Best Relationship Advice for New Couples

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Some Advice for Couples Getting Married

Relationship Advice for New Couples: You don’t want to miss the latest relationship advice that will change your marriage for good. Try and apply the tips for a better-married life.

Relationship Advice for New Couples


Before I proceed, who are couples’ and what is marriage? These two questions needed to be answered. So, I will like you to follow up.
Couples are two people that are in love with each other and are willing to secure a future together either as spouses or any other romantic relationship that may join them together.


A marriage is a contract between two people mostly a man and a woman. It is a long-lasting relationship agreement between two lovers. The longevity of a marriage is determined by two factors—good relationships between couples or death. If two couples are in love with each other and then keep a good relationship, definitely, their marriage will last, and if death comes, the marriage is automatically ended.

Can we now talk on the advice for couples that are getting married? Do they actually need advice before marriage? This is a question that needs an answer.

What is Advice for couples getting married?


You are already couples, and about to get married, don’t you think you need some advice? Yes, you need advice, a serious one indeed. In this article, I am going to relate some series of advice with you so you can be ready for a lifetime journey also known as marriage.
I shall reveal some secrets about marriage and how to cope with your spouse at home. So, what are those tips for would-be spouses?




All my life, there is no time I don’t advice couples on any of my articles related to that, either personally, or written for clients, except that I must include communication. Communication, to me, is the heart of every relationship, because if you don’t communicate well, how can you understand your partner better? So, as a preparing couple, you must first understand that communication is very important in any relationship.


You need to let each other understand your likes and dislikes, your wants and those things you will never want all your life, it is through this understanding that your marriage will be guaranteed lasting long. Although, many homes today, lack proper communication skills, and this has really caused lots of setbacks to their marriage relationship. To avoid a similar situation, it is left for you to understand the skill of relationship communication.

Respect for Each Other


We all know that psychologically speaking, every human, has this feeling of importance, tell me, how possible that could be that you disrespect others while you expect them to respect you in return? This is a beat weird.

If you are really willing to allow your relationship last, my advice for you is that you should shun your ego. No matter your gender, status or position, every single human deserves your respect. Not to talk of your beloved partner. You have to succumb to the natural phenomenon of respect for others and oneself.

However, if your marriage is not important to you, continue with the disrespectful attitude, very soon the result will be out.
I advise that you should show some courtesy to your partner, let them be carried along, don’t treat them as if they are slaves or kids. I know of some rugged writers who will overload their articles with some psychological principles to deal with your wife or woman, they promise you heaven and earth but in most cases, such advice backfires. You need to be kind to women, likewise women to men.

Play with Each Other


Another strategy through which you can do better in your marriage relationship is that both partners should form a playgroup. You must learn how to play with each other, rub the body together, do some pillow game, and make your wife want to sleep on your body. Give her all the attention she needed. You can both go out and have some fun in the basketball pitch or even swim together.


Play is not meant for kids alone, both adults are allowed to play together until death separates them. You are both meant for each other, so tell me what is wrong with the play. Some husbands used to think that playing with their wives is an abomination and can bring disrespect between both parties; my brother, such thinking, I am not sorry to say is arrogance.


If what I described above is your problem, it means you are yet to know the value of a woman, let alone your wife. So, it is better you adjust and then apply wisdom to make your wife feel at home. This will make your marriage last long.


Gift Your Spouse


Your spouse is one of the most important people in your life. He or she is the first person you see when you wake up in the morning; therefore, you need to value them. Appreciate your spouse by presenting some gifts to remind them of how you appreciate their love for you.
You may not understand the power of gifting in a relationship. It makes you feel being loved. It brings joy to both of you. This should be the focus of everyone in a relationship.


Learn How to Say I Am Sorry


Are you still listening to those psychologists who feed you with those wicked principles that you shouldn’t tell your wife I am sorry? I swear such a thing kills relationships; marriage will not last when built upon such an attitude. No matter how big or too important you think you are, whenever you make a mistake towards your spouse, learn how to say I am sorry.


The miraculous statement “I am sorry” can neutralize ten days old anger. Remember, anger is more concentrated at the earlier time, you may excuse your spouse for the time being, and then when he or she is calm, offer your apology and mount some kisses on their lips before having it together in the bed.


What of the Bed Relationship


When I said the bed relationship, it is referring to that play between a man and a woman which results in pregnancy. Yeah, it is very important in marriage. It is one of the reasons why you married. This is something you should know before now. Try all your best to ensure that you learn how to give your best when it comes to bed play.
You really need this play because it enhances your passion for each other especially the women, it makes them feel relax and want to stay with you intimately. No wonder some religious people want you to get married before engaging in sexual acts.


Financial Support


No one has it all the time. Even men need financial support. This implies that financial support should come from both spouses. I mean, both of you should find a way out to support each other financially.

How will this be possible? Fine, it is good to be a good housewife, but in this era, where things are hard for our men, if you can empower your wife, to support you financially, it is a good idea.


You Can Go out Together


I often hear or see some couples whose problem is that they don’t go out together. The only time you see some couples together outside is when they are waiting for the mosquitoes repellant to go away. This is really unfortunate, and it signifies that people don’t know or probably don’t understand the value of a relationship anymore.


As couples or spouses, in order to make your marriage work well, it is time for you to go out together; you may choose to go outings for vacations where you will have time to do some romantic communication. This is what we call marriage therapy. You need all these to make a marriage really work.


Can you remember those outings you did to get each other fell in love before this stage you are now? The right time to do those things is now. You must learn how to visit historical places together. You can fix a specific date for an outing. For now, you are just too, so it is even easier to enjoy each other better before the arrival of those big heads(Lol, Kids I mean to say) that may snatch some of your love for each other.


However, the arrival of kids does not stop you from this romantic act. It is an act that should be repeated until death separates both of you.


Text Messages and Call


Text messages and calls can play a very vital role in any relationship. The reason is that they aid in good communication flowing between the couples. According to an interview on social media, some set of women were asked, “Between a call and a text message, which do you prefer?” some voted calls while some voted text message. It depends on your spouse, so to make your marriage work too, don’t miss out on this point at all.


Keep Each Other’s Secret


What is the meaning of a relationship in which every fight is known all over the neighborhood? This is really disgusting and shameful. As couples, you need to be well behaved, and whenever there is a misunderstanding between both of you, kindly find a way to settle it amicably. Don’t voice out for anyone to hear you. Remember, it is not everyone that is happy for your togetherness.


I urge you don’t make those mistakes of revealing your spouse’s secret to anyone, otherwise, you may form enmity between you and your spouse. Remember, anything can happen at any time, so, it is better you avoid trouble which you don’t know the end result.


Hug and Kiss Each Other Often


It baffles me how people live under the same roof as two walking sticks. You don’t feel each other; you don’t have specific foreplay that may end up in the bed, so tell me, what kind of couple are you? Early before going to your working place after your breakfast, kindly kiss and hug your wife. In fact, it is more ideal that you wake your wife up with a peck on her forehead.


You may want to apply for a class on how to hug and kiss your spouse to make the passion between both of you stronger. Don’t take this point for a grant; it contains a lot of miracles you don’t know until it is tested.


Smell Nice for Your Spouse


I want to focus more on men this time. We don’t need to leave this responsibility to women alone; men also need to smell nice to their women. The women are not animals, they equally have feelings therefore, smell nice to them.

As for the women, depending on your religion or belief, this will determine whether you should wear perfume to smell nice to your husband or not. In the case of Muslim women, they are not allowed to wear perfumes due to some religious reasons.

However, wearing of perfume is not the only way to smell nice to your husband, you can take your bath with toilet soap that smells nice, and then put air fresheners in one corner of your room to purify it. This is so romantic.


You Can See Movies Together


One of the best romantic moments in the life of couples is when they see romantic movies together. You can sit in the bed and see love movies together, I don’t mean ad*lt movies, but normal movies such as king of heart or depending on your belief, a movie that will make your bond stronger.


Take Good Care of Each Other


Both males and females in a relationship should learn how to take good care of each other. You need to show love to each other in a more mature way. Instead of hiring a house help to prepare food for your husband, why not prepare the food by yourself? Humans are so funny, they think all these acts are outdated, however, up till tomorrow, and they can’t find a new solution to marriage issues.


Especially the feminists who want to compete with men are doing this in their own funny zone. I am not anti-feminist, but I still can tell them to embrace what is natural to the human. You can’t compete with a man have still a rest of mind at home. It is not possible.


After all, marriage is not a competition; marriage is a stage where love and support should be displayed. I hope you understand that?
With this little knowledge of mine concerning relationship, I hope you will benefit from this article.