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Sorry for Everything Messages

Sorry for Everything Messages: You have already hurt the one you love due to a misunderstanding or maybe a mistake. Now you need to apologize to him or her but don’t have the idea of what to say, we have carefully prepared these messages for you to send to your loved ones.

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1. You may have misunderstood the whole thing but you should know that I can’t do such a thing behind you. I am really sorry about everything.

2. I’m sorry for not picking up my phone when you called. I know it hurts you whenever I miss your calls.

3. When we learn to forgive one another, we learn to enjoy the power of freedom and endless joy.

4. There is no woman as cute as you are, I am really sorry for what I did the other day.

5. Give me a second chance to write off my name from the sand of pain on your heart. I am sorry.

6. You make me smile all the time and this is my happiness for you. I love you so much that I can’t forget you.

7. You are the best for me and I will never let you down for a reason. I love your smile, and it is my joy to have you around.

8. You gave me the strength, the joy, the happiness, and love to refill my heart that was full of love and happiness.

9. I will be glad to stay with you for all my days. I will not forget you so easily, so no matter what happens between us, please forgive me.

10. When you finally found the one meant for you, you have found the most beloved gift on earth. I am sorry about yesterday.

11. I wish I could just let this pain in you come to me so I will be satisfied that I have suffered the consequence of my actions.

12. When you did believe in your potential, things will be alright. O believe in you because you are the potential given to me by God. I am sorry.

13. There is no better woman like you. I can’t be happy without you. This is very impossible and I am really sure of this.

14. I am really sorry for every single thing I did that hurt your feelings. I am sorry for being a great lover of my life.

15. You are a good inspiration in my life, you are more beloved to me than you will ever imagine. I am sorry.

16. No matter what it takes to explain how bad I feel after hurting you, I will do so to free my heart of this pain.

17. Your thoughts in my heart cannot be underrated because I realized being without you is a big disaster.

18. I love you so much and wish to spend the rest of my life with you. I will always miss every moment we spent together.

19. You have touched my heart in a precious manner, you have been so cute and kind. I so much love you.

20. There is no way I can stop thinking about you, you are the happiness the Lord has chosen for me. I love you.

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21. This my heart contains the mountain of pain since the day you left me. I may not recover again. I am sorry.

22. People think I am mad, but they failed to understand the depth of my love for you. I am sorry.

23. There is no doubt that I love you. It is all written over me and you can see for yourself. I am sorry.

24. My heart weeps for the pain of missing you. I have to see you anytime soon. I love you.

25. You have to forgive me, you have to allow us to come back for ten conclusions of our love. I love you.

26. You have been so good to me and I will be glad to be with you to raise your kids. I am sorry for all I have done to you.

27. I hope you will find somewhere in your damsel’s heart to forgive me of the past pains I caused. I am sorry.

28. TI am sorry for being too harsh on you, I am sorry for not being there when you needed me most.

29. You are the happiness of my life, I will never forget even in a minute. I love you so much. You are my happiness.

30. You will remain the one I love the most, no matter what anyone does to make me hurt you. I am sorry.

31. This is the seventh year of our love, I still don’t have anyone better you are. I am sorry.

32. If I hurt your feelings, please forgive me. I am sorry and will ensure such things don’t repeat.

33. Sweetheart, I never intended to let you down, I will never do such a thing intentionally. I am sorry for everything.

34. I am your dream comes true, I will always be no matter what. I failed you because I was overpowered by those guys but after what happened, I realized I am more in love with you now.

35. True love is found after an incident that should leave two people separated forever. I am still in love with you.

36. Don’t be angry, I am sure you don’t know how much I have fallen in love with you. I am sorry for the bad news o brought up.

37. I can’t stop my heart from beating and this is so unfortunate because I can not face the challenge of seeing you sad.

38. I hope you will be happy for the rest of your life I miss you and hope you will be fine forever.

39. With you, I now believe life is the best for me. I will always miss you especially now that you are not happy with me.

40. A special woman like you deserves a warm love but it is so unfortunate that I have to make you sad all the time.

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41. Given the most important thing in life brings joy to people’s lives, I think an apology is important in this instance. I am sorry.

42. The only way I can be happy once again is to see that you are happy. I am sorry for everything.

43. Let no one step between you and me, I am so much in love with you like never before. I am sorry.

44. What else do I need to do to let you know I love you with all my strength. I love you.

45. Sorry for what transpires between us, I will ensure we live fine from now on. I am really sorry.

46. Forgiveness and love give you a reason to smile once again. I hope you will forgive me. I am sorry.

47. You brought love into my life, I am happy for you. It is the truth nothing else. I am sorry for hurting your feelings.

48. Many times I have tried to forget the pains I caused you, but my conscience will never let me rest. I am sorry.

49. I have found peace in loving you. I don’t want to lose you for this misunderstanding. I love you.

50. Whatever gets you angry can still be forgotten and be replaced by peace and harmony. I am sorry.

51. You own my heart because there is a time I can’t do without thinking about you. I am really sorry for everything I did that caused you pain.

52. A life without you will be hard to comprehend. I can’t be accurate in anything without you. I am sorry.

53. Life is not safe for me if we have to remain like this. Please, forgive my mistakes so we can live happily together.

54. The essence of your love is bliss to me Taking it too far away from me will be hard for me to handle. I am sorry.

55. Yours is what I will do like the flower of love flowing in the air. I am sorry.

56. I can’t imagine the pain of living without you. I am sorry for all this mess.

57. Little did I realize how much you have always been my heartbeat. I am sorry.

58. It is not my wish to see that you are sad. I wish I can turn the hands of time to prove the whole of my love for you.

59. I will always stay with you in pain and relief. Nothing will happen but must bring us closer than ever.

60. If you can listen to your heart, you hear what it whispers about me. It whispers my love for you. I miss you too. I am sorry too.

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61. You are here on my mind and yet I can’t even touch you to feel your impact once again. I am sorry.

62. Hold my hands once again, give me another chance to make you happy all the time. I am sorry.

63. I realized without you my pain will last forever. Your presence is a great strength to me. I love you so much.

64. I hope you understand the path I am tracing with you, the path of endless love. I am sorry for everything.

65. To my heart, you have been so easy on me until now, and this has forced me to realize how bad I have been treating you. I am sorry.

66. You have been so sweet all this while, and it is the reason why I can’t even let go off you. I am sorry.

67. It took me ten years to meet an angel, five minutes is not enough to lose you forever. I am sorry.

68. Living your dream is my quest, but if pain and mistakes come between us, I will be dead for nothing. I am sorry.

69. Thanks for everything. I have to say thanks for all you have done in my life, and I am sorry for paying you back with pain.

70. You share my pain all because I was too careless to know the pain you have been going through all because of me.

71. I was too selfish to notice your endless effort to make me happy. I am really sorry about everything.

72. Don’t be sad, I am sorry for the careless action of yesterday. Please forgive me. I miss you.

73. You will remain the best woman in my life. I love you so much that all I wish for you is joy and happiness.

74. I hope this fight will be the last between you and me. I can’t resist the pain of staying a whole day without you. I am sorry.

75. To you, my love, I am sorry for everything. Forgive me for the mistakes of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

76. I know I have wrong you too much, but you still need to forgive me because I can’t live without you.

77. I’m really sorry for my mistakes, I will be a bird again if you set me by accepting my apology.

78. You have many more things to do in my life. I have offended you beyond bound and yet you never stop loving me. I am sorry.

79. I will not let go of you because I have a lot of reasons to remain with you forever. I am sorry. Believe it, I am sorry this time around.

80. I want to be the man in your life, I want to remain the only superhero you will be proud of until the end of time. I am sorry.

81. You will be fine. I assure you that nothing worth the pain you go through all because of my mistakes. I am sorry.

82. Forgive my mistakes and give me another chance to show you the best of love I can. I will always respect you for the rest of my life.

Enjoy sending these messages to the love of your life. The messages will help you restore your relationship better than ever. You really need this post as a guide to get the idea of how to apologize to your loved ones when you offend or hurt them. Everyone has feelings of importance, so, if anyone is hurt, you are supposed to apologize to make the love stronger than ever.