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Latest Unsupportive Wife Quotes

Unsupportive wife quotes

Unsupportive wife quotes: Is your wife unsupportive and you wish to send her some messages that could make her supportive or you want to let her know that she is not supporting a reason why you have to tell her your mind? We have got your back here.

Advice for an unsupportive wife quotes

• The best of women are the ones that support their husbands, cooperate with them in doing good deeds, and also encouraging them to be stronger.

• A woman that cannot support her husband in terms of emotion doesn’t love the husband right from the unset.

• If you are a good woman, people will get to know from the way you treat your husband when he loses his job.

• Most men don’t marry because of sex, they marry so that you can support them when the need arises.

• An unsupportive wife can hardly give birth to good children. You are the teacher of your kids, teach them well.

• Part of the honor of a good woman is that she is supportive of her husband. Virtuous women are known for kindness.

• Showing some respect to your husband is another means to support him. A man performs best when he can beat his chest that he has a good woman at home.

• The power of being supportive as a wife is that your husband will go far in life and you will not be left behind.

• Don’t just rely on your husband’s wealth, be supportive with love so that he will be happy to make more wealth.

• An unsupportive wife cannot be proud of womanhood. She has already messed it up by being cruel to her husband.

• Your honor in your husband’s home is that you respect and support him all the time.

Unsupportive wife quotes advice in emotion

• Your husband needs your emotional support to do well in life, do not frustrate him while he struggles to make you happy.

• You have to be patient with your hubby. Be a good wife, give him some advice, and encourage him never to give up.

• Emotional support cannot be taken for granted. You must support your husband if you truly love him.

• Many men died earlier than they supposed all because they had a wife that finds joy in frustrating their lives.

• The legacy that is worth leaving for our children is to be a good mother and adorable wife to our husbands.

• The most beloved mother in the world is the one that is the best wife to her husband.

• A good woman should try all her best to ensure her husband is happy with her. Your emotional support is better than your financial support.

• Whenever you notice that your husband is down, be up to make him rise again. Be the shoulder she can always rest upon.

• Your husband is your joy; don’t destroy the joy of your life with a bad attitude. You can always be the best wife in the world.

• Sometimes, our men are not strong enough to give us what we expect, but a good wife should be patient.

• A patient wife is worth more than a million pounds. She is worth more than the world at large.

Unsupportive wife quotes in finance

• If you are blessed with wealth, helping your husband financially when he is in need will keep your relationship stronger.

• A woman is not expected to be stingy. If you are financially okay, don’t hesitate to support your hubby.

• Great women can support with love, emotion, and finance.

• Your hubby may not be capable all the time. if you have the chance to support him, just do so.

• Your kids are not for man alone, you can support him with some cash to pay your children’s school fee.

• Division of labor in marriage is perfect because it eases the load off the spouse’s head.

• Don’t leave your husband alone to carry his cross, be supported all the time.

• A good wife is detected when the husband loses his job.

• Your attitude towards your husband when he is wealthy and when he suddenly become poor is very important.

• Don’t expect money all the time, give your man some space by supporting him with your business.

• For your marriage to stand, you have to accept that every day is not Festive. You can support your spouse by having understanding.

Unsupportive wife quotes in sickness

• A good wife takes good care of his husband when he is sick. She guides his home and takes good care of him.

• Whenever your husband is sick, be patient with him. Remember, it could be your turn next time.

• Don’t be negligent. Your partner needs your help the most whenever he is sick.

• It is not easy to take care of a sick person but that’s exactly when we know the one that truly loves us.

• When everyone is gone and there is none to remain with your husband, please be the last to give up on him.

• You are the second mother of a husband that is helpless due to sickness. Don’t forget to play your role as a wife and mother.

• A lovely wife will stay with the husband in terms of need. If you are a good woman, this advice is for you.

• Don’t say because your husband is now weak, you can now punish him for the pains he caused you when he was active—remember your daughter is a fast learner.

• Teach your kids goodness by treating their father with love and respect. Accept their father in any condition.

• There is always joy in a heart that does good deeds. Take this opportunity to pay back your hubby for the good things he has done in your life.

Unsupportive wife quotes to know

• An unsupportive wife cannot be a good mother to her daughters. She must repent to put her children on the right path.

• What is your gain for being an unsupportive wife? Is it proper for everyone be take you as a bad example?

• Don’t complain that your husband is not doing well at home. Support him as you should and your home will be great again.

• The secret of a successful man is that he has a supportive wife that provides good words of advice all the time.

• If you have a good wife, it means you have the best companion in the world. She will support you with good words.

• A supportive wife is always patient but an unsupportive wife nags a lot. Don’t be a nagging woman.

• A woman that hates correction given politely can’t be a supportive wife—a man that cannot give good advice to a woman politely can’t be a good husband.

• Men may seem hard in the heart but your unsupportive attitude may lead them to the quick grave. Support your man if you truly love him.

• A day with an unsupportive wife is like a day in Hell. So, try and become a good wife to your husband.

• Being there for him does not reduce your dignity in society. Your support really matters to him.

Unsupportive Wife Quotes in Marriage

• The secret of a good marriage is that the partners love each other and at the same time supportive of each other.

• If you have a wife that is always there for you, it means you will have a successful marriage. A lovely heart will not find any fault in you.

• Marriage will be successful only when the couple understands that they both need each other for success.

• The sign of a good marriage is that the partners support each other emotionally, motivationally, and financially.

• The best of couples is the one that supports each other in the time of need.

• If you cannot support your hubby, you may not be able to support the world.

• It is a great blessing to a woman that doesn’t disgrace her husband because he doesn’t hand the means to take care of her.

• Let us marry a woman that will give us rest of mind. Let us appreciate a woman that chose to make us happy.

• Part of being supportive is to show your husband how much you care. Don’t allow fear and emotion to consume him.

• Marry the kind of woman you will like your daughters to become. If you sense an unsupportive attitude in a woman, please run away from her.

• A woman that truly loves you will not be unsupportive to you. Try and be good to your husband all the time.

Unsupportive wife quotes to know

• Selfish people don’t care about your feelings. All they want is to be happy while they benefit from you.

• If you don’t learn to take good care of your husband now, when will you learn to take care of your children?

• A patient wife is a gift from above, if you eventually find yourself being good to your husband, then you are special.

• Try to be good to your husband and he will live long to make you become the happiest woman on earth.

• Being patient in a harsh world is not weakness; it is courage. When your husband errs, learn to forgive and iron out the issue with wisdom.

• Always remember that humans are not perfect. Whatever happened to the other person can happen to you too.

• A nagging wife doesn’t have anything to offer in a marriage relationship. She is just there to use her husband.

Unsupportive wife messages and quotes

• Your attitude may shorten the life of your husband. Be supportive and don’t disrespect your husband for any reason.

• Don’t allow your unsupportive attitude to ruin your marriage. Give your best in your relationship with your spouse.

• People can always treat you badly without bothering to know how you feel but they hate you when you tell them how you feel when they hurt you.

• Pick your wife wisely. People either drain you or feed you with happiness. A word is enough for the wise.

• Dependable spirit is very bad. Do not allow your dependable spirit to control your relationship life.

• There is no perfect spouse but there are spouses who made themselves close to perfection. Always be supportive.

• A wife that loves being in charge will not care about the feeling of her husband. When you are about to marry, pray you to find your wife.

• Be the reason why a man smiles rather than a reason why he cries. It doesn’t cost a naira to be the best wife to your husband.

• Listen with the intent to understand rather than listening with the intent to reply. If you can do this, your relationship will last.

• Go with a partner that inspires you to be great and avoid a woman that nags a lot, she can’t be a good wife.

• Don’t allow the attitude of mean and disrespectful people to hurt you. Don’t allow these people to change your supportive attitude.

Short unsupportive wife quotes

• Being supportive may come naturally to some people but it can still be learned and mastered over time.

• Do not break your husband with bitter and evil words because the return will come back to your daughters.

• Are you not proud to be the mother of a respectful daughter? The way you treat your husband, that’s exactly how your daughter will treat hers.

• Keep your dignity, speak with care, understand with love, and appreciate everything your husband with the intention to make you happy.

• The aim of getting married is to live happily ever after but I bet, an unsupportive wife will rather frustrate your life.

• Learn how to listen to people’s feelings. That’s when you learn how to be happy with everybody. Be a good wife.

• Who is a good wife? She is the kind of wife that supports not only her husband but also others included.

• When someone tells you that you have changed, it simply means you have stopped allowing them to control you. Change for good.

• It doesn’t cost a dollar to be respectful. A supportive wife speaks with patience and gives advice with intelligence.

• The same people that push you not to support your husband are the same people that will first laugh at you when you lose him.

• Do not be like a liability that loves catering for but not willing to return appreciation. Such an attitude can easily break a home.

• Unless you don’t know the meaning of what it means to be a wife, you will not support your husband.

• Unsupportive wives should learn to be supportive. It doesn’t cost anything to be good to people.

• If you really want to be good, you will. If you want to be bad, likewise, you will be bad. Just be good at least for once.