Most Beautiful Love You Miss You Quotes

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Miss You Messages for Him or Her

Love You Miss You Quotes

Love You Miss You Quotes: Enjoy this new season with us by texting your loved ones some beautiful messages. They are being seriously missed we know and it is the reason why we have to help you cheer them up with our special text messages. You will thank us later. Incredible Sleep Well Messages for Her, Good Night Wishes for Lovers Text.

I miss you messages for him or her

1. Never the less, it is true that we are being created for each other already. Our love will always remain in the best shape forever. I just want to say I miss you.


2. I miss you, dear baby, you are so special and my love for you increases every minute. I love you beyond the sky.

3. I think of you always and this makes me go crazy like never before. You are all I have the one I cannot possibly forget.


4. Anywhere you may be, always remember that I am with you everywhere in my heart. I cannot stop thinking about you on my own.


5. You are the one meant for me and it is the reason why there is no way anywhere else. I love you, my dearest angel.


6. I just want to let you know that you are cute. You are special and above all the sweetest love of my life. I miss you, there is no doubt about this.


7. You make me happy, you make me smile and this is one special feeling I cannot possibly forget. I love you my choice.


8. You make me love you for every single minute. You are special, you are cute and my heart always beats for you.


9. Wishing you good safety anywhere you may be over there. I so much love you and there is no doubt about this.


10. Thanks for your attention, thanks for never getting tired of me at any moment. No matter how busy I could be, I will always remember you.


11. You always make me smile anytime I set my eyes on you. You are therefore known as my happiness and beauty.


12. Anytime I find myself around you, I feel the love that keeps moving in the direction of true love. I so much love you like never before.


13. Missing you is simply the hardest feeling this year. I love you deeper than you can ever imagine. wish you all the best.


14. Loving you means a lot to me. it means joy and success to me. I will be glad to remain with you for the rest of my life.


15. You are my love, my grace that was sent to me. I receive you with my two hands and I’m willing to remain with you until the end of time.


16. You are my joy, the one I will never forget. I am seriously missing you right away. I swear I am lonely and sad.


17. When the only person that can make you happy is the one that makes you sad, the situation becomes something else.


18. Your absence makes me sick, I cannot even imagine myself falling sick because the one I love is nowhere to be found.


19. I will always remain your man. You are a one in a million kind of girl, your smile is so powerful that I can dear to let you go.


20. Missing you is directly proportional to my loneliness. I have come to realize that, a day without you is more like a landslide in my heart.


Miss You Messages Sister or Brother


21. The cutest sister in the world, do you realize you are the most amazing sister I have at all? Now you know. I miss you.


22. There is no time to shed tears, I just want to see your face any moment from now. I love you and it is the truth.


23. I can’t easily forget those wonderful moments we have shared together. Those interesting moment no human taught us to live.


24. When the one you love is far away from you, the effect almost makes you go mad. This is the best thing for now.


25. I know you are fine wherever you are because I have confidence in the Lord I said my prayer too. However, wherever you may be, just know that I am missing you.


26. Dear lovely sister, I miss you. How is your study, I hope you are coping with your workloads. Thanks for being a wonderful lady.


27. A brother like you is too expensive to find, you are an uncommon gem, a blessed prince I am always proud of.


28. You may be my younger brother, but I am proud of you. I can allow you to lead me because I respect you.


29. Thinking of the world’s most interesting sister. I wait to reunite with you as soon as possible. U love you, sweet sister.


30. Loving your as blood relationship is not bad in as much as you do not trespass the limit of the law of the Lord.


31. You are a very counselor and role model, I am happy and also lucky to have you as a brother. Your intelligence is amazing.


32. If I said I didn’t miss you, my voice on the phone will have confirmed how much I miss you. I swear, I can’t remain alone without you.


33. Every day and night, I remember my twin sister. I just want us to see it once again. I used to think that I can stay in a place without you.


34. I am so much used to you that it baffles me how much I miss you. I hope the holiday will be over so that we can see again.


35. Remember how much I cherish you. How much you have won my heart as the best brother in the world. I will always miss you.


36. Missing you has caused a lot of problem to me, I feel like hugging my twin brother so that we can go to the river to fish again.


37. You are special, your caring zeal and attitude are very amazing and that’s why I will always appreciate you forever.


38. You are my peace, my best friend because I don’t have any other close friend but you. I will miss you, dear friend.


39. I just want you to know that it is not easy to find a good sister like you. Your sense of humor is so big that it can accommodate the entire world.


40. Your character to me is larger than life, it baffles me of how nice you have become. I love you to the end, dear sister.


Miss You Messages for Husband and Wife


41. I have really missed the man in my life. The strength the Lord sent to me, my passion and the most beloved person in life.


42. Your presence is powerful but your absence is more powerful because it leaves me sick. I don’t think of anything but to see you soon.


43. When the one that cares is with you, you purposely ignore them because you don’t know the value of their love for you.


44. If I knew, I will never allow you to move an inch the other day. Now, I have missed you too much that I was admitted to the hospital.


45. A superwoman like you is rare. You are so special that I praised you for being a caring wife and mother. I love you.


46. The fire of my passion for you can set an entire building ablaze. You are just the best for me. I love you.


47. You care so much, you make things happen when I expected them most. You are worth more than a billion treasures to me.


48. I miss you because you are a special man with uncommon features. You are my happiness, the best woman in my life.


49. You are my dream, my choice and the best friend I have in life. I love the taste of your soup, it is the best ever tasted.


50. My darling, you don’t know the magnitude of my love for you. If I cry like a baby for missing you, it doesn’t mean I am weak.


51. My husband, you know I love you. You know I cherish you so much and there is nothing that can make me forget you forever.


52. No matter how far away you are, your heart is the closest to me among the rest of creations living. I love you.


53. Whenever I miss you, even the earth and sky can testify. I love you like you are the only woman on earth, in fact, you are my Eve and I am your Adam.


54. The story of man began with the love of Adam and Eve, so if I love you to the end, it doesn’t really matter. I love you.


55. I miss you, sweetheart. I miss you in such a way that only when I sleep my mind is at rest. Your love is supernatural to me.


56. The fragrance of your scent is so powerful that I cannot let you down. I miss you and it is the real reason why I will always be glad to have you.


57. You take good care of me, you wash my hair for me when I am weak. You are the most romantic husband in the world.


58. Well, I love you so much. I miss your smile, your beauty and the most amazing moments we share together.


59. There are many reasons why we miss people. I miss you for your truthfulness, loyalty and true love. Thanks for being there always.


60. You make me smile per microsecond, you may want to know why I have completely fallen in love with you.


Miss You Messages for Condolence


61. You left us too soon but what can we do when the inevitable has claimed your soul. We shall miss you forever.


62. Every minute of your life was worth it, your impact will be forever felt. I will continue to miss you until we meet to part no more.


63. You are more special, you are lovelier and above all the most interesting friend of all time. I will always miss you.


64. We can’t say anything than to remain patient. What is the usefulness of our talk when the owner of glory has called His own servant?


65. You were very dedicated when I met you some years back. The little time we spent together changed my life. I love you.


66. There is no one that can stop the death when it comes except the Lord, the mighty one but still, He didn’t intervene. We will always miss you.


67. Dad, it is 9 years since you left us. We will always miss you. We hope to see you once again and in good condition.


68. Dad, you have gone to the Lord before us, we pray to meet you in good condition. We miss you to the end.


69. What a special person in my life. I don’t think your thought will forever be erased in my memories. I love you.


70. A wife without comparison, a partner like a role model and a woman like a man is finally laid to rest. We will always miss you.


71. It is very unfortunate that this is happening to me, but I just have to take my fate and move on in life. I miss you.


72. No one knows when his death will come. Today is a bit hard on my heart. I can’t even stop the tears flowing on my cheeks. I miss you.


73. Of all the pain you went true in your life, of all the sadness that didn’t give you the chance to show us how much you love us, we will always miss you.


74. Go and rest dear father, you have been through a lot. You have been so tired and ill. Death has finally come to you. We will miss you.


75. Our pain is that you will not be seen for a long time. We will surely miss you all the time. I love you.


76. You left your kids when they need you most. You left me you darling wife when I need you most, but we can’t blame you because the Lord needs you more.


77. It brings tears to the eyes to realize that my husband has been buried just like that. It is a very huge blow on my chest.


78. Rest in peace darling, I will miss you forever. I love you and it will always be so.


79. When the time of death comes, it is inevitable. There is nothing you can do about this. Wishing you all the best.


80. I need you by my side every single day. I love you, it is the truth. I cherish you, it is the fact but all this cannot bring you back to life.


Love you miss you quotes for Friends


81. A friend like you is the most beautiful person in the world. There is no day I don’t miss you because every moment shared with you was great.


82. You know what? It is not easy to remain alone without you. I am so tired of this day because the only friend I have is not around.


83. You are my best friend, my sweetest friend and the one that makes me happy the most. I wish you all the best.


84. You don’t know how much I miss you and that’s why you are over there relaxing. You better come back and give me another chance to smile again.


85. Sometimes, I sit alone thinking of the kind of person you are. I can’t even imagine that a human-like you still exist.


86. You are happier when your best friend is with you. He or she will never allow you to have a dull moment at all.


87. You are all I have, you mean a lot to me and I will never want to lose a friend like you for any reason. Thanks for being a special friend.


88. It is my pleasure to have met a good friend like you. I will always be proud of you because your presence in my life is one of the blessings the Lord has given me.


89. I just want to give you a wonderful surprise; I want to make you understand that, loving you is one special love I will always be proud of.


90. Look at the sky at night and you will see the face of a good friend. A friend that has been so kind to me when I needed him most is the one I am proud of.


91. A friend whose intention is to see you happy is the best you can ever find in life. There is no doubt that I am missing you right away.


92. True friendship does not end with distance. True friendship is valued by the parties involved. I miss you so much dear friend.


93. You are the best of my friends, I put you in this position because time without number, you were there when I needed you most.


94. I wish you know how much I will forever miss you if you refused to appear again. It is my wish to let you know this.


95. A sincere friend with lots of love in his heart for you can do everything possible to make you happy. I wish you a wonderful moment in life.


96. Thanks for being a special man, a wonderful angel and the best for me. I will forever remember those good things you achieved for me.


97. I love a friend that makes things happen and you are that special friend. You are the most interesting friend everyone will love to be with.


98. I need you in my world, I hope to see you soon so that we can enjoy this wonderful day in good condition.


99. You make me happy with all the moments we shared together. This is one virtue I cannot deny about you. I wish you lots of success in life.


100. You have sacrificed a lot for me even though I was too busy judging you wrongly, you never look at my childishness as a point against me.

Some Beautiful Miss you sister quotes


101. A good sister like you is very hard to find. Wherever you may be, I pray you to find peace and harmony in all you do.


102. When you have a sister that cares a lot, you have found a treasure that will last forever. I will always be proud of you.


103. I can forget you for any reason, you are so special and this has given me the love and happiness to remain with you forever.


104. You will always be a role model in my life. I have been searching for a way to honor of being a very good older sister.


105. I wish my dearest friend and best sister all the best wherever she may be, I pray she comes back to us in good condition.


106. You are the kind of sister I will always be happy with. I will always put a smile on your face in the best of my capacity.


107. You make me happy all the time, you are a special sister I cannot take for granted for any reason. Your love for me is fantastic and very emotional in the right dimension.


108. I have never seen a blessed sister like you before, you are so good, cute and above all the most interesting sister in the world.


109. A world of ours needs a rare gem-like. You are an uncommon help everyone should have a sister. You are just always there for me.


110. I realized that my dear sister has been through a lot of pains just to ensure I become somebody in life. You stand as a father and mother in my life.


111. You are the one I will always love. You are the one I will always be proud of because you took care of me when I needed you most.


112. Your presence in my life makes me happy. It is something I cannot stop. It is something that gives me a kind of energy I cannot explain.


113. I am missing a beautiful sister, I am missing a mentor that cannot be easily replaced by anyone on this earth.


114. Anytime I remember the good things you have done in my life, I feel deep joy in my heart because it is only a sister that can do this.


115. You are all I need, the one that makes me happy the most as the best sister in the world. You are just the perfect sister for me.


116. I want to remain with you for the rest of my life, you are my happiness and the one I will never forget. Wherever you may be, I will always miss you.


117. You are that special sister that cannot be replaced by anyone. I wish you all the best in this special world.


118. The worse moment of my life so far was the day you stepped out of the house for school. I never knew I will so miss you.


119. The pain in my heart is caused by your absence. I will always miss you like the most gorgeous sister in the world.


120. I will always remain loyal to you because you are a sister with great character. I learn a lot from you and this makes me wonder.


121. I will always miss you because you are the only girl my heart has chosen. You are all I have and the sweetest love of my life.

Love you miss you Quotes for brother or Sister

122. There isn’t a doubt that I miss my amiable brother. He has been a very lovely brother who is always ready to make me happy all the time.


123. You are so special, you are lovely and above all, you make me strong whenever I remember your words of wisdom.


124. Dear brother, I miss you so much and this really makes me sad a lot, no wonder you are always a special person to me.


125. A brother like you is a great privilege in the life of a younger one. Thank you for being there when I needed you most. I so much love you.


126. Cute lovely sister, you are so damsel and I pray we meet anytime soon. I miss you, dear sister. You are my best friend and I cannot deny this.


127. Anytime I remember your words of wisdom, I hear your voice from the farthest distance ever. I will always be loyal to you as my precious sister.


128. I never want to let you down for any reason, I just want to be with you as my beloved sister and the most beautiful woman in the world.


129. You came into my world as a twin sister, that’s why I can’t live a day without thinking about you. I miss you, dear.


130. I hope you understand how much I love you. This is the reason why I will always miss you all the time Thanks for being there for me.


131. I need you to know that with you, my stay in this school will be fantastic. You have always been a role model. Now that you are already living, I hope I will be able to cope.


132. You have always been a special person in my life and prosperity shall follow you to the end. I miss you and love you so much.


133. Dear sister, I know every effort you have taken in this world concerning your education I pray you to enjoy the result. I miss you.


134. You are special, you are blessed and I miss your smile that gives me great happiness. You are an awesome sister.


135. Good luck I have you in my life, this is one of the most amazing things that has ever occurred to me in this world.


136. A brother like you is not rare, no wonder I am always in the mood to let you know you are one of the best people ever met in my life.


137. Who can make me smile if not you? I have found you as the only person that can make me smile among humans.


138. You are the best brother in the world and I am so much interested in your words of wisdom because they shape my life for good.


139. Living without you could be a bit hard because, there will no one to tell me stories, jokes, and then sing for me so that I can feel the privilege of being a Lastborn.


140. You are cool, you nice and special. I cannot deny the fact that you are one of the most amazing brothers in the world.

Love you miss you Quotes for fiancé and fiancee


141. There is all I need, it is called your presence, I so much miss and hope that we are already in the game of marriage.


142. You have the best voice in the world, a voice of love and empathy that melts my heart whenever I hear it.


143. It is cool that I have you in my world. I will always be yours for every now and then, of course, you are my happiness, so being far away from you is not a good thing.


144. Believe I love you and it is my pleasure to let you know that this is happening in my heart. I love you beyond what you can imagine.


145. Your lovely face makes me happy whenever I look at you. You are for me and I am yours always. Thanks for being a wonderful person.


146. You are my dream comes true, the truth is that I am really missing you right away. Come back to me, please.


147. Dear lovely one, you don’t understand how much your love makes me feel anytime I realize I have you in my world.


148. It is cute that I have found you in a world with love and happiness. I will always be yours all the time.


149. What a nice girl, your love is a special one that makes me feel like a prince because you are always the best for me.


150. Thanks for being a great fiance, your love for me does not have limits as I have confirmed how much you care.


151. Missing you makes feel like I will never be able to enjoy my world again. This world without you is something else.


152. You may not understand how I wish you are here. I will love to you anytime soon because you are a superb angel.


153. What is the meaning of a moment shared without someone as special as you are? A treasure of love like you is not easy to find.


154. To the angel I love the most, to the most adorable woman ever met, I just want to be close to you right now.


155. The power of your smile gives me the courage to love every day of my life. I wish you all the best. Thanks a lot.


156. You are special, lovely, and nice and I will be with you, take good care of you and also be there always.


157. You don’t know what gives me joy the most and now I have decided to let you know that it is your presence.


158. A woman of joy, how have you been? Don’t you know that your absence makes me happy every day? I love you.


159. Life is a beautiful place to be, it is a place you can’t deny at all. If you fall in love with the right person, then you are lucky. I miss you.


160. To my love, to the special person, I can’t take his words for granted because they come with the most beautiful results ever seen in action. I miss you.