounds impossible for a person to love you more than love; but remember, mercy supersedes love—so I have sympathy for you.

125. A nice man with everything a woman needs in life; your kindness is divine because you shower love on me.

126. You belong to me, as a life partner, your wellbeing is my watchword. Your kids took after you, like father like kids.

127. You are my dream, my heart, and the chosen one for me alone. I am thinking of loving you all the time. I love you to the core.

128. it is not my wish to see you walk away from me. Just for the sake of love I have for you, you will understand that my heart never rests until my eyes see you.

129. The fact that I couldn’t call you didn’t mean I don’t think about you. Your thoughts are always on my mind 24/7.

130. The truth is that I love you more than words can explain, you belong to me, and falling in love with you is just the best for me.

Lovely I Love You More Than Words Can Explain Poem

131. Never the less, I simply love you more than words can ever explain. I love you far better than the galaxy.

132. If your heart is the only city to dwell in, what is the hesitation for? Believe me; I will make your heart a shelter forever.

133. Truly, I love you more than you think you are the best angel of my life and there is no love for me except the one I have for you.

134. If you have to leave me alone for a minute, I think there will be a problem in my dear heart. You should now know that words cannot explain my love for you.

135. You are my happiness, so for the special love I have for you, there will be no reason to smile if you are not around me.

136. There is no reason why I should forget you all my life, to my surprise, I want to let you know that nothing will stop me from loving you.

137. There is no reason why I should forget you; there is no meaning to loving you all my life. I will never let you down.

138. Come close to me and let me understand the fact that you are the most beloved man I prayed for, and the representation of my prayer in life.

139. Most of the time, your love makes me happy. Just like that, I keep smiling at anyone I come across, and they just want to know why I am always happy.

140. Let the world understand that, there is no day your love will escape my mind, and the reason is that, surely, my prayer was answered.