Special Good Night Messages for her to Wake Up to

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Special Good Night Messages for her to be happy


Special Good Night Messages: You want your man or woman to be happy and fall in love? Kindly text these powerful messages to them as a sign of love. You may like this: Good Night Wishes to Lover Copy and Paste.



Special Good Night Messages
Two people, a male and a female in the garden of love

1. I will always love you with my heart full of passion for you. There will be no day that I will not be glad to make you happy. You are all I have, you are all I want all my life. Goodnight.



2. Do I need a fortune teller to tell me you are the reason why I am happy today? I will rather say thank you for your love and effort for me.



3. I am happy to be yours; you are all I have in this world and the best ever. You are the kind of woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. I love you so much. Have a Good Sleep Quotes for him or her.



4. I wish you know that since the day you came into my world, I have been so happy in all I’m doing. Thank you for loving me.



5. Never do I want to forget you all my life. I love you as a bee loves its honey and protects its hive.



6. Thanks for loving me, it is through your love and care that I found the kind of love I never believed will come to my life.



7. I feel like thinking about you will be the sweetest thing in life, I love you so much and pray you to understand this.



8. I know I can’t hold you responsible for not caring for me but voluntarily, you decided to be the reason why I am happy. I love you to the core.



9. You are the pearl of love I cannot possibly forget for the rest of my life, I am your man and you are my happiness. I love you.



10. You don’t know how much I have been in love with you. You are quite the best for me. I love you beyond what you imagine. I am the luckiest man on earth to have you.



11. A woman like you is more than just a special person, you are better than a person that is special. You are a system that makes a man happy.



12. I don’t know why everything has become this way, you are on my mind every day and night, I love you. I just wish you know how true your love is strong in my mind.



13. I love the fact that your choice in this world is something that has to do with what you have. I love you, believe me, because you are the last woman in my life.



14. I just want to say I love you. I want to be your only true angel, the one I cannot stop loving forever. I miss you so much and it is the truth.



15. I cherish you like never before, you are truly the one I cannot forget. Anytime I close my eyes, I see your gentle face, and this gives me a strong assurance that I will be glad for you always.



16. Never forget that most of the time I think, you are always there on my mind. I am not worried at all because you are already the kind of love I wanted.



17. Love is perfect magic, it makes life a better place to be, the night is a perfect veil, it covers your stress and reliefs your body pains. Goodnight darling.



18. You are purer than most diamonds, none of them can be compared to you. This lonely night calls in your face, but there is no way it can be seen right away. I love you, it is the reality.



19. Goodnight to my darling, the only true lady of my life. The girl that accepted everything without hesitation. My God sent lover, the most beautiful of them all. I love you and it is just the truth.



20. I hear some silent sounds, all for you because this time is the one of romance. Your lips are far away, your body cannot be hugged to keep me warm. I am here on a lonely ship, it drives me to where I have no clue.



Special Good Night Messages for Him to Smile


21. I found you so sweet and then accepted you to make some changes in my life. It happened that what I thought about you finally became reality. I have always been in love with you all the time I met you.



22. I begged the rain not to fall because I have a date with the one I love the most, I begged the star, not to go because I want to dream of him forever and I begged the sun to rise so I can see the brightest face once again.



23. My heart will always beat for you as you have become the joy I have in my life. I need you day by day and minute by minute. You are the sweetest choice I made ever. I love your giggles and the powerful smile you cast.



24. Thinking of you is the smartest thing I have ever done. It sounds somehow funny and impossible but that’s just the truth. I love you like never before. Goodnight, have the smartest dreams ever.



25. I know I have no much time to spend, I have no much cash to give but I have an everlasting love to show to you. I so much love you with endless passion.



26. When I look at how much I have fallen in love with you, I just want to say thank you. I realized I have fallen in love with the right person. Goodnight baby, have a nice dream.



27. I have vowed to spend the rest of my life with you. I feel there is no need to hold hands with anyone else but you, so I accepted you in my life and wish you all the best tonight.



28. It has always been my joy to have you in this world, you have the kind of virtue I need in a man. When I pray, I ask God to give me a husband that will care for me. I asked for the most handsome husband in the world.



29. You are my special man, besides you, I have no other man. I am fully focused on you, nice to you and will love to be yours forever. I wish you all the best in this world.



30. I am not perfect, not even too good to be yours. All I know is that I love you and also hope this night serves as a glorious cover for you and me. I love you.



31. If you understand the truth about this world, there is a possibility that we shall last together. Our mission sometimes may be far away from the reason why we later fell in love.



32. I needed you to understand the fact that there is no way I can do without you. I love you day by day and cherish seconds by seconds. You are the special dream of my life.



33. What really matters to me the most is to see your face tomorrow, don’t worry me, I will make sure I dream of you.



34. I love your sweet face, it produces honey that I taste anytime I look at you. I have found in you, the kind of love I will never forget in my life. Goodnight sweet dreams.



35. All I need from you tonight is that your dream should come with peace and your day should break with harmony. I love you.



36. I don’t know how to thank you for all you have done in my life and the reason being that you are one of the most outstanding people I have ever interacted since the day I was born.



37. If I wish to be happy, I say hello to you, if I wanted to be the happiest I say sweet dreams sweetheart. This is my way and I love it so.



38. You are my Fiancé and I love it so. I consider you my day and my night because I see you in the morning and dream of you at night.



39. I have to see you anytime from now because you are the kindest heart I have in this world. I love you beyond your expectations.



40. If I can hold your hands and walk you up to a possible paradise I will have done so before the blink of an eye.



Special Good Night Messages for Wife from Husband



41. Count the entire galaxy, that’s the amount lovebirds have for you, observe the rain, check the moon and its light, that’s how beautiful you are to me. I am in true love with you and I hope you know this. I love you.



42. I miss you deeply and that’s why you beat in my chest. I have trapped your heart in mine so they can beat together in the same rhythm, same sound, and same length. I love you.



43. I must let you know that you are the cutest lady in this world, you are all I have. I miss you so much and pray I have you for myself forever.



44. Thinking of a possibility in which you and me alone will be in a paradise. I will be the gladdest and the most interesting man because I have you.



45. I can do anything for you. I can climb the highest mountain just to let you know how much you mean to me. I will never forget you for the rest of my life.



46. You are like a butterfly to me, I see you in the most beautiful colors in the world. I have fallen in love with you and that’s just the reality. I love you, darling.



47. There is a rain of passion in my heart for you. It is rain that will fall for you forever. I will always be there no matter what. Goodnight sweetie.



48. I smile like an angel anytime I see your glowing eyes. You are indeed the cutest being my eyes have ever seen. I will always love you forever.



49. I miss you for many reasons one of which is that you are the cutest love and yet I can see your face quite a while. Goodnight to my dearest love.



50. Just what to be where you are so that I can feel the kind of love I have been waiting for. I have completely fallen in love with you. I so much miss you.



51. Don’t forget that any moment I set my eyes on you, I see the kind of woman I have been begging God to give to me. I love you so much.



52. I just want to say I love you to the moon and back. Don’t you see the flow from this tree? It is the fluid of the passion I have for you.



53. We were both alone in the garden of Eden, we play and enjoy our stay when no one hears us except our ears listening to the silent sound of our feet. I love you.



54. Imagine a life that involves you and me alone. Imagine us in a garden underneath rivers flow, imagine how sweet it will have been when we finally reconcile in a blissful world. I love you.



55. In the morning, I pray to see your face so I can be happy and energetic, in the night I pray to hear your voice so I can have a sweet dream.



56. You know you are special, and that’s why I am always happy to be with you all my life. I wish you all the best this special night.



57. Could there be a better night like this? You have taken over my heart and as such, I pray you to understand the depth of my love for you. I am ready to do anything for your sake. All I aspire is to see you happy now and forever. I love you.



58. Thinking of you is just the real happiness I am having right now. I hope I will be able to sleep as soon as possible. I love you, darling angel.



59. I will always love you because you are the loveliest angel of my life. I need you to understand this because you are the cutest angel.



60. It is my pleasure to have found a nice wife like you. I will never forget the day I set my eyes on you. Goodnight, have the gentlest dream ever.


Special Good Night Quotes for him


61. Goodnight my love, I can’t possibly do without you, that’s just the truth I cannot do without because I am truly in love with you like never before. I have fallen in love with you more than usual. Goodnight.

62. I must tell you that the reason why I am really interested in you is that you have made my life a good place to dwell. I really love everything about you as you are lovely, nice, and above all the most beautiful people on this earth. Goodnight sweet love.



63. Goodnight darling, I am happy for you because you are the blessed one, I am in love with you like never before, you are that gift I will never regret having all my life. You are the surest rose in the garden of love.




64. Anytime I passive the smell of your fragrance, I feel like the world will turn into another thing I can’t explain. One thing is for sure, I can’t imagine a day without you. I love you and it is the truth I cannot deny.




65. I never believed I will fall in love to this extent when I finally met you, I realized that you are just the best option for me in a million guys. You are still the cutest person ever seen in my life. I love you.



66. I just want to make you smile day by day, I want to love you deep and deep until I am completely immersed in love with you. Goodnight to my chief angelic officer.



67. You are the chief executive lover of my heart, I have granted you full access to my heart, you can enjoy the best of it as far as I am concerned. I love you prior to the day you spoke your heart to me.



68. Love is a ranging passion, the range of my love or passion for you is the highest grade in the realm of human love. I will not get tired of you any day. I wish you the best to hi is night.



69. I think if you even in the darkest of nights, this takes away my fear because I feel you beside me. I can feel your sweet hands, I can feel your touch around me. Goodnight angel.



70. You have been given the kind of heart I needed in a man, you have captured my heart beyond a reasonable doubt. You are the love I found and the angel of success I can never forget all my life.



71. I never wish to forget all the memories I have shared with you, I want to enjoy the sweetest love in my life.


72. A good morning was not enough for me, so I decided to say goodnight to the one I love passionately. I will always love you no matter what. I will not forget the kind of love you show to me.



73. What exactly can I do to make you feel comfortable in this world? This is always my watchword, it has always been in my head to be so with you. I want to be a good wife to you. I love you.



74. If you really want to be my angel, I want to be your angel too. I want to see you waking up by my side. I want to see your bright face because it is the sweetest thing I have ever encountered.



75. Loving you makes me mad, I can’t understand why I am getting crazier over your love for me. I love you, I need you and wish you all the best. You are the sweetest person ever met. You can be the best always.



76. To the end, I will love you forever. I will make sure you are happy every microsecond. That’s how I am in love with you.



77. I don’t want to die without tasting your beautiful lips, I want to cherish you for the rest of my life. I am yours always, so if you can be the change of want to see, I will hard a premium feeling to the feelings I have about you.



78. You are my air, when I breathe, I hear your voice, you are my vision, when I close my eyes, I see you, you are my dream, when I seek you, I see reality. You are my world, whenever I set my eyes on you, I want to live forever. I love you.



79. Thank you for the sweet love you always show to me. I don’t know why I can’t stop thinking about you. I wish you the best of luck. I need you always by my side. I am your shadow and will always be.



80. Whatever it takes to find love in you, I will do. I will not forget the fact that you belong to me. I miss you so much and that’s just the truth. I will always love you, no matter what it takes to be yours forever will always do to please you.

Special Good Night Quotes for her


81. She is the only girl that has the ability to make me shed tears, she is the only angel I cannot stop loving, Whenever I am thinking about you, I don’t like any distraction because it makes me regret at the end.



82. I will not forget you for the rest of my life. I will always be your true angel and the job of making you happy will be the number one goal in my heart. I love you so much.



83. I will not forget the fact that you are the first woman to put a real smile on my face, you are the lady that brought light to my heart the first time. Thinking about you is the choice I took which I will never forget all my life.



84. I need you by my side every day and every night, I am looking forward to a good family formed with you. Keep appreciate your love in my life. Thanks a lot.



85. There is nothing that will make me forget those love you show to me. I will be your dreams, your heart and the eyes you love to see the most. Goodnight sweet happiness, I will love you forever and ever.



86. I need you to be with me. I see you as an interesting person whose love is one of the sweetest ever. Thanks for the blessing that flows in my heart, thanks for the choice I chose in my life, I will forever be grateful for having you.



87. Thinking about you is my number one priority, I know very well that I will be happy no matter what. I feel like having you for myself all the time. I cherish your powerful smile. I love your presence because it reminds me of the love that trends in my heart.


88. I have found the kind of love I cannot forget in my life. I have your thoughts surrounding the innermost part of my heart. There is no time I think of you, but love gushes out of my heart like ocean pressure.



89. I want you to know to note this day down, it is a day your love completely entered my heart It has missed up with what really matters. I wish you all the best on this wonderful day of my life. I am your joy, happiness, and love.



90. You don’t understand the pure bliss that my heart has because of you. It is like the world will burst into three when I first set my eyes on you. Your beauty was too powerful that I cannot even stop thinking about you. I love you.



91. You put my life in a corner called to love and it is what I actually wanted. It is my pleasure to have you cuddling me the other day, that’s why I am your husband. I want to share a deep love with you.



92. I needed you to know that you have been a great choice in my life. You are the nicest person in my life. No matter what it takes to reach you in good condition I will try all my best to ensure we see this year. I love you.



93. If the whole world can see my heart, they will be amazed by their great numbers that a man like this still exist. I have you found the kind of person I need in my life in you. Long life, long loves together and we shall overcome forever.



94. In my life, there is nothing I love like to see your face, I cherish you, I need you and hope you understand this fact about me for you. In life, things have occurred that there is no one that can stop it, except someone that has had a true right to be called God. I miss you.



95. The truth is that, I am thinking of you this night, I can’t even stop this thought because it is burning my heart. The fire is huge, it is something I cannot possibly forget all my life. I wish you all the best on this special night.



96. There are lots of nights but this, in particular, is the best I have ever experienced in my life. I am your sweetest joy, the one I will always be happy with for the rest of my life. Thanks a lot, I really love you because you are the best.



97. I need you to love me to the fullest because being in love with you is something the heart cannot do without. It is a strong feeling I can’t control. I love you.



98. I realized that leading a life without you will be too hard to bear. I love you because you have changed everything about me. I love you, it is true for you and me. I need you all my life because with you I want to spend the rest of my life.



99. You are the loveliest person I have ever met in my life, I love your ways, in fact, it is the only reason why I cannot even stop loving you. In life, there are many good reasons to be happy, one of which is what you have seen me do. Goodnight angel.



100. To the most fantastic girl in my heart, if you know know how much I care about you, nothing will stop you from giving me a pure hug today. I am happy that you belong to me. Thanks, darling angel.



Special Good Night in Hindi Love Messages


101. You are the preferred angel of my life, I realized I can’t do without loving you seconds by seconds. I wish you more in life.


102. To the cutest man, what a great joy you give me whenever I see you. I am sure you know the sweet part I traced to meet you.


103. I love you, there is no doubt about this. I am happy because you are the most beloved person for me. Goodnight love.


104. In my life, I have been a gentleman, I have seen the part of love that makes me happy day by day. Goodnight.


105. To the one, I cannot stop dreaming about it. Do you know how much I love you? I feel like doing so forever.



106. Never mind the day that stresses you, mind the night that will take away the stress. Goodnight sweet dreams to you.



107. I will not always forget a nice man like you, you have become the best for me, I will not even try to forget you even a microsecond.



108. I feel like having you all around me. You belong to me right and left. You are my darling girl. To the end, I will never forget you.



109. I am missing you, I am already loving you the way you wanted. I’d You want me to love you better than this, I will be the gladdest. I wish you a long life for me to love you more.



110. I will not stop thinking of you all the time because you put lots of smiles on it. Thanks, my sweetheart. Goodnight.