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Thank You for Taking Care of Us Quotes: We have gathered these messages for you to explore. They are one of the most beautiful text messages you will ever enjoy on earth. Believe us; we are with you at any moment. Find the best text messages you will always look back to.

The Trend That Soars in the Heart

1. Thank you so much for everything you have done in my life. I am so happy because just like a rock, you stand by my side.

2. We want to appreciate our dad for what he has done in our lives. We pray that the Lord will bless you in everything you do.

3. We had no hand to carry our own load, we didn’t even have head to put a load on it but you stood with us, you became our hands and heads.

4. We are so much happy with you. thanks for taking good care of us when we need you most.

5. You are indeed a very good man, we want to appreciate you for the hospitality you offered us.

6. Wishing you the best of luck in this world, we want to thank you for every single moment spent with you.

7. We thought things will be hard after the death of our father, and suddenly you took our responsibility. Thank you sir, may the Lord reward you.

8. We cannot even thank you less or more, no matter how we try to thank you, it will not be up to the good you have done in our lives.

9. Thank you Lord for the gift of a good uncle. Uncle, we are proud of you and wish to say thank you for taking care of you.

10. Thank you for everything you did that promoted us to a higher level in this world. Thanks for everything.

11. I will always be proud of you in everything you do, may the Lord stand behind you as a solid rock, firm.

12. Since the day we came to stay with you, we have been so happy because you don’t even allow even mosquito to touch us.

13. I cannot thank you less because it is rare to find a rock like you, and your hearth is as larger as the earth itself.

14. If the whole world can be as nice as you are, it will be a good place to be forever. Wishing you all the best.

15. May your eyes see the blue light of success; you are indeed a great man and your care in our lives is wonderful.

16. I will always be grateful for the benefit of a wonderful woman, you are such an excellent person in my life.

17. The Lord shall protect you in every corner of life; may the Lord bless you as you took good care of us.

18. If there is a reason why I so much love our father, it is because he never allows kids to suffer. We are proud of you sir.

19. I grew up to learn how to be caring from you; I am so happy because you are the most precious person in my life.

20. Your love keeps us moving, your care is our weapon we use to fight bullies, we have won today because you took good care of us.

Trends Continue for Awesome Messages

21. Many are not privileged to enjoy the bliss of a wonderful father like you. I am glad you are my dad. Thank you for taking good care of me.

22. You are my blessed mom, a good mom who took good care of me when I was in cradle and now an adult.

23. At the age of 50, this amazing woman still treats me as a child. I am so glad to have a wonderful mother like you in my life.

24. May the Lord continue to bless you in every aspect of your life; as you are a blessing in this word to us, may the Lord bless your hustles.

25. We have no choice but to thank God for the gift of a great woman like you. We must thank you for handling our bills.

26. We were not put to shame because you stood by our sides, we are so happy because of that. Thanks for everything.

27. Good to have you in my world, a precious rock stand behind me like a firm soldier. Thanks for being a great man.

28. When you have a lion father, he fights fearlessly for you, he breaks tirelessly for you.

29. Let the Lord reward you in a special way. The way you took good care of us, the way you looked after us will not go in vain.

30. We cannot even tell if we should climb the highest mountain on earth to show you how much we are happy with you.

31. If not for the support and help you rendered for me, I don’t know what my fate will be today. Thank you so much.

32. You have proven to me that you are worthy of being trusted, I am so proud of you, wishing you the best in life.

33. You make me happy all the time, you are so precious and I will always be yours all the time, thanks for your caring heart.

34. I know you are special and that’s why you all always the most beautiful person in my life. I love you so much.

35. The pain of not having a helper in life is very deep like a wound but with you in my life, I am not alone. Thank you for taking care of me.

36. Beyond the world, there is a special moment that cannot be overemphasized, it is that moment you want to help others.

37. Your zeal and love for helping the needy has raised your status in the presence of everyone. I am so glad to have you.

38. May the Lord in His infinite mercy reward you for every good you have done to people. I also want to thank you for being a great support in my life.

39. Your impact is great in my world. I must thank you for everything you have done in my life. I pray the Lord continue to bless you.

40. There is no doubt that you are a wonderful person, may the most precious Lord continue to bless you beyond the sky.

The Trends That Brings Passion

41. He is my helper, he is the rock the Lord created for me, he is the most amazing man in my life. I will like to thank him for everything.

42. When you have a husband that is understanding, when you have a husband that is ready to sacrifice everything for you, thank God.

43. The Lord will protect you in everything you do, He shall continue to bless you in every corner of your life.

44. May you find comfort in your blossom heart. Remember, you are my happiness. Thanks for the care.

45. It is amazing that someone like you still exists. Could this be the reason why I can’t even hold my tears? I love you so much.

46. Your selflessness is the key to your success. Your selflessness has opened doors for many souls. We really appreciate you.

47. We cannot forget you for the rest of our lives. We honor you for your, good heart. Thanks for everything.

48. May the Lord continue to bless you in a special way; the Lord will not be tired of you forever. I so much miss you.

49. The little time we spent with you shows how generous you are. In fact, you didn’t allow us to suffer for any reason.

50. The grace of God shall remain with you all the time because you make us happy all the time. I so much love you.

51. We shall be with you all the time because there is no one that can even stop you from attaining more success in life. The Lord is behind you.

52. When you have that special person that can do everything to make you happy, thank God for you are a lucky person.

53. Hold that man tight. That man that can do anything to please you. Do not lose him to anyone at all.

54. You have been so sweet, so nice, so precious but the Lord shall continue to bless you for the rest of your life.

55. Thank God that you make a way out of me to smile. Despite the tight schedules, you still find a reason to take good care of me.

56. May your heart find that comfort it deserves, the Lord will continue to bless you in a more beneficial manner.

57. As the Lord always has a reason to put a smile on His servant’s face, may this year be your turn to be celebrated.

58. I just want to say, I so much miss you like never before. I am grateful for having you in my life. Thanks for taking care of me.

59. It is not everyone that can take care of a person, but if you find someone that is ready to put a smile on your face, don’t you ever ignore him.

60. I just want to appreciate you for the good job you did while taking good care of my kids in my absence. You are indeed a good wife.

61. Blessed is the one that gave you to me because little did I realize that you are a great gem in my life.

62. I just want to appreciate the Lord in my life for directing you as a blessing to me. I will always thank God for having you.

63. You may be my husband, all you have been doing maybe your responsibility but I must thank you for everything.

64. In the light of your love I have found that success that doesn’t quench, I have found that happiness that makes me happy.

65. The Lord shall continue to bless you in every aspect of this world. I want to thank you for your assistance yesterday.

66. Ma the Lord reward you because you put a smile on my face. This is a great favor that cannot be denied.

67. My beloved, you are a lamp that lights up the way of others, may you not become a lamp that points darkness to itself.

68. You are a caretaker, may the Lord reward you in abundance. You are a great person, may the Lord bless your hustle.

69. This day shall mark the beginning of your success, and you shall be protected by the Lord the way you protected and took good care of us.

70. When we came to this town, we had nothing but you came and changed every story. Thank you for everything.

71. The Lord will continue to make you happy all the time, I am very sure of what I’m saying and hope the Lord shall bless you forever.

72. God in His infinite mercy shall bless you beyond what you wish for yourself. Heavenly angels shall visit you with success.

73. On a true sense, it will be difficult to pay you back on all you have done in my life. I am grateful for everything.

74. May the Lord bless your hustle, take good care of your affairs just as you have been taking good care of us.

75. May the Lord give you the privilege to become wealthy in life; may the wealth benefit you and everyone around you—this is my own appreciation.

76. Glory be to the Lord for the protection rendered upon me by sending you to me, and I will like to say thank you for your hospitality.

77. We thought things will be hard on us since we don’t know anyone here, little did we know that an angel has been kept awaiting us.

78. Thank God for my life, I must confess that you are just like an angel of mercy sent to my life. I wish you the best of luck.

79. May you find total comfort in anything you do. The Lord will not be tired of you for any reason. Just as you remain our mentor and helper, we pray for your success in life.

80. I hope the Lord will always bless you in every single way. You mustn’t ask before the Lord shall bless you.

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