100 Best Marriage Day Wishes Quotes

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Marriage Day Wishes Quotes for Him or Her

Marriage Day Wishes Quotes

Marriage Day Wishes Quotes: We have brought this wonderful post to your notice so that you can enjoy the wordings and also share it with your loved ones. We believe that you will surely enjoy texting the messages to those that you celebrate occasionally. Best Anniversary Wishes Msg Year 2020, Most Beautiful and Cute Anniversary Messages.
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Wedding Day Wishes Quotes for Her or Him

1. Finally, dear sister, you are becoming a wife. I know very well that you are overwhelmed with joy and happiness. I am wishing you good luck in your home.

2. As we celebrate you today, we hope to come and celebrate your naming ceremony soon. Happy married life.

3. May your home be filled with lots of laughter, joy aspiration of good fortune that will surely come to pass.

4. I am wishing the best sister in the world a peaceful coexistence in her new home; may the Lord take control of all your affairs.

5. Wishing you much love, much happiness, and endless success, wishing you the best of luck and the grace of Allah shall shower you forever.

6. I am so happy to have met you in life; may you continue to be blessed for the rest of your life. Wishing you much of luck in life.

7. I will always be proud of you all the time, I wish you lots of success in everything you desire. May the Lord grant you, beautiful children.

8. As you are now a wife, may the Lord begin to bless you with lots of kids as you desire. Happy married life.

9. Marriage is easy to handle if the partners can be tolerant and understanding, patient and caring. Happy married life.

10. I just want to celebrate my sister in the best possible way. Wishing you all the best you ever needed in life.


11. You are all I have right now and my happiness will never end because you belong to me. I am so happy for you.

12. It is my happiness that you finally became a man. Always be kind to your wife. Treat her like a queen because she is your queen.

13. Now that you are in your matrimonial home, I hope you will find the patient to manage your home successfully.

14. I must let you understand that marriage is not as easy as many see it until there is patient, tolerance and love.

15. Love your wife passionately, give her all attention and respect her feelings whenever she is sad. Happy married life.

16. I am so happy today because you make me happy every single day. You are more than special and I will always be yours all the time.

17. Congratulations on your wedding day. The Lord that achieved this for you shall grant you the ease of conceiving your kids.

18. My brother is now a man. Congratulations on this wonderful thing that has happened in our life. This is a great chance for the family.

19. I am so happy to have found you in this world, wishing you more success than you can ever imagine. Happy married life.

20. You will always be my favorite; you will always remain the best brother in the world because you are a good role model.

Happy Marriage Day Wishes Quotes for Husband and Wife

21. You have become one today, may the Lord continue to bless you until eternity. You shall regret getting married to each other.

22. Wishing you the best in this union. You shall not find any misunderstanding that will separate the both of you.

23. I just want to wish you more love, more joy and more success in this world. I am so happy with you because you really made me proud.

24. Today is a blessed day in your life; I hope you will continue to enjoy it until death separates the both of you.

25. It is with great happiness that we are wishing the best today. We pray for endless success in your life.

26. You are so special, we hope the Lord shall continue to bless you for the most amazing step of the year you have just taken.

27. Men are those who took the bold step to become husbands. You are now a real man with responsibility.

28. May you find endless peace in your home, the Lord shall continue to bless you in an abundant manner.

29. Wishing you the most interesting things in this world, I pray the Lord in His infinite mercy shall bless you in an abundant manner.

30. Glory be to the most merciful, the Lord of success and happiness shall shower your home with lots of success and happiness.

31. Thank God for a day like this, we pray for another beautiful day to celebrate your new-born baby. Wishing you the best.

32. I wish you the best of what marriage means to God. May you succeed in every good step you take to make your marriage a better one.

33. You are so nice, sweet and above all the best husband in the world. Your wife is the luckiest lady walking on earth.

34. Happy married life to my beloved brother. As you enjoy a new life, I hope everything you need shall be possible to achieve.

35. You are unique, so I am sure everything about you can be unique, so I pray your married life is special and successful.

36. It is not easy to find a wonderful moment in life; when the Lord protects you, He does so forever. Happy married life.

37. I am thinking of you right now, I am hoping that the Lord shall continue to bless you until the end of time.

38. Wishing you more success in your marriage. Wishing you more than you wish for yourself. It is of great joy I am sending you this message. Happy married life.

39. May the Lord grant you the fruit of marriage and bless you in such a way you least expected. Happy married life.

40. It is nice to meet you on this wonderful time of the day; may the Lord continue to bless you for the rest of your life.

Sweet Wedding Day Wishes Quotes for Friend

41. Having a good friend is not easy, having you as a friend is a great privilege from above. Happy married life.

42. I am so much happy this morning having heard that today is your wedding day. I am so proud of you.

43. It is of great happiness that we are sending you this message, we are overwhelmed with joy for this wonderful achievement in life.

44. Our pleasure is to see you excel in life. Now that you have become a man, we hope to see you happy forever.

45. It is nice to have met you in life, thanks for everything you have done in my life. wishing the best of luck in your home.

46. Having found your missing rib, we pray the Lord to continue to bless you abundantly. You shall be blessed forever.

47. Your smile, your love, passion, and play shall be missed forever. Wishing you the most interesting moments in life.

48. The Lord in His infinite mercy shall protect you from what is before you and that which you are clueless about.

49. We hope for a heartwarming marriage for you. May you as our beloved friend, find peace and harmony in your home.

50. I just want to wish you more and more success in everything you do in your matrimonial home. Wishing you lots of success in life.

51. You are sweet, for that reason, I believe your husband is the luckiest man so far. I wish you the best you least imagine.

52. Imagine this lady is now a woman. From spinster to a lovely gorgeous woman who shall be expecting babies soon.

53. Whenever I remember those days we spent beautiful time together, I just shake my head and smile because your husband is just lucky.

54. I am so much in love with this move you took and also wish I am in your shoes. Thank God for this wonderful achievement in your life.

55. The joy of any marriage is for both parties to understand their responsibility and take action upon it.

56. You are more special than you ever thought; this is the reason why I am always proud of you for being a great friend.

57. You shall find the peace of heart that you deserve, the Lord shall bless you in a special manner. Wishing you more success in everything you do.

58. You make me smile every day and now a lucky man is about to snatch you away from me. What a wonderful loss.

59. No matter how broke your husband is, do not add to its frustration. Support, love and advise him. Success is yours in the end.

60. Wishing the best friend of life all the best. As you are now a man, I wish you good leadership in your married life.

Best Wedding Day Wishes Quotes for Parents

61. Wow, the best parents in the world have been together for many years and the marriage has been the best ever.

62. May you be rewarded for the wonderful things you have been doing in our life. May this day profit you forever.

63. I just want to say thanks for everything you have done in this world for me. You are the best parents in the world.

64. Congratulations on this wedding anniversary. May the Lord continue to bless your union in a perfect manner.

65. We hope to write a complete book about your love life. We are so happy to have you around us all the time.

66. I was overwhelmed with joy this morning having known that we shall be celebrating our beloved parents today.

67. A marriage that lasts over four decades is for legends only. Dear dad and mom, you are the living legends of our time.

68. I just want to appreciate every one of you for attending the wedding anniversary of my beautiful parents. Wishing you all the best.

69. May the Lord continue to rain happiness and success upon our family, as we celebrate this wonderful day, may the Lord bless us forever.

70. Congratulations on your wedding day, you are so sweet and the Lord shall bless you forever. Wishing you the best.

71. Thinking of taking the celebration of my parents’ wedding anniversary to the next level, I am happy to present these beautiful cars to mom and dad.

72. The happiness of this world is the one given to parents by their children. I am wishing you all the best in this world.

73. I am so happy for you because you are so nice and above all, a smile from you is one of the best ever.

74. Wishing you more success in life, hoping to remain with you for the rest of my life. I wish you all the best.

75. Thanks for everything you have done in my world, I just want to be with you all my life but death will surely separate us when it is time.

76. If I am not happy today, it means I am ungrateful for the gift of parents. I am happily celebrating my beloved parent.

77. You are the best parents in the world, may the success of a beautiful anniversary continue to reign with you forever.

78. You are a special person, you are nice, sweet parents per excellent, we hope for all the best in this world for you.

79. As you celebrate this day in love, passion and endless joy, we hope the Lord shall continue to bless you forever.

80. Today is mine because it is packed with the celebration of the best parents in the world. Happy married life.

Cute Wedding Day Wishes Quotes to Husband

81. There is no time I look at you, I am so overwhelmed with endless joy, thanks for everything. I love you.

82. We are celebrating our union today, but I will still find time to wish us the best. I love you.

83. Happiness comes when you meet the right person in life. Congratulations on our wedding day.

84. I cherish you so much, and it is my pleasure to have met you. I need you to know that you are the best for me.

85. The most amazing moments of my life are those we find each other together. I cannot forget those beautiful smiles.

86. There are lots of beautiful things I have in heart; I will give you the first one this night and the rest forever. I love you.

87. The smile from your face is enough to make me sleep for the rest of the day. I am happy to spend the rest of my life with you.

88. May the Lord hold this bond of ours for goodness sake. We shall remain in love forever. Happy married life.

89. I need to be yours forever. It is compulsory to be yours because I realized how much you have wiped away my sorrow.

90. Anytime I am sad, I feel like coming over to you; today we are united, so my dreams have come to pass.

91. Thank God for the gift of a wonderful husband, I will surely be happy with you for the rest of my life.

92. I know people do hide their character, but in your case, I was able to detect that you are sincere. I love you.

93. This day is one of the most amazing days in my life because I am now united with my better half.

94. You are a superstar, may the Lord always bless you forever. Wishing you all the best in our married life.

95. I just want to say thanks for your interesting love for me. I will always miss you no matter what. You are so nice.

96. It is my pleasure to have met a special husband full of energy. I am truly lucky for this gift in my life.

97. I wish you the best of honors in marriage, I promise to be loyal to you, now and forever. Thanks for everything.

98. You are the most blessed angel of my life, you keep making happy all the time and this has always been my hope.

99. You are my dream, my joy and the one I will always be happy to spend the rest of my life with. Thanks for this nice day.

100. You don’t know how much I am planning for our life together in the same room. I am happy for our union for it is my happiness.