Wishing a Good Day to my Love Quotes

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Wishing a Good Day to my Love

When lovers are good to each other, it makes things easier for both of them. There will be mutual understanding, true love, and best of choices that should exist between two people that are in love with each other.
When you love, love for sincerity, love for joy, love for happiness, and above all, love for the rest of your life. Kindly read this too: Good Night Happy Quotes Short Notes for Lover,

Wishing a Good Day to my Love Letter

The address should be by the top left hand of the letter. Short Good Night Quotes for Lovers.

Dear love,

1.i am writing this letter to show you how much I have missed you since the day you left. Before I proceed, how is everyone at home? What about your mom, dad, and the entire family? I hope they are all fine? If so, glory to God. Special Good Night Quotes for her to Wake up to.

Firstly, I want to thank you for all the good things you have done in my life. I really appreciate you for many things I cannot mention yet. You have been a very great person in my life, and that’s very good of you.

I actually don’t know how to thank you for the true love you show to me, but every day by day, I will always pray for you. I will ask God to bless your hustle, purify your soul, and make you one of the most competent ones of your generation.

Secondly, I want to remind you of the moments we shared together when you were here with me. I can’t forget those songs of yours, those beautiful lines of passion you have for me. I can’t forget your smile and giggles. These are the virtues of yours that really touched my heart in such a way I will never forget in my life.

Furthermore, I am so lonely. The reason is that I can’t cope in life without you. You have been a very good companion. Your thoughts in my heart will not allow me to easily forget about you. Tell me how to forget a gem like you. This is an impossible reality.

Lastly, I want you to know that I really miss you. Thanks for all the good things you have done in my life, the sweet moments you shared with me, and the loneliness you later wiped away from my heart. I am so happy to have fallen in love with the right person.

Yours faithfully.

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2. Dear Angel,

The purpose of writing this letter is to inform you of how much you mean to me and to also wish you a good day. How is work, health, and family? I hope everything is good with you. My regards to everyone at home.
Firstly, how was your night? Was it full of love and sweet dreams? If so, thank God for that. That’s exactly what I want for you. I hope you are fine. I am in love with you. If not so, why then I can’t sleep without hearing from you? This is the sign of the kind of love I have for you. I want to be happy with you all my life.

Again, do you know that since the day I met you, my life has not remained the same? I realized that I have changed. I don’t know why things have become this cool for me the moment you became a part of my life. Thank you for being there always.

I will be grateful to you all the time. You have this good heart that is rare in reality. This is the reason why the love I have for you is always concentrated. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate you.

Furthermore, I want to thank you for the entire compliments shown to me. If you want to know a good soul, it begins from how he or she treats you when you are yet somebody. You have always been encouraging, good to me. Thanks so much once again.

Lastly, I want to wish you all the best in life. I am wishing you a joyous day ahead, and happy moments with your family.
Yours faithfully,

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3. Dear Heartbeat,

It is my pleasure to write this letter to you. I am really happy for all you have done in my life. How is your job, health, and colleagues? I hope they are all fine.

I want to tell you how much I miss you. Good day and hope you slept well last night? If so, I am really happy for you. Are you really ready for our outing this week? Don’t worry, I am going to spoil you with love. You have shown how diligent you are to me.

Secondly, how has your day been going? Hope there is no problem? If so, thank God for sparing your life up till this moment, in good health and sound condition. I really appreciate it. No matter where you are, always understand that I will always love you until the end of time. You have shown me how good you are, for this reason, I have to show you how kind I am too.

Again, just know that, without you, my life is incomplete. How do I cope in life when you have been roaming in my heart? Everything I’m doing has to do with what really matters to you. The reason is that your love has gone deep into my heart. I love you.

Lastly, unless understand that I can’t Love any other person better than you. It is not possible because out of millions of girls in the world, it is you alone my heart has chosen. I love you. I miss you and pray you to understand this for the rest of your life.

I miss you so much and hope you find a good day that will profit you in all you are doing. I also wish to let you know that without you, I will not be happy at any time. You are more important to me than any other girl in the world.

Yours faithfully,

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4. Sweetheart, you have touched a portion of my heart that no one has ever touched before. This is the reason why I am finding it extra difficult to love without you. I realized that I can’t do without calling you on a day. This is really serious.

In all I do, I see you because your thoughts are always on my mind. I don’t think there is a day you are not remembered. Every day and night, I am always happy to have you by my side. Thanks for all the good things you have done in my life, and I will be glad to have you all my life. Good day.



5. If you have someone that is ready to be yours forever, count yourself lucky. He or she will so everything to please you. I am lucky to have you in my life. Thanks for all you have done in my life and for this reason, I will always be glad to have you.

So you know that you have changed my life in such a way I can’t forget? You are the most interesting person in my life. Thanks for being the only eye that sees my heart among men. I said this because you made me happy when I was sad. What amazes me most is that you have been a very interesting person. I am wishing you a good day.



6. All I want right now is to wish the one I love a precious day. A day that will profit your entire efforts, energize your body, and then puts lots of smile on your face. I am wishing you a prosperous day. I am equally praying that this day should be an outstanding one in your life.

You mean the world to me, this is the fact I cannot deny. When I told you how much I care about you, I was not joking because your presence in my life means more than a million gold. Thanks for all the true love shown to me. I really appreciate you in my life.



7. If you can read a mind, you should be amazed at the kind of love I have for you. It has been a great transformation since the very first day I set my eyes on you. You have been a good person to me, and as such, I will say, you are a great achievement in my life. I will never forget the day I knew you.

You are not only a friend but a wife material. So quickly, we became so close to each other. I will never let you down. How have you been darling? I just want to wish you a day full of the grave of God. I want to wish you a day with energy to get work done. Good luck and have a beautiful day ahead.


8. Life has been so sweet living with you. I know you understand the kind of person I am now. That’s Why it is good to fall in love with someone with a good understanding. You will both go well with each other. I miss you, this is a reality. You have been a very interesting person, and as such, I will never forget you all my life.

I was addicted to a bad act before I met you but when you came into my world, everything has to change. Everything happened in a gradual process, and now, I am completely transformed just because you are a part of my life. I will always be grateful. Thanks for being my strength when. I need it the most.



9. My heart beats in a speed of light. My heart runs a relay anytime I set my eyes on you. This is how serious my case with you has been. I don’t know why I continue to fall in love with you every day and night. Except a day did not break, I must think about you in all I do.

I must confess that your kind of love is driving me crazy in seconds. You have changed my world for good. Thanks for the special love shown to me when I was broke and weak. This is what every man wants in a woman. It shows how good you are to be called a good wife. I love you. I am wishing you a honey-like day ahead.



10. I want to share my love with you in a special way you don’t understand, a special way you will not be able to comprehend so that all you enjoy will be the true love I have for you. I will not get tired of loving you until everything passes on and nothing remains on the surface of the earth, including you and me. I will still continue to love you after death. This is how you have touched my heart. I will never forget you all my life. Thanks for everything.

I have had a lot of heartbreaks but you have been the one amending my broken heart since the day I set my eyes on you. I have truly fallen in love with you and for this reason, I am happy to love you forever. I will never change my attitude towards you. Believe me and I am giving you my word.


11. I want you to know that I will do everything for you. I will make you happy no matter what and the love I will show to you will be the kind no other man has ever succeeded in. That’s the kind of passion I have to share with you. I miss you.

I am willing to have a day with you, a day of joy, a day that will join us together as one forever. I am doing dreaming of a day, I will always wake up to see you by my side. That’s the kind of day I am thinking about in my entire life. I love you, and I want to wish you a fantastic day ahead.

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12. There is no doubt I have always washed you from a secret place, I have a been admiring you for many years now, but thank God I was able to summon the courage to approach you yesterday. I love you, this is true and u can’t deny it at all. Good day and have all the best ever.


13.I am thinking of you all the time to make you understand that there is no special person like you in my life. You are the kind of woman I can easily forget all my life. Your eyes are full of light and the sweetness of your voice is beyond ordinary life.


14. You don’t understand the special part of your life I cannot deny. You are the most beloved diamond I have seen that pleases me the most. I love you, I want to kiss you your soft lips so that I will be the happiest man in earth tonight.


15. There is this lovebird cannot deny, it is that special love I finally developed for you. You are the queen of my heart and I want you to reign forever. I love your chocolate tasty lips, any time I mount mine on them, I feel so secure and warm.


16. Living without you is impossible, I don’t think I will survive in the next few minutes without you. I love you so much. You are the star that cannot be replaced by any other one. You are the sunlight of my soul and I will always love you for the rest of my life.


17. I miss you, I want you and will always do no matter what. I will be by your side all my life because you are the most cherished angel of my life. Thanks for everything you have done in my life. I will always love you forever. Happy day for my love.


18. Indeed, when you have the sweetest person on earth, you’ve found that choice that will always be your portion forever. I love you, this is reality. It is something none of you will ever forget. I really miss everything about you believe me.


20. Good day darling, I am sure you will enjoy this day because it is full of love, joy, success, and happiness. I wish you all the best ever. You are just the cutest person of my life. I will never forget you for the rest of my life. Good day, my angel.


21. I am wishing my darling a very beautiful day ahead. I am happy that you have become a princess you always aspire to be. I miss you with deep love and this is a sincere thought from my heart. I love you there is no doubt about this.


22. To the one I will never forget about, to the precious flower I can’t deny for any reason, I am in deep love with your soul. Good day my darling love, I am wishing you the fortune that comes with this wonderful day. I will forever appreciate your efforts that changed my personality.


23. I am the kind of person who needs love and passion always, and I am so lucky that you are the kind of person who loves to show love and passion for someone else. Thanks for always being my dream man.


24. Loving you is my happiness, is my choice in life and this will always be. It will be the part of this world everyone will get to understand that you perfectly remain the most beloved person in my life. I love you like never before.


25. I need you in my life. I am happy for you and hope you will understand this as a blessing coming from the Lord. I believe I am your divine angel, the one meant for you alone. Thanks for being a cute lover.


26. The lovely stars smiled at me yesterday, and I got to understand that you are the cutest one among them. I can’t deny the fact that your presence is a divine call for me. You have taken away my heart and I love that about you.


27. How better will I be lucky than the way we are now? I swear I have never seen a person as gorgeous as you are before. I will love you to the core, I will never forget you for the rest of my life as you are that part of my life that will always be loved.


28. You don’t know the value of people until you lose them. When this day comes, when this life begins to favor you because you now have some special people on earth, you will be surprised how much your heart beats like a drum of passion. I love you and I am wishing you all the best.


29. Could this be that I am the luckiest woman on earth? Now that I met you, I realized you are the best for me. I will always love you for whom you are. I will be your dream, your choice, and the most beloved person in this world for me.


30. The truth is that it is not easy to find someone like you. Whoever finds you have found a good thing. I am aspiring to be your love, your choice, and complete happiness on earth. I want to be the one to love you now and forever.


31. I will miss you, this is a sure way. It is something you will not forget all your life. I cherish you so much and for this reason, I will never let you down for any reason. I love your way of life and will always do even in the most dangerous situation in my life.


32. Don’t forget the fact that I will always love you to the core. I will be your lover, day and night and nothing will stop me from loving you all my life. I miss you, want to be with you, and want to be the woman you love the most.

Wishing a Good Day to my Love for sister



33. You are so kind, so nice and so beautiful. I will always be with you all my life through prayer and support. No matter where this life takes me to, I will ensure I don’t forget you. I love you. You are such an amazing person. Thanks for being the love of my life.


34. I need you to understand that you are the cutest love of the family, we all love you as our younger sister. We shall try our best to support and protect you. We shall make you happy as long as we are alive. Wishing you the sweetness of this wonderful day.


35. I beseech that you find your way liftoff every distress. You are the kind of person I cannot deny. I love you, I miss your face, your advice and the kindness going show to me almost every day. You have become this great person I cannot forget. I love you.


36. Truly, if there is any way I can make you feel being loved so that you will focus more on your study, I will have done so. I know very well that I will miss you. I know I will miss those days we used to play together. I love you, this is reality.


37. It is my pleasure to have you, you mean almost every treasure to me. You have been a very good friend, support, and love. You have been a great sister and your efforts have made the family stronger. This means you are material to this lovely circle. I miss you.


38. I just want to say good day to my lovely kid sister, you know big sister loves you, and she will do everything in her capacity to help you grow in life. I will not forsake you for any reason. Be a good child, and I will play the role if a mother to you.


39. All my life, I have been searching for a reason to love you, and finally, I realized that your performance in the last couple of days in the exam really blew my mind. You are a good daughter of our beloved Parents.


40. The queen is beautiful, you are beautiful. You are more than what the people think about you. I love you beyond the ordinary level.


You are the pearl of love, the most beloved person ever met on the surface of this earth. Good morning sweet sister.


Good Morning Wishes for my Love


41. My dear love, my heartbeat, my joy, and the most beloved person ever met. I will not forget you even for once as you are the queen that makes sense to me the most. Good to have you in my life. You are just the best for me.


42. You think I can live without you? Don’t try that joke because you may find me collapsed as soon as you step out of my door. I can’t do without you, so believe me. I miss you, I love your face as it is the shiniest one on earth.


43. The moment I saw you, I knew you will be the most beloved person in my life. You showed me the special love that can be given only by a special person meant for me. You are the love of my life, nothing will stop me from loving you forever.


44. In my life, I have seen something that makes me happy. I see the lover that is always ready to make me happy Thanks for being the love of my life. I want to make my number one. In a million girls, you are the best ever seen. I love you.


45. What will make me forget you in this world has not been created. I think it will take a million years to be created and by then we are not more. I have found the best of love in you and it is the best thing that has ever occurred in my life. I love you.


46. Thinking about you is the best choice of my life. It is something I will always do so that I will remain fresh. I will be happy almost every day of my life. Thanks for being the most beloved in my life. I will love you always and forever.


47. In you, I found that love that makes me happy the most. I found that joy that keeps coming to me in such an amazing manner. You are the best person ever met, that’s the case of this special love I have for you. I love you.


48. In my life, I never wanted to miss out on any good opportunity in life, the opportunity of reaching out to you is the best I have ever experienced all my life. I love everything you. That’s the reality. I can’t tell a lie to you about what I have for you.


49. No one can stop me from loving you because you were given to me divinely. You are the grace the Lord promised me even before I was born. I will always love you to the core. I want to say, you are the best person my life will always be happy with.


50. What will make me stop loving you except death? Can you think of anything that will make me forget you at all? If you have one reason for this, I have millions of reasons to stay with you forever. I love you much.


51. In my life, I leaned a lot but it baffles me that I have never experienced a thing like your love for me. You are the cutest mother and wife in life.


52. I never believed you will understand this strategy of love. I thought only professors or gurus can do so. I love. Have a sweet day my love.


53. Never mind what the people say about you. What you don’t know is that true love will always be the key to your success.


54. You are my dream, the one I will never forget, the cutest love of my life. I miss you so much and regret is not found in my dictionary because I fell in love with you.


55. Meeting you has been a key to the sweetest person in my life. The door of your beautiful heart has been opened for me. I love the paradise I live now.


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56. Dear love, it is a great pleasure that I woke up this morning to hear your beautiful voice, I can’t wait to love you more.

57. Wishing you a good day with a lot of wisdom, thinking of you as my favorite flower; I just want to say have a sweet day.

58. You are the smile that emanates from the north. You are the flower of peace whose fragrance soothes my soul.

59. There is always a reason why we are happy in life, she is the reason for my smile every day. good day dear.

60. There is love in everything we do, you are the love in the song I sing and the passion in the script I write.

61. The angel of my life, may you find peace in your heart this morning, may the day favor your existence.

62. I am so happy to be with you because you make me smile all the time, and for that reason, I will always be happy I have you.

63. The trust I have for you is not bad because it makes a big real sense to be there for you. I miss you so much.

64. You have always been there for me since the day we met, you have become the love of my life ever since we came to be.

65. Loving you is my happiness, it is my call and I am answering. Good day, the love of my life, you are my dream comes true.

66. To the woman of my life, the moment I set my eyes on you, my heart scream of joy because you are so special.

67. The kind of love I have for you will not let me stop thinking about you even in the middle of the night. Good day.

68. Come to me, let’s hold our hands so we can enjoy a beautiful day like this, I am so much in love with you.

69. The most beautiful things in life are rare, that’s why your type is so rare among the rest. Good day dear.

70. My love for you baffles me, I don’t know why I keep falling in love with you, over and over. Good day dear.

71. Smile is wisdom only a God can create, appreciate the gift of God to mankind, and enjoy your stay with the people.

72. From time immemorial, I have been searching for a lady as special as you are, I wish to be there for you when you need me most.


73. There is no morning without love, as I woke up this morning, your thought never escaped my heart, good morning.

74. Enjoy your coffee and appreciate God for giving you such a privilege. I wish you the best of lucks this morning.

75. Loving you is a wisdom that cannot be taken for granted, I so much love you because you are part of the reasons I am alive.

76. Having your morning sweet is to find a beautiful woman whose character you are pleased with. I met you and I am happy for life.

77. I just want to appreciate the love you have been showing to me and to say good day to my dear treasure.