Best Letter of Congratulations to New Minister

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Sample Letter of Congratulations to the New Minister

Letter of Congratulations to New Minister

Letter of Congratulations to New Minister: Letter of Congratulations to New Minister is written for the benefit of those who wish to congratulate their loved ones for an appointment. 80 Sweet New Month Messages to your Love, Most Beautiful Love you Miss you Quotes.

5, Custom Street, FCT
5th December 2019

Dear sir,

I am writing this letter to celebrate you for the new appointment. It is not easy to reach such a position especially in this era where truth is very difficult to exercise. How is family, I hope everyone is fine. Dear minister, you are the best candidate for that position and I am happy for you being my brother.

Sorry, sir, this letter has to be informal, because I am writing to congratulate you as my elder brother. This implies that I am not writing to your officer. I hope you will be pleased with this.

As the new minister, I will like to share some of my advice with you. Being truthful to your company is a covenant that shouldn’t be taken for granted. We may say religion does not apply but the truth is that we can’t rule it out of anything. Remember sir, the closest to Hell is a leader and the closest to paradise is a leader.

Secondly, I want to use this opportunity to wish you well in your office. I pray you find it easy to administer your ministry appropriately. No matter how tedious the work may look, may the Lord take control. You shall excel in this new administration. Once more, every kind of mistake that may hinder your progress shall be removed from your way.

May I use this opportunity to extend my greetings to the entire family members, your colleagues, friends, and bosses? I hope you all are fine and sound in health.

Lastly, the work of a minister is to be kind to the masses and ensure the poor do not suffer. I urge you to try your best and leave the rest to God.

Yours Faithfully

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Letter of Congratulations to New Minister Brother

1. Congratulations to my brother who just became the minister of education, we are happy for you and wish you the best.

2. I am so happy for you because you really deserve this position, may the Lord give you the wisdom to lead the people aright.

3. Wishing you lots of success in your new office, you shall be blessed with lots of breakthroughs after this. Congratulations.

4. I just want to be grateful for what the Lord has done for you; may you find the peace and harmony to run your tenure appropriately.

5. You have been so kind to me all these days and this reward is really worth it may you continue to excel in all you are doing.

6. You are a very smart person, I hope you will continue to succeed in anything you do. Wishing you a greater height after this tenure.

7. May the Lord bless your regime and make you excel in the government. You are so special, and I pray for lots of love for you.

8. You are the most amazing person in this world for me, you are nice, and I will always be with you for the rest of my life.

9. Congratulations to my brother, I have always believed that someday, you will become a great person and that day has come.

10. I know you deserve lots of accolades, especially today that you are appointed as the new minister of finance.

11. The Lord will always bless you with every single support you need to make this administration a better one. I wish you lots of love.

12. Thanks for your support all this while, now that you have become an honorable minister, I pray the Lord supports you in what you do.

13. I am so happy for you because you deserve this new position. Congratulations on your appointment.

14. I just want to wish you a big congrats on your appointment, may the Lord protect you all through your tenure.

15. Wishing the honorable minister all the best, you are so nice, you make me smile when we were together, and now you are making me happy as a minister.

16. Although you are now my minister, it doesn’t mean I cannot claim seniority with you, after all, I am a professor too.

17. The most important thing today is that you have been appointed as the minister. We pray you to carry out your jobs without any mistake.

18. The Lord Almighty shall bless you more than this. As you celebrate your ministership, we pray the Lord shall always bless you forever.

19. You are special, may you find the kind of peace you need. The Lord will give you the very wisdom needed for your new appointment.

20. The appointment really came at the right time, we are happy for this very interesting thing that happened to us.

Letter of congratulations to new minister Friend

21. The Lord shall bless you with the kind of leadership you deserve. Thanks for this special appointment. I miss you.

Congratulations to a new minister friend

22. Dear Minister, you are welcome to the leadership of our dear country, we believe you can do better. We are happy for you.

23. Lots of congrats to a good friend, you are so good and we are happy for you like never before. Congratulations on your appointment.

24. Since you finally became the honorable minister, I think there is no doubt that our roads will be good now.

25. We are happy for this new appointment, may the Lord continue to bless you in all aspects of your life. Congrats.

26. Wishing you a lot of success, we wish you wake up to achieve this wonderful position, may you remain blessed forever.

27. You shall be appointed for a better position next year and you will never regret accepting any of the positions that might be granted to you.

28. Congratulations to a very good friend, you worth this appointment because you are such an amazing friend, with great intelligence.

29. We believe in you because you can actually do it. We are pleased with you being appointed over us as the new honorable minister.

30. May the Lord bless and protect you on this seat. Every challenge shall be tackled for you by His will. Wishing you lots of success.

31. Thanks for being there always, the most merciful shall continue to protect you in all aspects of your life. You shall excel in this national assignment.

32. This is indeed a great opportunity to showcase your leadership ability, I pray you find the grace to run your appointment well.

33. Good to have a good friend who is now an honorable minister, you are the most amazing person I know ever. Congratulations.

34. Congratulations dear lovely friend, may your face be seen for long on your seat. The Lord shan’t forsake you. Congratulations on your appointment.

Letter of Congratulations to New Minister Wife

35. Wishing my love congrats on her appointment, may the Lord stay with you all through your tenure. May you find it easy to accomplish your journey.

36. I just want to say congratulations on your appointment, you are so sweet and the Lord will continue to bless your hustle forever.

37. As you finally found this appointment, the Lord in His infinite mercy shall continue to make you happy forever.

37. You will not regret all this, every day and night shall bring joy to you, and you will always be proud of yourself forever.

38. I am proud of my dear heart, you have been so amazing since the day I set my eyes on you. Now, you are my honorable minister, may the officer favor you in abundance.

39. Thanks to the Lord who gave us the strength and courage to reach the best position. May we always experience this type of promotion in our home.

40. Dear wife, you will continue to remain my adoring angel, I love you so much and it is no doubt that you are the flower of my eyes.

41. Glory belongs to the most precious Lord, we thank you for giving us the opportunity if leadership in our dear country.

42. Congratulations on your new job, it is with great pleasure that I am celebrating you this morning. I wish you success and good leadership.

43. May your appointment favor you and me, as you lead, we shall follow you. I am happy for you and there is no doubt about it.

44. When you have the most beautiful wife around, and above all a smart and righteous angel, you will always be proud of him. Congrats.

45. Dear wife, you have been so nice, and this day is the opportunity for you to get the reward for your effort in this area of life. I am highly pleased to celebrate you on this day.

46. I am wishing you a lot of success on this wonderful day, may the Lord continue to protect you forever.

47. You are so nice, may your happiness continue to grow all the time. You shall be blessed for the rest of your life.

48. Thanks for everything you have done in my life, may the Lord help you enjoy the fruit of your labor to the end. Congratulations.

Letter of Congratulations to New Minister Husband

49. Congratulations dear husband, you have won my heart better than it used to be; your new achievement in life shall remain the best.

50. The Lord shall continue to bless you until the end of time, He shall be your helper throughout your regime. Congrats.

51. I just want to wish you the most interesting things in this world. You are more than special to me and this will always be my happiness. Congrats dear.

52. I want to be happy all my life; you are the one better for this appointment and now thank God it was given to you. Congrats.

53. I wish you a long life and prosperity and thank God for everything that concerns you and me. Congratulations dear love.

54. You are my love, the one I vowed to spend the rest of my life with, congratulations on this new appointment.

55. You are so special and your character is an outstanding one that should be emulated. I wish you the most enticing things in this world.

56. As you become the new minister of aviation, I think traveling around the world will be easier now. Congrats dear.

57. I am going to prepare your favorite for this wonderful moment of your life. You deserve the most delicious food this afternoon. Congrats dear.

58. I am here to celebrate you better than ever. May you find the peace and harmony to enjoy this wonderful position you are just being appointed to.

59. The best leaders are those who understand what they are doing. I pray the Lord grants you the wisdom to carry out your duty.

60. Wishing you the best in this world, may your happiness continue till eternity? Wishing you the best you ever wanted.

61. I am happy to announce that my husband finally became the appointed minister of transportation. Thanks to the God of mercy.

62. Dear husband, it is my pleasure to congratulate you on this journey of life. Wishing you lots of success as you set to carry out your job.

63. Wishing the father of my kids’ happy appointment, thanks for being there for my kids, I will always be happy to reach out to you.

64. You are so nice, you are so sweet and my love for you is beyond what words can explain. Congratulations on your appointment.

65. May the most beneficent God benefit your hustles in life; you shall be blessed with everything you need. Congrats dear.

66. May your success continue to glow like sunshine, you shall be blessed with everything you deserve all your life. Congratulations.

67. The Lord will always bless you abundantly; He shall remain your protector for the rest of your days in office. Congrats dear.

68. I just want to be sure that you are happy, thanks for being a wonderful man. Your level of understanding is very high. Thanks for everything.

69. congratulations dear hubby, you are the best man for this appointment, none should argue the fact.

70. Don’t worry, your time is here, reign with the good administration, may the Lord help you achieve your goals in office.