Love and Sad Quotes for Lover

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Love and Sad Quotes for Romance


Love and Sad Quotes

Love and Sad Quotes: When love is missed with pain, it becomes a pleasure. Let us explore love and pain today to see how they can blend together making pleasure possible for us.

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Love and Sad Quotes for her


1.if I knew my action will hurt you up to this level, I would have prayed to God never to allow us to meet that very day I hurt your feelings.


2. Take heart my soulmate, you are strong and it is the very reason why you faced this challenge. No matter what happens, no matter the condition you find yourself today, I will always remain with you.


3. I love you more than anything that may befall you now or in the farthest future. Don’t worry, I will never betray you.


4. I am not happy to see you suffer, I know how much you will have been sad if I were to be in your condition. The kind of love you have for me is special.


5. No matter how every situation may be in life, no matter how good a person could be when a predicament comes, you have to be patient and trust in God. I love you.


6. You only lost your job, you didn’t lose your life or memory. Thank God for the gift of life, and remember that I will never leave you for any reason.


7. I will always stay by your side all the time, I will be your day and night, and you are the love that cares for me the most.


8. Sometimes, life is not how we think it to be life is more like an unpredictable goal in a football match. I hope you will find a reason to be happy once again.


9. Today may not favor you but tomorrow could be one of the most interesting moments in your life. Don’t cry again.


10. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings by what I did, I just want to say I will never forget you until the end of time. I love you.


Amazing Love Sad Quotes Make You Cry


11. Why did it have to take me too long to realize the kind of pain you are going through? What have I done to deserve this in life? I am sorry, baby.


12. Don’t you know how much I have fallen in love with you? Why then did I fail to wipe away your tears when you need me most?


13. The power of love is something I cannot deny, it has a great impact on the kind of feelings I have for you. I love you, angel.


14. Anytime I see your eyes full of sorrow, I am sad. I don’t want anything that will make you sad at all. I love you my darling.


15. Do not think that I will ever leave you because you have no cash today, I will stay by your side until you are finally free from distress.


16. Dear love, I don’t want you to fear, I don’t want you to give up, keep pushing and one day, you will be happy.


17. I have gone through a lot of pains in life but what I see you suffer today makes me sad a lot. I love you like never before.


18. I feel so bad knowing that you are sad. How I wish I have my two legs functioning I will have climbed the highest mountain to bring salaam for you.


19. You took good care of me when I was sick, you make me smile when I was sad, but today, you are lying down in your sickbed and I have can’t even do anything to save your life. It is well.


20. How I wish I can remove your sorrow with a wand I will have done so in a speed of light. I feel so sad for you my heartbeat.


Love Sad Quotes in English for her


21. If I knew you have this pain in your heart, I will have done everything to ensure they are all gone. I love you.


22. Sweetheart, don’t think I will ever forget you not even in this condition. Your pain is mine because I belong to you.


23. Life is a place to learn our lessons in life, please don’t give up in all situations, I believe one day, you will understand the truth.


24. You make me smile, you give me hope to enjoy this world. I will never let you down until the end of time. I love you to the core.


25. I wasn’t myself when I had about your pain. So you have been keeping this from me just to ensure I am always happy? I love you.


26. The most lovely moment of my life was the day I married you but the saddest day of my life is the day I realized you are in pain.


27. I am sorry if I have been hurting your feelings with some of my attitudes. I will never let you down forever.


28. Just know that I will never forgive myself if I ever allow such a thing to happen to you again. It is a big shame I couldn’t save you.


29. No matter what, I will not let you down for any reason. I will be yours all the time. Thanks for being a great lady.


30. Please, baby, don’t give up, don’t let things weigh you down, you are strong, you are powerful and there is a limit to what you can do.


Love and Sad Quotes for Lovers


31. I have never been this sad in my life. Whatever is the reason for this is well understood by God. I love you still.


32. I want to share my love with you all the time. I will be glad I have you all my life because I am the one meant for you.


33. No matter how a situation may be, no matter how hard things are going on in your life, always have hope in what the Lord can achieve for you.


34. Pain cannot end in life, it is always consistent and nothing can separate you from happiness, it is always possible. Don’t cry anymore, your time will be here.


35. I will never let you down for the rest of my life. I will be yours all the rest of my life. You are the best anyone will love to be with, wipe away your tears and trust in God.


36. You are the joy of my life, the angel that puts smile on my face every single day. Loving you is a blessing that cannot be compromised. Don’t be sad, the Lord is always with you.


37. The precious love I have for you is the one that will always last forever, I believe and it is true. Sorrow is irresistible, it will always come. So take heart.


38. Sometimes, it may be that you love something but it is not good for you. If it is taken away from you, don’t be sad. I love you.


39. Baby, you have to remain strong and faithful. You have to take the heart and remain a great man. I love you all the best.


40. I will forever be grateful to the Lord that joined us together I will not get tired of this world because you are part of me. You have been through a lot but being faithful is power.


Love and Sad Quotes for him or her


41. Truly, I felt for you, I thought I have been doing enough not knowing you have been struggling to survive with me. I am a sorry sweetheart.


42. O Lord forgive me, I never knew my husband is dying in silence. He has been going through many difficult times and yet I never realized.


44. In this sorrow, in this life, in this pain, everything will be fine once again. I love you like never before. You are my happiness.


45. One thing I realized about you is that you are precious, you are cute and above all, you are the most interesting person in life.


46. You are my joy, you are the sweetest and the most beautiful person in this world. I love you all the best in this world.


47. No matter what, no matter the kind of situation that makes you sad, I will never take a step or show a sign that I am tired of you.


48. Nothing makes me sad like having found you sad. I don’t want to see or hear that anything hurts your feelings. I love you.


49. It baffles me that your love for me makes you die in silence You should have told me what you have been going through and I will be glad to help you.


50. Shame on me that I couldn’t save you from this pain, I love you and will always do in all situations you find yourself.

Love and Sad Quotes for Husband


51. I know you are a strong man, you have been striving hard to ensure we are happy. Thanks for being a good husband. I am really sorry for realizing too late that you are this good to me.


52. Calm down my sweetness, you just have to relax, don’t cry and never forget that I so much love you beyond your imagination. Today is hard but who knows if tomorrow will be the best for you?


53. I have decided to be a good wife in all situations, I vowed the other day that I will never leave you for any reason, did you take it for a mere talk? God forbid!


54. I feel happy with you, I will always do because you are more than welcome in my heart. This condition of yours is nothing compared to the love I have for you.


55. I have been nurturing this classic love for you. It has been in my heart. I wish you all the best for the rest of my life.


56. Do not think I will leave you now that you need me most, in fact, I am assuring you that no one will know what is going on. I love you.


57. The trust I have in you is still there on my mind. I am never in any way tired of you for any reason. Loving you is the best.


58. You are always a prince in my heart, nothing will ever change that fact. Even now that you are in pain, you will always see me by your side.


59. This is the right time to make you smile. I love you day by day hour by hour and night by night. I love you to the core.



60. You are the best for me, you are my happiness and I will never let you down. You will see me often then ever from now on.


Love and Sad Quotes for Wife


61. I wish you were not sad but what can I do in this situation that is unpredictable? Just be patient, the Lord is in control.


62. In love I met you so shall I always remain with you in love forever. I miss you so much, my dear love.


63. I feel like to have you all my life, I couldn’t forget you not even on a day. You are always the best for me.


64. If this is the end between you and me, I will rather pray to die along with you. Please, stay with me, I don’t want to live in a world without you.


65. The other day when things were hard for me, you were the only woman that stood by my side. Today, I can always be there for you, no matter what.


66. Truly, I don’t want to live alone because if you are not here, how then will I cope with my life? You are my weakness.


67. Thinking about you every single day, loving you every day and night increases my love for you. If you died, how do I love again?


68. I need you to know that being in love with you is the best thing that ever occurred to me. I am all yours forever. Take care.


69. I felt for you darling, I really mean it. Don’t just give up, because, there is always a way out of every problem. Sorry once again.


70. You are not always alone, I am here with you. I will always be there for you all the time. I love you so much.


71. You are my pinnacle of joy because the perfect God sent you into my life, you are my choice and it is the reason why I will never let you go.


72. I really hope to see you soon so that my eyes will see the most beloved and beautiful woman once again.


73. I need you all my life I want you from the beginning of my heart to the end and it is the very reason why I cry anytime you are not with me.


74. I was scared, I thought I will loss you to death, I don’t want you to come over any moment from now because I so much love you.


75. I’m so much in need of you, so if you stay by my side, I will be the gladdest. Thanks for always being by my side.


76. For you are the only true love of my life, the truthful one I cannot deny because she is always my happiness.


76. I want to share this pain with, you are not going to suffer alone for you are my happiness. I love you to the core.


77. I wake up every single day of my life ensure you are fine, the reason why I do so is because I can’t live without you.


78. You are so pretty and nice, cute, lovely and charming. You are my freshest lady and not even million other girls can stand your part in my heart.


79. I will never let you down all because I have to always remain yours all my life. You pure heart deserves a lot of joy.


80. What a peaceful heart you possess, a nice lovely heartbeat, I will always be your happiness for you mean a lot to me.


Love and Sad Quotes for Husband and Wife


81. I may sad today but it doesn’t mean I will not be happy when I see you because you are the very reason why I am sad, I want to see you.


82.I can’t wait to see you because the closeness of my heart to you makes me sad whenever you are not around me.


83. I feel like getting close to you all the time, I will be glad to have dwelling in my heart like never before.


84. What a special love you are, I love you for the kindness of your heart, I love you for the true love you show to me.


85. Only few people will understand the kind of feelings I have for you. I miss you like never before. Thank you for showing me the kind of love I want.


86. When you have the perfect woman around you, things begin to go perfectly fine with you because she is a queen and blessing to you.


87. No matter the days we spent apart, I will only shed tears but nothing will stop me from loving you. I love you.


88. The tears on my cheeks don’t fall for nothing, they are always there because I want the world to know that I am in love with an angel.


89. Surely, I love you perfectly better than the way you think, I am in great love with you. I feel like loving you forever.


90. You are cute, nice, and lovely, you are precious and my heart beats for you every single minute but I realized you are making me sad every day.


Emotional Love and Sad Quotes for Him and Her

91. Why did you make me sad when you know I so much love you to the end, I feel like having you all my life so that you will be happy for the rest of your life.


92. I feel like dwelling in your heart so that whenever your heart beats, I will feel the rhythm of the passion I have for you.


93. You are my happiness, my joy and the one I will never forget even for a micro second I feel like loving you all my life I feel like making you happy all the time.


94. Calling you my heartbeat is the most precious thing I have ever loved doing, it makes me want to smile for rest of my life.


95. There is a music of love that plays in my heart, that music is as a result of the sincere love you show to me. I love you.


96. If you know how much I have been planning to reach you, if you know what makes me smile the most, you will always be there when I show a single sign of depression.


97. The only true love of my life, you don’t know how I used to feel whenever I see your back while you walk away. I love you.


98. I will always be with you all my life, you are the precious present that I preserved in my heart, your love is always the reason why I asked God to spare my life.


99. I want to be yours every single moment, every now and then, I wish to keep my head on your chest as long as I want. You belong to me forever.


100. Every single moment of my life makes me smile because an angel is in my life. I an seriously interested in all you are doing.


101. I feel like loving you every single day, I want to cherish you day and night so that you will be the happiest man on earth.

102. I will shower you with lots of love, I will make you happy all your life as you are the most beloved lady my hope is always upon.


103. In as much as I want you to know that you are the last man standing, I also want to assure you that you belong to me alone.


104. I am actually sad because you are far away from me. I need someone who will always be happy to talk to me all the time.


105. I need you every single day, I wish you the most enticing moment in life, you are the freshest love of my life.


106. Nothing will stop me from loving you for the rest of my life, never will I forget you day and night as you have changed my life in a special way.


107. I feel like loving every minute, every second and every day, you are my joy and I will always love you all the time.


108. Never mind what anyone says about our love for each other, all I know is that, you will be the best for me.


109. I am happy that you finally came back but the truth is that you have made my heart sour for too long with your absence.


110. Surely, I feel like making you happy all the time, I want to make you happy day and night so you will be the gladdest angel of my life.

Love and Sad Quotes for Boyfriend and Girlfriend


111. I want to be your love, that man that will be with you all the time, I want to make you happy all the time but you are nowhere to be found.


112. I shed tears so much so that I can’t control it, this is because, you put endless smile on my face. I love you every single day.


113. I want to love you more and more, I want to cherish you with everything I have because there is no other woman that can take your part in my heart.


114. I am so sad because I find no peace in my heart since the day you left me. Please come back as soon as possible.


115. What a nice angel you are, a beautiful angel, your smile is so powerful that I can’t resist it anytime any moment.


116. I feel like loving you to the of my ability, I feel like to hug you every seconds. You belong to me my happiness.


117. I cherish you day and night, I love you beyond the impact of my heart. I need you more than I need myself.


118. Surely, loving you is my best feeling, it is my pleasure to see you smile. If love is a stress, I will be glad to be stressed because of you.


119. What a special day of my life, my nicest person, this is the reason why I love falling in love with you. I miss you.


120. Anytime you look into my eyes, I feel like to melt. I don’t know what to do to let you know that I can’t do without you anymore.


121. Sometimes, I pity myself because you have captured my heart with your endless love. You are my heart warrior, I love it so.


122. Whatever I can do to make you happy will be my number one priority, I will love you with all sincerity.


123. You are the most beautiful woman mouth can talk about, the sweetest person my heart beats for. I love you beyond the sky.

124. The kind you feel love I have for you is more than what you could grab about it. I am your love, I will be your sweetest angel.


125. How I wish you have a way never to make me sad anymore, I will be the gladdest person on earth.


126. You are always my joy but today I am a bit sad because I need something from you and it is nothing but your attention.


127. Love me as you want, cherish me as you desire but don’t hurt me as you like because my heart bleeds passion for you.


128. If I can get you an ice cream made with true love, I will buy for you to taste the power of the love and I have for you. You have taken away my heart and soul.


129. There is no single moment I don’t love you better than I used to, I am a lucky winner, and will always be for the rest of my life.


130. You are my joy, and the most amazing lady of my life, you are the sweetest person my heart beats for. I love you darling.


Romantic Love and Sad Quotes and Messages


131. I feel your absence and I am sure you will see the sign whenever we reconcile to part no more. I love you to the moon.


132. Don’t forget the fact that all I need from you is to see that you are always happy, I so much care for you like a mother to her daughter.


133. You belong to me and I am always yours even in life and in dream. I don’t call any other name but yours in my dream.


134. I am your friend and you are my best love, I miss every thing about you all the time. You are the best for me.

135. I love your powerful smile, it reminds me of the good days of the past and gives me better hope of a new beginning.


136. I realized that being in love with you is a pleasure, there is no time I remember you but I am overwhelmed with love.


137. You are my biggest choice in life, you are the most beloved person in this world for me because I will never forget you all my life.


138. You mean a lot to me, I appreciate the special love you show to me every single day of my life. You are the best angel.


139. Thinking of you every day makes me happy, you are the favorite woman of my life, the sweetest girl my heart will always cherish.


140. I have a lovely moment now just because you are in my life, I feel good because you show me the kind of love I need.

Lovely Love and Sad Quotes to Wake up to

141. If I have my way to let you know how much you have touched my heart with strong love, I will be the gladdest.


142. You are the loveliest angel of my life, the one I cannot forget all my life. You are my blessing, and the freshest love ever met.


143. I feel so much for you ,and pray you understand the depth of the kind of love I have for you. I need you to the core.


144. After meeting you, everything I ever wanted in a man is found in you. You are the perfect match for me.


145. I am your joy, your interest and the one you deserve the most, I have accepted you in my heart forever.


146. You think I have all the wealth on this earth without you? Let me tell you now, your presence energizes me to do my best.


147. You are my beloved one, my life and the surest dream of love I ever met all my life I am in deep love with you.


148. You are such an amazing friend and wife, thanks for your selfless love for me. I miss you so much.


149. You belong to me, that’s the very reason why I am always happy all my life. You are my biggest choice in life.


150. No wonder I can’t do without you, your love has reached to the point in my heart where nothing makes me smile but your face.